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The Boy Mechanic

Found this:The Boy MechanicIf you look at it, it seems old hat, but a few Hidrogen Generators, countless Photo projects, a real cool Turbine, and a pair of Lathe How-tos, along with an Aluminum Casting one, I find it interesting to say the least....And a Stationary windmill, that turns no mather where the wind comes from!

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An Astro Boy Movie??

I don't know about you guys, but I have to see this on opening night.

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"Boy's Life" Archives I most remember "scouts in action" these were cautionary tales, as well as how to get yourself or a stranger out of a tight spot. They seem to be about page 45 to 65. Common topics: "trapped in quicksand" or " when the cave collapsed" or "the chemistry set explosive went off in his hand!!" But there was so much more, like how to make stuff with sticks, rope and knots. So much of my kidhood was howto based on scout stuff. I'm tryin to figure out how to paste  pics from the mag at the above link.

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Thanks, USA boys!

For this amazing experience. Here is 2:40, I have seen the landing of Curiosity in USTREAM! I have tears in my eyes.

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nintendo game boy advance

Just found my old nintendo game boy, any ideas what I can do, use or make from it?

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fallout pip-boy 3000

I am wondering if someone can make a good,but affordable,fallout pip-boy case for my old iPod touch 3rd gen.i know it is ancient piece of technology but i have my new one and i don't wanna seal it in a case.i would hope it looks like a perfect pip-boy 3000 from fallout 3 or fallout new Vegas because im gonna probably give it to my friend for his birthday.i will be sealing it inside but can you some how make all the functions(power button,charger port,etc.)NOTE IT HAS NO CAMERA SO YOU DON'T NEED TO ADD A CAMERA HOLE.with the home button i realize you can have the scroll thing be a button to use on top of the button.the reason im not doing it myself is because i have no idea how.

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FREE DOWNLOAD The Boy Electrician Scroll down to the electronics section on the above link, for a copy of The Boy Electrician, its a 40-Mb PDF download. Its not a great scan, but is readable. My copy right adviser has said The Boy Electrician copyright expired and was never renewed, new new material included with a copy, can be protected. This copy seems to be okay. As for my copy, I got the go ahead, and will be taking my time to do a really clean scan before I upload it to the Internet Archive, however, before that, I might upload the above mentioned copy as a stop-gap measure.

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A New Gun by Logic Boy?

Hey guys If you haven't noticedyou will see that I haven't made anything new since my PP19, everything that I have made has either been an improvement to something else or I never got around to finishing it. well my creative slump is over. I recently got some new knex and I now have built a new gun *gasp* it is actually the full completion of an older concept of mine that worked really well but wasn't exactly what I wanted originally. So I now have a pretty awsoime new gun. Pictures will be posted this weekend. Until then try to guess what it is. Hint: I have posted the name of the gun somewhere Good luck.

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oh boy oh boy oh boy.... NYC Maker Faire is coming Sept. 21-22....

I may have a SHOT at going to the Maker Faire in Queens NY,  this coming Sept 21-22.  I am not sure if I will be able to scrape together enough to stay overnight or not (which would be the ONLY way I could be there both days), but I may be able to "earn" the tickets in any case. I am still at a loss however to explain to my wife why I want to go back since I have SEEN it already (*sigh* yes, I've told her repeatedly it is different each year).   Any suggestions about that would be appreciated.  Anyways,  are ANY of you all going to be there ?  One, or both days?  Will the Instructables team be there?    I hope I can be.....

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Lazy boy leather recliner

Hi I hope you guys are fine. I want to know is Lazy boy recliner is really made of leather or anything else? My friend had a bad experience with a lazy boy product. As he said takes handsome money but did not provide any handsome products. What is your opinion? Note: I am really sorry that i am not good at English.Thanks in advance.

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How to ask boy out?

Ok so. Me and this boy, gorden, always talk, text, wink, and play around. I am pretty sure he likes me, so I want to ask him out. I need tips on how to do so before valentines day!!! Please help!!!!

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Meet the Boy With the Lego Hand

When Coby Unger makes, he makes the world a better place. The Atlantic recently published an article about the artist in residence and his work to build better prosthetics for children. Unger worked with a boy named Aiden Robinson to dream up the swiss army knife of prosthetics with attachments that include a Wii controller, spoon, legos, and a bow for playing the violin. Check out more of Coby's projects, and read the article to learn more about Aiden, the boy with the Lego hand. 

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Game Boy Color Mods?

