Halloween is tomorrow and I'm really curious about what everyone is going to be. I'm going to be a zombie bride. :D Leave a comment and tell me what your going to be!

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How do I plan my wedding?

In January of this year on our anniversary my better half proposed to me. :) I am more excited and happy than I have ever been thinking of being married to Thomas, but there's one aspect that I dread- the actual wedding. I have absolutely no idea what to do. I'm apparently the only girl in the history of girls who hasn't spent a single day of her life imagining her "big day". I don't even know what I want my dress to look like! I have approximately a year and a half before the day comes- we haven't actually set a date but we decided on a two year engagement to have time to take some premarital classes through my church and let Thomas get a foundation in his new job. All that is set down right now: 1)The wedding will most likely happen at our church 2) We want a small wedding and large reception- Thomas' family is HUGE and the church is pretty tiny so this way everyone gets to be a part of it without being crushed 3) One of our mutual friends is going to make the cake (which I'm super excited about) 4) There is a LOT more I have to get started planning and I don't even know where to begin! So please send me your suggestions and any tips, projects or other sites that might help- I really have no clue what all goes into weddings so pretty much anything you could dream up would probably benefit me enormously. Thank you all so much! God Bless! ~Jamie

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7 year old corpse bride costume?

My 7 year old daughter wants to be the corpse bride for Halloween. I want her costume to be a great one, so they can use it for dress up when Halloween is over.. any suggestions of how to go about it? I'm a perfectionist and basically want as close to the exact dress as possible. I would classify myself an experienced seamstress.?

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usb network?

Usb male - male cable to connect 2 computer without a 'bride'

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(newsletter) Milk an Almond, Headless Bride, Fix an Xbox 360

Sign-up for this newsletter: Creepy and Cute Face Masks How to Milk an Almond Fakin' It - Polaroid Transfers Halloween Lamps You Can Make! Dozens of great prizes in six categories!   Win sweet prizes from Evil Mad Science! Easy Image Stabilizer Ghastly Grins Fix the RROD! Reflow Your Xbox 360 Remote Controlled Water Sprayer Build Your Own Arduino Easy Fruit Fly Trap Headless Bride from Duct Tape Literally Free DIY Camera Strap Try on a new look!   Get your front steps ready! Candy Sushi Simple Servo Tester Chrome Polishing, Mythbusters Style Tatted Mask   Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric Instructables.com - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA Sign-up for this newsletter:

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How do I wire a speed control with a a blinker using 110v indicator lights ?

I have 15 110v  red indicator lights and need to light these one at a time using a speed control  and blinker control to simulate a heart beat. This monitor is the same that you can see in the Classic Monster Movie ,"The Bride of Frankenstein". Any help would be appreciated very much.?

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What is it? Is there a modern equivalent?

This is from a 1949 Pfaff 332 sewing machine foot pedal. (I believe the machine was brought to the US by a war bride.) When I tried the machine recently, it wouldn't completely stop when I took my foot off. We opened it up and found this partially decomposed multi layered 'thing'. Other than dust and dirt, it looks like the only damaged part. Does anyone know what it is? Does anyone know what a modern equivalent would be?

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Design wedding dresses online

There are many stores offer custom wedding dresses online. If you are looking for a particular gown that you do not see on the website, you can design wedding dresses online. What you have to do is to tell the website keeper the wedding dresses online you want and your personal information. Days later you will receive the exact one you want. That’s why shopping wedding dresses online becomes more and more popular among brides-to-be. We also started to do wedding dresses business. We are a professional manufacturer of Wedding Dresses Wholesale, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses. With those years' experience in this field, we have able to provide high quality, lowest price wedding dresses for our clients and wholesaler. Furthermore, apart from the formal wedding dresses, casual wedding dresses online are also available. They definitely will make every minute of your wedding ceremony glamorous. We believe our Wedding Dresses Sale will meet your demand and make you the most gorgeous bride! All Evening Dresses will be perfect choice for your wedding and all our Evening Dresses are top quality and can be custom made by your request. More wedding dresses include Allure Bridal Wedding, Alfred Angelo Dresses bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses and wedding accessories are offered in our online bridal store.

