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4mm buzzer

Hello everyone, I'm looking for a way to make (or hell even buy) a very small buzzer that can be rectangular or cylindrical that is 4mm in diameter and can be up to 10 mm long.  I've searched on Digi Key for something this small, but most things are about 8mm in diameter and 4mm long.  I need something skinny and long, not short and fat. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks

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Display buzzer

I am not good at designing electronics. Could someone point me in the direction of a suitable circuit to do this... I have a device with a backlight on an led display, the backlight is normally on but can be switched off sometimes the backlight flashes to alert the user. on for 1 sec, off for 1 sec approx. I want to add a circuit to it without changing the existing circuitry when the backlight comes on I want a buzzer to sound for 1/2 sec if the backlight is on then nothing happens, nor should it buzz when the light goes off. So: 1. switch on device, backlight comes on, Buzz 2. backlight is on for length of time but no buzzing 3. backlight starts flashing 4. goes off, No buzz 5. goes on, Buzz 6. repeat from 4 until the backlight stays on this circuit and buzzer is going to have to be very compact to fit in the device. I might substitute a phone vibrate for the buzzer. Any suggestions ?

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buzzer with custom sounds?

Does anyone know how to take a buzzer similar to the one pictured and give it a custom sound and not just the "errrrrrrr" thing?

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Circuit with Thermistor and buzzer?

How do I build a simple ciruit that will cause a buzzing sound when the temperature rapidily increases?

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Buzzer Game With Reset

I would like some help with this circuit. Description: It's like a regular electric circuit Buzzer game but with a no cheating reset option. 1. One must go from A to B to light L. 2. When you start (A) a green led turns on (G) 3. If you touch X, the buzzer sounds (S) an a red led (R) turns on, at this time (G) turns off. This means you have to restart from A 4. this must be powered by a 9V or 12V battery

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Alarm Buzzer Driver? Answered

So I have removed a buzzer from an out of date smoke for fun use, but it doesn't work as expected.  I set up a driver circuit with a 555 and some resistors/capacitors.  I don't deal much with IC's or the 555 and haven't really bothered to learn to use them properly, but I took an LED flash circuit and vastly decreased the capacitance, upping the frequency drastically.  I have included an image of the circuit.  The 555 runs on 6 volts, the buzzer runs on 9 (the blue wires).  The volume was ok, but nowhere near expected levels and I wondered if it had to do with the higher than normal frequency.  I attached it to an arduino and ran the tone function from below audible to above it (whole frequency range) and the sound was very quiet, even using an npn transistor and 9 volts right off the battery hitting the buzzer.  As you can see, the buzzer has 3 leads, i only used two, but as with most 3 poll buzzers I assumed one was just for some form of feedback.  Any voltage in any direction across the three produces sound, so should I use all three, and if so how should I do so.  How would you recommend driving this buzzer?

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Advice for a buzzer element

Hello I am developing a small device which requires  a sound alarming. The idea of the device is to be attached to your phone for example and if you wonder where your phone is, the device will turn on the sound alarming in order to give you information for its location. So, I am searching for a buzzer element which: - consumes up to 3.6 V; - is small (diameter up to 20 - 25 mm) and thin of course; I decided to use a buzzer element similar to this one but I am not sure if it will do the job. I am concerned about something else, I have a buzzer at home which produces sound of high frequency and when you close your eyes it is absolutely impossible to find out where the sound comes from. Can somebody help me, please? Thanks a lot!!!

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Add a buzzer to a multimeter? Answered

Hello, is it possible to add a continuity check buzzer to this MAS830S mutimeter ? i would like to do like on this video but i cant find which resistor is the good one i don't care if the buzzer is inside or not thanks

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Cell phone buzzer modification? Answered

Is it possible to modify your phone or phone buzzer so it will vibrate a lot stronger as seen in this clip (skip the first 10 seconds).