So I was searching through my old toys and I came across my Game Boy Color. Still, and is the best portable game device ever created. I got level 100 with my Charizard on my Red Version by the way. Anyway, I was just wondering if there is anything I can do to the GBC to make it do some interesting things. Plays movies? Upload an OS on it? Something like that? Thanks! Brennn10

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Fallout Pip-Boy Iphone

Hello. I've been coming to this website for some time now and I must say there are some very creative people on here kudos to all of you. Any way my topic is: I'm thinking of making a Fallout 3 Pip-Boy 3000-style case for my Iphone 3G  (when I get one that is) and be able to wear it. I have seen a topic on here that is similar and I've seen a video that someone has already done this but it was made out of the Limited Edition clock and frankly I just can't afford that it costs roughly 90 pounds, just too much for something that I'll be taking apart any way. I was thinking of creating my own Pip-Boy out of a plastic tube, some polystyrene and an old screw case but after a talk with my father Polystyrene just crumble's so that's gone down. Then i though why not make a mold out of plasticene (modeling clay) but how do I go about that?. What is the material I need that will be sturdy enough to keep my phone safe?. Resin wont do nor will fiber glass. Can anyone tell me what is a good compensation for those or will those two work?. Yours sincerely Just Killing Time.

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How Do I Know If A 7th Grade Boy Likes Me?

Hi,I'm 13 and there is this boy in two of my 7th grade classes who makes funny jokes and makes me laugh.I have a crush on him and he knows because of one of my friends big mouth.He takes it cool and wanted to be friends with me.We talk alot and sometimes I catch him looking at me.One time when we were watching a movie in class and in stead of sitting with his friends he sat by me.He told me he knew I liked him and he said he'd go out with me if he didn't have a girlfriend.How Do I Know If He Really  Was Serious About That And That He Really Likes Me?

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Project ideas for 13 yr old boy. Single mom, live in Kathmandu, no access to Home Depot, etc. Very curious son. Answered

I'd really appreciate ideas for projects I can do this summer with my son to tap into his wonderfully curious mind and divert him from the numbing computer games he likes. I'm a quick study and computer literate. We can get all basics but some things others take for granted are not available to us. I used to call him "my wondering boy" because of all the "I wonder how..." questions. So, I think projects of almost any kind will be good. Science, technology, building, etc. I'm willing to give anything a try. Thanks in advance to all who chime in. Shanti Mama, stuck in monsoonal Kathmandu while all my son's friends head to their home countries.

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diy back light for game boy

I've got some pcs of Front Lights for my game boys. It's a 4-LED panel.white color. I cut the panels to fit into the game boy sp, gba But it is fine. worked very well. Here is the store link You can see my DIY Game boys below.

Topic by antony0619  

A Knex challenge from logic boy

Hey guys I got bored again, so here's a challenge. What I want you to do is build a motorbike from knex. It can be any colour and it can be built on any scale, but it cannot use any micro or exotic pieces. Closes 30 april. Winner will get the satisfaction of winning no other prizes unless someone offers a patch. I just want to see what you guys can come up with. I might even make something. Here is a picture of my motorbike.

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The Boy Mechanic, c1930 Free for download

Http:// the following is OCR text from the scanned book, the link above shows 3 items, books one and two, the first item, from Project Gutenberg is a duplicate of one or two, but not worth downloading. 700 projects, which can be updated to use modern materials and used as the basis of an Instructable. I guess from memory the book is from the 1930's as I have an original edition I bought second hand from a library in the '60s. Pcoject Gutenbenj's The Boy Hechanic: Volume i, by Populat Mechanics This eEoot is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and uith almost; no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy ^'^r give it auay oc re-use it under the terns of the Project Gutenberg License included uith this eBool! oc online at huh. Title; The Boy Mechanic; Volume 1 700 Things For Boys To Do Author: Popular Mechanics

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How to break up a couple?

At school all my friends have boy friends and there is one girl that stole my boy friend i know he likes me better coz he comes up and kisses me hugs me.what i wanna know is how to break them up coz i want the boy not her.MAWH-HA-HA-HA

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how do i impress a guy? Answered

There is this guy at my high skool and i like him alot but i dont know how to get him to notice me. any advice?

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can some one tell how can we write algorithm/program to solve sudoku with out using recursive method.?

Can some one tell how can we write algorithm/program to solve sudoku with out using recursive method.?

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I need help with weaving for Boy Scouts.

Im trying to weave a cube box and a round box but I just can't find any instructables on that stuff. P.S. It's for my Boy Scouts so don't get any funny ideas.?

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Doctor drills into boy's head to save his life

The regular household drill is a wonderful thing. It can be used for drilling holes in wood, scrambling eggs, and even drilling into a boy's skull to drain it of blood clots. Yikes!Dr Rob Carson performed the procedure on Nicholas Rossi, 13, after the boy fell off his bike and hit his head.The doctor had never attempted the surgery before, and had to be talked through the operation by a Melbourne neurosurgeon.The boy's father said the doctor's improvisation had saved his son's life.But Dr Carson told reporters: "It's not a personal achievement, it is just a part of the job." Link

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Nintendo DS / Original Game Boy Mod

Don't know if anyone ever thought about doing this. I searched the site and didn't see anything like it so I thought I would put the idea out there. Just wondering what people thought about the prospect of modding an original Game Boy to be the shell for a Nintendo DS or DS Lite. I personally think there is enough room to do. I would try to do it myself, but I just don't have the techinical know-how or a spare DS.

