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Hello guys, in my first "instructable" I want to show you some pictures from when I first begun to meditate. I remember those days very clearly, like it was yesterday. At the age of 22 I was feeling very depressed and sad, and nothing was going right for me. I did not know what to do and I was very confused. I started to look here and there for answers for different questions but nothing was satisfactory. I was really unhappy. Until one day, when a good and old friend of mine send me a movie about meditation and how to meditate efficiently. In that day, my life took an incredible turn. I watched that movie with great curiosity and I was amazed by the benefits of meditation. As soon as the movie ended, I knew that this is the answer that I was searching for. I started to inform myself more and more about this ancient technique, and in only few days after I have seen the movie, I begun to practice meditation. I put in practice all the knowledge and information that I have gathered in the last days, and in a week I have already started to feel a lot better. Some old problems have already started to vanish, my depression was almost healed because of the answers and different states that meditation offered me. Above all, I was able to eliminate all of my selfishness and egotism from my behavior, which was a very important for me. So I really recommend meditation to every person on Earth. Reflecting on nature beauty can be a perfect method to meditate!

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Meditation Timer

I'd like to modify a simple egg timer for meditation.  My current timer makes loud harsh staccato beeps.  I'd really like a timer that made something that sounds like a long slow deep bell when the time is up. I have no idea how to do this but I'm guessing someone does and can do it for less than the $100 ones they sell in the glossy Buddhist catalogs.  Any help would be great

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