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Cigarette Butts into Clothing

Uh. . . Yes. Chilean designer Alexandra Guerrero has topped my gross chart (and my hero chart too, I think) with her upcycled cigarette butt fashion. Started as a thesis project, Guerrero's goal was to transform the massive amounts of cigarette butts littering the beaches Chile into clean, useable material.Hear her story and see the process at TreeHugger.

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How much is a butt load? Answered

I have been researching how much is in a but load. Is there an exact amount, is an average. Is there a formula used to determine this. If so what could it be applied to?

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Beavis And Butt-Head Life-Like Sculptures

I had to share this.... See close up images HERE at MTV.

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Earn some Karma - Save my butt!

Okay, I've found users of this site to be some of the most industrious and handy people on the 'nets. So hear my plea: long story short, I dumped a significant amount of black tea (with cream) right into the vent of my Western Digital 1 TB external hard drive (luckily I'd unplugged it about 2 minutes ago). I'd just finished putting EVERYTHING that is mine and digital onto this, and a significant portion of other copies got deleted. Show me please your instructability on how to clean this confounded thing! I'm all ears... PS I'm a new member and if I get help with this I will post (tonight) my first instructable on a GUARANTEED heart-melting confection for Valentine's that's been in my family for years and years (and is delightfully simple to make). Thanks for your time -B **EDIT** Thanks for the responses guys, "wipe it off" is sage advice indeed. I was thinking though of somehting like an alcohol/water solution to rinse the affected area once I get home to my tools and see what went down. Thoughts?

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leaf blower runs starts and stops fine butt once turned off it wont go on for a hour

i think it is a model defect because my friend has one with the same problem butt i still want to fix it

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Knex rbg shotgun

So in thisvideo Adam Mclaughlin built a shotgun. I wanted to make it but the butt and pump are hard to make because of the lack of angles. So if anyone can help me by telling me how to attach the pump or make the butt thanks.1. Side view of barrel2. Pistols attached3. Pistols detached4. Front of pump5. Side of pump

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Greenpeace You Are My Sunshine Compact Flourescent Campaign

Use an energy efficient light until light shines out of your ...

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Hey Instructables! Keep doing all the right things!

Hey Instructables! The new PDF feature totally kicks butt! Keep up the good work!!! *

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how do you make a fake riffle?

I need to make a fake riffle that has a wooden butt and neck i would appreciate any ideas

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What would be the best gun to fit this description?

True trigger, Magazine (Preferably removable), Good range, Looks good, Good stock/butt...

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Can I turn an LCD screen from a phone into a cick-butt wrist-watch?

I was thinking that I could turn an LCD phone screen into a watch that does a few cool things. The only problem is, I'm a noob when it comes to hardware and software. What can I do?

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Steampunk Mr. Potato Head

This steampunked Mr. Potato Head by Sarah Calvillo is awesome. Especially cool is using the butt compartment for the mouth. Super sweet! Spudnik: Steampunk Mr. Potato Head via BoingBoing

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Make a Bluetooth USB Dongle out of a bluetooth enabled Cell Phone?

Is this possible, for my to hack a bluetooth phone and use it as a USB dongle for my laptop? If so, someone should make an instructable out of it and it will get a butt load of views.

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Physics Illustrator on NON-tablet PC

Well, I've recieved a private message from well over fifty people in the past 30 days requesting that I re-compile and distribute the Physics Illustrator, so I got off my lazy butt this morning and made it. links are updated and working.

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How can I build a house on the top of a steep hill?

My main tools would be two trucks, only one of which has a winch. I am especially keen on the idea of placing a home on a mesa or flat butte.

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How do I get the god mode and emergency airdrop hack for ps3. NO viruses just the real thing. Thanks!?

Please help. I just want the real thing. In a not so complicated format explaining how to get it. Preferably a DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK. Thanks!

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What is the best K'nex stock?

I've just recently got back into k'nex, and man have things changed. I've built a TR8 and I need a new stock. I'm looking for something comfortable, and preferably adjustable but it's ok if its not. So whats your favorite K'nex stock?