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Piezo buzzer won't work? Answered

I have a couple of Piezo buzzers that I bought from the Adafruit shop, but when I connect them to a power source, they don't buzz or make any noise... Am I doing something wrong? Or am I not doing something?  Heres the link to the buzzers I have:

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Wireless activated buzzer/alarm

Can someone help me with this? I need a wireless activated buzzer or alarm. Similar to the cheap wireless doorbells where you push the button on the remote and the bell rings. Release the button, and it stops. But it needs to be a loud sounding buzzer or alarm, fairly high decibels, and did I mention very inexpensive? Also, the buzzer/alarm part needs to be as small as possible. I appreciate all your help!

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Piezo buzzer for LED flasher? Answered

I have built the flasher found here; It works great with the LED turn signal bulbs on my bike I would like to hook up a piezo buzzer to the flasher that buzzes when either the right or left signal light is on (motorcycle flasher reminder buzzer). What would be the easiest way to do it? The flasher runs constantly when the key is on, only powering the turn signals when the turn switch is activated right or left. The buzzer won't work when hooked up to the B+ and load terminals like it was on the mechanical flasher with incandescent bulbs. I figure the problem is that the incandescent bulbs provided the ground for the buzzer though the filaments. Does this sound right? Thanks. Sorry about the long diatribe.

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custom dead-man switch with buzzer

So I am in need of something handheld with a "dead-man switch" that activates a buzzer or some type of alert if you let go. The buzzer would be silent as long as you hold the switch and go off when you release it. Probably build the whole thing into a small piece of PCV so its hand held. I don't know where to start with the "dead-man switch", any suggestions? 

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Buzzer for Gyser with 10 min timer

Hi Team,   I want to make a 220v buzzer with timer 10 min. My thought is to control my electricity bill by reducing  gyser usage. This buzzer will help me remind me that gyser is on for 10 min so that I can switch it off to save power. I know it is seemed to very easy for pro guys but very difficult for me. Please help me understand and make such buzzer with minimal budget.   I need help to make this project. Kindly let me know how can I do it.

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12 buzzer system for pub quiz?

Hi there, I own a pub and write what has become a very successful pub quiz with a twist.  We'd like to take it to the next level with the creation of a buzzer system for the teams.  It would need to be a buzzer system with at least 12 buttons (preferably more)  and I guess that it would best if it were a 'lock-out' system.  Is it possible to create a reliable and relatively inexpensive system?  we're UK based when it comes to parts buying.  Thanks in advance!

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Arduino + Wifishield + buzzer + hc sr04

Hey, i started a project, i will explain it: i will try to measure a distance mit an arduino and a hc sr04 and sending the distance information to an monitor/pc/smartphone. Has anyone done something like this yet? thanks for helping.

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LCD Display, button and buzzer. Arduino?

This would be my first electronic project, and I'd like to get the advise of the instructables community. I want to build a gadget that when you press a button, a 2 digit number displays on one display (or one section of a display) and a countdown clock displays on another (or the other section of the 1st display). When the timer reaches 0, the buzzer goes off, or if the user pushes the button again, a new number is displayed and the countdown clock starts over. Seems pretty simple. I don't need a fancy display, probably a 4 bit clock radio type display. I would program the logic to display the number and how much time it will count down. Is an arduino the best application for this type of project? It seems a little overkill for what I'm trying to do, plus the cost of the arduino and parts would make making a bunch of these very expensive. If the arduino would be good for prototyping this, could it be made cheaper in a semi-mass produced fashion? Thanks for your help.

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Could removing a buzzer break the circuit?

I have a safe and it has a really annoying beep each time you use it so I wanted to remove the buzzer. The buzzer is on the main circuit board for the safe and while I have no problem de-soldering it, could there be any way that the safe would fail to function if it no longer had the buzzer in the circuit?

