BIOS bypass

Hi everyone, i seen some pretty basic questions lol, so i guess mine will be ok :D Basically ive been having trouble with getting this thread to fully work for me i kno i shuld post it there ... but only one person replied there so i didnt think id get a response, anyhow my problem is i dont have a dvd burner and im trying to install windows 7. as you more likely figured out from the link name my motherboard doesnt support booting usb option from the bios. my computer is a Dell dimension 2350 (prolly a good 10 yr old model) everything still factory cept my 2 512 RAM cards. im using a 8 gig magic gate Pro duo stick in a targus multi-flash card loader (incase you needed details) so i followed the guide in the link to the end, my problem is after i select the USB mode like in step 3... it does a quick reboot u can say, it freezes at the screen with all dots.. im gonna re try and see if i found my error. but i was hopin maybe someone else knows where i messed up. thanks for lookin and your time :) PS: i have created a bootable memory card with windows 7 on it if that makes a difference also

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Power bypass circuit?

Hey everybody, Ok so here's the deal...I'm building some external speakers for my zune. I'm using some the board out of some old computer speakers to amplify the sound. Right now, since I'd like to make it portable, I've got it hooked up to a 12v regulator going to two 9v batteries. Since it seems to drain the batteries of charge pretty quickly, I'd really like a better way to keep them powered when I'm near a wall outlet (like when I'm at home). I managed to find an old 12v wall adapter that I could use as a constant source of power. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that I can't have it and the batteries hooked up at the same time. So what I'd like to know is how do you build a bypass circuit (or whatever it's called) so that, when the wall adapter is plugged in, the board will draw power from it instead of the batteries? Sorry for the long read, and happy building everyone.

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Motion sensor bypass

My security light is equiped with a motion sensor, I would like to operate the fixture with a switch when needed and also by motion, how can I accomplish this

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MicroSD to USB Bypass

I am looking for someone to build a bypass that can take MicroSD output and save it directly to a USB connected device. In other words, I want to bypass the MicroSD memory card completely and save directly to a Linux based system via USB. Something similar to this diagram: I know this is somewhat possible as the folks over at Applied Engineering have the output saving to a different source as shown here:;=1m40s Any help would be great :)

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How to bypass bluereef?

Its some sort of Access Control & Network Enforcement program that doesnt let me access blocked websites and i want to know how to get around it...

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Can a board be bypassed? Answered

My sewing machine (a Pfaff 1171) dies after about 10 minutes. When I push on the peddle again, there is nothing... no hum - absolutely nothing. The light stays on.  Wait fifteen minutes or so, and it runs just fine...only to repeat the cycle.  Turning the wheel doesn't change the electrical situation.  It's almost as though a fuse is blowing and then resetting itself. I took it into the shop, and the verdict is that it's either the peddle (unlikely) or the board inside.  The board is no longer made.  If I turn the wheel, everything works... forwards, backwards, stitches and all that.  It's a great machine mechanically,  and I hate to lose it because of some glitch on a board.  Is there any way that a board could be bypassed?  I can survive without a bobbin sensor and being able to set whether the machine stops with the needle up or down.

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How do you bypass Zscaler proxy?

In windows 10, stop windows firewall services and use opera or edge browser.

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How to go to youtube and bypass a zscaler block?

Ok so here are the details, I want to access sites like youtube, and well just youtube and I tried the https protocol and that didn't work and on top of that there's a bug installed within our computer especially designed to keep us away from changing any of the proxy settings in all of these browsers and I only have these 2 browsers: google Chrome and internet explorer. and now i can not send stuff to it via usb and install a vpn they have the usb ports disabled and even if i was to download it i can not run any exe the laptop is running windows 7 pro.     

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Plc-xe40 remote bypass

So iv been given two plc-xe40 projectors but I have NO REMOTE for either of them, so I'm trying to find a way of turning them on as they don't have any external buttons, but international they have places for 4 pin push buttons to be soldered on, but when link across I get nothing, iv also tried an app call Zaza (which is very cool) but still nothing, service manual is easily accessible online, I can buy a used remote but want to prove that they work. Iv looked over them eg thermal rest is fine, lamp is fine, micro sw is good and iv checked the voltage from the power board and there fine. I do need to check the p-fail protection circuit but in the manual it sez that a warning LED will come on if there's an issue but no led warning LED.

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Cisco AMP (How to bypass or make a file invisible)?

Hello, I'd like to know how to bypass Cisco AMP so I can use my VPN. I'd also like to ask how to bypass administrative restrictions on plugins so that I may install adblock plus to google chrome. Thank you to any responses.

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Bypass batteries in devices that have a built-in chargers.