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Any tips and tricks for a paper round? Answered

Hi, I'm starting a paper round soon, any tips or tricks? NM

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I had a really weird dream last night about a guy in my class texting the teacher and getting his cellphone confiscated, so I decided to post this to see what weird dreams you have had

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how do l know ?

There is this guy and he is 15 and i am 14 and i don't know if he likes me and i don' t  talk to him vary much because i am to shy what do i do?

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Do more boys like salt popcorn?

lots of times when I bye popcorn I hear the boys saying "can I have salt on my popcorn". Do most boys like salt popcorn! SOME ONE TELL ME BECAUSE I DO NOT KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Can paracord hold a 103 lbs boy

 im 103 lbs. and i want to know if some really thin paracord can support my weight!!                       -M

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How to teach a sxi-year-old boy?

I am now having a part-time job, which is teaching a kid with simple mathe and chinese. The boy's father has a high expectation with him, so I cannot just play games with the boy and I am supposed to teach him something in the textbook. And after teaching him for a week, I found that it is really difficult for him to focus on what i am saying. Like when I was drawing apples and telling him how to count numbers, he was completely concerntrated. And once I finished talking, he started to ask questions like why Tom Cat always chases Jerry Mouse.... Also, sometimes he interrupt me and ask why he has something that other girls don't have. I was so embarrassed because his father was in the next room. Sincerely, how to teach him?

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Roland Big Boy ball trailer hitch?

I have one of the above trailers, the ball hitch should be secured to the cycle saddle clamp, however I am unable to re sucure the clamp tight enough to stop the saddle rotating and the saddle dropping down. I have seen a clamp which secures to the actual seat post and the ball hitch is secured to that, i am unable to locate such a clamp, I am sure someone will know or can help me find this item. I am having to use my trailer as a hand cart at present for going to the allotment each day. Please help if you can. Thank you Joanna

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What toy can I make for a 2 year old boy? Answered

In a few weeks my nephew will be 2 years old and I want to make a toy for him because I don't like the toys I see at stores. I'm thinking of something that doesn't involve complex electronics or digital displays because I want him to develop his imagination. It would be great if the toy had an educational purpose. Any ideas??

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would someone out there pleas help me make a pip boy 3000? Answered

I've searched the web for hours and I still haven't found a desent website on how to build a working pip boy 3000 without an Iphone or a prop now obviously there is someone out there that knows how so could you please help me.

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How could I make a "Pip-Boy 3000" out of an iphone style phone? Answered

The main character in Fallout 3 had this sweet forearm information device. I'd like to make one using my phone as the screen, but I don't know what I could use for the actual device surrounding the screen.

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Quote of The Week

Hey everyone! it's that time again Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason -logic boy

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Quote of The Week

This weeks quote was used when a person said "in my opinion rock sucks"Everyone is entitled to an opinion, yours is just wrong.-logic boy

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Quote of the Week

Hi everybody! I will now be releasing a quote every week! this weeks quote: "Insurance, what Insurance? Oh you mean my shotgun?" logic boy

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Quote of The Week

As well as being on Instructables my quote of the week can also be found here as well as alot more awsome stuff When life gives you lemons, just be thankful you actually got something -logic boy

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Quote of The week

Well its monday so that means I can post annother quote, this week I am posting two: Life is much easier when you dont give a damn. Everything is possible, the Impossible just takes longer. -logic boy

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New Avatar

I am trying out a new avatar, do you like it or hate it? Should I go back to my old one?

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I Just got My 666th Comment

The title pretty much says it all =\ only 334 more until I get 1000 w00t!

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If you like Pearl Jam.....

Pearl Jam lovers get ready to be jealous, because..... I'M GOING TO PEARL JAM IN AUCKLAND ON FRIDAY!!!!!! thats all for now, If we get pics I'll post them here.

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Do you need antivirus software for PS3? Answered

I recently got a PS3 and I was wondering if I need to install some form of antivirus on it. It is a black slimline 120GB version just incase that makes any difference

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Readind the dj's cops suck topic made me think, alot of stuff happens at school, so this topic was born. What weird, funny or stupid stuff happens at your school. I dont want any specifics like names.

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Cya l8r ppl

Hey guys. I just wanted to put a quick message out to all of you. I am leaving. To be honest I havn't been able to build anything major since the I bow, also my priorities have changed, it is getting to the buisiness end of the school year here so free time is at a premium. I also have my new guitar, facebook, youtube and modern warfare 2 all fighting for my attention. I will be leaving the site and knex for the forseeable future effective immediately (not like mota boi and KGB who just hung around) My facebook is private so don't try to find it. If you must contact me, send a message on youtube. If you want to get your ass handed to you on MW2 my psn is tehlogicboy. Well thats all for now. goodbye.

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if i were to dremel the corners off the GBC cartridge so it'd fit in the DS lite, would the game play?

The GBC games cannot fit into the DS lite due to small notches inside the DS. i was looking, and it seems as though a bit of modding on the cartridge will allow the cartridge to be inserted. now, if i were to do that... 1. would the game still stay in? 2. would the game still play?

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