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Buzzer for Hot Water with 10 min timer

Hi Team, I want to make a 220v buzzer with timer 10 min. My thought is to control my electricity bill by reducing  water heater usage. This buzzer will help me remind me that water heater is on for 10 min so that I can switch it off to save power. I know it is seemed to very easy for pro guys but very difficult for me. Please help me understand and make such buzzer with minimal budget. I need help to make this project. Kindly let me know how can I do it.

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How to silence the buzzer on my microwave oven?

No visible mechanical buzzer. Seems to be one of the little boxes that is attached to the circuit board. I know nothing about electronics. Don't want to kill myself or ruin the microwave, but that damn buzzer is driving everybody crazy! Help!

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Looking to activate a loud buzzer with a board speaker...

I have a home security system (fortress SO2) and the door chime only comes thru the little board speaker.  We have a loud shop and sometimes we are in the back and cannot hear when someone enters.  I would like to activate an external buzzer with the speaker chirps.  I've search the interweb :-) and haven't been able to find something that will for sure work. I'm no electronics guru but I can follow instructions or would pay if someone wanted to build me something that would basically activate a momentary switch every time the the little speaker chirps and I could wire up the buzzers from there.  edit: I can solder if needed

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How do you make an annoying buzzer?

I want to do a practical joke at work.  I want to use IR LED'S to make a sender and receiver so that when I push my remote it will activate the buzzer, but when I let off of the button, the buzzer will stop. I am assuming that the sending part would be easy, pretty much a battery, button, and perhaps a resistor (and the LED), but how would I make the receiver so it will set off the buzzer? Thanks! Edit: I just went to radio shack and got this emitter and detector: I also bought this buzzer: I did a quick hookup (with electrical tape).  I used a momentary switch from an old computer for the emitter.  I know it was working because I used my video camera to detect it.   When I pointed it at the detector/buzzer nothing happened.  I was using about 2 volts, (buzzer votage is 1.5-3VDC).  I just went to the site to look up the detector and it says the phototrasistor detector is 20V at 25 mA.   On the package the max is 70 V.   My question, If I use the following configuration, should it work?  I dont want to try this and blow out  my buzzer before I get an opinion.   Thanks I cant seem to get the pic to upload here, so I put it on my site: EDIT: 12/30/09 Well, I bought a breadboard and tried to wire it up.  Not a lot of room on those things.   I used 3 9volt batteries for the receiver.  According to the site, they use from 20 to 70 volts, unless im reading something wrong.  I didnt use any resistors, which I should have.   As soon as I hooked up the power the diode burned up. lol.   Oh well, lesson learned = $1.00.  I'll have to give this  more thought.

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Quiz Buzzer Lockout System help needed

Hi all. my church has task us youth to design a quiz buzzer lockout system type of thing to be used for a bible quiz. so the host will ask a question and 8 people will try to be fist to press their button... the fastest button will lockout out all 7 other buttons so they wont buzz... after he answered then the host will press a reset switch and continue with the next question... i did a ton of research and always end up with arduino arduino arduino... and the instructions is all for 4 or so people and its not very clear to understand or easy to do. i know a bit of programming so that wont be a challenge. i love electronics so that wont be a problem. i just need a clear set of instructions to follow and some guidelines and parts to buy... (im 14 years old... )  the quiz is end of march. it for 8 people cause 8 youths of 8 different churches will compete.  if anyone could give me a plan or guide or point me in the right direction that would be super !!! i know im gonna need some wire... allot of wire... and an arduino... thanks in advance to all you wise folk :) oh btw i live in cape town...

