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a bow

Hey,what kind of woods could i use to make a bow.where could i get the wood. p.s. i live in the southeast

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homemade bows?

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bow string

Anyone know some good bow string to use on a bow?

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pvc bow

I was wondering if you can make me a pvc bow, like the one in your video,and how much .I await your reply.  Thanks

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Illogic Bow

I finally got access to a camera here are some pictures of the Illogic bow No instructable will be posted until I find my camera charging cable. Update: I stuck KILLERK's TR18 grip and the 18 turret onto it, pics will be up wjen i can be bothered.

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paper bow

Ok u heard of paper cross bow ( i made one my self but i had to throw it away cuz we moved it was actualy prity good) i was planing to make a new one but eh wat the hell i count find a cloths pin thing u so i just made a bow and spray painted it its acutaly prity acccurate and power full i shot my self on the hand by accedent it hurt bad it went in and made it bleed

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Auto Bow

Due to all the copying on instructable im not posting a picture untill the crossbow is out and the release date....It is expected = December 10-30, 2008 I am currently working on(#)= blocked due to copiersAutomatic Loading(#) SystemTrigger GaurdMore

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"Shanti" bow

My newest project, the "Shanti" bow, or the D-TAB v1 (dual-turret assault bow)  Brings out a whole new era of shotbows.  The D-TAB v1 uses a turret for optimum performance.  What is unique about this bow, however, is that it uses two turrets, firing them simultaneously.  It also uses the very first compound bow system that I have seen in knex.  This gives it an extra thrust of power while the firing pin is accelerating to the turrets.  This is truly my greatest creation yet (but I had to take apart my prized hell slayer :( p.s. build that gun!), and will continue to get better.  Unlike zak and his "sexbow", I will be posting this.  Here are a few pics and a video should be up shortly.  Let me know what ya think. Video: Pros. -Turrets for performance and quick reload -Great range (havent measured yet but I'm guessing around 50ft with the bands used-you can add much more) -Compound bow system -Textured foregrip -Perfect war gun -SK's easy to use ram and guide Cons. -Inaccurate at range Credit:   Credit goes to s0lekill3r for ram, ram guide and frame Credit also goes to knexfreek for the trigger (though I probably be using a different one because I can't find a way to put a safety on his)

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Logic Bow

FROM NOW ON I WILL NOT BE REPLYING TO QUESTIONS THAT HAVE ALREADY ANSWERED BY THE VIDEO OR THE WRITING BELOW, EXCEPT TO SAY "READ THE TOPIC AND WATCH THE VIDEO" UPDATE: The concept behind The Logic Bow (put simply so everyone can understand) By using a ratchet system to hold the bands behind the pin you can: @ Decrease pin friction in barrel @ Increase pullback distance @ Increase power @ Make the pin easier to pullback @ Have a simple rail system I have now uploaded a clip of the firing system in action for those of you who don't understand how it works UPDATE: HOW IT WORKS This is a pin type gun, not a slingshot. It uses a ratchet system to hold the rubber bands, therefore increasing the amount of bands that can be used and increasing ease of pullback. These bands are released when the trigger is pulled, propelling the pin into the bullet. This means that the effective pullback distance is increased, therefore increasing the range and power. well here is the first "new thing" I have done in ages, (the last Truly innovative thing I built was the D-Frag grenade) the Logic Bow. It uses an all new 4-stage firing system that runs between two rails (I tried using a dual rail system but that didn't work out). So far I have the mech working, but it needs the rest of the body, the bow, a handle and probably a stock. It is a single shot that should have more power than a pin gun, the really cool thing about it is that although it uses a pin mech the pin takes almost no effort to slide back. I will keep you updated as the project progresses, Feel free to ask any questions. Update: I finished the entire gun and uploaded a couple of pics (see below) This will soon be posted.

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Knex Bows(Not Crossbows)

I was looking for a design for a knex bow.(for a play at school)lol I made a rubber band bow, but I want to try to make a real string bow for school and battle bow for home. Any ideas?

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Bow Making Ideas

Hey guys, Im homeschooled and I really like making bows. If you guys have any special bows you want made with an ible plz ask. I am having trouble coming up with ideas

Topic by gsyme13  

how to make a bow?

It is for a boy 7 years old. We live in South India and would like to use indigenous materials.

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bow strings - paracord ?

Just wandering what people think about using a few strands of paracord core as a bow string (wrapped at the nocking point flemish style)  anyone tried it, will it stretch to much?

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Turreted Logic Bow

Just an update for all of you guys, I have posted the mods to the Logic Bow to make it turreted. Mods can be found on step 6. If you haven't built it yet BUILD IT NOW!

