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where did it go?

Quick question . whenever i come on this site i usually go to explore then workshop then i click on most views  to see where my  instructable  how to build a cabin on a budget   is ranked for most views . i was 2nd now its not showing at all . Was wondering why it was removed ? thanks jim

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 Wow i almost have 600,000 views . My cabin instructable is getting tons of views for some reason ..Nice...

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Should I build a new outhouse next to the old outhouse?

The cabin came with an outhouse when we bought it, but now, 8 years later, we have to do something soon. I've looked into composting toilets, but I'm not convinced that $1,000+ later that the mechanisms will be easy to maintain. We want it to be as no-fuss as possible. We leave no heat on in the winter, and our water is a long distance down 4+ flights of stairs and to the back of the property. We pump it up (recent) or hand carry it in buckets. Can we assume that if the current outhouse is working well with the soil that a new outhouse about 6 feet to the right of it will work well, too?

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What is the criteria for being featured?

I have just uploaded my first instructable and i wonder why it can not be seen at the first page as featured.... What is the criteria for being featured? I can see that the instructable is uploaded when i search for it (using eskimohut as a search word), so it seems to be uploaded correctly.

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Adding to a instructable

Im almost finished with the inside of my cabin which is already a  published instructable.  Do i add the pictures and instructions to the existing instructable or do i make another instructable for it ?

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No nails Australian wood shelter?

I saw part of a show about how to build a wooden shelter using no nails from logs.  It didn't look like a log cabin.  The sides were split logs held in an upright brace also made of logs.  It was simple to make but very hard work as much of it was done with hand tools.  But I think modern tools could be used now. ( This was sometime in the 1960's.) Anyone know anything about it?  It would be a good thing for off-girders.

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Super shallow well?

So I am building a small cabin in the woods near my house, It is on a very small ridge to the gully below. In the gully I dug a test hole for my well and had a hole at under two feet that fills up immediately when you scoop it out. Should I stay in this spot or will the water be bad?? I doubt if I can go very deep because the hole is now filled with water and there is about two feet of rock just under the surface I know because I dug a hole for something else nearby. Drilling of any sort is not an option as the rocks are to large. Should I just move nearby and try to go deep in that spot. I might get four feet in another spot. Thanks!! 

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HI GUYS,can be placed a car ac in a bed cabin which is arranged as the same size of a car or a van? if the answer is yes, is that possible with solar energy?

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Off-Grid Stealth Cabin Plans

Hi everyone, I just entered my off-grid cabin design in the outdoors contest and I would like to invite you to view it, leave feedback and vote if you like the cabin and off-grid systems. I am a long time off-grid homesteader and I live in a 14x14 solar and wind powered cabin with many off-grid systems of my own design. My contest entry: Thanks LaMar

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Instructables Company Retreat

We all went out to Cloude's cabin in Bear Valley, CA, last weekend to hang out. Here's a video of the ski jump we made and subsequently fell off of, repeatedly.

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I just finished the inside of my how to build a cabin on a budget .

I just finished  and posted my how to finish the inside of a cabin on a budget instructable. Please take a peak and see how you like it .Thanks Jim

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can a thermoelectric cooler, cool a car cabin?

Hello everyone!. i was thinking of making a air cooling system, based on thermoelectric elements. maybe use 3-4 thermoelectric plates (at 12V, i don't want to exceed 30amperes ). do you guys think that it will be enough to cool a car cabin?? or what do you think?? (yes, i know that the same can be achived using the existing technology with ac compressors :P )

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Floating Dock/Pontoon/Cabin Hybrid. Please Help!? Answered

So i have this idea for a vessel i would like to construct. First, imagine a 10' by 20' floating dock. It floats using steel or plastic drums arranged in a line and possibly attached to make two parallel pontoons. After the "dock" part is constructed, a 10' by 10' cube will be constructed on top, around 3/4 of the way back on the dock. The rest of the space in the front of the cabin will used for a mast and pirate-like (:)) steering assembly managing a rudder or two on the aft. Propulsion can be sorted later and may not even be necessary. I would also like pointers on how and where to construct this and possible costs parameters. I am on a lake, Lake Cushman if you've heard of it, and have little dock space. The lake level will go down and provide an inclined beach where i can begin construction over the winter. The lake level will rise after winter, but it can be completed by then i believe. Assume i have the cabin idea figured out, all i need advice on is the above stated. Thanks! Any advice is much appreciated!