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Buzzer and LED interfering with each other on an arduino? Answered

Hi, I recently got an arduino for Christmas and am experiencing a problem.  I am practicing using it with a piezo buzzer, push button, and a RGB LED.  I programmed it so that whenever the button was pushed, the LED turned green, and when it wasn't pushed, the LED turned RED.  It worked fine until I added the buzzer.  I modified the program so that the buzzer was on when the button was not pushed.  Once I did this, the buzzer turned on and green and red pin of the LED came on dimly making the LED orange when the button was not pushed, and when the button was pushed, the buzzer turned off and the LED lit up green like it was supposed to.  I wan't to know why the LED is orange instead of solid red.  Any help would be appreciated.  If you need more information let me know. Here is my sketch //#include const int RED_PIN = 9; const int GREEN_PIN = 10; const int BUTTON_PIN = 7; const int BUZZER_PIN = 6; //const int TRIGGER_PIN = 12, ECHO_PIN = 11; //NewPing sonar(TRIGGER_PIN, ECHO_PIN); void setup() {   pinMode (RED_PIN, OUTPUT);   pinMode (GREEN_PIN, OUTPUT);   pinMode (BUTTON_PIN, INPUT);   pinMode (BUZZER_PIN, OUTPUT); } void loop() {   if (digitalRead(BUTTON_PIN) == HIGH)   {     digitalWrite(GREEN_PIN, LOW);     digitalWrite(RED_PIN, HIGH);     analogWrite(BUZZER_PIN, 100);   }   else if (digitalRead(BUTTON_PIN) == LOW)   {     digitalWrite(RED_PIN, LOW);     digitalWrite(GREEN_PIN, HIGH);     analogWrite(BUZZER_PIN,0);   } }

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DC buzzer/noisemaker that doesn’t use a transistor?

I’ve got some nice homemade field phones I made out of old carbon microphone handsets.  I’ve currently got DC piezo buzzers for ringers (which have transistors in them). I want to them to be able to survive an EMP, so I don’t want to use transistors. Is there anything I can use for a DC buzzer/noisemaker that doesn’t need AC power, or a transistor?   The voltage of the phones is 1.5v - 3v dc    

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How can I make a cheap set of sound/light buzzers that you would use in a trivia quiz to know who buzzed first?

I want to make a set of quiz buzzers so that, for example: someone asks a trivia question and two other people have a button each, both connected to a sound and/or light buzzer. The question is asked and as soon as one person hits their button and makes their buzzer and/or light come on, the other person's button then does nothing until the other person's light and/or buzzer has turned off. (Basically, only one light can be on at any one time) I have searched various sites on how to build one of these, but they never tell you how to make it like the title of it says, they just have links on the site that let you buy their product. If anyone has any idea on how to make this work, then I would appreciate any ideas you have. Thanks for your time.

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How can I get a loud alarm?

Ok so I need an alarm for my project, a very loud alarm. . . And I can't seem to get these dumb buzzer to output a decent sound. I have a lipo checker that uses these type of buzzers  and they are ear shattering. I tried putting the regular buzzers and the were no where near as loud. Also if I want to use the tone function on the arduino, how do i make the buzzer louder?

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Help me make a buzzer system for my classroom.

I am a Philadelphia public school teacher and I would like to make some type of "ring in" or buzzer system so small groups of students can compete in review games. Ive been trying to do some research with LED's and simple circuits but I dont have the know how to make sense of it all. I am certain that someone on this site does. If you could help me out or point me in the right direction my students and I would greatly appreciate it.

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Anyone know how to modify an annoying doorbell 'buzzer'? Answered

Right now it's DING DONG, DING DONG, DING DONG. Three times and piercingly loud. I can't imagine the speaker is controlling the dinging and the donging - I think it must be steered by a chip on the PCB. How could I swap out either the speaker or the chip to have a still clearly audible but less repetitive and annoying alert?

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what are the possible solutions when making a quiz buzzer?

At school we were asked to find the possible solutions of making a quiz buzzer and soon we will be asked to make it.

