bump out

I spent a lot of time writing a answer and when i was reviewing it the system bump me out and I lost everything I wrote and it really SOCKS

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Bumped Topics

I (along with other members of the Instructables Community) have noticed a problem with bumped topics. Topics that were originally posted over 2 years ago are being bumped to the top of the forums. In most cases this is due to comments that don't even contribute to the conversation. What solutions are there to this problem? I don't like the idea of locking topics. This puts a stop to contributions that might actually be useful. What solutions do you guys have?

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Making a Bump Key

Is it possible to make a bump key from something other than metal?

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bumped lcd monitor ?

I bumped my lcd monitor (not cracked) and it has dark spot now can this be fixed ?

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Bumping old question w. insufficient responses?

I posted a question a year ago and got a few responses, but nobody quite answered in the way that would have been useful.  I did appreciate the replies (and expressed so), but none hit the nail on the head. The thread went dormant, you could say.  Is there a way to bump the thread up in the specific forum?  Thanks.

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i bumped my lcd monitor

I bumped my lcd monitor with a hard object (keyboard) it did not crack but there is darker (from wide angle looks brighter) spot in the place that got the impact. its a smooth spot and not bunch of pixels it was very severe. i played with my finger on it and pulled it lightly with electrical tape (stick and pull) and now it is much less severe but it is still there can it be fixed anymore ?

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My dad has a bump on the back of his neck

My dad has a HUGE bump on the back of his neck, at first i thought it was a zit but after about a year its grown to the size of a golf ball...i've told him to go to the doctors, but he refuses to go...i dont know what to do, and i worried about him...what should i do.?

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Bumpy art sets new trend.

It may not have reached the US yet, or it may have come from there, but there's a new fashion in body art - painting pregnant tums.The two-hour-plus process involves painting pictures from a range of ideas - or the Mum's own ideas - and a professional photo-shoot to preserve the event.(The reporter) was curious to know what kind of people want to invite a stranger to paint on such a personal, and special, part of their body."Anyone who wants a nice memento," said Erica."At the end of the day I think we should celebrate births and bumps."Body painting has always been around, but more people are picking up on this type of body painting now and it's becoming more mainstream."I want to offer it as a service to pregnant women. It's a little bit different and it's nice for mums-to-be because it's a chance for them to sit back and relax." BBC articleThe artist's websiteFacepainting Association

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Inexplicable Popularity

This is an issue that has always puzzled me, and more recently affected me. And it is entirely based on the phenomenon of an old forum topic being suddenly and randomly restored to the front of the board after an extended vacation to the back of the list. My topic, "Facebook for Nerds" has been one of the recent reincarnations to be affected and no matter how much it pleases me that someone new felt a need to comment on my original post, It begs the question of "why now" and "why this one"?  

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I rev the engine and something thumps!

So I got back from my drive today and came up the driveway in neutral just for funnzies, but while in neutral if I rev the engine up quickly, around 4k RPM's there is a serious thump.  The whole car gives a pretty good shake when it happens.  When I bring the RPM's up smoothly I don't notice it so I am not sure what it could be.  I thought it may be a clutch engaging, but what would engage at that speed that wasn't in already.  I also thought it might be a clutch disengaging, but that would result in a serious thump, just a smooth wined-down.  The car is a 2003 dodge durango with 160,000 miles on it.  It is an automatic which can somehow kill itself when trying to start going, and it is the coolest, most durable car ever.

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Suggestions. Locking threads, and suggestion forum.

(I'm positive someone suggested this before) I think we should be able to lock our topics when we want people to be able to read the thread and the comments on it, and don't want people to post on it (for whatever reason, everyone's would be different I'm sure.) One reason I could think of someone asked a question (pre answers section) and someone answered their question, and they don't want people posting on it (for their own reasons). They could click the edit button, on the edit page, their could be another button that says, "Lock this thread." Click that button would lead to a page that said something like, "Are you sure you want to lock this topic?" If they clicked yes, it would be a locked. If they clicked no, it wouldn't be locked. If they ever change their minds, they could un-lock it the same way they locked it. (Click edit, press unlock, and click yes, unlock) Thanks.

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hodo you get rid of shave bumps?

With swimsute season upon us..please help me get rid of the shave bumps.

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How to add suspension to a food trolley to prevent spillage of food and tea?