I guess mobile phones and ipods are examples of this. So, you have a device that has a removable rechargeable battery that you can usually charge directly in the device. Sometimes, (like in laptops) you can plug in to the mains and run the device without the battery at all -- bypassing the battery, so to speak. You can't do this with phones or ipods though. If you remove the battery, the device won't run. Is there some guide/hack that would show me how I could get round this? Thanks.

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Is there a way to bypass saving camera images to a pc rather than the memory card?

I have a Samsung NX1000 camera that has to take 1000s of images and its annoying having to take it off the tripod to take the card out when it reaches its max 9,999 image to transfer then put back in to continue (telecine hence many images!).I'd like to get something like attached images which I can use to have the sd card hang out of the camera for ease of access without removing camera off tripod but ideally can save directly to a usb hard drive or to a pc (that I guess would need to emulate being an sd card)? This would save a lot of time transferring images. Using wifi cards are far too slow and a bit a bit buggy.Thanks for any thoughts.

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Bypass PC Speaker remote?

I have a 5.1 speaker system that has been laying around for ages because the remote stopped working and that is the only way to switch on the amp. When its plugged in, it stays on standby until the power button on the remote is pressed. The remote also had volume up and down. Now unfortunately the remote is also gone and I would like to know how its possible to make the amp stay on permanently so that it will be on as soon as it is plugged in.

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how to bypass K9 filter?

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Bypassing the wireless microphone signal

I want to know that is it possible to block the signal from a bodypack wireless microphone and then to send signal from another device like my phone?

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Bypassing a multi function controller

I have just bought a laser nebular disco thingy off ebay (incorporating a red and green laser) - and whilst its works fine, I don't like the fact that it switches between various modes automatically (flashing, steady, red only, green only etc).  I opened it up to get some pictures of the circuit board - and wondered if anyone with knowledge of electronics could point me in the right direction with regards to bypassing the multi function controller on the circuit board.  I just want both lasers to remain on all the time. Thanks

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Doorbell- bypass jumper? Help!

Hi all, I have a wireless Heath/Zenith doorbell. It has a wireless button (battery) and plug in doorbell chime. It is model SL-6166, very common design. It works fine with the wireless button, but I am working on a different project, and need to figure out how to "manually" use a jumper wire on the circuit board of the chime itself to make it go off. I need to know how to trigger this chime with a jumper so that I can connect 2 wires to the chime from one of my home automation devices (an I/O Linc) so that the home automation can trigger the chime by sending a "closed" or jumper the two points on the chime, to make it go off. For this project, I can't use the wireless doorbell button to trigger the chime. There is a good picture of this board at: That is someone else's post with a different question, but it is the exact unit I am trying to figure out. I don't have enough technical knowledge to know where to jump this circuit board to make this door chime go off manually. I hope one of you can please help me do this? Thanks in advance!

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For view all steps, login can be bypassed

1.Mac 2.Chrome and Firefox 3.Any project 5.On any project the need to login to view all steps can be bypassed by: 1. Click View all steps at bottom of project (registration modal appears 2. Click "Already a member? Login »" (Taken to login modal) 3. Click outside of modal and it will route you to projecNamet/?ALLSTEPS (You will be able to view all steps without being logged in) If this is site is MVC I would guess that moving the redirect to take place IF after the session has been created and ELSE exit modal. But I'm no professional so this could be no help at all

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how to use a proxy server to bypass an internet filter?

How do you setup and use proxy server software that is free and where do you find servers to use and how do you use the servers. So that you can access facebook, twitter, and other sites that a filter would normally block.  Thanks! :D

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router bypass (/w toggle switch)

Hello, it's been a while. This problem requires someone with IT experience, and basic wiring. (the two go hand-in-hand really.) An ethernet cable is made up of 8 color-coded cables. the colors are brown, brown-white, blue, blue-white, orange, orange-white, green, and green-white.(for ease of coloring, I didn't differentiate between the mixed/solid wires) The principle works similar to that of a lag switch. The solid orange cable handles the data flow, and in lag switches it is "cut" by a  simple on/off switch. But here, Instead of the solid orange cable being "cut" by the switch, it simply switches the input. Hence the toggle switch.  **I realise you can do the same thing with port forwarding, but however hard I try, it does not work. Even software made to do it won't let me. Before i go out and by 4 ethernet cables that i don't need, i was wondering if this concept would work. From the modem out, the ethernet cable is spliced into two wires, which had two paths: path 1: directly to the router, out a router port and to the switch (red line picture 2) path 2: directly to the switch. (red line picture 3) from the switch, the cable goes directly into the computer tower. with a simple flick of the switch,  the input to the switch would either go through or bypass the router. although the green and blue current (amps) is split, the amperage is joined again at the switch because of Kirchoff's current (?) law. although the orange is split, it cannot flow through both wires at the same time because one will not have any place to flow. because the internal wires are twisted to reduce interference, I would use the required minimum of 2 feet for any segment. Q1: would this work? Q2: if so, would this effect the router because the power is split.  Q3: if so, would an 8-pole toggle switch be the solution? Q4: would this have any negative effects with the power going moving at different rates (destructive interference) Q5: would an alternate setup be more plausible? (see picture 4) Thanks in advance -Pyro

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Will this schematic work/ Is it right?