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Adding a Buzzer to the Turn Signal Circuit on Ford Pickup

I have a 1990 Ford F150. The turn indicator lights are extremely small and well below the line of sight to the instrument cluster. More often than I like to admit, I will indicate a lane change or turn not great enough to cancel the switch; and the turn signal will stay on because I forget to cancel it. I don't like to see people like me driving with a turn signal on because it's unsafe. I need to fix this. I've checked parts houses for an indicator replacement switch that makes a louder sound and found none. I'm thinking about adding a 70-80 db buzzer to the circuit such that the buzzer will sound when the turn signal is active. In shopping around for a buzzer, I've found widely varying prices and widely varying ranges of voltage that they will require. I'm looking to keep this very inexpensive in case the idea doesn't work out (besides, I'm cheap!). I found a package of 12 buzzers for $7.00 designed for circuit boards that will give me 85 db sound pressure, but they take a 5VDC feed. The truck circuit is 12VDC. I have no idea how many amps they draw but it can't be much. I have very limited knowledge about electronics but assume that a 12v supply will burn these buzzers out if I don't lower it. I'm thinking that I could find the 'hot-on-indicator-on' wire, splice into it and run a wire through something to reduce the voltage (an old automobile cell phone charger, maybe?) then to the buzzer.Is my idea feasible? Am I using a cannon to shoot a flea? I'd greatly appreciate, and be very grateful for, any and all suggestions and comments.cb

Question by Cueball21  

is there a buzzer of sorts that replicates the mosquito buzz ringtone on cell phones?

This buzz, if u dont know, is a very high pitch/ frequency which can get kind of annoying u probably know what the next step is..

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How can I hook up an alarm / buzzer to a current meter? Answered

If the current is exceed the specified amperage, it will sound.

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How can I make this buzzer buzz? It makes a small "ping" Answered

I got this buzzer from a surplus shop and I hooked up wires but only makes a small ping when I touch the wires to a battery terminal, How can I make it buzz?

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Using Bluetooth to control simple components

I am undertaking a minor project with a friend and we need to build a bluetooth transmitter to be controlled by a mobile phone. All we need it to do is to give an electric signal on demand. Any expertise, components and suggestions people can share with us, I would be very grateful for. Merry Christmas! x

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What are these electric components?

Hello guys I thought you could help me out with this a little bit. So I went to the dollar store looking for some. I'd like hack some to what I want, but first I need to know how it works! Um want to know what these things are on the board and what it is. So, I want to know what that black blob is on PCB and also that barrel shaped thing and why is the siren hooked up to that barrel. Thanks guys!

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Fake Pokemon GO Pro

Hello! Right now the best practice to hunt pokemon is to just walk and if the phone vibrates, you look. Thant means you have to hold the phone in hand.  I had an idea for a DIY, but no way to execute it. Idea is simple: -motor vibrator from old phone -Arduino -BT module -battery Turn all above into a braclet for your hand  I owuld need an app or something that, whenever phone vibrates, it would send a command over bluetooth to arduino to vibrate. It would need to check for phone vibrate command as the app doesnt give a notification or annything.  Is the ambition too high ? Is this harder to execute than i tought ? 

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What is wrong with the program...? Answered

