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Coal Burner?

How to make a coal burner? i have an old computer fan and some other tools how could i do this?

Question by Daniel Deacon    |  last reply

BBQ Burner?

I'm thinking of building my own Pig Roaster / BBQ, the problem is I want it to be 60" long and I have not found a propane BBQ burner that is long enough. Can you make it out of Black Gas Pipe? If so what diameter should the burner holes be? Regards, Dennis

Question by thexporter    |  last reply

oil burner

I recently replaced my oil furnance with an electric one, when i dismantled the oil furnance, I found I had a perfectly useable oil pump, with the ignitor and blower. How can i use these to construct a jet engine? Terry

Topic by grizzlyterry    |  last reply

Is this a good foundry burner design?

Is this a good design for a a foundry burner? The hose hose for the natural gas are connected with jb weld. The thing on the back is a way to connect my output of my shopvac to the burner. The pipe attached to the other pipe is for the oil hose to be connected to. The front is tapered inward for a venturi effect. Its welded to the other pipe and I think I might put some jb weld over it to air proof it. I need to grind down the front of the oil pipe to make it flat with the outside pipe.

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So how many burners are there?

I was just wondering if there was any burner family on here. I go to Transformus every year.

Topic by dreadyjazz  

CD Drive laser burner

Can i take 2 cd (CD and or DVD) burners, gut them out and take the diodes that burn the data on the cd and use it to make different art and design on wood? if so, would a single one work or do i have to mount multiple ones to get it to burn wood? and is there any difference in the diodes srength in a CD and DVD burner? and im not gonna go crazy with it and do "bad" stuff.

Topic by KT Gadget    |  last reply

Mamod Steam Coal burner? Answered

Hi,  I would like to make my mamod steam engine 'sp2' burn coal rather than solid fuel or meths. can anyone advise me on what is required to do this or if it is even posable? thanks 

Question by Daniel Deacon    |  last reply

WANTED: old dvd burner drives

I want anyones old cd/dvd RW drive. i need them for the motors and laser diode. these can be easily removed from the old computer case with a screw driver. would be willing to pay shipping(within reason)

Topic by budsiskos    |  last reply

Name those DVD Burner parts :)

Hi guys and gals, I just ripped apart a broken pioneer dvd burner of mine (digging for the laser diode inside) Apart from some nifty fans, motors, springs etc. I also came across these inside the reading/writing head of the burner. One definitely is a laser. But as often pointed dvd burners tend to have multiple (2) lasers. Now I wonder which of these items is the second one? All of the three upper items were pointing inside the head and (via some mirrors and lenses) towards the lens shown at the bottom of the photo. So they all seem to be involved in either creating or receiving (reading sensor?) of the laser beam. Hope some brave soul can give me some hints on these.

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Gas stove top burner covers?

I have a fairly small kitchen, and as such, I would like to make a burner cover for it. What I was thinking was something could be folded. Not only to save space when I don't need it on the stove at all, but in hopes of being able to keep it on half the stove, fold it up, and have access to two burners. However, I am unsure what to use to do this. I know that the heat from an active burner would burn most woods, and produce a fire hazard. But, I don't know what other materials would be workable enough to do such a thing. I was thinking of just covering the bottom of some MDF to reduce heat transfer through the MDF, as right now, that is what I am using when I am not using the stove at all.

Question by DoctorWoo    |  last reply

what to do with extra dvd burner?

I have a extra dvd burner i want to make something from it PLEASE SUGGEST IDEAS i thought to make laser cutter but even if i will make one its power would to so less (this is my calculation that its power should be in milli Watts correct me if i am wrong)

