Buried at 45 degrees...

As I type, Sir Jimmy Saville is lying in "state" in a golden* coffin in a Leeds hotel. According to his wishes, he will be buried at an angle of 45 in Scarborough, "so that he see the sea". What odd burial wishes do you have? Mine are simple - a cardboard box under an oak or horse-chestnut sapling. BBC Story. Just in case you don't know who Sir Jimmy was. *Golden, but not gold.

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Coffins, Death, and Floral Prints

I've been thinking a lot about coffins lately.  I went to my grandmother-in-law's funeral back in May, and I've seen that episode of "King of the Hill" in which Hank and Peggy build their own coffins.  Building coffins seems like a good "Date Night" type of activity, but what kind of coffin?  Coffins range all over the place!  There's aluminum, wood, shiny, matte, burlap sack, wicker, Cadillac...  I don't even want to get into tombstones.  Phew!  I think I want a nice shabby chic one with a large floral patterned cotton interior and a white washed beadboard exterior although I am a bit taken with these. Thoughts?  What do you want for a final resting container? (If you just want to be burned, compressed, dissolved, stuffed, or donated, don't bother replying.)

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Is it possible to up-cycle a Powerbook G4 17" that is in great shape, but just can't keep up with technology?

Hi, I have an Apple Powerbook G4, 17". It's about 6 years old, it still runs very well, it's in great shape, and in my opinion it's an awesome machine. Unfortunately, I will have to get a new computer pretty soon since I'm a graphic designer, and I need to stay current. Also the video streaming is draining my patience. I would like to know if someone has ideas of what could I do with it soon after i get a new computer. I wouldn't like to see it become a tray or something like that. I'm wondering if the screen can be saved for new purposes or any parts could be used for other purposes. My only option right now is to take it to the apple store so they can give it a proper burial, but I don't think it's time for it to go just yet.    I'm excited to hear ideas. Thank you, Lii

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Best way to have internet in "shop" in backyard?

My shop is in my back yard about a 100 ft from my house. I'm going to be renting a trencher and running direct burial wires out there for power (they wont be in conduit). I plan to run water, cable and phone lines out there as well. I had done this for a previous building that I had out there that unfortunately was lost due to a fire (neighbor had been burning leaves and thought he had put the fire out completely, but sometime during the night, the leaves had apparently been still smoldering underneath and reignited and I woke up to the sound of an explosion, which was my gas cans for my mowers out there, and the building and all my tools and hobbies etc., not to mention my truck which was parked out there, all lost in the fire) Anyway, I have a bunch of cable I could run from my router in the house, but I was curious if anyone knew if I should put it in conduit, and also, if there might be a problem with "interference" from the electric cables, and if there might be a problem with the distance. I guess another option would be to go wireless, but I'm concerned about the distance and quality. If any wireless suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks for any answers.

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Are you good at Rockband? Are you new? Lot's of Information about Rockband, I will anwser ANY questions... I will not know EVERYTHING

So, I'm like 500th something in the world in RockBand. To Prove it, here are all the songs I've gold starred. The Lines mean that I didn't gold star the next song(s). Like for example, I gold starred the first 17 songs. I will list 17 songs, then make a line. The songs with the "*" next to them are Fc's only a few :(Say it Ain't so By WeezerCreep By RadioheadI think I'm paranoid By GarbageWanted Dead or Alive By Bon JoviIn Bloom By NirvanaGimme Shelter By The Rolling StonesWave of Mutilation By (the most overrated band ever)The PixiesCelebrity Skin By HoleMississippi Queen By MountainHere it Goes Again By OK GoSuffragette City By David BowieMain Offender By the HivesMaps By the Yeah Yeah YeahsReptillia By The StrokesEpic By Faith No MoreBlitzkreig Bop By The RamonesShould I Stay or should I go? By The ClashBlack Hole Sun By SoundgardenThe Hand that Feeds By Nine Inch NailsSabotage By The Beastie BoysParanoid By Black SabbathDani California By The Red Hot Chili PeppersAre you gonna be my girl? By JetWelcome Home By Coheed & CambriaVasoline By The Stone Temple PilotsWhen You Were Young By The KillersGreen Grass and High Tides By The OutlawsEnter Sandman By MetallicaBONUS SONGSPleasure (Pleasure) By Bang CamaroBrain Power By FreezepopDownloaded SongsCharlene (I'm Right Behind You)* By Stephen and the ColbertsDirty Little Secret By The All American RejectsFranklin's Tower By The Grateful DeadHysteria By MuseI Need a Miracle By The Grateful DeadInterstate Love Song By The Stone Temple PilotsLimelight By RushMoving to Seattle By The MaterialNatural Disaster By The Plain White T'sPain and Pleasure* By Judas PriestPromised Land By VesuviusShe's a Handsome Woman By Panic! At the DiscoTen Speed (Of God's Blood and Burial)* By Coheed & CambriaYou've Got Another Thing Comin'* By Judas PriestIf you Gold Starred more than me (There's gotta be someone on Instructables), then make a forum topic, and gimme a link. Or you can just make a comment. To Make the lines used dashes (-).To make small text make 2 commas (,) the text, then 2 commas again.==Some terms that might be helpful:==-------------------------------------------------If someone uses the term "FC" it means "Full Combo". Full Combo means that you didn't overhit (look below), and you didn't miss any notes.If someone uses the term "Overhit", it means that you hit the drum where you don't have to.A drum fill, is something that looks like long notes that go across the "guitar neck". It is also known as the "Overdrive Activator". When you see the long notes, you have to hit at least three notes, and hit the green (or red if you play on lefty) pad when you see the green "bulb" pop up at the end of the notes.Overdrive is something that makes your multiplier go higher (and count by two). For example, if you have a multiplier of 4 (the highest) and you go into Overdrive, your multiplier goes up to 8. 1 makes 2, 2 makes 4, and 3 makes 6.Your multiplier multiplies the number of points. If you have a multiplier of 1, then each note will be 25. 2, is 50 each note, 3 is 75 each note, and 4 is 100 points.Again, if you have any questions, just ask.Some things you might

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