I know the wiring for the loops themselves are correct but I am wondering if I did the master bypass and LEDs correctly. This is a 5 channel/ loop switcher for guitar or audio effects loops, The master bypass is supposed to negate the other loops even if they are on. Thanks for the help! P.S. the squares with the 9 dots are all 3pdt switches 

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how do get pass the school blocker?

How do u get pass the school blocker

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is there a way to install windows 8 on an external hdd? Answered

I want to try out windows 8 but I don't have enough disk-space on my laptop to install it. So I want to install it on an external harddisk(USB) but those mean people from microsoft won't allow me to: when I try to install windows 8 in windows from "sources/install.exe" I get an notification that I can't install windows 8 on a usb device. Does anyone know whether this notification is bypassable or not? Thanks in advance

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PC Speakers IR Remote Bypass

I have a 5.1 amp for PC and the remote is not working. When plugged in, it goes into standby mode and can only be powered on using the remote.  Is there a way I can bridge / bypass the electronics so that the amp goes on as soon as it is plugged in?

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how to bypass a password on an nec lt280 projector?

Hi, have purchased a second hand nec lt280 projector, have tried to use, but is password protected, i asked the people i bought it from, they said they dont have password, asked nec, they wont help. When i turn projector on it asks for password straight away, i cant get any further, can anyone help?  Cheers....

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Has anyone tried to bypass the Lid Lock on a Kenmore Oasis or Whirlpool Cabrio Washer and been successful?

Ark-Les makes the switch. The original part number was 8563937. They redesigned it and the new part number is W10059230. I am able to make the machine think that it is unlocked and ready to operate. I can even make it think it is locked, but I can not operate the machine in the locked mode, I get the DL code. If no one has tried this, maybe one of you can figure out a way to make it work. Thank you in advance for your assistance. If you need wiring schematics for the machine, let me know and I'll send them to you....

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Is there a way i can bypass Answered

I can get around the megavideo limit so i might be able to get around rapidshare

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Bypass safeties in electronic Neon Transformer

I have a neon sign transformer that i would like to use for high voltage projects. The problem is it has an electronic safety circuit that (I believe) checks to see if there is a neon tube is attached.  Does anyone know how to bypass the safety system? the transformer box is full of insulating tar so accessing the electronics is near impossible. when turned on it sends out several short HV pulses and then the warning light illuminates, it seems to be searching for some type of load. 930CPX120 ALLANSON 9000V 30MA NEON TRANSFORMER,

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how to bypass the safety on a battery charger?

Ive been working on a cd welder for battery tab.. very simple car audio capacitor with a battery charger. today i rebuilt the whole thing with new leads wiring and new battery charger that will shut off when it hits a full charge. now it wont charge at all because it apparently wont charge anything thats not a car battery with proper voltage already existing. since the capacitor dumps the charge and leaves nothing, the charger just thinks there is nothing there. can anyone give me a crash course in float chargers and how they work so i can single out what i need and bypass everything else

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Laptop Repair (bypassing charging circuit)

My used laptop's (Dell Inspiron 1000, model pp08s) charging circuit (DC power board) got toasty as the plug frayed(looks like I should've looked at his kludge sooner- lasted 3 mo's- good solder job, but hadn't shrink wrapped it for added strain relief!)I'm pondering making a trickle charger, fed into the battery's bay assembly, with a connector as it exits the shell, to keep the darn thing portable...Ni-MH 9.6 V, 4500mAH, capacity o' 43WH, type p5413Looks like it has 5 recessed contacts upon the battery....(If anyone sees an actual tech repair manual for this wee beastie, could ya toss it to Thanks kindly!)Finding actual part #s (hoping it's just a DC power daughterboard!) is harder than it used to be, since I don't have my Dell contacts from when I did laptops about a dozen yrs ago {chuckle} While I'm at it current contact info'd be nice, too.. =)Thanks kindly!Brian

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Adding led to wah without true bypass?? Answered

I have a crybaby gcb-95 wah, which does not have true bypass, but i want to add an led WITHOUT converting to true bypass. it has an spdt switch. does anyone have a diagram on how to do this?

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bypass the speed pot on pride mobility scooter?

My speed potentiometer is not working can i bypass it till i can replace it

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how can i bypass a magnetic door lock without cutting the juice ?

