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Bunny Hoodie Idea

Hey I saw this sweatshirt that was like bunny ears in the hood of a hoodie, and they are still white and the same color as the sweatshirt. Like the same material too. Does anyone have an idea on how to make this because it would be a sweet outfit for DJ'ing or performing.

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Washcloth Bunny or Boo-Boo Bunny DIY **EASY**

Super easy but fun to make.  These are good for Easter or any Spring-time party.  The Boo Boo Bunny is for the little ones.  Stick an ice cube in the middle of the washcloth and give it to your child when they complain about a boo boo.  Somehow bunnies make it all better.  Here's the free pattern:  The washcloth pattern is on my blog but also here on Instructables:  (I'll make an Instructable for the Bunny soon.

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help found a baby rabbit need tips on how to take care of it?

Found a baby rabbit need some help on how to take care it

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good way to bunny-hop???

I need to know how to bunny hop. private message me with links

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why does bunny love neon? Answered

Why does bunny love neon?

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How did chocolate bunnies for Easter come about?

I was just thinking, bunnies have nothing to do with easter, do they ?

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Unlucky/ Extremely Lucky Bunny

I was outside reading by the fireplace when I heard a strange noise. I looked up and noted the noise was coming from Mazee's direction. It was a loud SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK. I assumed it was her favorite squeaker toy. After about a minute, I saw a fully grown bunny sprint out of the trees next to Mazee. I laughed because Mazee loves to chase bunnies, and it looked like the bunny was taunting her. Mazee came trotting out of the trees with the squeaker toy in her mouth, squeaking away. She dropped the toy and it continued squeaking. Squeaker toys don't squeak on their own...I ran over there and what do I see? This little guy. Like all other times Mazee's found a baby, it was completely unharmed. I found the nest and put him back, I also put a doggy fence around the nest. Hopefully the mother will return.

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My Featured Instrucable Is Not Showing Up As Featured?

I just received an email saying my cute bunny eggs were featured, but then when I looked at it, it didn't have the little star or anything. Please help, thanks!

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2 eggs walk into a fridge

This is an animated joke I made for class. I heard the joke from this 14 yo German girl and laughed so hard. Hope you enjoy it and please share if it makes you smile :)

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2 images both the same introduce 2 of my instructables, cannot now change either of them!

I have 2 instructables about my lungfish hydroponics concept, one video and one step by step.  I used a screenshot from the video to start both  because I though it would be easy to change it. but now, even though it is no longer in the start page of the step by step, it is still what everybody sees when searching instructables! (And it is a crappy image!)   I have a much better image to introduce it and have even deleted that old image from the instructable but it still shows as the start point for the step by step. That is very annoying. What can I do? Either of the below images help explain what is going on, even if the user never looks at my instructable.  So I much prefer if one of those is seen by the ordinary man in the street.  Thanks Brian (Kiteman told me to repost here) 

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How do I take care of my rabbit? I just got it yesterday.?

He's one month old and I've never had any pets before. What should I do to keep him clean, safe, and happy?

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Pre-historic Video Amplifier Antennas useless?!

I've been learning quite a bit about video amplifiers recently. And it's brought me to a question. When antennas were the source of video-signal, you would often hear horror stories of people having to get up off of their couch to adjust the "bunny ears", to get a clearer signal. I'm just confused. Why would they have to be adjusted? The signals, if my understanding is correct, is electrical signals sent through the air, and the signal would cover thousands of feet. It surely didn't matter if the antenna was all but a few inches from one spot or another. The signal should be able to hit it just the same no matter what, correct? If you are in a car, it's one thing - you're moving. But in a house, you're stationary. Any explanation?

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Where to buy citrus peel in bulk?

Remember that orange peel cat litter that was briefly on the market about three years ago? The cats hated the stuff, but oh how it worked in the bunny's litter box. I want to buy orange peel in bulk, since the litter company appears to have gone under. But I don't want the fancy pants potpourri or medicinal or culinary stuff. The bunny won't come in direct contact with the litter, so such properties do not matter. Citrus peel + baking soda = best DIY bunny litter. Any suggestions of websites where I could order such citrus peel would be awesome. Thanks in advance!

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The world's cutest biofuel: burning bunnies.

Stockholm has a pest problem - thousands of rabbits (the descendants of escaped pets) have to be culled every year to stop them eating all the green spaces.  The culled bunnies are frozen and stored. But the fate of these cute corpses is causing a stir amongst Stockholm residents. The rigid rabbits are collected by contractors, taken to the town of Karlskog, and burned to heat the town. Leo Virta, the Managing Director of Konvex - the plant's suppliers - told the BBC that Konvex has developed a new way of processing animal waste with funding from the EU as part of the Biomal project. He says that with this new method, raw animal material is crushed, ground and then pumped to a boiler where it is burned together with wood chips, peat or waste to produce renewable heat. "It is a good system as it solves the problem of dealing with animal waste and it provides heat," said Mr Virta. The Karlskogans don't mind what provides their heat, but in Stockholm, the urbanised residents think they're just too cute to burn... What do you think?  Clever use of waste biomass, or cruelty to bunnies?