Question by Atul009    |  last reply

Making a Micro Film Camera / Burner Answered

I'd like to get a roll of 16mm silver emulsion camera film and then transfer a HEAP of digitised documents to it for storage in hard copy, in the micro film format. I know how to do it, but doing it is a different thing. In fact I'd like to make the whole system, from scanning on a desk top scanner, and or, perhaps photographing documents directly. I'd like to be able to record digitised documents onto film and film to digitised documents. But the real need is to convert scanned in documents to microfilm - so we can forget the rest for the time being. I'd like to do just the conversion of digital documents to microfilm - but on the cheap, and I'd be prepared to compromise a bit of speed and other factors as long as the imagry was up to a reasonably high standard for documents. I will read up and contact these people and Kodak etc.. but I am also looking to improvise as I am on a limited budget and I guess it's really a case of finding a USB type projector with the lighting and the lensing that instead of putting it up on the big screen, shrinks the image to fit in a frame on 16mm film. That may require specialist imaging equipment, parts and very accurate adjustment. So if anyone knows how to do this on the cheap, it would be appreciated. Here is the more or less cashed up way of getting it all done, this covers it in a nutshell: Digital Document Archival to Microfilm    The Digital Revolution Digital imaging has revolutionized document management. Imaged documents occupy almost no physical space, can be easily secured, searched for content, or made centrally accessible to an office PC. With a proper backup schedule, digital documents can be safely stored for years. Digital Memory Loss Digital documents also introduce a number of new problems. Hardware, encoding and software obsolescence loom over any digital collection. Obsolete hardware can prevent access to the data itself. Digital document also require software to read, interpret and render documents in a meaningful way. Your ability to manipulate your documents could be tied to a proprietary file encoding which leave you few options if the software company goes out of business. Even migrating from one system to another creates the possibility of data loss. Digital Archival to Microfilm How do you save your digital documents from potential oblivion? Simple; convert them to microfilm. Microfilm has been a mainstay of librarians for the last century. Documents are eye-readable and have a shelf life of at least 500 years. Compare that to CD's which degrade after as few as 5 years or hard drives and DAT tapes that can degauss after only 20 years. With our digital archival services, you can have the best of both worlds; Instant access and long-term storage. Benefits of Digital Archival:     Eye readable with simple magnification     Archival longevity     Easily re-digitized

Question by Wroger-Wroger    |  last reply

going to make a wood burner from a Propane bottle i have opened the valve to let any gases

Making a stove from gas bottle and would like to confirm how to fill bottle with water to dispell any residue gases before taking valve off ?

Question by ductman003    |  last reply

can i install a cd/ dvd burner? i have a dell desk top. want to burn dvds. what do i need?

I have a few parts. looking to install a burner so i can make dvds. need help. i know nothing about this.

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LASER HACK: DVD burner diode list

I propose to put your results of using the DVD burner diode for using as POWERFUL laser pointer: See the instructable: Laser-Flashlight-Hack!!/This allow sharing the experience and avoiding some bad burners...Put your-DVDburner BRAND and -MODEL and finally the -RESULTS

Topic by wazza    |  last reply

How do I make an electric burner?

I need an electric burner that can easily get up to 185 degrees F.  How can I make a ceap but effective electric burner?

Question by Kalrag    |  last reply

How do high heat burners work?

I know there are various things to be considerred in design. Can anyone explain to me what each thing does? Id like to know about oil flow amount,air flow amount,the venturi,flared or or compressed outlet nozle,and the like to know what makes a burner cause i need a high heat very low wear burner for melting iron.

Question by trf    |  last reply

How do i make an oil burner?

I would like to make a waste oil burner. Yes, i know the hazards of the fumes given off so and so but i have a respirator. Can anyone make me a step by step instruction on how to make an oil burner capable of melting aluminum,silver,and tin. And possibily iron?

Question by trf    |  last reply

oil burner ignition transformer and uses question ? Answered

I recently just got a hold of a Allanson oil ignition transformer, the output voltage is 10,000 volts at 23 ma. the power cord was cut so i have to connect another power cord. what gauge or metal is recommended for the output terminals and can i attach a power switch to the 120 A.C. volt line. i was planning on starting off making a jacobs ladder then later on making a tesla coil after i have worked with high voltage a little bit longer are there any more uses for the high voltage transformer i have  

Question by MonstaM    |  last reply

Make supercapacitors from graphite in a DVD burner

The outline is that you can deposit graphite oxide (a cheap bulk material) onto a film of PET (the plastic used in Coke bottles), hit it with a commodity infra-red laser (such as the one in a $30 LightScribe DVD burner) and end up with a form of activated carbon material that can be used as the electrode in an electrolytic capacitor.  Add some aluminium foil, separator membrane and electrolyte and you've got cheap, robust energy storage.  The headline numbers are a few hundred milliFarads per cubic centimetre at a few volts, which works out to 1.36kWh per cubic metre of stacked capacitors.  It's still about 50 times less energy per volume than lead acid batteries, but you could store as much energy as your house will need overnight in the size of a garden shed or a set of bunk beds.  They charge/discharge in seconds and retain >95% capacity at 10,000 cycles so seem suitable for storage to even out intermittent energy generation from, for example, solar or wind power. I'm really thinking about cost here- unless I'm missing something fundamental it doesn't seem like producing these on a high volume roll-to-roll process would be excessively difficult, and the cycle life means the replacement time would be many years even in heavy usage.  Could you get sufficient kWh per dollar to make these a viable storage mechanism for home-scale renewables? There's a more informative article here.

