the best Internet browser

Did anyone know about the best Internet browser for windows, i was confused about: IE, Chorme, FireFox, Opera. Thank for all your help

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Browser news and updates

Firefox 3.0 RC 1 takes the lead on speed. The Mozilla dev team claims to have squeezed more performance out of Firefox 3.0. The betas were fast, so has the team been able to get more out of their code?Over the past few months I have benchmarked several incarnations of Firefox 3.0 beta. My last benchmark of Firefox 3.0 (using the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark), which looked at Beta 5, showed the browser to be the fastest of the pack, comfortably beating all the competition.UPDATE: I just upgraded: there is no "back page" button, and most of my extension are GONE: chatzilla had an updated version however.SECOND UPDATE: the first update problem was MY fault :-)FireFox 3.0 RC 1 news blog.The Beta is available here !

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Fire Fox 4 browser issues

I recently switched to FF4, and notice that there are a couple of issues independent of recent updates. For instance, I can no longer see the rating stars on projects or forum topics, and RickHarris has reported missing buttons in the Guide system. If you have changed to FF4, is anything missing or dysfunctional for you? If so, please leave a comment here, and I will pass them on to HQ iat the end of the week.

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browser incompatibility on instructables site when uploading pics?

I'm using a toshiba nb505 netbook running win7. when i try to upload pics, the upload window overflows my screen so i cant get to the button to select a pic. this happens with chrome and opera. is there a solution?

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How to make an Internet Browser with Visual Studio free from Internet Explorer?

How can I make an internet browser using Visual Studio without just remaking Internet Explorer?

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Is there a phone web page for Instructables? Answered

I have a ds browser for the ds and Im wondering if there is a web site so I can go on Instructables

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PS3 Web browser & Instructables?

Has anybody tried to use Instructables on the PS3 browser? If so, has yours worked? I am having an issue where I try go to Instructables on my PS3 and my browser says something along the lines of "Not accessible" so I can't see the page on my PS3 but everything else works fine. I'll try it again when I leave work and get the correct error message for you guys. *Will update later*

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new browser editor not saving

After working in the new editor in Browser i spend about and hour working and found that nothing actually saved. i was pressing the save button very often while working. Than i mentioned it was not showing the "saving..." and "saved" logo next to it. Really frustrating. i am using chrome on osx 10.7.5  when i reloaded the page it began to save again

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Beta uploader closes browser

Using the beta image uploader to try and load 21 images at once, the progress bar showed that it was part-way through the second image and then the web browser closed down completely. Three times, each exactly the same. Working on an EeePC, using Firefox and Linux.

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Can the DS Browser load...

Can it load the text on pictures that appears when you hover your mouse over it (like the yellow boxes on the pictures on here)? I know the way I said that sound stupid but anyway.

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Unable to publish 'ible in browser

During my last 'ible I ran into an issue of not being able to publish it when using a browser and ended up publishing through the mobile app which worked fine. Here's a picture (clickable for full size): Required info: OS: Win7 Ultimate SP1 32bit Browser: Chrome Version 38.0.2125.111 m Place: The last page before 'ible gets published Reproduction: happened every time I tried publishing in browser no matter the way I tried to do it. Didn't happen on app. Didn't try other browsers. I don't exactly know the cause of it, but do have some ideas as I did some things I don't usually do. 1 - changed the category of 'ible I pre-selected in the beginning of creation. Probably not the reason since it saved and later published properly in this category. 2 - tried to set licence to PD which is not my default before publishing. Then tried setting PD as default and publishing with it. Then tried publishing with my usual default CC BY NC SA. Nothing helped, but I think there might be something here, since I'm not able to change the type of licence even after I've published it.

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Arduino Chat Server In a Browser.

Hello  Can Anybody Tell Me How To Make A Chat Server Using My Arduino Uno, And My Arduino Ethernet.  It needs To Be Accessible From a Browser Like Chrome On Android, And IOS.  Basically I Need My Arduino To Setup A Website Server That has 2 text Boxes, 1 for The Input, and The Other One To Display The Chat  That Has Been Sent By You And Other People That Have Sent Stuff To The Server.  The Server Also Needs To Be Accessible By around 5 to 10 People At The Same Time.  And If Possible Could You Make It Look Like The Example In The Picture.  A Quick Response Is Appreciated Thank You                   -Genius 470

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Put the robot on your browser.