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my rabbit alice has a deep cut on the inside of your thigh i dont know what from?

Its probly about a centimeter or two deep i sprayed it with disnfectent that we use on our cuts. its a little smaller then a 5 cent piece. should i open it and check for maggots? its almost complettly scabbed over. she doesnt act any diffrent but i do know that rabbits try hard not to act hurt when they are. for now i will spray it one a day will disnfectnt. please help!

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are my four bunnies ok to be outside in the winter?

They have been outside the whole summer and they have been doin goood threw the 90 to 110 degree weather, before the summer they were inside, but then we got them a hutch and they have a large running area, they have a room upstairs in the hutch and they love it, will they be ok to be outside all day and all night in the freezing weather?  

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We have 4 bunnies, what percaustions should we take before they travel and will a dog or cat carrier be ok?

The longest they have ever traveled in a car is about 30 minutes, there is four bunnies they are almost a year old. should we take any percautions before hand like taking them in the car more befor. It will be a 9 hour drive. We will be at a cabin and they will be out side all day except for at night(i think) we will be gone for two weeks.will they be ok for 2 weeks away from home?? Please tell me everything you can think that will help!

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im so sorry

I.... destroyed it .................................................................................................................................................... ............................(\ /) ............................................................................................................................................ ............................( . .)............................................................................................................................................. ..........................c(")(") Bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................................................................ ........@(~_~)@ monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................................................................

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Slideshow images not showing up when published

Https:// I entered my amigurumi bunny in the Critter Contest. I can see the images on the editing side of the slideshow but not on the published page in the link above. I don't know what is wrong.

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Little Text Art

I need to know a few little text images like the bunny: (\_/) (o.o) (> <) or the sword: C===[}:::::::::::::::::::::::::::/ Nothing big like this:                     $$$$`_____________________________,,,_ _______´$$$$$$$`_________________________´$$$` ________`$$$$$$$`______,,________,,_______´$$$$´ _________`$$$$$$$`____´$$`_____´$$`____´$$$$$´ __________`$$$$$$$`_´$$$$$`_´$$$$$`__´$$$$$$$´ ___________`$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_´$$$$$$$´_ ____________`$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$`´$$$$$$´_ ___,,,,,,______`$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$´_ _´$$$$$`____`$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$´_ ´$$$$$$$$$`´$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$´_ ´$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$´_ ___`$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$$_$$$$$$´_ ______`$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$__$$_$$$$$$_$$´_ _______`$$$$$$$$$$$$,___,$$$$,_____,$$$$$´_ _________`$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$´_ __________`$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$´_ ____________`$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$´_ _______________`$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$´_ I only want the small pictures. Thank you.

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will my four rabbit sbe ok out side during storms?

We live in nebraska wether changes suddenly a lot we have just orderd a hutch for them out side, they have been outside all day before but all come inside at night. it has been storming latly with a lot of thunder. i have read that they can die of being to scared. will they be ok being outside during thunder? they do will have shelter from the rain. also they are inside bunnies they sleep and are inside, will they be ok suddenly being outside all the time 24/7?

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A photoshop pen

Hi Lately while working in PS I noticed that I needed a way to freehand with a pen but couldn't afford a professional one.I was wondering if there was a way to make one on the cheap.This is what I'm talking about.

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how can I make a TRIX CEREAL RABBIT . head piece for mr my costume???

Im either going to make the TRIX RABBIT head piece and want to know how... or The ENERGIZER BUNNY RABBIT... need help with that too

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A very disturbing "instructable"

Can someone please talk to someone in charge and take down an Instructable by "velacreations" named "Make a rabbit fur hat from scratch"?? This crazy person is encouraging people to breed bunnies and slaughter them for fur to make hats, need I say more?? Well I will, it's revolting, and extremely disturbing. I was in shock when this even came promoted to my email. I don't want to unsub from this site but will with no hesitation if this doesn't get removed. Rabbits are supposed to be wild or loved as pets. Not raised to be killed, butchered, and skinned (with kids at the house too boot it seems!) and spread across the internet with info on how to do it to tons of other defenseless bunnies. Come on now guys, don't stoop this low and think this acceptable. Thank you and I truly hope action is taken ASAP. Joanne

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How to make the Silen Hill amusement park mascot?(Robbie) Answered

READ Have you ever heard of Robbie the Rabbit from Silent Hill? I want to make his costume! It may or may not take alot of time and since I won't be pressured by trying to get it done before Halloween I can take my time and do a great instructable. Here's a little idea of what he looks like, he's a pink bunny with big oval eyes and a sort of half-smile with a lot of  blood smeared all over his face, he wears bloodied blue overalls and seems to have smaller feet than an average cartoon mascot. Here's a pic: So any suggestions on how to make this mascot costume?