Topic by PKM    |  last reply

i want programmer for 89c51 or 89s51 with software?

I want ic burner circuit (isp ) with isp software pls send me web site addres and circuit dig.

Question by vijaysinha    |  last reply

Should a barbecue burner be made out of copper pipe? Will it release toxic fumes when lit?

I've replaced my bbq grill burners with some i made out of copper pipe.  Is it safe to use copper as burner material?

Question by userman2222    |  last reply

How to convert my wood burning fireplace into a propane fireplace for as cheap as possible.

I have seen the kits in the store with the fake wood and burner and I know they have fireplace glass that looks nice too. I would like to know how to build a propane burner so I can most likely use the fireplace glass. That seems the most economical.

Question by dc3886    |  last reply

I'm converting an old gas char-Broil outdoor grill,now used as a charcoal grill, to an electric smoker. See details.

For my initial design I'm using junk box parts (electronic hobbyist/pack rat).  The heating element is a 120vac, 500w burner previously used as an electric charcoal lighter.  The grill cavity is 15"H x 14"D x 25"W, with two rack heights leaving room for the burner, water pan, and possibly lava rocks/bricks.     The question is about temperature control.  I understand 500w may or may not be enough.  I'm considering a DIY full wave open loop SCR control, as I have many of the parts.  The purely resistive load is @2.4-2.5 amps and should be able to be temperature controlled using  demand oriented transfer or phase angle firing w/diacs.  I want maximum control cheaply and am having trouble selecting an appropriate design.  I have larger current SCR's in case I need a larger wattage elment. What can contributors suggest? 

Question by X-nfamous    |  last reply

how do I hook it up to a power source? what outlet holes do I hook it up to?

I have a obit and need to know which input lead goes where.

Question by linusmadrone    |  last reply

Is the Compact Disk Recordable ReWritable Drive the same as a burner? Answered

I was trying to use it to make a laser pointer that can light a match. The pic is similar to the one I have, but not the same.

Question by lukethebook333    |  last reply

Howto: Make a DVD Burner into a High-Powered Laser

Check this out !Have fun :-P

Topic by Silas    |  last reply

anybody know how to keep a lit gas from lighting the gas in a fuel tank? I'm building a hydrogen stove or burner.

I need to keep the lit hydrogen from lighting the compressed tank of hydrogen. The only things between the burner and the tank is a hose and a valve.

Question by Ultra Computers    |  last reply

Gas regulators, which one to use?

I've recently had two gas questions arise. Both issues need a gas regulator that I am not sure of what type, or pressures needed. The first a a L.P.G bunsen burner I bought off ebay. The second, I have a gas furnace for smelting that connects to L.P.G Can someone give me some help on what type of regulator I need for these? Also maybe a bit more info on how to connect the bunsen burner up to the gas bottle, regulator, to a switch valve, then the burner. I have seen low-pressure regulators about as well, can this work for the bunsen burner

Question by AtomRat    |  last reply

When an electric range or oven element erupts(?), what is going on? Answered

While trying to boil water today, there was a bit of flame briefly visible under the stainless steel kettle. Picking it up, it looked like a wet squished bug on the burner (actually bubbled metal or ceramic) ... and a slow leak in the kettle from a small burned spot.  This seemed very contained. Many years ago when the oven element blew  out it spewed white powder and tiny silver blobs all over the oven.  So what is happening in the element  when this occurs? (I don't really know what 'calrod' is made of.)

Question by mole1    |  last reply

Looking for a 400-600 C electric burner / heating element?

Im working on building a stirling engine which is powered by heat. The bottom cylinders will need to be heated to 4-600 C.  A burner similar to an older spiral stove burner would work but I'm afraid it wouldn't be able to reach the required temperature range.  The diameter of the burners surface needs to be at least 3 inches. Ive searched and searched but am unable to find much that looks like it will work.  Could someone explain how to possibly make something with some sort of heating element?  Any ideas?

Question by Bhall06    |  last reply

How to make a propane burner using black iron pipe. Answered

I have a grill that has 4 burned out cast burners and I would like to make some new one for it myself.  Problem is, the instructable for making the black iron pipe burner seems to no longer be on here. Thanks! Thanks for the link.  Not the same as the instructable I saw before, but good stuff.  The one I saw months ago had horizontal cuts that made it ideal for a bbq grill burner replacement.  Would still love to see that one again. Thanks again!

Question by RADollar    |  last reply

can a cd burner diode from a computer burn a match?