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Knex Torque Bow

Gears of War Torque Bow.DoneAll the pictures have been taken for instructions. Expect them soon.Explosive rounds have been designed.Just finished making this. Thanks to dsman for the barrel.

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K'Nex C' Bows

Hey I have a question... what you think 'bout my C' Bow? I'll put up an Instructable for it soon! =)

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K'nex Turret Bow

Okay, this is my turret bow. Images: Video:

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Target for Bow and Arrow?

I need a good target for shooting bows. We tried 2" thick insulation stacked on top each other so we have a 4'x4'x12" target, but it's not what we expected. Guess we'll use it for a backstop when we find something that works for a target?

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My New Bow

Just wanted to post a pic of my spring break project, it's a 50 lb red oak bow with bamboo arrows. At the edge of the pic you can see Tracey, excited to help daddy go hunt up some supper ;0-).  This is my second homemade bow, but the first that doesn't suck ;-). It's nice to know after way too many years away from archery I can still put three arrows in a four inch circle (some of the time).

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Knex Turret Bow

Hello everyone, this is my newest gun. This is a turret bow, obviously. And I know that I will get comments about it, but yes I acknowledge that it looks like Zak's turret bow from 2009. Although it looks like his, I couldn't really get figure out the internals so I made my own(which work very well). I would like to post internals of this gun for people to build but wasn't sure if I should because of its similarity. Comment your questions, comments or anything else below regarding this.

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K'nex plus bow

After seeing the topic On kl about a K'nex Nerf crossbow, I thought. Why are we so intent that ONLY repeaters can win K'nex wars? I go to nerf wars, and almost EVREY gun there is single shot. And you know what? the single shots win. and in K'nex the repeaters almost alway will break at some point in a war. So I made a K'nex primary. but made under Nerf primary terms. I give you, the knex + bow. Now, I am prepared for 200000 flames about this gun. you guys are going to say "it's just a killerk pistol" Or if you look closer "it's just a Dd27" well, I dont give a **** I like it and I think if I ever go to a K'nex war with k sayers being used I will win. Please don't flame.

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Regular Knex Bow

Soon the instructable will be availlable via the search function, but it is not finished because that camera i used sucks. I will finish it as soon as i get my different camera, and from what i can tell now, its gonna be nearly indestructable XD. EDIT: Its is completely finished and posted, it will appear soon :D

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how to make boutique hair bows?

Boutique hair bows i would like to make them does any body know how ?

Question by roachmark    |  last reply

how to make ribbon art hair clippies?

How do you make a lady bug hair bow

Question by gagco  


Ive been looking to buy some new arrows that can withstand a 50 pound bow and durable, maybe carbon fiber? any help would be appreciated!

Topic by struckbyanarrow    |  last reply

Long bow sizing questions? Answered

I was wondering what the actual length of a long bow with a string length of 48inch amo would be I basically want to know what the length of the bow itself with the string on would be??  Also wondering if a 30 pound draw or 20 pound draw would be better for a small person small game hunting?? Thanks!! 

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I'm trying to build the HAWC bow by fred the penguin. Can someone tell me how to make the turret??????

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how to make a hunting bow?

Dear: Instructables  Just to let you know I have been having a lot of fun with my current bow. My only complaint is that it is not something you would use for hunting. It barley can shoot arrows at 35 pounds. I was just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for a hunting bow? I don't know if my bow could be used for hunting or how much force it can shoot at but all I know is that it can't be used for hunting it doesn't have enough force. I'd prefer to make my next bow out of pvc if I can. Thank you. From: Noah

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SR-v1 X-Bow

Because it has a bow on the end, rather than the normal slingshot thing, it get's the power of something a lot longer. It's probably less accurate, but... I can put a pretty nice dent in drywall from several feet away. It could also probably be modded in no time to attach the v2 mech, I was just too lazy..

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weird archery bow ideas

I was just trying to write up a longbow instructable and a thought struck me. If You have two bows at right angles to one another joined at the handle would you get a better cast.. The arrow nocked at the interces of the two strings. I seem to remember some silly fantasy movie with crossbows set up this way...Any thoughts? The bow is such an old concept i would love to see some new variations

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polyester rope as bow sring? Answered

I will soon post an instructable on how to make a reverse compound crossbow. but i've been stuck into something which is quite basic, the string that needs to be used,  the crossbow will have a draw weight of about 150-175lbs. i have came across a rope  which has a diameter of 4mm, and claims to withstand a tension of 1500N(150KG) I just want to know if it would be ok to use the rope,  i  know that it is very important to use a string specially made for bows and crossbows but we all like it dangerous(especially if you're broke) thanks in advance

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How to use a compound bow?

