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sourdough bread

Bread was fabulous but a little moist.  Any recommendations? How should it be stored after baked?

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Bread pudding

Would like a recipe for bread pudding the type that is baked and cut into squares somewhat like brownies -soaking stale bread etc Thanks Britmaid in Texas

Question by britmaid    |  last reply

making spouted bread?

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Bread ebook broken

Https:// Both the PDF and the epub files have the same problem: AccessDeniedAccess DeniedC69F6071A9D79825V4jQnd0Aubw/cNKC7FrkOKgog+aiMr13DdUvYRLUNmd33RHIlKUIYA0iTchjCAuT

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Armadillo bread bin. Answered

I want to make one of these but I don't know how. I searched Diy armadillo bread bin on Google but  nothing good came up. Any info on how to make this would be great! DP

Question by Dr. Pepper    |  last reply

Make a new fruit bread?

Hi, I just recently starting juicing fruits making great drink for myself however I am not happy that I always end up throwing out all the pulp or what gets seperated from the juice.  I was wondering if there was a method or if anyone had ever made a bread from this left over chaos.  Thanks.

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How to make a bread slicer? Answered

 trying  to cut home made bread for sandwiches, can not get even slices, ive seen bread slicers online  its a  guide   to cut the  bread in even  slices  dont want to  spend a  ton  of  money  on  one  or even  know where  i  would  buy  one  anyway

Question by chantellepolson    |  last reply

Got bread machine recipes? Answered

I just bought a "Breadman Ultimate Plus" bread machine. The first loaf turned out ok, but I can get ok at any market for $2.00! Anyone have a recipe or hint that will make home made bread taste more home made? It looks good, but the taste just isn't anything special. Could it be the flour I am using? Should I try molasses, or add eggs?

Question by curiousgeezer    |  last reply

Bread Recipe using Vodka

I cannot find the recipe that I just saw two days ago regarding making whole-wheat bread or bread with vodka. I wish I could find it but I just can’t seem to locate it anywhere. I know I sought on this website so I would appreciate any help if there is anyone else that knows about this. Thank you very much

Question by joesradios    |  last reply

My Cuisinart bread machine is wearing out. What is the toughest bread maker available?

I like the bread machine because it makes small, one pound loaves. I never use the 1.5 or 2 pound loaf options because the machine's pan will not stay in place during kneaing stages with the larger loaves. I only use it to make one loaf of Italian or honey wheat per week. Now, however, the pan will no longer stay in place when making the small loaves. Is a tough, durable machine available that will hold up? The machine is only a year or two old.

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i keep trying to make soft and eatable bread? Answered

My bread comes out hard and not able to eat. I let it rise then i push the air out and shape it lt it rise again then bake in the oven at 350 for about as long as it might take that the top is light brown. i tried using yeast let feed first then added to my flour. may be i am missing some thing frustrated on bread. i want to learn because i want to teach it to some kids. I use to make good bread learned it from the bread man of a restaurant called sabros. Help me please

Question by dorotheabrown37    |  last reply

Left over cranberry relish bread?

We are looking for a recipe for a bread  made from leftover cranberry orange relish.  Thank You Bill

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How to make chapati?

I dont know how to make chapati. Plz help me out for that

Question by mansha99    |  last reply

how to make chapati?

Plz help me i dont know to make chapati out of wheat flour

Question by mansha99    |  last reply

Anyone got a recipe for "pretzel bread" (or rolls) that I can make in a bread machine?

Pretzel rolls are dense and chewy -- not unlike Philly soft pretzels. Not overly salty tho. I've come across pretzel rolls on a few occaisons -- most recently, here in the NE (CT) at a Blimpie's; Previously, I picked up some lucious rolls at a supermarket in NJ outside Philly. Oh, and, if at all possible, I'd like to make the rolls from Whole Wheat flour (for the added fiber). Thanks

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How to make bread without wheat or gluten free Answered

My wife can not handle gluten. She has tried some recipes  that have rice flower but non have any resemblance to bread, more like cement  bricks. Any help

Question by emit    |  last reply

I am looking for a quick and easy bread roll recipe?

Without the use of yeast! I know of a biscuit recipe, any others like it?

Question by ayamevida    |  last reply

Is there a good white bread recipe for a bread maker that requires no yeast, but yields a similar quality product?

I am trying out my bread maker for the first time and I forgot to pickup yeast at the store. I was wondering if there is a good recipe,maybe using baking powder, that yields a tasty white bread without the yeast.

Question by RCS82    |  last reply

Snack Question

When i get hungry, I eat fruit, carrots, or something like that. But, is eatting a piece of bread as a snack healthy. F.Y.I. Brand: Nature's Own Type: Honey wheat

Topic by ry25920    |  last reply

It's done it to me again - I published an instructable and it isn't showing NO IFFY words either.? Answered

Yet again the filter system has eaten my instructable - No odd words either. I cans see it why not let others.

Question by rickharris    |  last reply

How do you make injera, the Ethiopian flatbread?

I am looking for details on how to prepare injera from scratch, using the grain teff. I need details on how long to soak the teff (including the range of soaking times, and what variables might affect that range), what ingredients to add, and how to cook it. (In the oven? On the stove? In what kind of pan?)


Sour dough starter for all bread types?

I am wanting to make bread with captured yeasts and have read the article from My Sister's Kitchen on making sourdough starter. Does this mean any bread I make using the starter will be of sourdough taste?? I like that but what if I am wanting to make just whole wheat or flax seed bread without the sour taste?? Do I need a different type of starter? Can someone clarify this for me. Thanks.