Self explanatory from question

Question by tpete    |  last reply

Who can help me to make hho burner stove?

Aslam alecom  Im Mohamed from Egypt and this frist time i ask here  b4 im make dry cel hydrogen genertor and i get 1 liter per 50 second from 21  staliss sell plates 304  and i try  to make my own  stove and try to rune it by hho stove but it blow up beacos im not use flash back rresttor my qestion now how i make hho burner to my stove ? Where i can find company can i sell from here hho burner b4 i sent masseg for company in usa to sell from them but now one answer me my be cose thy know im arabic muslim  now i ask ahelp from u f u know any company can make to me hho burner please tell me if u know how to make hho burner nd u can gude me to do it tell me  if u have any photos and videio for hho stove plse sent it here all this photo to me when i try to make hho stove  but last photo not to me thanks

Question by ابوعبد اللها    |  last reply

Lowering the power coming from wall socket into Wood burner?

Hey hey, I have a wood burning system that I LOVE, but at its lowest setting it burns just a touch too hot. It has a variable temperature dial, but it doesn't go quite low enough for me. Is there a way for me to reduce the power coming into it from the wall?  As an example of the kind of reduction I'm looking for. If I run my small space heater off the same outlet, the wood burner burns slightly cooler at a temperature that works for me. Any help would be extremely helpful! Thank you in Advance! Mike

Question by MichaelW552    |  last reply

what kind of finish to use on a sign that is made with a wood burner

I recently got into wood burning and don't know what to use as a finish wax, oil, etc  the project  is a piece of drift wood with some words burnt into it so the finish needs to stop the ash from being weathered away  any help is appreciated ill make an instructible on it soon     

Topic by MakeShiftMaker    |  last reply

Laser pointers

Hey guys, I can imagine this question being asked a few times, but google did not provide good results. ANyways, I have a CD drive, CD burner, and DVD drive and wanted to build myself one of those nifty laser pointers that can burn matches almost instantly. Which one will have the strongest laser to do this with? I'm assumign either the CD burner or the DVD. so which should I tear into?

Topic by Spamwich    |  last reply

My GE Profile cooktop surface burner control won't turn. I can push it down but won't trun..what can I do?

The model # is JGP979.  I can't get it to turn to ignite the burner

Question by elainedc    |  last reply

dvd and blue-ray drives?

Do blue-ray drives read dvds and cds ?and also does a dvd or blue-ray burner have the same functions as a dvd or blue-ray drive?

Question by didgitalpunk  

If i take a usb cord (for power) and solder the two ends to a V shaped paper clip, wouuld the bottom of the...

If i take a usb cord (for power) and solder the two ends to a V shaped paper clip, wouuld the bottom of the V get hot enough for me to use as a wood burner?

Question by PyroMaster007    |  last reply

heat isolation, how to keep heat away from electrical cords? Answered

 hi, we're building our own heating system. we're using ventilation tubes(often used on dryers) to distribute hot air through the shed, but it needs to get pretty close to an electrical cord(+/-1 inch) and the tube gets pretty hot(at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit). which is a bit of a problem, the electrical cor is the type you'd burry in the ground, and it looks like it shouldn't melt too fast, but we still ant to isolate it, any hints/tips on what kind of material to use would be appreciated... 

Question by lieuwe    |  last reply

Place in San Jose, CA to get discarded DVD burners free? Answered

I need a diode to make a burning laser (Kipkay's ible), but I don't know where to start when it comes to looking for free DVD burners (from a computer repair shop? where?) to get it from. I also need a LM317T chip for the driver, which I've heard is in the burner. Does anyone know a place in San Jose CA to get that? Preferably free, as in discarded.

Question by MadBricoleur    |  last reply

Building a FireTub - A charcoal burner from an old washing machine drum

About two years ago a friend of mine told me that you could use washing machine drums as charcoal burners. Generally they would be placed on bricks, filled with charcoal and because of the holes in the sides they put out a lot of heat. It just so happened that we had recently had a good marquee blow down and I'd kept the tubing because I'm a bit of a womble (it drives my wife nuts). Anyway I set about building a tripod frame to hold the washing machine drum off the ground. Step by step construction instructions can be found here..:

Topic by powkesmore    |  last reply

where can i get a diode thats not a blu ray or dvd burner diode?

I need to no so i can mmake a burner laser

Question by timanator    |  last reply

Has any one had expersince converting a coleman 2 burner liquid fuel sove to propane?

I want to convert may coleman fuel two burner camp stove to propane

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