I am trying to make a quizbowl(jepoardy) buzzer system, and I am using an arduino.  I have a program that does a few buttons, and I can add more buttons by just adding more if else, but when I clear it( pin0 and pin3) you have to wait about a second to buzz in, otherwise it doesn't register.  Just a note: the buttons are set up so that I can use 6 pins and control 9 buttons.  It is hard to explain but the pins are setup so that two of the pins sense the current to correspond to the button pressed.  I don't know what else to add, I think it is that is doesn't register that the clear button is no longer pressed, but that might not be it.  Here is the program: const int pin0 = 14; const int pin1 = 15; const int pin2 = 16; const int pin3 = 17; const int pin4 = 18; const int pin5 = 19; const int led1 = 13; const int led2 = 12; const int led3 = 11; int pin0s = 0; int pin1s = 0; int pin2s = 0; int pin3s = 0; int pin4s = 0; int pin5s = 0; void setup() { pinMode(pin0, INPUT); pinMode(pin1, INPUT); pinMode(pin2, INPUT); pinMode(pin3, INPUT); pinMode(pin4, INPUT); pinMode(pin5, INPUT); pinMode(led1, OUTPUT); pinMode(led2, OUTPUT); pinMode(led3, OUTPUT); } void loop () {   pin0s = digitalRead(pin0);   pin1s = digitalRead(pin1);   pin2s = digitalRead(pin2);   pin3s = digitalRead(pin3);   pin4s = digitalRead(pin4);   pin5s = digitalRead(pin5);     if (pin1s == HIGH && pin3s == HIGH)   {     digitalWrite(led1, HIGH);     while(pin0s == LOW || pin3s == LOW)     {       pin0s = digitalRead(pin0);       pin3s = digitalRead(pin3);     }     digitalWrite(led1,LOW);     while(pin0s == HIGH || pin3s == HIGH)     {       pin0s = digitalRead(pin0);       pin1s = digitalRead(pin1);       pin2s = digitalRead(pin2);       pin3s = digitalRead(pin3);       pin4s = digitalRead(pin4);       pin5s = digitalRead(pin5);     }       pin0s = digitalRead(pin0);   pin1s = digitalRead(pin1);   pin2s = digitalRead(pin2);   pin3s = digitalRead(pin3);   pin4s = digitalRead(pin4);   pin5s = digitalRead(pin5);     }  else if(pin3s == HIGH && pin2s == HIGH)  {     digitalWrite(led2, HIGH);     while(pin0s == LOW || pin3s == LOW)     {       pin0s = digitalRead(pin0);       pin3s = digitalRead(pin3);     }     digitalWrite(led2,LOW);     while(pin0s == HIGH || pin3s == HIGH)     {       pin0s = digitalRead(pin0);       pin1s = digitalRead(pin1);       pin2s = digitalRead(pin2);       pin3s = digitalRead(pin3);       pin4s = digitalRead(pin4);       pin5s = digitalRead(pin5);     }       pin0s = digitalRead(pin0);   pin1s = digitalRead(pin1);   pin2s = digitalRead(pin2);   pin3s = digitalRead(pin3);   pin4s = digitalRead(pin4);   pin5s = digitalRead(pin5); } else if (pin0s == HIGH && pin4s == HIGH) {     digitalWrite(led3, HIGH);     while(pin0s == LOW || pin3s == LOW)     {       pin0s = digitalRead(pin0);       pin3s = digitalRead(pin3);     }     digitalWrite(led3,LOW);     while(pin0s == HIGH || pin3s == HIGH)     {       pin0s = digitalRead(pin0);       pin1s = digitalRead(pin1);       pin2s = digitalRead(pin2);       pin3s = digitalRead(pin3);       pin4s = digitalRead(pin4);       pin5s = digitalRead(pin5);     }       pin0s = digitalRead(pin0);   pin1s = digitalRead(pin1);   pin2s = digitalRead(pin2);   pin3s = digitalRead(pin3);   pin4s = digitalRead(pin4);   pin5s = digitalRead(pin5); }} Please help! Thanks in Advance!

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need schematics on buzzer stand

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How to use a nc switch to activate a buzzer when pressed Answered

Hi there i don't know if this is possible but, i want to be able to : have a buzzer come on when a nc switch is pressed, for example, i have an emergency stop switch which is nc, so when pressed the circuit is broken, i would like it so when i press the switch ( ie it breaks the contact ), it makes a buzzer sound and an led come on to notify that the emergency stop has been pressed, i am using 8 core Ethernet cable to connect the emergency stop switches so if i have a circuit in every switch , i can do the same in every stop switch with the cable i am using, i want a buzzer and an led in EVERY emergency stop switch, i will have 3 in total, is it just the case of wiring the circuit in the one emergency stop and connecting the leds and buzzers from the others in Parallel at the other stop switches ?, or do they have to be wiring in series ? i have got 6v and 12v buzzers and many value of resistors so the source voltage for powering them really wont be a problem, the biggest problem is building the circuit, because atm it is a nc switch so if i connected an led and buzzer, it would be connected all the while, i need to somehow use the nc switch to break a circuit but also use it as a no switch for the buzzer circuit, if this is possible please leave a comment and help if you can, i have looked on google but cant really find anything, thanks EDIT !!!! hi also ad an addon to the question, the nc switch will be switching 230v, so the live cable will be cut and put accros the nc contacts, will this still work with iceng circuit or is that a big nono ?