I am an A level Product design student and I am designing a food trolley for a person with grip and stability issues.  One of the biggest problems with current models is that when they go over the slightest bump or carpet runners/plates e.g. and they will spill and tip whatever is on them. This is a massive problem if the user is carrying hot tea or their dinner, increasing clean up work and generally reducing the quality of life of the user. I cannot think of a relevant method for stabilising the food tray/drink holder without drastically reducing the overall function and massively increasing cost while still allowing the trolley to support the user while they take their food from the prep area/kitchen to the eating area.  A few Ideas I have had:  large pneumatic wheels (solid rubber in most other examples), Some sort of spring suspension, Pistons, A counter weight... I have tried researching stabilisers for cameras but they don't seem to be relevant. Help with research keywords would also be useful as its difficult to know what to look up. Another problem I'm addressing is the aesthetics of the product as most examples just look like hospital equipment not everyday furniture. Currently I am siding on wood as the main material for the frame, If anybody has suggestions that would be better than boring tubular steel I am still in the early stages of development and would appreciate inspiration!

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How to fix 4" circular warp on table made by coffeemaker. Answered

I had my coffeemaker sitting on a painted, MDF window bench which caused 4" raised warped area/bump. The bump occurs on both sides of the bench top which is about 3/8" thick? This cupping/warp/bump occurred over a period of time. Any suggestions on how to repair the bench?

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What's the best way to cut these reinforced rub/plastic speed bumps to increase the distance betw their 2 parts 4 bikes?

In this city it is a political chore to get speed bumps put in, particularly in the alleys.  For the most part, bicyclists just bu-bump over them; but, when u are a transportation cyclist like me (often heavily loaded) and u must negotiate these suckers daily or hourly, u begin 2 think that a few more inches between their two halves could make a big difference in time, money and wear. Note: some of them have been installed in an arcane manner to, for example, accomodate intersecting rainwater channels (which are cut into the pavement).  All of the above problems could often be circumvented by simply widening the space between the two halves of these devices by a few inches---like three. Slightly wider space between the two halves, called the "crotch" by some, would make it easy to ride down the alley and avoid both pinch flats and bu-bumping, bu-bumping, bu-bumping. P.S. An full swing from a sharp axe won't work....

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Twitches and Spasms

So, for I while I have felt weird mussle twitches and spasms. Loads of em' in my arms, legs, and chest. My favorite is the one I get on my elbow. Once they errupt, they last for about 30 seconds, or until I move my arm. I love to quickly move my other arm and feel it go... bump....bumpbump.....bumpbump...bump....bump.... Is this normal? Is this some unknown disease? I want your knowlage/opinion on my weird spasms.

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Cannot load page fully

Website is great but there is a bug when reading articles. When you get towards the bottom of the page it stops and bumps you up. You can try to go back to the bottom but it once again bumps you up before you can reach it. I have duplicated this problem on windows 10 and on another box with windows 7. So if you are glued to reading the next comment you can forget it... it just bumps you back up. Very frustrating if you want to read posts. 

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Pda scratch remover

I got a palm m100off the internet and I put it in my pocket then later I took it out there was a small scratch 1 cm long with a few bumps around it (the scratches were raised). what is the best way to remove scratches on the cheap side.when you run the stylus over the bump (you can notis this in note pad) it jumps and is anyoing. Any help will be great.

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Raspberry Pi Composite?

I have built the Ben Heck portable Raspberry Pi.  I had it working, but then I bumped the case and after that, the video will not start up.  My wiring to the monitor is all still good, and I know that it is getting power.  The only thing is, that during the bump, the video data and ground cables may have shorted.  Could this have caused the problem?  Whether it did or not, can anybody please help me fix it?

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dc inductor

Do inductors work with pulsed dc? like would they become more resistive with frequency? Or would they do nothing because it's not ac and the electrons can't "bump" into eachother.

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Bug? Or silliness?

I don't know if it's a bug, or if somebody's been "quiet bumping" old threads, but when I click the second page of forum topics, most of them are 2 years old.

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Can someone please diagnose this? It's driving me crazy!

A couple days ago I got a red bump on my foot. No biggie, thought it was an ant bite. Now I had bumps on most parts of my body, and they itch like hell. They range from small to somewhat large, and they are red. They itch so bad I can't even concentrate. There isn't a lot of them, but enough to be a PITA. Right now they are on my feet, arms, toes, wrist and jaw line. I checked WebMD and it gave so many things that were really, really bad, so that was kind of scary. I don't they are too bad, but I don't want to scratch them and make scars. I've been inside mostly for the last week or so, save two days working on my dad's truck (had bug spray on), and about two weeks ago I climbed a small hill through some thick thorns, vines, and other crap. Perhaps I had a tick on me? If anyone can help, I'd sure appreciate it!

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Moving Forum post to Answers- Flagging

Noticed that Forum posts can only be flagged {Inappropriate, Incomplete , Spam} but not "Wrong Category". Would be nice to have the "Wrong Category" option also.  There are forum posts that should be in the Answers section, not bumping discussions down in the Forums. Could this be possible as a future site update?