So yesterday when I had the usual Firefox Google page open up there was a little thing at the bottom that advertised an add-on called Personas. I checked it out and it turns out it has a lot of different "skins" for Firefox that you can interchange without restarting your browser. So, when I saw that you could make your own skins I thought of one thing, an Instructables persona, and here it is. For those who think that the amount of orange on each page of Instructables is not enough for their daily lives.The file for the footer is 3000x100 pixels. The file for the headers is 3000x200 pixels which is required for the headers and footers. The pictures below are just showing what the right sides of the different headers look like. The links below lead to the original files for the headers and footers so you can make them a part of your browser, just follow the instructions here, go to "Do I have to add my Persona to the public gallery?". Just download the original pics from these pages.Robot Header copyRobot Header 1 copyRobot Header 2 copyRobot Header 3 copyFooter it is just the darker orange color on the headerUPDATE:The persona for the first one is finally available on Personas

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Mobile Browser | Contest paging missing

I was on my droid and using opera mobile browser when i came across a design glitch. When i get to contest there is no "more" button on the page, means what i am able to see is just the few contest on page. No next button no more button where i can go to next set of contests

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Is there any other good web browser for my psp?

For Custom firmware m33 or OFW 1.5? one that works with most modern web pages(html.flash,javascript,php,asp...ext)

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when I edit my instructable it crashes my browser? Answered

Https:// I hit edit, i get spinning gear forever. help?

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Android tablet vs YouTube Answered

Fewer and fewer YouTube videos (such as those embedded here) are working on my Android tablet. I'll see the usual frame image, but as soon as I hit play, more and more of them just become black rectangles. It's not the videos themselves, as they play on a Windows netbook or an iPod, or in the Photon browser I just downloaded. Has YouTube changed the way it plays videos,  or has Android been updated in a way that is not YouTube friendly? I want to keep using the Android browser, rather than the Photon, partly because all my bookmarks are in the defsult browser, and partly because Photon is horrible to use.

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Links in articles should open a new tab

When links in projects are clicked on, the browser immediately takes you to that page. This loses the Instructable topic unless you page back to it. There should be a way to set the site up so that links open new tabs. I know because I moderate and manage a programming forum. Thanks! Ted Weissgerber

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MSIE v.8 BETA - Opinions please

Has anyone else been "bold enough" (or maybe in my case, stupid enough) to download and test the new MSIE v. 8 browser - BETA ? I am finding it hard to get configured to "contact the web" *sigh* I am about ready to uninstall it and reinstall v.7 (I only use it when absolutely necessary)

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constant reloggin & returning to previous page

I use the latest Firefox and have a problem with this site only, so I'm assuming it's the website and not the browser. When I go to a next page, the browser many times has to re- log me (if I've only been on that page for less than a few seconds, it doesn't do that). Also when I go to a next page, it'll briefly show that next page, but then jerk me back to the very first page. EX1: Viewing the entries for a contest and click on the next page, it'll jerk me back to page one or it'll even take me to the contest details page. EX2: Viewing items under a subject that has several pages. I click on the next page (or even the next number, does for both ways), it briefly shows that next page and then jerks me back to page 1.  I can be on page 10 and click on 11 and it jerks me back to page 1. This has been happening for a couple of months now, so it doesn't seem to be going away. Any ideas?

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Opera bug: image notes and multiple images

Hello, I am using the browser Opera 11.61. Since a few weeks, when i look at an ible, there are 2 things that are not working at all.  first of them, is the notes in the pictures, those yellow squares. none is showing even when i know they should be there. in the source code i can find it so they should be there. second is that i cant open multiple pictures in 1 step. i can click what i want on them but i just cant open them. both of these things work on chrome or internet explorer.  i dont know if this is fixable, but i really hope it is! 

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Fave not showing when logged in on Safari

Hi There -  Am running Safari 10.6.8 and when I log in, I no longer have the fave button. Fave button appears when I'm not logged in, but disappears when logged in.  It works fine in Chrome.  Hope this is helpful!