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Would a solar convection oven be possible?

 I have a Odis Spunkmeyer convection cookie oven, and it seems to me one could superheat air and blow it in with solar, perhaps a tube that would be more practical for heating just air then blowing the air into the oven. Is this just me thinking out of my butt or is this feasible?

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where can i get components (such as: springs, buttons, gears)to make steampunk stuff? Answered

I want to make steampunk stuff but i`m not sure if i can steal any of those lego gears from anybody. any onther ideas where to get them?

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Birds use cigs to kill bugs - Crow week!

ODDBALL birds are surprising British experts by using smouldering cigarette to kill parasites on their wings.The rooks are swooping on to the tracks at a Devon railway station and placing their wings over the smoke to fumigate them.Commuter Jeff Jones said told Britain's The Telegraph: "I noticed the rooks because they are not usually found in towns. They were generally flapping about when a chap flicked a cigarette butt on to the track."It was still all right and one of the rooks swooped down and picked up the butt with its beak. It then flew around and landed on the platform, dancing around with this smoking cigarette in its beak."It looked quite comical. But then it dropped the butt on the platform and pulled its wings over it, collecting the smoke. It seemed as if it were using the smoke to rid itself of perhaps ants or something similar."Five minutes later another rook, or perhaps the same one, swooped in when another cigarette was flicked away and repeated the whole thing."Royal Society for the Protection of Birds spokesman Richard Archer said the birds must have learned cigarettes can be used to kill parasites."You have to be careful attributing behaviour but it would seem fumigation is the most likely conclusion. Rooks are very intelligent," he said.It's crow week on Instructables! Post as many forum topics about crows as you can! Main image from [ Wikipedia].

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Seeking initial points for designing and building a small dome-based greenhouse

I will document (stepwise, standardized, pictorially) what I do in terms of decisions, materials, tools, etc. Any kick-in-the-butt info is greatly appreciated. [Note: this and my orgone-based cloudbuster designs are my winter projects for spring implementations.] best wishes!

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Sound-powered/piezo-electric phone systems. can they be constructed from readily available materials?

1. Is it possible to use a set of telephone lineman's tools (butt sets) as components in a sound-powered (piezo electric) telephone system? 2. Any other information/resources about sound-powered voice comms systems appreciated.

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Are Luxeons Allowed?

Hey, Just a quick question. I think I know the answer, but I'm just checking. Does a Luxeon/Super-Bright LED count as an LED? I've got a kick-butt project idea, but before I go to all the effort, I want to make sure. I'm pretty sure it would be allowed though. Thanks!! Fudge.

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Help identify this tool? Lathe turning woodworking tool?

Can someone please help me identify this tool? I believe it is a tool for wood turning possibly. Wheel is approx 3-1/8" diameter. Length of tool is approx 17" from butt to wheel shaft. Wheel has small, flat cut teeth. Parts appear to be steel and brass. There are no mfgr stamps or hallmarks.

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Where can I buy a quality pasta machine? Answered

I love homemade pasta, but I don't have a pasta machine and it's a pain in the butt to cut it by hand. So does anyone know where to get a quality pasta machine? I don't know what to look for to determine the quality, so if anyone could help, that would be great.

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knex AK-47 mods

Before i post instructions for mods in my knex AK-47 i will post them here and ask you if you want them. so far the mods i have are : new butt balljoint in front grey connector in front to stop the barrel form bending frucher mods: mag will replace hand guard anything else i can think of lol

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Why is my rat's fur yellowing and clumping? Answered

I got her from the pet store a week or two ago and her coat was fine. But every time she cleans herself, her fur, especially in the butt area gets clumpy and yellow, but none of it falls out. And if I bathe her, it's back to normal until a day or two. What's going on?

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How do you connect multiple wires together for a harness?

If you are creating an automotive type wire harness and need to connect the same ground to say six switches or relays, what's the best way to connect 6 short wires together to one longer wire that runs to GND or +?  I've tried multiple methods using soldering and butt connectors, but all have poor results.