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My Daughter's Marriage Invitation

Dear honorable members and staff at Instructables, My family and myself cordially invite you all at the marriage of our daughter Anita Christy with Mr. Anandha Bharathi On Monday, 09th June 2014 at 09:00 AM at "Our Lady of Lourdes Church", Kayathar, Thoothukudi District, Tamil Nadu, India. Route: Chennai (Tamil Nadu) - Madurai - Thirumangalam - Kovil Patty – Kayathar (Distance from Madurai : 130 kms) Reception at Bride's home-town on 13th June 2014 at 04:30 PM at K.K.S. Mahal, Uthamapalayam, Theni District, Tamil Nadu Route from Chennai (Distance 530 kms) Chennai - Tiruchirapalli - Dindukal - Theni - Chinnamanur - Uthamapalayam Route from Madurai (Distance 110 kms) Madurai - Usilampatty - Andipatty - Theni - Chinnamanur - Uthamapalayam Nearest Airport and Rail-head : Madurai With Regards Antoni Raj & Mrs. Josephine Raj Jose Xavier Anand (younger brother to Anita Christy) Alice Niraimathy (younger sister to Anita Christy)

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Reusable Invitations.(Especially for Indians)

At least in India, people generally print around 100 to 2000 invitations for marriages or such ceremonies. This is usually a simple sheet or a single fold sheet like that of greeting card. Guadier ones can have more folds. The front of the folded sheet usually has a Image of a God and OR or a simple painting of a marriage parade. On the Inside are a tonne of details. (The bride, the groom, the Venue, the date, Timings, a small list of well wishers, etc.And after all this, the only use of this beautiful piece of art made of cards made out of wood /bamboo are wasted the day the ceremony commences and ends. My idea is that making them into usable items during production itself would be a great idea . Think of it . Invitations that expand to become a tabletop foldable calendar, with the back of the invitation having (Even the ceremony could be marked nicely).. An empty slot which can be used to turn it into a photo decorator/fantasyfier..Those are the two ideas I can come up right now. If you can come up with more, please do post.

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Kickstarter Space Engineer creates "real" Mithril

This is very, very cool. There's a Kickstarter project working on  space elevators, using carbon nanotube (CNT) technologies.  One of the supporters asked if they could buy enough CNT to make a pair of wedding rings, because they would outlast both gold and diamond. It turns out that, to be able to make a CNT wedding ring, you need the ability to build a space elevator. They found a compromise, though, and made a brand new material - they alloyed CNT with silver; A metallurgist with 25 years in the field has said that the new alloy has some “interesting” properties. There is a strange ‘crystallization’ to the metal once it cools. We don’t really know why; or what this means. It needs study. There is other ‘stuff’ about this alloy which lead in some exciting directions, but as yet, we have not explored those. In essence we’ve created a unique silver+carbon nanotube alloy. We would like to brand this material “Mithril” after J.R.R. Tolkien’s super-material in the Lord of the Rings… so far, the foundation’s branding people have not returned our calls. (According to their website, it’s an 8 week process.) For a long time during the design and creation of the rings, their existence was a secret.  Now, though, the groom has given these reasons for buying a pair of Mithril rings; Reason #1 - Use this line when you propose, "Many men promise their brides-to-be the stars. It's a very rare man that actually delivers." At which point you can explain the ring, and the potential bride is thusly wowed. Reason #2 - It REALLY shows that you're planning on a better world for your children - aka, you're awesome husband material. Reason #3 - Awesome conversation piece. Reason #4 - Someone shows off their gold ring, and you can say, "How quaint." Reason #5 - The working name for the metal is awesome. I won't say more without Michael's permission. But let's just say, the name is very... enchanting. When the people who see you hear what metal your ring is made of, they'll do a double-take and then demand more information. Reason #6 - There are very interesting properties to these rings that are fun to show off. Again, not going to go into detail without Michael's go ahead. Reason #7 - It's one thing to give a wedding ring to your loved one. It's a completely different thing to give a wedding ring to your loved one that's a piece of history. Reason #8 - Gold wears away easily, these rings may be able to be passed onto your great great grandkids. The full story is on the Liftport site,