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is there anything my mom can do to help her 5ths disease?

My mom has all the symptoms of 5thsdisease and she just feels horrible. there isnt any medicine to make her feel better but are there any little things like taking a warm bath or anything?

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How do you potty train a rabbit? Answered

My rabbit is named Bunny. She is a lion head dwarf and shes really smart when she wants to be. She only wants to be potty trained when she feels like it. One day she will do really well, not leaving a single dropping on the ground. Then other days she makes a mess and i'm very tired of deep cleaning my carpets all the time. I first started by keeping her in a small area, the bathroom. When she was caching on I started giving her more space. Now, I have bunny proofed my room and it's now her room and she was doing really well with the training for wile. I have about 6 litter boxes all around my room, but now she never uses them and I don't know what to do. Nothing is working for me.

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Robotic pet (low budget)? Answered

Hiyas I am longing loads for pet of my own since my bunny died. but i am not allowed another pet. does anybody have any ideas of how to make a *loving* pet????       thanks p.s this is my first ever comment on instructables!!!!! pp.s needs to be low budget (eg. under $100)

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Peep Experiments

Peeps. The fun, delicious little marshmallow chick, bunny, snowman, pumpkin, etc. that we get on Easter (or near Easter for the people who don't celebrate it.) But after Easter, when you have so many of them, what do you do with them? I know you can eat them or explode them in the microwave, but I need is a better idea. Have any?

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Does anyone have a simple wood crossbow that is powerful and has either a trigger, a pump, or a lever? I also want a mag

I want a powerful cross bow with a mag. Please post a link. It doesn't have to be on instructables either. Even if you only find a trigger mechanisim thats fairly easy to make with wood thats great too!

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music genre? Answered

Whats your favortie music genre mine is punk whats yours if you have more than one then put them in order from least to greatest

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Caption competition...

No prizes, just for fun, what would your caption be for this image from the BBC Science website?Edit:Current leader:"Lindt decided that their gold easter bunny had become dated, decide to combine easter and Halloween instead"....from a very disturbed mind.EDITNew leader:"Trinny and Susannah harass Akhenaten on their new series ' What Not To Worship'."(I think there's more than a wire loose in that brain)

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Adland - video - how many ads can you spot?

This rather nice video crams in parts of well-known ad' campaigns. It is UK-biased, but some of these will be global. Includes a cake-car, a fish on a bike, bunnies, a transforming car, and kids running through walls, which should have been seen a lot?

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my rabbit isnt eating? Answered

I read on a website that they'll go ina phase where they just wont eat for a couple days. all my other rabbits are eating but she isnt. she just started this today. a few days ago he did this for about ten minutes and i gave him a flower and she ate that, then ate her pellets. what should i do to get her to eat or should i just keep a close eye?

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Can gerbils eat carrot greens? If not, what to do with them?

My beloved gerbils Maui and Galaxy have eaten many strange things, and just today we pulled up TONS of carrots and were wondering if the gerbils could eat the greens. I've heard about bunnies eating them and stuff and wanted to know if they could eat them. Please answer as fast as possible!!! They are HUNGRY!!!!! Maui gerbil

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Mutant Baby Costume, DIY Lightsaber, Silent Hill Nurse Costume

Mutant Baby Costume DIY Lightsaber Silent Hill Nurse Costume Easy Catwoman Costume Cardboard Armor Predator Latex Mask Make Angel Wings Iron Man Arc Reactor Mad Hatter Hat Christmas Story Bunny Costume Harry Potter Wand Kids Link Costume Spooky Tesla Radio KISS Costume Simple Toilet Paper Costume

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How can I make a large-ish auto waterer for my rabbit hutch? Thanks? Answered

I want to know how to create a self-waterer for my rabbit hutch using the nozzles that came on the small bottles the rabbits have now. Any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate any ideas since I am disabled and watering the bunnies has become quite a chore. Thank you in advance to the team for any help you can offer.

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What Language Is This?

I was looking through the referrers on my Instructables when I came across this. What does it say?The Website.eÅ›li masz czas to znalazłem kilka pomysłów na dodatkowy sprzet który mógłby sie przydac np: automat strzelniczy albo co jest znacznie prostsze bardzo proste miny sprężynowe i chyba sam coÅ› takiego bÄ™dÄ™ kombinował bo 0k 250 zł za claymora to sporo pzdr KołomirAlso, I found this on This site: :DI actually found an awesome answer to this at This person successfully saved a nest of baby bunnies, and there are instructions on how to make a cheap fence so that your dogs will leave the nest alone but the mommy bunny can still get at her babies. Good luck! Do you have any neat referrers?