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How Do I Harden This Rock-Pick ? Answered

After seasons of cracking rocks my nice rock-pick, it was rounded and dull. A grinder put a new point on it  ....   but it is Now a soft tip.... see the picture. Do I need to heat it red and stab it into the butt region of  a slave or will cow blood suffice. If there is a reasonable tip hardening method please let me know.. A

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high end logitech  keyboard broken wire at stress grommet ?

My logitech usb lighted  keyboard developed an intermittent open at the entrance to the keyboard, inside the stress grommet. i opened it up and found the open,.   however i am not sure i can do the splice since the wire there is  so thin and i already broke the copper foilwrap. if i had a butt splice connector i could probably do it, i do not know if they make the butt connectors this small.i am worried if i try to get the insulation off of the broken red wire to splice, i will do more damage.  i have plenty of usb cords and cheaper keyboards ,  so if i know at the usb connection to keyboard is a better place to do the fix, i will open it up further. speaking of keyboards, i spilt a cup of black, no sugar coffee on my wireless laser one, i flipped it and ran some fresh water into it, but a couple keys don't work., wondering if trying to pour water or  rubbing alcohol into it  may be worth a try ?

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Instructables Robot Plushie Preview v2.0!!!

So here he is! He's naked and without his upgrades, but you get the general idea! He's going to have little yarn wrapped washer wheels, a face, buttons, and later models will probably have arms closer to the body as well as shorter legs, I think. Oh, and some cardboard put in the butt because right now he has some serious junk. ;) And for all the boys - terribly sorry about how cutesy he came out. That's just how it works. Someone could tell me to make a werewolf plushie and it would be adorable in the end. I don't know that you can make macho plushies. I can't, at least. :P And sorry about the color difference in the pictures. Bad lighting and a loooong day, haha. Oh, and the stitching is a little bumpy on this butt and in other areas since he's just the prototype and all. I was doing a quick running stitch and slipstitch. :P So.... comments? Questions? Suggestions? Dancing? Indifference? Criticism? BRING IT ON! :D

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I am a proud owner of many modded and unmodded nerf guns, and would like to expand the nerf online community to Instructables. I see we already have some members that nerf such as Top Dog, Vaunpaun, CaptainSlug, Biggunner, and many others. I would like to see much more Instructables of modifications and such. Thanks, nerfer192 p.s. if clare if you say anything I will personally get Eric to delete your butt.

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Funniest Pranks You Ever Pulled!!

  I want to hear the funniest jokes you've ever done! Here's one from me: once, when I was 5, I loved to pulled pranks and once I was going to put a whoopiecushion on someone in the theater. I put it on a random chair. (no offense) A obiece guy sat on it and it popped and he said "ahh! my butt" So post some funny stuff!

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can a gas snowblower be converted to an electric motor?

I have an ancient snowblower with a clapped out Tecumseh engine that burns oil faster than gasoline.  Has anyone done a conversion to an electric motor, and is it feasible ie cost of electricity?  Would I need a 220 VAC outlet or could a 110 motor handle the load?  I live in Alberta, and we get a metric butt load of snow.  Thoughts?

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Knex VSS Vintorez review!

Hello, I'm doing review on the VSS Vintorez by "KnexStealth Lets get to it! Power: 8/10 Range: 7/10 (Maybe) Strength: 10/10!!! Comfort:8/10 Looks:10/10 IMO (Parts of gun) Scope 9/10 Handle: 7/10 Butt: 9/10 Fake barrel: 10/10 So I hope you agree on me with this! :D

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What kind of LED's should I get? Answered

Looking to buy a butt load of LED's. I hear eBay is a good place to get just that. Problem is, I don't know what to look for. I want the brightest ones possible because I'm going to use some for a bicycle light. Just going for white, uncolored LED's (planning on adding external colors in later projects). Any suggestions? Much appreciated.