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risque également ce qui se pass

Temporairement étancher chant, ont été exposées au risqDélabré En cuir pointue de tête.Nous, FuErMaSi essayait de HuaSheng murmurer: ", on est préférable à abéché. Voulez-vous demi-heure à la lampe vent ".Je ne suis pas d’accord. J’ai dit: "mais, cher ami, le cas échéant, dangereux?" pas déménager dans l’obscurité aucun rde tension interne de propriétés visco-élastiquesisque ".J’ai dit: "tu sévère pour la franchise avec laquelle pas mieux que c’est seulement quelques pour atteindre un oiseau est l’objectif, ce qui place ici vous a déjà précisé; toutefois, la lumière risque également ce qui se pDe toute beauté Authentique Bride En cuir Svelteasse?" sur la question, et à moi ma sa propre idée. Toutefois, on HuaSheng préférable attentiste. Je souhaite attirer votre attention sur le foyer i chapelle bonde. "immédiatement charnièreCette situation ne semble ".""c’est un foyer de fer. Toutefois, une veste fer-blanc couvercle, est-ce là vraiment l’intention n’ont-elles pas comme s’éclaire." je ne dit: "je Dessus noir dernier cri de fermeture éclairFuErMaSi dieu!, voulez-vous dire que,

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Open Source Banquet hall

I want help in designing and architect map of Banquet hall.I have provided sketch that I have made but I think that sketch is ordinary so need support from enthusiasm people who want to work on open source project. I am inviting everyone from computer to electronics to architect that is every one is invited to join the project.All the dimension are in foot in the image.Main requirements for Banquet hall are as follows:1:Hall for main ceremony,capacity for at least 300 people and it will also have stage.2:Rest room for at least 200 people separate for men and women.3:Two extra rooms for bride and groom side or for main peoples.4:Kitchen for food production.5:Parking for at least 150 vehicles.6:Separate toilets for men and women.7:Pace for people to eat.8:Building can have 2-3 floors.9:All of the above will be interconnected (IOT) for example: smart water taps,smart parking,led light show,decorative walls,led light screen passage, whole building will be wrapped in LED for great light show,inside lights will be sync with songs floor will or ceiling will be wrapped with gaint led screen for different patterns and motions, flammable fireworks outside and non-flammable fireworks inside during ceremony, led dance floor.10:All of led projects will be diy,taps will be diy,parking will be diy and everthing will be diy.I think this will be largest open source DIY project.Everyone feel free to contact me at: rajgmaurya29@gmail.com ping me on whatsapp: +91 9616481277 Also need people who can render our ideas from paper to VR and 3D design in any software.

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Kite-powered proa (boat) collaboration/comments