How can i bypass a magnetic door lock without cutting the juice ?

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how can i bypass the internet filters? Answered

You need a username and a password...

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How to bypass the Zscaler web proxy/filter? Answered

Ok so here are the details, I want to access sites like youtube, and well just youtube and I tried the https protocol and that didn't work and on top of that there's a bug installed within our computer especially designed to keep us away from changing any of the proxy settings in all of these browsers and I only have these 3 browsers: Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. If possible I would prefer Firefox because of the add-ons that I have with it. And i can't modify anything within the advance settings button on the Network/Internet Preference Pane. And as my last resort I ask all of you on how do I bypass this web filter? P.S. I have a mac mountain lion v10.8.4 Tank you very much for your support

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I got a vhs to dvd recorder and trying to convert vhs tape to dvd but some of the tapes have some type of copyright protection and will not allow to be copied is there a mod or device that a can use to bypass the copyright. I am just coping these for own use.

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Bypassing touch sensor on led puck light

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some guidance on a current project. I bought a small Led puck light. The light has a very sensitive touch sensor on it, so much so you only have to hover near it to activate/deactivate the light. I need to bypass this, end goal being I want a SPST style on/off instead. I have never seen or modified a touch sensor before, so looking for anyone that had done this for any reason. The light is DC powered, 4.5V.

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Editing an existing forum topic bypasses Preview?

Just wondering: When I edit one of my existing forum topics, is the Preview Topic button supposed to bypass the preview and just post the edit directly? Because it does. When I post a new topic, the preview button pulls up the preview page (usually, when it doesn't go to the Blank White Screen of Immense Irritatingfulness as previously reported in Bugs), where I can then decide to post or go back and edit some more. Editing an existing topic still displays the Preview Topic button, but clicking it posts the edits immediately with no preview page displayed. This happens in IE8/Win7. I wasn't sure whether this is a bug or a feature....

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Need Help Bypassing Surf Control "ACCESS DENIED" At School??

Hey guys it's me again, and I got a problem! Looking for some advice again! When I'm at school pretty much everything is blocked with this surf control and it says access denied. How and is there a way that I can bypass this?? NOTE: I HAVE ALREADY TRIED PROXY'S

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how do i bypass onstar to pair up my bluetooth with my car. my car is not bluetooth campatible according to onstar.

I have been told that there is a way around onstar, even if my car isn't bluetooth compatible. if this is true, can someone tell me how to go bypass onstar?

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Can running voltage pass through a closed relay? Answered

I am making a device which turns the light in my room on and off. The way I am doing it uses a wireless remote which came with the light, which I control by bypassing the switch with a relay for a quarter second. Any longer than a second and the light starts to dim. I also have an arcade button on a wire spread across my room that, when pressed, bypasses the switch. I know the problem isn't there. The switch has about 4.9 volts running through it when pressed. The problem I have is when the switch is bypassed it STAYS bypassed and the light keeps dimming up and down. Many times when I connect the remote if the light is off it will turn on and then proceed to dim up and down. When the light is dimming (when it isn't suppose to), about 50 micro volts are running through. Could anything electricity be getting through the relay (I know I have the relay put in the right direction, I did a continuity test)? I have checked for short circus with my multimeter and there are none. Is there a way to fix the problem? Possibly a resistor or voltage regulator, or a way to bring up the turn on voltage? Diode Maby???

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can any one tell me how to true bypass a vox v847 wah... Answered

Hey how was your day?good i hope. here is the deal im trying to true bypass my vox wah and i realized i have no idea what im doing. so i would appreciate it if someone could explain it to me and  maybe show me a picture of how it should look when it is done...thank you very much...?

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Can i bypass an AC/DC power supply to AC/AC?

Hi! I recently aquired an used guitar effect pedal, a Behringer X Vamp, to be more exact. It is 2nd hand so it came without the power supply. I know it runs on AC/AC and i have an AC/DC one, so my question is: is there a way to bypass the power supply or the pedal itself so it can run with the supply i have? thanks in advance, stay well

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how do you bypass a computer password with a flash drive?

I am trying to get on my brothers computer to pull a prank on him. The only problem is that i don't know his password. Any suggestions.

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How do i connect bypass diodes to my series/parallel PV panel?

I have 20 solar cells of 0.45V at 100mA i have connected the first string in series so this will give 1.8V at 100mA with 5 strings horizontally this total of my PV is 1.8V at 500mA my question is how do i connect bypass diode to this it is a 4x5 panel at 180*130 a diagram will be great thanks

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Does anyone know how to bypass 8e6 technologies internet filters?

I need to do research for a debate at school on gun control but it blocks the phrases guns and weapons.

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