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Pesky cat and warm air heating sensor

Hi, My dear little cat takes great pleasure in warming her butt on our warm air vents. I was wondering if someone could help me design/build a little sensor that I could place on each warm air vent. It would need to look inconspicuous and keep the cat away from the vent (vibrate or buzz when she approaches? - dunno, you suggest). Thanks! G

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I need to make a irrigation system that lime won't block and will help cut weed growth?

 It can use a timer or electronic value but it must be cheap and run on no more than 12 volt. We live in an area of hard water, I have tried the soaker hoses but they block with lime very very quickly. The water will be from a water butt, so low pressure I was wondering about drilling 1mm holes in 1/2" pipe and leave it underground like a soaker hose.  

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Awesome Fan Art!

We checked the mail today and found a few envelopes waiting for us. Since they were addressed to Eric's Boring Wall we gave them to Eric to open and enjoy.One envelope came from Budapest, another from Adrian Monk, and another envelope came from Butte, Montana with a whole pile of colored robots! We were pretty amazed by all the cool stuff.P.S. Adrian, thanks for the cookies. I kept them all to myself.

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Did I hurt something by sitting on my bike wrong?

I went for a short ride today (20 miles - short, ha!) on my mountain bicycle to a local canal to go fish. I deplete water very quick, so I carried a half-gallon milk jug filled with ice. That, my fishing pole, and a few lures was all. The ride is close to 10 miles each way, and is completely on pavement. I rode on the road (with cars) for about 5 miles, and then there is an asphalt bike path set aside. There are hills, but most are somewhat gradual inclines. As I am still pretty out of shape, I was carrying a bit more weight than I would like. That little bike saddle is nearly hard as a rock, and it got quite uncomfortable around mile 18. Anyway, now my butt hurts really bad. It hurts a couple inches down from where my butt cra)'ck starts. Could I have injured my tailbone? Is this common for riders who aren't used to riding for so long? Is it because I sit upright? How could I prevent this? Thanks, Bran.

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Write Up Deleted

I just spent 4 hours writing up a really kick butt guide using the new editor.  I went to publish.  Published it.   I had something like 15 steps written out, and then I had three.  Just three.  The rest were gone.  No idea why or how. What happened is that I started writing in the "old" editor, but stopped three steps in before switching to the new editor.  Seems as if the system didn't like that. Oh well.  Looks like I wasted four hours of my time.

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Introducing: The best blog ever made!

At the suggestion of whatsisface, I decided to make a blog on Blogspot.  If you want to see me kick butt when writing, you can look at it all here: I will update it regularly.  You can look forward to finding new material once a week or so.  WARNING:  This blog does contain explicit language.  Expect PG13 material at most. EDIT: If you want to post an article on my site, PM the contents of it to me, and if I approve of it, I will post it and give you 100% credit.

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The ultimate urban downhill board

I was wondering if its possible to mount some mountain board brakes to some mountainboard trucks with normal wheels. Hell, you could even use some randall trucks. The reason I'm bringing this up is that in urban conditions you may have a rally nice hill.... that leads right into an intersection. I would love to add these to my latest bomber. Also, can you mount normal wheels on 15" mountain board trucks?Let me know what you guys think.-Butt

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BB Gun, shot counter? Answered

I am planning on using an Arduino nano (clone or similar) but am struggling to figure out how I can use a proximity sensor or other method to count shots fired... Am not sure if I could use IR, as don't know if it will detect a break at the velocity the BB's will be getting fired at.. When I get something put together am planning on mounting a nokia 5110/3210 in the butt so is visible, maybe a laser range finder etc.. Any ideas would be much appreciated

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Oooo baby! Tacked togehter. You're butt.... 7 inches off the ground. Ground clearance - ~3" It's missing a few components though - like a chain and a tie rod (for Ackerman steering). But that's a Nexus8 Hub in a 650 rear wheel (and we're working on securing a 700C if we can make a drop out adapter to fit the shimano road derailleurs). And yes, that's a Carbon Fiber Seat which just so happens to mold to my back perfectly - and accommodate my giraffe like neck (I think I'm the tallest sitting down because of that) :P

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