Added 5/26/07: Please read the comments below to see how the project is evolving. Design specs, goals, etc, have been modified after discussion.Hi Folks,For several years I've been wanting to build a kite powered proa. A proa is a kind of boat with a narrow hull and a smaller outrigger. These Instructables are about building a proa with a traditional sail:https://www.instructables.com/id/ERIIBDCCOTEPUCHZ1K/?ALLSTEPShttps://www.instructables.com/id/EZN8M3OCWZEV2Z7IR5/?ALLSTEPSThese are kite-powered proa-like vehicles for land and ice:https://www.instructables.com/id/EPKZ5O80HQEQZJI20F/?ALLSTEPShttps://www.instructables.com/id/EPWWSYZNWIEV2ZKLCH/?ALLSTEPSGoals for the project:1. Make at least one good boat.2. Publish a good Instructable.3. Work with interesting people.I am definitely going ahead with #1 & #2. #3... anyone interested?The Boat: Generally it should be appealing/attainable by as wide a range of budgets and circumstances and skill levels as possible.a. It should be fun to mess around with starting in about 6 or 7 mph of wind (3 m/s).b. A beach boat, not an overnighter. Should be able to carry one or two people, a paddle, personal flotation device and maybe a sandwich and a water bottle.c. Storable in a typical apartment (maybe even a dorm room?). I'm thinking a 2-part bolt-together hull like Wade Tarzia's above. Two halves, each under 8 feet long so they can be stored on end, maybe used as bookshelves as suggested by TimAnderson. What is a typical ceiling height? Mine is about 91"d. Possible to build on a restricted budget ($200? is that possible? $400?). I'm budgeting about $500 but as a cheapskate packrat scrounger type I am hoping not to spend it all. Should also avoid necessitating rare and expensive tools.e. It should be possible to make a "good looking" version if the builder chooses.... sort of financially and chronologically(?) scalable. Someone might want to build something as quickly and cheaply as possible, and another person might want to spend all summer working on the fine details and finish. The boat should be worth building in either case.f. Should be able to take a passenger (is that possible if we rely on weight-shifting for steering?), but be sailable single-handed.g. Possibly be adaptable to a traditional sail? Would this be hard? This is something I don't need for myself, but I bet someone will ask that question as soon as we publish it. If someone doesn't already have a kite, is it easier to build a kite, or a sail and associated mods to the boat?h. Probably plywood stitch-and-glue construction main hull, but maybe carved from a couple of Styrofoam billets with a plywood stringer and/or deck? Leaning towards all plywood. If we fiberglass the whole boat can we use 1/4" interior luaun at $9 per 4x8 sheet? Is that more practical and cost effective than something like occume at $60 per sheet with glass on just the keel and joints? We'd need 3 sheets. Need to do some calculations on this.i. Usable in flat water, chop and small waves (and bigger waves?). Mine will be used mostly at an ocean beach.j. Steerable by weight-shifting, i.e. moving towards the front or back of the boat. No rudders or daggerboards. Maybe paddle-assisted steering when carrying a passenger/helmsman?The Instructable:a. Should be a good read, even for folks who won't undertake the project. b. Doubles as an Instructable on how to collaborate to make a great project and a great Instructable.c. Represents everyone involved in the project in some way.d. Gives the potential builder a rough "how to sail it" as well?e. Presents the reader with several options for materials and/or construction.f. All the regular "what makes a good Instructable" things.The Interesting People:a. Everyone is interesting in some way or another, right?b. Some people like to do research on the web.c. Some people have built boats.d. Some people some know about wood, or glue, or paint, or kites, or sails, or writing, or... e. Maybe someone will build the boat concurrently so we'll have pictures of two or more versions at various stages when we publish the Instructable.Let me be the first to sign up :) I have been using kites to get around fields, beaches, frozen lakes and the ocean for 10+ years. I make my own kite boards and have made my own kites (I use commercial kites now but still love my homemade plywood boards). I've done a fair amount of web research on proas and plywood boats (and some on tarp boats, canvas covered canoes, surfboards, etc.) but I have never built a boat. I experimented with a busted up, rudderless old hobie 14 for a while, but my homemade foot-steerable rudders broke almost instantly, and shortly after that I had to abandon the boat because I moved to a place where it couldn't be stored. It was enough to get me interested. I'm pretty confident I could build a usable boat as a solo project but I want to see how much better it could be as a collaboration, or at least having a few folks commenting on my ideas.I have a small assortment of cheap power tools. I've used epoxy and fiberglass a few times and I have some on hand.I have permission from my lovely bride-to-be to use part of the kitchen, part of the time, as my workshop (that's true love). I also have a small are outside where I can work but I can't leave anything there.The pictures are my initial hull ideas. For each hull one pic shows the hull from 3 angles and the other shows how the side pieces would fit on two sheets of plywood. A third sheet would be needed for the deck and a fourth (of thicker stuff, I would guess?) for the frames, bulkheads, etc. I'll attach the files for the hulls too. You can get the freeware to view and edit them at www.carlsondesign.com.The simple V hull would mean less cutting and joining. The other one looks better (in my opinion) and can float more weight with the same amount of plywood.Could instead go with a flat bottom like Wade's.Let me know what you think.Thanks!

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