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bike light design help

Im trying to design a new light for night riding im using a 7 led array in the neighborhood of 1500lm with a 30deg wide beam of light but ive hit a bump in the road and would like some guidance in it so far my pictures are only a rough draft per say 

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How do I rewind the cord on a whipper snipper? I want to be able to still bump the centre to release more cord.

 I have an electric whipper snipper [weed whacker / cord trimmer].  The cord ran out and I've bought replacement cord from my local hardware shop, but can't find ANYTHING on the web on how to rewind the cord so that when I bump the centre of the spool the cord will still come out.  I have done an online search for the manufacturer of both the cord and the machine.  The cord manufacturer has a website but nothing on it to show how to use their product!  Even worse, the manufacturer of the machine has NO hits on my Google search (Warrior - an electric model bought from Bunnings) There is an arrow on the spool showing the direction you should wind the cord in, but I read somewhere else online that the arrow shows the direction you should turn the spool when you rewind it, rather than actually winding the cord that way. Someone do an 'ible', please!

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Help removing stucco ceiling

Hi, I live in a 1970's home that has a lumpy awful stucco ceiling. I want to get rid of this. Can anyone provide instructions on how to do this? I don't want to plaster over it, I actually want to get rid of the little stucco bumps to make it smooth. Thanks! G

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Open Source Lase Cutter

I have a project running for a open source laser cutter progress has been quite slow but it seems I can bump it up. The idea is to develop a laser cutter you can actually trust for large format cutting. Check out the project blog:  http://protonet.web-tec.co.za/development/co2lasercutter.php

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Can anyone suggest a way to make an array of lenses (say 5mm dia - 100 x 100 pieces) on a flat sheet of acrylic? Answered

I have made a simple version - using an acrylic sheet, heating, then pushing down a perforated metal sheet on top to create the 'bumps' Can anyone think of another way?

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Redneck Rollercoaster

This is called the Redneck Rollercoaster, but that's not quite the truth. This is an insane car mod that looks fun as hell and has the danger factor to bump it up to make it extra stupid. So who doesn't love some stupidly dangerous fun? Weirdos. Who loves it? Canadians.FYI, the guy on the left on the sofa is the driver. And how it works...

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I Need Some Lighting Help

I've hit a little speed bump. I need a bright, preferably diffused, soft white light for high speed videography. It cannot be florescent or a CFL (see why below). I can't seem to find any lights that fit these standards that aren't florescent, but I know they exist. Can you help me find a suitable light?

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Which glue to create massage roller? How to do the seam?

In order to create a firm massage roller, I'd like to glue a piece of (foam) yoga mat around a short pvc drainage pipe. Would love advice on - 1. Which glue to use between mat and pipe? and between the mat ends? 2. How to not have a bump where the mat ends meet? Thanks!

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How do I stay logged in while exploring? Answered

I created an account and logged in, but when I search "explore" it bumps me out and no longer has "you" and my image up in the right hand corner. Consequently when I click "collection" or "download PDF" it will not let me Maybe I am missing something, but not sure how to stay logged in and search "explore" simultaneously. Thanks for the help!

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This May be Getting a Little Out of Hand..

I don't know if its just me, but I've noticed a surprising burst of K'nex-driven forum topics lately, some, if not most, r has leik centances an speelin wif know reel point/purpos. I'm not trying to bash, but there is spell check on the commenter use it to your advantage. Also, bump: www.instructables.com/id/Block-Knex-InstructablesForum-TopicsGroups!-Now/

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what can 1/4 inch width plexi glass stand up to?

I want to build a battle bot out of of 1/4 inch plexi glass and i want to know if i will stand up to other robots and a lot of bumping around. Also, i need to drill into it, will it crack? thank you in advance.

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Where can I purchase a piece of land to live in a tents-with-tunnels setup with my family? Answered

We do want utilities (electricity, water, etc). Where can I purchase a piece of land to live in a tents-with-tunnels setup with my family? It would be made up of 6-8 medium sized tents connected with a tunnels system, with utilities. I am not worried about money with this at the moment. Bump

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Pac-Man arcade cabinet made with LEGO

Ben Fleskes built this Pac-Man arcade cabinet entirely out of LEGO and put in a 19" monitor so that he could play 48 different games on it. That reminds me, I need to bump up that MAME project that's in my queue. It's been there too long. Lego arcade machine

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How to program an AVR barebone atmega328?

HI,ALL Now i want to program an barebone atmega328,I searched the net for methods of doing so,the rock that i bumped my head on was the 'boards'file.I bootloadded the chip with ISP method, then found the 'boards file' stating 'barebone atmega328 with internal 8M crystal'.the case i am using is an external 16M crystal.as the test rerult is not what it turn out to be,so i want to know if the 'internal 8M crysta' is OK?