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Can't get to You page on iOS

When browsing from mobile Safari on both iPhone and iPad, when you touch the You drop-down and try to select one of the options there, the menu just vanishes, and you end up somewhere else (like the Tech Shop), in my case. I tried multiple times. Very frustrating. This is why I was unable to redeem my Pro code on a mobile device.

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Highly Critical Flaw found in opera browser. . .

Security researchers are sounding the alarm for an unpatched, remote code execution flaw in the Opera Web browser. The vulnerability, rated “highly critical” by Secunia, can be exploited by malicious people to take complete control a user’s system... Source link to the blog  

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design problems between browsers (Different default values) ? Answered

Hello guys I have faced a problem I didn't know a solution to it during the design of a simple template using html5, css3. I've designed a simple form to send messages but the problem between browsers. Look at these pictures to understand in google chrome browser: (good) in mozilla firefox browser: (bad) To download my template: ------------------------------------------- i tried everything (using normalize,change padding, line-height ,...) but it didn't work. please, Someone solves this problem and give me the solution and tell me what is my fault. Thank you

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Most Contests Showing as "0 days left" in Firefox Browser

When using Firefox to browse the list of contests the majority are showing as "0 days left" to enter, even though the contests are still open. I can only re-create the problem when using the Firefox browser (v54.0.1), Chrome and Internet Explorer behave as expected. I have completely reset my browser (including cookies, history, cache etc.) but the problem persists. If I open a contest page the description shows "Only 0 s left to enter the...." , however the "Enter Now" button is available and appears to work as expected.

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On My Nexus 7 tablet, I cannot close tabs in the chrome browser

On My Nexus 7 tablet, I can't  close tabs on the chrome browser The "x"'s in the corner of tabs  are too small for my fingers. I suppose I could buy a stylus and do them one by one , but it seems a waste of money and time .  Is there any way to close dozens of tabs at one ?

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Cannot add a instructible

Hello I try several times to add a instructible. When i try to upload images or click the save button, it freeze on updating . I have try it in IE, Mozilla and Chrome, in all the browsers the same problem.

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Images disappearing on instructibles PLZ HELP! Answered

Hey i must of hit something weird on my browser, now it will not display images on instructables. It will display thumbnail images, but when i go to a project it says "Image not found" i am on Firefox. Thanks!

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Video playback

I've recently noticed that embedded Vimeo-hosted videos don't play in Firefox 47. While they don't even show In SRWare Iron or SlimBrowser,  in Firefox the video window is visible and sets up ready to play, but when moused over it displays a meaningless error ("Curses!", "Aw fiddlesticks!", etc.) claiming "This video can't be played with your current setup". "Leg for a wooden table (incredible strength)" is a recent 'ible example. If I go through the process of searching the page source code for the video ( in the above example), copy and paste the URL, and go to the link directly, the video plays perfectly, so it's not some browser or other setting that's blocking Vimeo. (Even tried with all browser add-ons disabled - no joy.) I'm not competent enough to troubleshoot the issue, but it's frustrating to have to dissect the page to play embedded videos in a separate tab. Any work around would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Another Fire Fox just will not stay UP

Ok, I am having difficulties recently with FireFox (I am using FLOCK because of this). I click on the ShortCut and the home page loads (here of course), but as soon as most of the page loads, it shuts down, and then prompts me to send FF an error report. Yesterday was the first I noticed this. This morning, I backed up a day using the setting restore, but nothing changed. Has anyone else experienced recent problems with their upgrade or anything?

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Keep me logged in fails in Chrome 9

1. On the Home page after you click Login it opens up a user name and password box, but I see no Remember Me checkbox. (And why not always show login boxes if user is not logged in; why require an extra click?) 2. When I log in on some non-Home page, such as when leaving a comment, I *do* see a keep me logged in box, but the site never honors it. I *always* have to log in fresh here every single time no matter what I select. Highly annoying. My cookie settings are: Allow local data to be set (recommended), with nothing else set, no exceptions. Great site otherwise.    --David

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Finally made the switch from Opera to Firefox