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Looking to trigger a handheld "buzzer" using a motion detector, any advice?

Hey everyone! I am currently working on a project that would allow my employees to be alerted once somebody walks through our doors, without annoying anyone (so a bell is out of the question, haha). My idea is to have a motion detector above the door, and once someone walks through it, a handheld buzzer will go off (to alert my employees). I'm thinking that I'll need a PIR sensor, a vibration motor, possibly a micro-controller(?), and some kind of power source. Something I'm struggling with is finding a way to trigger the buzzer, without being physically connected to the PIR sensor. What do you guys think? P.S. Please excuse my lack off knowledge, as I'm more of a software guy ;)

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Hello : I have digital multi meter type DT830B not included buzzer , how can connecting the buzzer in device . This digital meter board in side IC7106CPL, THANKS >

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I need a circuit diagram for a simple piezoelectric audio buzzer and led light flasher in one handy circuit board?

 Hi, I am trying to build a simple circuit that has a piezo electric buzzer and an led light flasher that runs on a 9V battery. The idea is that, this circuit is a wearable (a necklace prototype) that acts as an alert system - the circuit needs to be compact. All I want for it to do is, with the flip of a switch, the buzzer sounds and the LED light flashes. I am a beginner when it comes to building circuits. Can some one please provide me with a circuit diagram? Thanks for your help!

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How do I Amplify a Battery Alarm Clock Buzzer?

My little battery Casio alarm clock barely wakes me up. Can anybody tell me what I need to do in order to amplify the alarm, or which circuitry to add? Thanks so much!

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Would this schematic work?

Will this work? it's based on, what it should do, is when I aim the IR emitter (TV remote) at it, it'll go off for a few seconds. The goal is to hide it and piss off whoever is watching TV, and changing channels.

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I need a wireless device that signals a light

I'm new to instructables, I ran across your web-site researching this project. I need to have a push button at one location in a warehouse that signals a light to come on when its pushed in another area of the warehouse A light would emit at the forktruck drivers station. I would also like a  buzzer to sound also. The distance is less than 200 ft. I would also like three buttons at alternate locations that when pushed would a light a different colored light.  This would signal the driver as to who wanted him. I was told we could not use the walkie talkie device and it needed to be wireless. I would like the buttons mounted on a magnet so I can hang on a metal machine.I was thinking maybe a wireless doorbell

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where could i get a piezo buzzer for free. (for a guitar pickup...)? Answered

I want to know where could i get a piezo buzzer (such as in an old radio alarm, where i could recuperate or does any company give free samples?) it is to make a pickup for an acoustic guitar! Thanks!

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How can I change the pitch of a buzzer using a PING))) sensor?

 I am trying to make it so that when I move my hand closer to the PING sensor, the pitch of the buzzer becomes higher.  I don't care about the distances or pitches because I can edit, I just can't write codes. Thank You

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How could I make a variable interval buzzer/vibrating device? Answered

I would like to make a small device, perhaps the size of 3-4 stacked half-dollars, that could be programmed to vibrate lightly at various intervals (like every minute or two minutes or 3.5 min, etc).  Could anyone help me with how I could make something like this? The size could vary, but I want it to be a discrete device that would only draw the attention of its user for a brief moment every interval (depending on how long the interval is programmed to be).  I am very new to doing anything with electronics, so I'd greatly appreciate any advice or guidance.

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