Question by gada888 

How can I put a toilet and a window in a closet used as a dark room with a sink?

My closet used to be a darkroom. there is only one toilet in thie little house so another would be a blessing! Would be nice to still have a sink too. RIght now, it's mostly shelves and a sink that works, but I don't use it, coz it's my closet. A window, possibly bumped out a bit would be great.

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Vanishing forum topic -- created by "add topic" in Group, but not appearing

About 20 minutes ago, I created a forum topic https://www.instructables.com/community/My-chemistry-textbook-was-right-all-along/. I went to the Physics Group and used the + new topic link to create the posting, classifying it in Forums : Science.The topic is not showing up in the Community "recent" listing, even after I added a bump-comment myself. Could Ed, Rachel, or somebody give the database a kick? Thanks!

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Posting and updating a public list of known bugs?

I know I have asked for this before, more than once.  But now there's a potential home. Would the Staff (Hi, Rachel!) consider creating and maintaining a forum topic with the known bugs?  It could be posted to the Help:SiteUpdates forum, and bumped with a comment whenever it changes. Having a document like that would make it somewhat easier for those of us who respond to user's bug reports to say to them, "This is known about and staff is working on it."

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Honoring NES PC author Hatsuli

Eric's post telling us of ibler Hatsuli was recently bumped.  Hatsuli joined on the 12th of February, and posted his instructable on the same day.  I think as a community we should find some sort of way to honor him at this time every year.  It could be an honorary contest of sorts, a way to raise money for cancer research, or whatever.  Any and all ideas are welcome, but I think we should honor him in some way!  Thoughts?

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Electricity generated from speed breakers

Hey >  Well is dere any1 who can help me out ???  I need some suggestions on how to build a prototype of a speed breaker that can be used to generate electricity >>>>>  I just want to show how the concept works like >>>>  the few links below shows the concept :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tIMhWpLDfw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClRTuDNJ5a4 it would be of gr8 help >>> if ny1 cld help me out in this matter >>>> 

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Can anyone help me out with finding an amplifier?

I have seen what instructables there are on amplifiers and I want to know if anyone can help me find what would be most appropriate amplifier. Requirements: Needs to take 12 Volts. Must be easy to make. must be able to handle constant movement/bumps. I need to make one for one of my car speakers as the amplifier burned out or something, and yes im sure its the amplifier.

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Knex gun questions...

I have a few questions 1. What is true trigger? what does it do? 2. Is a gun that fires bullets through a ram a RBG? 3. Would a gun powered by a ram get the bullets out of a extra long barrel? 4. what's the difference between slide action and bolt action? 5. How would you make a cock? 6. What's a bipod? 7. How would you build a fixed mag? If I have any more questions, I'll edit the topic and bump the topic

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Why do my threads keeps hiding? THIS IS GETTING REALLY IRRITATING! Two new threads added.

A few times recently, I have posted forum topics and they have taken time to appear.For instance, I posted this electronics question about 15 hours ago as I type, and it still hasn't shown, despite adding a "bump" post myself.I have noticed other people complaining about this issue as well.Is there are bug? Or is it something else?

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What is the least destructive way to mount something that will hold about 100lbs?

I'm building a bike mount in my dorm room. I found that with our top floor high slanting ceilings that I fit the bike above with out bumping my head into it, or having it get in the way at all. The tough part if mounting it to the ceiling while still be able to repair the holes when I move out. My bike is angry at me that I leave it out in the rain all the time! Thanks for the help!

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my ipod had a flashing apple and got hot when i charged it.

I replaced the battery but it still wont work, at worst the most damage that could've happened is it took a bump. my pc does'nt recognise it at all so i can't reset it or do anything. i'm not even sure if it charges as when i plug it in it just comes up with the battery sign about a 1/4 full. could this be a harddrive problem or is it just dead. many thanks for any help.

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A Story of Mine:

I've been a working on a tale for quite a while now. I've managed to finally write the proluge (like 1 page lol), and I'd appreciate it if you had a looksee and tell me what you thinkee. It's a fantasy/sci-fi story about a guy who gets himself drawn into an alternate universe full of elves, vampires, dragons, and tings that go bump in the night... Please excuse my rather poor story-writing skills, my brain runs on a graphics-based OS, not text-based.

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New layout of comments meta-data seems compressed and cluttered

I don't think I like the tweaks that were done to the comments format.  The user's avatar, date/time stamp, and username are all mashed together with no spacing between them.  I liked having the date/time in the upper right corner, but I know that a lot of users missed the information (leading to silly bumps and year+ late replies).  Perhaps you could do something like: [Avatar] wrote on : with some spaces to keep the formatting nice?

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