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Mermaid Costume, Lady Gaga Glasses, 1950s Ray Gun

Kidnapped Mermaid Costume Lady Gaga Cigarette Glasses 1950s Ray Gun Sugru Dashboard Mount Catahedron Costume Quick and Easy Waterproof Flashlight Simple Bookshelf Laser Image Projector Bar Lacing Lady Gaga American Flag Costume Vampire Bunny Plushie Dieselpunk Amplifier Rubber Sensory Ball Unique Costume Ideas Halloween Candy Bark - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

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a fold of skin next to rabbits vagina collecting yellowish stuff? Answered

Two of my rabbits have it i dont know if the other to have it because they wont stay still long enough. it doesnt seem like a cut but its mor like a fold of skin but you cant un fold it. its right next to their vagina and it collects yellow moist stuff. should i just leeve it alone of clean it out? it hurts them when i do stuff to it and i know that because after i try to get the yellow stuff out they chatter their teeth. please help

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CONTEST: Valentine's Cupcakes and Sweet Treats, part of is hosting a Valentine's Cupcakes and Sweet Treats Contest where you could win a $500 Williams-Sonoma gift card!If you have a cute confection to share, snap a pic of it and enter. They even include great tips on how to take a great photo. You can also check out the sample recipes and pictures they've compiled with step-by-step instructions so you can make your own.Need some inspiration? Check out evrenuzer's Ladybug cakesmsimon3's 3-D Dino Cake (not cutesy maybe, but an inspiring work of bakery!)and MH850's Bunny Cake

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my rabbit is twitching her fur/skin?

The other 3 she lives with (one of the three is separted from them) arent twitching, im pretty sure rabbits dont just twich their fur just to do it, i sure it's cause something is irritating her skin. is there anything i can do at home to stop the iritation?i checked her fur and from what i can see she doesnt have anything in it. they live out side in a large hutch with a long run and it,s the middle of winter so i thought everything should be dead.  what can i do to help her?

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question about floating things on SF6 or any other gas

Hey guys, I have this burning desire to float something on SF6. Rather than just balloons or foil boat. Right now i am thinking about dandelions seeds, dust bunnies? dead insects? is there any way for these things to float on SF6? or any other gas? In addition, if i use a balloon full of air, how long can it stay up before going back down? if i seal the fish tank up really good, can i keep it up for a good amount of time? Please let me know what you guys think! Thank you so much!

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Vuvuzela filtering for World Cup

The biggest complaint I keep hearing about the World Cup is about the vuvuzelas, plastic horns that get blown for everything and nothing. This makes me almost glad that I'm missing practically every game because of the broadcast times and the fact that my TV only has bunny ears for reception. Well, PopSci has found that some people are fighting back by filtering out the frequencies of the vuvuzelas at 233 Hz, 466 Hz, 932 Hz, and 1864 Hz. It's a good enough trick that it makes me almost want to upgrade my setup so that I can try it out. Simple Software Can Filter Out That Vuvuzela Whine From World Cup Broadcasts

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rabbit (alice year old) is very thin how do i get her to gain weight??

She lives with 2 other female rabbits, i see her eating all the time, she eats all the fruits and vegis i give her, i felt her spine and it is very bony (i can feel the outline of her spine and ribs) they live outside, all the others (including another rabbit we have separated from the 3 due to her going after them) are nice a plump, i can sorta feel their soine but its nothing like alices, what are some foods i can give her to help her weight, would alfalfa hay be OK to mix in her hay?

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Care Package

My parents know that I have been trying to save money, so they sent me this nice care package for easter to provide me with much needed sustenance. Lets see whats inside... 1. A bag of fun size skittle packets, Sweet! They remembered my skittle addiction. 2. 6 single serve Jif peanut butter cups 3. Edible easter grass ... o.k? 4. Some laughing cow babybels and spreadable swiss 5. A hickory farms ham and crackers ... this is getting kind of weird 6. 5 little strawberry candies 7. About fifty single serve splenda packets (err...) 8. A bunny basket with creepy eyes What a strange selection of goodies. If any of you wondered where I got my weirdness from, you now know.

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Can I download photos off a functioning (not broken) phone after I stop using my current carrier?

I want to change mobile phone carriers, but am afraid that if I do I won't be able to retrieve my photos off my phone (iPhone 4S) once I'm no longer with the same carrier (I'll be using a different phone, as well).  See, the thing is, I want to switch my phone and carrier NOW, but I don't have the capability to download my photos off my phone onto a computer right now.  I will have the capability in a month or so - but, not now.  So, before I switch carriers, I'd like to rest assured knowing that I merely need to just turn on the phone and I'll be able to download the photos onto my computer. (easy, right? :D) Thanks for any help! :) Bunny

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