I am just so sick of Opera. It drives me up the fucking wall. Sometimes when I close it, the next time I start it up it will start up a new instance of opera with totally new tabs and any changes I made to it go poof. And then the next time I start it up again it starts up the old opera that was supposed to open up last time, and all my transfers from the last time are gone again. It just happened thing morning. I was downloading a Bungie ViDoc (Bungie Halo 3 documentary) last night, and had 5 MB on it. And then I open Opera this morning and POOF. It's just gone! Argh. So I've finally moved over to Firefox. I'm just sick of all the glitches and inconsistencies. I could go on and on and on. Unfortunately, this means I have to use Thunderbird now. That's not nescessarily a bad thing, it just means that my mail/RSS and browsing are now separate. I know it's going to be a pain in the ass, but at least it won't suddenly fail on me or forget my settings. At least it will be consistent and reliable. One great thing about Firefox: it doesn't adhere to web standards (unlike Opera), which means that Instructables displays correctly! :D

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Flash ads slowing down browser and sometimes crashing

Hey, longtime user here and this problem just started a few days ago. Using Google Chrome 58.0.3029.110 on a Mac Powerbook OS X 10.11.6. On pages with Flash ads, it's slowing down the pages to a crawl and several time crashed the browser. Not having this problem with other sites on this browser.  Please advise....

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Full site closes mobile browser

When browsing the site on my iPod (Safari, up to date), whenever I hit the option for "full site" at the bottom of an Instructable, the browser closes completely. No messages, it just closes, including any other pages open as well.

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whats the fastest web browser on windows

I want to know what u think is the fastest and best web browser on windows.

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Virtual LEGO building for Google Chrome Web Browser!!!

Technology has just been released to allow users to build virtual creations with LEGO using the Google Chrome Web Browser! Now you can pretend to be busy at work (or school) while making some new amazing Lego Builds! You can download Chrome and get started HERE.  It's super easy to use AND IT'S ALL IN 3D. Right now there are only basic pieces in 10 different colors and doors and windows, but I'm sure there will be more parts down the road. So do you think this is as cool as I do, or is virtual building a step in the wrong direction? ** If you make something with it, take a screenshot and post the image for others to see. ;-)

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Attempts to print cause browser crash

I'm hoping that *somebody* here can help me. I've been trying to print out a couple of instructables (all the steps in one file), but my browser crashes just about every time I try.If I'm *lucky*, I'll get one file printed successfully before it crashes on the second instructable -- but usually the first attempt will crash the browser.It doesn't crash my system, just the browser itself.The latest message is:"Internet explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the incovenience".Error Signature:AppName: iexplore.exeModVer: 7.0.6000.16640AppVer: 7.0.6000.16640Offset: 001cd123ModName: mshtml.dllThis particular error is from Internet Explorer, but I've had a similar error producing the same effect from Firefox on the same system (at home).I've also had the same error on Internet Explorer on a different computer (at work).I've had the same result with instructables bookmarked on my Firefox system, instructables bookmarked on, as well as instructables randomly loaded from the website itself.At home I've been trying to print to the PDF Creator software program, as I don't own a printer.At work, I've tried to both print directly to the printer, as well as printing to Adobe Acrobat 8 in an attempt to create a PDF file.I get the same errors, no matter which printing method I use.All attempts to print to PDF Creator and Adobe Acrobat 8 from other web sites have worked fine -- and I've gotten instructables to print to both of those software programs once or twice. Just it's only maybe 1 attempt out of 20.Admin - if more detailed error reports would be helpful, please contact me at the address on my account.

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Is it possible to find and store the IP address information of anyone that visits your site?

I know there are sites and images that show your IP Address, browser, OS, possible location, etc. Could you have some way of writing this found information into a database, or would that be too much of a security flaw? I'm not talking about tracert commands, IP locators, etc. EDIT: Sorry if i wasn't clear enough for anyone, I was meaning something like a PHP, HTML or Java code that logs the visitors IP Address (And if possible, some other miscellaneous information) on a .txt file or something similar.

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Warning to all Safari users.....