Question by sailgirl    |  last reply

Question about Drama Project

Hello. I live in Japan, where I'm a freelance translator. I help out at an English school two hours a week. The school has an English Drama Festival every December, in which the students perform English dramas. One of my two classes this year is with two girls in the 8th grade, who are advanced students for their age. Because the class is smaller than normal, we will be doing two comedy duo routines, one from the English-speaking world, and one from Japan translated into English. The native English routine will mostly be a composite of old Burns and Allen routines, with other stuff added. The Japanese routine involves the use of an "oven toaster" prop. A woman playing a grade school girl puts in a slice of bread to toast, and the toaster door opens automatically and ejects the toast across the room. The third time it blows up with smoke and a flash. To see the routine, please look at the YouTube video embedded at the end. The part in question starts at around the 4:20 mark and lasts for about a minute. There are no wires that I can see. I would like to reproduce this scene if possible. The toaster falling apart at the end isn't necessary - just the door, the ejection, and the smoke. I can use wires from the toaster to plug into an outlet offstage. I also have a small budget, and I have very basic skills, so I could probably hook up the wires and a switch. What I hope someone can help me with is how to create that device and effect. I appreciate any advice. Thanks for your time.

Topic by Ampontan    |  last reply

Could I substiture green beans in a bread & butter pickle recipe?

I'm wanting to can green beans as a bread and butter canning recipe.

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Has anyone hacked a bread machine controller circuit?

I've got an old Breadman (TR333) bread machine and it's still chugging along.  The newer models have more useful programs (like Jam and Pasta) but have horrible flimsy baking pans.  What I'd like to do is reprogram my old solid bread machine to do these new programs.  I've seen the hacks to roast coffee in the bread machines but I don't think they mess with the controller circuit.  I think they just re-wire them to mix constantly and point a heat gun at the beans.

Question by tewharau    |  last reply

What should the internal temp of properly baked bread be?

Is there an optimal internal temperature that bread should have to be neither underbaked nor overbaked? I saw a bread recipe recently which called for the use of a precision thermometer to take the bread's temp, but I haven't seen any other recipe suggesting this. 

Question by Mileman2010    |  last reply

can you use a bread knife as a snow saw?

I was wanting to make an igloo during the winter but a snow saw is expensive and my family has a bread knife from paula deen cookware.

Question by snoo    |  last reply

USB breadboard

Whats the best way of connecting a USB typeB pcb mount socket to a beadboard?

Topic by daveob    |  last reply

How do I make real english tea-cakes? Answered

When vacationing in Britain I had teacakes in a café. They were these round pieces of bread with raisins in them and tasted of cinnamon among other things. Does anyone have a recepie? Can't get that taste out of my mind.

Question by omnibot    |  last reply

Spooked-Ducks? Answered

I was by the river today, and observed the usual gang of fat-ducks being fed bread. One lady got bit (much to her surprise and my amusement) whilst trying to hand-feed. Then the mob were spooked by something and all went for the river. I noticed a small hawk, but given that it was much smaller than the ducks I didn't see it as a threat. OK maybe the ducks took a cue from the pigeons, but I wouldn't expect a small hawk to go for a pigeon either. Opinion?

Question by lemonie    |  last reply

Is there a way to cultivating yeast at home for baking?

Was just wondering if there was a way of cultivating your own renewable supply of yeast at home from a fresh or dried starter?

Question by icecreamterror    |  last reply

Basket / Bowl making help

Hya. I want to make my own bread proofing basket (Brotform or Banneton). I've had a look on google but can't find any instructions or guides. I wonder does anyone have experience of basket making that could help? It would you start with a wooden mould. You then take softened reeds or canes and create the basket in what looks like one long coil. The ridges leave marks in the finished bread. I need to know what materials to use (I'm thinking probably peeled rattan) and where to get it in the UK, ideally Manchester. I've been googling away but only seem to find cane furniture sites. I don't think any adhesive is used, I think you just pin the cane into place every few inches. Here's an image of the type of thing I'm after: Thanks.

Topic by nightofjoy    |  last reply

Are Printed Circuit Boards and Breadboards the same thing?

I bought a printed ciruit board from radioshack and i am worried that it is not going to work like a breadboard. Will it?

Question by schoonovermr    |  last reply

What does the sourdough taste like? Answered

Hi, I'm from Venezuela and I'll like to know, if it's possible to describe in words, how does the sourdough should taste like? I've seen a lot of recipes about sourdough and sourdough starter and I've already tried to make my own.  The result was the bread in the picture and I got to say that I really really liked it's flavor, but I really don't know if that's how it's suposed to taste. Thank you for your help. FJK

Question by Kiulkaitis    |  last reply

What the T-Rex goin on?

Of all the food recipes on here, I see nothing of the sort for bread maker recipes. I just got one this christmas and have been making some rather delicious white bread and recently, carmalized onion bread, ooo god, F****** delicious.If no one has any good recipes to offer I'm gonna experiment myself and start posting some bread maker recipes, I like food and so does everybody else.

Topic by Punkguyta    |  last reply

how many calories does simple dry bread contains? can we eat dry breads with tea if we are on a diet? is it too heavy ?

I really would like to know that does dry bread increase our weight if we eat it when we are on diet to loose weight, and if i am skipping a meal but just taking some dry breads with tea instead is it ok or will it give me same amount of calories as one meal? i need to know in detail so i can loose weight in a proper way following the right diet for me.

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Adhesive for gluing plastic bead on wood ?

What is great adhesive for gluing plastic beads on wood ? Epoxy glue? I also thinked super glue. I would like to glue plastic bead center of wooden pendant. Is anyone done this before?

Topic by DeathSuperMario    |  last reply