I am very much a beginner in archery. I was handed down a bow from a hunter who hasnt used it in 15 years. It was brought to a shop and adjusted to my size and a weight. I am trying to figure out how to use it effectivly and accurately. I do know that when you put the arrow on, it should be odd fin sticking away from the string. However, i am not sure if i should be putting the arrow above or below the small bead on the string. I use a peep sight and am trying to figure out how to sight in my pins the correct way.  ANY AND ALL information and tips (especially answering the questions above) would be appreciated! The main questions are do i put the knock of the arrow above the bead or below it and the other question is how do sight in my sights. The top pin is 15 yards and it is high 10 inches and left by like 2 feet for some reason when i try. Thank you!

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Knex logic bow review.

This is logic boys logic bow review. comfort: 10/10 - comfy handle and comfy grip. power: 10/10 - insanely powerful. looks: 8/10 - looks good. innovation: 9/10 - nice and small compacted firing system. accuracy: 10/10 - very accurate. piece usage: 9/10 - uses barely any pieces. stenght: 9/10 - the handle is a bit weak, nothing huge tho. reliabilty: 9/10 - if you have the pin taped up well, your good to go. overall: 74/80 - fantastic gun from logic boy, build it now!

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Can anyone help me figure this out? I'm not good with arrows.

I have a homemade PVC bow and the drawstring is 36 inches. Anyone know how long the arrows should be and how you determine how long the arrows should be based on the lenngth of the draw. 

Question by IamGOD Biotches    |  last reply

How do you make a NERF arrow??

I am making a life-size Longbow, and I was wondering how.

Question by dspencer9    |  last reply

can anyone help me make a good arrow?

I tried to make an arrow out of a ramrod straight stick i found on my property. but as soon as i took the bark off, it curled a little bit and it all went down hill from there. I used superglue and plastic for fletching but that broke off. then i was told that my arrow was off balance. i have too many problems with this, can anyone help? 

Question by IamGOD Biotches    |  last reply

im a beginner bow hunter this year and I was wondering weather to use 100 gr. broadheads or 125 gr. plz help me!! argg!

I am using a factory setup PSE chaos (whisker biscuit, peep sight quiver usual stuff) I only have a string loop and doinker as accessories.

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Where to get a cheap compound bow?

I'd like to get one for deer season in NC for under $200

Question by D1rty Di3sel    |  last reply

Whats a good bow for knex crossbows? Answered

So, i have a crossbow in progress, and im asking you subscribers and knexers, what is the strongest bow out there that can hold alot of power?

Question by Senior Waffleman    |  last reply

my nerf big bad bow

Should I post the mod please comment

Topic by SorryBarry    |  last reply

Is Birch a good wood for Bow Making? Answered

I would really appreciate any help from experienced archers on this topic, i dont want someone saying "just strap some bamboo together" becasue i want to make an actual self-bow and the most readily available tree around here is birch.

Question by FunkNattidelic    |  last reply

Bow Kite or Inflatable Kite bladder

hello. For the past moth i've been trying to make a inflatable bow kite, all fine till now, i printed out the plans, sewed the parts, but i've stumbled on the bladders, on the leading edge bladder to be more specific. How do i make the bladder when inflated to have the bow shape?i mean how to cut the material and seal it?(the material i use is celofane, cheap and resistent) Thanks.

Topic by rahbert  

Bow Kite or Inflatable Kite bladder

hello. For the past moth i've been trying to make a inflatable bow kite, all fine till now, i printed out the plans, sewed the parts, but i've stumbled on the bladders, on the leading edge bladder to be more specific. How do i make  the bladder when inflated to have the bow shape?i mean how to cut the material and seal it?(the material i use is celofane, cheap and resistent) Thanks.

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Knex Concept: Multi-Staged Bow.

Well, I don't know whether this has been done before. a design for a multi stage, railgun style bow. It uses as many bows as you want linked up. Here is a picture and how it works. 1. The trigger is pulled, letting go of the first bow's elastics. 2. The elastics catch on the bullet, propeling it forward. 3.When the bullet reaches here, the trigger will set off the next bow, boosting the bullet even more out of the barrel, 4. This will be complicated to time as it will all happen in a fraction of a second. The key to make this work is to time the second bow to fire just after the first, like the SwagBoss. Even then it would take some fine-tuning to get right. Build it if you want, I don't have parts for something so big. Picture; Blue-Secondary trigger Green-Primary trigger Brown-Elastics

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What kind of wood makes the best kind of bow?

 I've been looking for a good kind of wood to make an ameture bow. I understand that traditionally, wood of Yew was used, but thats hard to find. Any recommendation? Thanks.

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