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bug zapper information?

I am trying to find a high voltage transformer for a Stinger high performance UV 801 bug zapper.  Where can I look?  I am not having any luck searchingt for it under the model number or by looking for volage transformer suppliers.

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big bug zapper? Answered

110volt power to transformer to mesh wire... anything else to make big bug sapper. Oh, I know not to touch anything.

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has anybody done any thing with solar bug zappers?

Little ones with LEDs. what capacitor would I use to have a bigger stored charge? have not bought one yet just thinking on it.

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charge a capacitor with a bug zapper ? Answered

Can i charge a capacitor rater for 450v 680uf with a racquet shaped bug zapper's circuit.

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How does a bug zapper work? Answered

To my understanding a capacitor can only be charged to the voltage it is supplied with. Well then how can a bug zapper circuit step up 3v (2 x AA batteries) to nearly 3000V. Wouldn't the capacitor only be charged to 3v? This may be a very simple question, and im sorry if it is, i would just like to learn!

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Bug zapper to charger coil gun capacitor banks?

 I took apart a bug zapper hooked it up to my multimeter and got 1500VDC . I'm currently using camera flash circuits to charge my banks. the bug zapper  wont charge them, how come? I would only have it on for a second and its a very small converter circuit. Capacitor banks= 330v 120uf 

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Simple Zapper Idea

I have learned about electricity in Physics class and that to up the voltage of a given source there has to be an alteration in the amount of turns of wire around some magnets. BUT... is it possible to do this same thing in my home on a smaller scale by wrapping wires around some of my powerful earth magnets? The reason for asking is that I want to increase the current flow so that it starts zapping when the wire ends come near, also I want to create a ground based bug zapper for fun that will allow the zap to travel through water (shallow puddles). Sorry if I'm missing some law of physics that renders this impossible for me but I'm not taking the advanced course for science and we only touched on  the topic electricity.

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What should I do with my electric fly swatter?

I just bought one from the thrift store and I want to hack it. Any suggestions on what I can do?

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Retrofit bug zapper with LED's, Would the high voltage be a problem? Answered

I have a large and good working bug zapper that just had the UV florescent tubes burn out. After pricing out new tubes. which are expensive, it occurred to me to try using UV LED's in place of the tubes. Physically there would be no problem. I can use a 3 inch PVC pipe and wrap the LED string around it. Secure it to the frame and replace the ballast with power supply.  Anyway, I am wondering about the high voltage which will only be a short distance away, perhaps an inch. Would the voltage effect the LED's?  Perhaps an EMF pulse? or are they pretty well isolated and protected? I am using the ones that are coated with water proofing.  Has anyone ever tried using them in a high voltage situation? I have planned on trying this and have already ordered the LED string. I am just trying to foresee potential problems.  I also wonder why I haven't seen any with LED's on the market. Am I actually ahead of the curve on this one?

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How to make a transformer?

I have a bug zapper circuit that chagers a coil gun capacitor bank. the "zappers" output is 1.5kdcv but really low current i wanted to make a transformer and lower the voltage and up the current so the capaCITORS CHARGE FASTER PLEASE HELP!

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Can someone share with me a schematic to multiply a dc source? That produces, obviously a higher, output. Answered

I have a bug zapping raquet and i would like to increase the voltage to create bigger spark gaps. Portability is key. Output in AC or DC doesnt matter to me, but I guess AC would get better arcs.

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Emp jammer is not working

I built a EMP Jammer from a bug zapper it creates a spark but there is no interference with cell phone calculator or light bulbs I use a 12 gauge copper wire I need help as to what can be the problem

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how can I make an easy spark gap?

I made a potatoe cannon with PVC tubes, and I have an electric bug zapper as the power source, but I need some sparks to fire it up.If someone has got the circuit´s plans please live a comment. THANKS!!! :D

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Killing Mosquitos with Auto Targeting LASERS!

Houston, we have bug zappers! No really, just this time with lasers! I was surfing through Hack-a-Day, and I came across this. These devices identify a mosquito by the frequency of its beating wings. Once identified, the device aims a laser and destroys the little blood sucker. That seems simple enough, so: Do you think that this could be accomplished by a DIY for under $100? think about, we may have a really useful Instructable on our hands.

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how to make electric shock chewing gum works without pulling?

Hi, I'm doing a school project and i'm going to put this electric shock chewing gum i purchased inside this box and people are supposed to put their hand through the hole and get a harmless electric shock. How can i do so without instructing them to pull?so that once they touch they will get the electric shock.i thought of bug zapper but it is too big to place in the box.please help,greatly appreciated.

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Blu-Ray Phaser, Steampunk Mech Walker, Laser Pumpkin...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Nov. 8, 2007 Welcome back! OurDIY Halloween 2007 Contest closed and we're judging hte entries now. All of the amazing costumes, jack-o-lanterns, food, and gadgets that were entered can be seen here.Check out all the cool Instructables that came in this week! Blu-Ray Laser Phaser! Take the Blu-ray laser from a PS3 and install it into a Star Trek phaser for under $100.posted by Kipkay on Nov 6, 2007 Mystic Lord costume: horns, armor, silk painting + more (oh my) Make your vision of a deluxe costume a reality with this detailed Instructable. posted by houseofdarkly on Nov 4, 2007 Guy Fawkes Mask in Origami The 5th of November just passed, but you should still try out this impressive mask that's made from one square of paper.posted by chosetec on Nov 5, 2007 Over $5,000 in prizes! Paint Your Car With Rustoleum Give your car a new look without paying out the nose for automotive paint.posted by DrSimons on Nov 6, 2007 Build your own steampunk chicken-walker mech Why bother walking around all night when you can build a steam-powered robotic walker? Or at least look like you did.posted by Bug on Nov 4, 2007 Ikea Aquascape on the cheap $12 Liven up your room with this underwater garden. It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.posted by sleighbedguy on Nov 4, 2007 Six-armed Hindu goddess Kali Costume Unleash the violent goddess within and experience what it's like to live with six limbs. posted by nicemag on Nov 5, 2007 Win a laser cutter worth over $15,000! NES ZAPPER!!! Your NES may be dead, but here's a way to revive your old Zapper into a powerful laser pointer.posted by Darkeru on Nov 3, 2007 Laser Pumpkin Perfect for the front porch or as a party decoration, this hacked jack-o-lantern explodes with lasery goodness!posted by novalasers on Nov 4, 2007 Magic Table Build a table that can hide away all your tools with a quick flip!posted by msolek on Nov 6, 2007   Now go build something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

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