Pwn2Own hacker: Apple Safari is 'easy pickings'Charlie Miller, the security researcher who won last year's Pwn2Own hacker contest, is predicting that Apple's Safari browser will be the easiest target this year.In a note posted on the popular Daily Dave mailing list, Miller describes Safari as "easy pickin's" and forecasts that at least four zero-day Safari flaws will be used during the contest at CanSecWest later this month...Safari: hacked by 4 different people. Easy pickin's as usual.Android: hacked by 1 person. Not too tough but no one owns one.IE8, Firefox: Survive unscathed. The bugs to exploit equation is too hard for $5k.iPhone, Symbian: Survive due to non-executable heap.Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Chrome: I don't know enough to say anything intelligent. That said, they're probably hard/obscure and so survive.Last year, Miller exploited a Safari flaw to hijack a fully patched MacBook Pro machine. He is also known for launching successful attacks against Apple's iPhone and Google's Android platform.Safari predicted to be the easiest target this year...

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My forum topic crashes my browser

My "Why don't they use gigantic leyden jars to collect lightning and use it to power homes?" forum topic crashes my browser every time I try to view it. I can't reply to what other prople are saying on it, or even see what they're saying except through my comments alert.

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"All steps" option doesn`t work in Opera browser.

Hello! I`m experiencing the following problem: When logged in my account and viewing an instructable, I could cycle through the steps only or download the instructable as PDF. When clicking on the "All steps" icon, my browser refreshes and displays step 1 each time. I must click on the "Next step" button to view the instructable. It seems that this bug appears only to my Opera browser, since FireFox and Google Chrome are displaying the whole instructable, when clicking on the "All steps" icon.   Currently I`m using Opera 10.63 on Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS (Lucid Lynx) 64bit (core version 2.6.32-25).

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Google Chrome photo rollover bug

Can not edit my photo rollovers in Google Chrome (beta beta beta). It is like a game of keep-away. In edit mode, point to rollover rectangle, comment opens, mouse down to edit, comment disappears before I can choose "edit". Not that I am a Chrome fanboy. Firefox forever !

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Big/unignorable problems with the instructables website

Hello Anyone who reads this topic. I have massive problems viewing the instructables website ,in fact this problem stayed with me since i had my first psp,and then my new psp has the same problem. First,It randomly asks me if i want to save a file i think it is called tracking.jsp Second,the website shows up really messed up. Third if you want more info,browse the instructables website on a psp so you can see what i mean. Take a look at the pictures- oh yeah...its on the psps browser just in case you did not know Here are its specs,just in case you did not know Cpu clock 222MHz -max 333MHz Memory(RAM) 64Mb(unlike the 32 of the phat psp) Os running: CFW 5.00 M33-6(same thing happened in OFW 3.75 and OFW 5.00) Memory stick:1GB total/about 400MB free space As you can see in the pictures this is horrificly bad. Any ideas?

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Chrome open source browser available now!

At the moment, the only thing available for people anticipating Google's new open source browser, chrome, is screenshots and a comic book explaining why it was made. LinkyBut it is supposed to be available for download later today. Rumor is it will become available at 2 PM ET today. No word yet on whether it will steal your identity like Microsoft's IE.Hooray for opensource browsers! If it does become available today as planned, I'll link to the download page.Corrected link: Download linkSorry it took so long, I was scrubbing a toilet and simply lost track of the time...EDIT:Go here for adblocker, gmail, etc, GM scripts to run in chrome.

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view source code of website?

I am developing a browser, i want to show source code(not html code) if user wants and also store it as txt file, help using any language is appreciated, i am using c#, but any language is fine. thank you

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Which is the best browser to write and publish instructables?

I´m asking this since I have had troubles with firefox

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I can't view instuctables with the browser opera

I can't view with the browser opera anymore. Homepage works all other pages keep reloading as soon as it has loaded the page it reloads and reloads and reloads and reloads and reloads and reloads and reloads and reloads .   Don't know exactly what day it began but can't have been going on for long a couple of days tops

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How To use the AxInet function when creating a web browser using visual basic 2008?

I am currently working on creating a web browser using visual basic 2008, and I was in need of some coding for the functions of like View Source, cut, copy, paste, delete, zoom in, zoom out, and how to make open in new window... open in an new window of my browser... not IE..... I need the coding for those buttons... I would really appreciate it if someone could give me the coding that willw ork as long as I change... you know like the button names and all that! Please and Thank-You!!!

Question by