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Heat storage device for car cabin heater

I want to increase the heat storage capacity of the existing car heater so that I can run the heater (just the fan and a liquid pump) while the engine is off and so I can have a warm car as soon as I start on a cold day. The current heat storage is the coolant circulating in the engine. I want to increase the capacity of that. Instead of simply attaching a liquid reservoir to the heater circuit (to increase the coolant volume), I was considering using a picnic cooler (insulated) box with a coper tube coiled in it. The box would be filled with oil and paraffin. Paraffin melts ≈ 40° C  and I can take advantage of the latent heat of fusion when the paraffin changes phase. The oil is a medium to suspend the paraffin. I need a recommendation of an electric 12 volt pump to circulate the fluid. I request any other thoughts or criticisms.

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running electric 740 ft how many amps can I run that far?

I want to run electric back to a cabin in the woods its about 740 ft from power source.  What cable do I use and do I need a step up transformer to get more amps back to cabin? What size wire for at least 20 amps +  to reach cabin? Power source is 30 amp

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TINY YELLOW HOUSE- webshow- episode #1 (tiny cabins- junk construction)

Here's a link to episode #1- as a test run of sorts. Subsequent mini-features will cover some more in depth, step-by-step construction of several different redneck-thrift building projects. -Deek Author of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks..."

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I want to make a new cabin top for my old boat and then join in the roof timbers to the sides. HELP?

But dont know how to make the joints in the frame.It would be 12ftx9ft I need to make the uprights fit into the cross members and then join in the roof timbers to the sides.

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Motorcycle Shed Turntable

Im making a log cabin in my back garden, im short for space so its 16ft wide and 10ft deep.  I dont want to reverse the bike out of the shed each time so im going to make a turntable, id like it to be electric but I dont know how. Here are the engineering plans for the turntable, dont worry about how im getting the 50mm circle in the concrete, im doing that with a polythene plug. Im going to use the largest "Lazy Susan 24" to hold and turn the middle of the table, then im going to use min i fixed casters to keep the edges stable. Im an engineer so I can maipulate any metal on my lathe/mill etc.  Ive thought of 2 ways to use the winch to turn the table: 1- Bellow the table: exchanging the wire for a pulley system which will turn the lazy susan, im not eqactly sure how this will work. 2- Above the table, Very easy, exchange the wire for a rubber wheel that will turn the edge of the table. Question: If anyone can think of any better, easier ideas id love to hear from you? Regards ant...

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Kairah's Knex Train V01 [T.N.K.I.T. Entry]

Here is my entry for the T.N.K.I.T. A huge K'nex locomotive. Including whistles, seats, a passengers cabin, drivers cabin and a (moving) cloud of steam coming from the top! It uses the Trekker engine and rides on the old rollercoaster track.

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Cabin photos from indie book release- Mobile shack/trailer/fort/camper made from trash

As promised, here's some photos of one of the newer JUNK CABINS I'm building.... AND...    Its part of the indie book I just released on small houses/shacks... This cabin's nothing fancy, and stands at a mere 24 square feet, but it sleeps two (bunk-style), has a dutch style door (made from two recycled kitchen cabinet doors), and all in all is almost completely made from salvaged roadside/free materials- even most of the screws and nails. The paint (to make all the forklift pallet wood and scrap wood appear uniform) was unfortunately purchased (but after I sold some salvaged/found junk on craigslist). Also, The roof was originally made from mdf plywood/particle board from old stereo cabinets and tv armoirs (and an entire junked roll of roofing paper), but that proved too heavy for this wheeled/mobile cabin. In the endrun, I bit the bullet and bought some tuffex panels for roofing, which DOES give the interior some nice natural light- the only reason I decided to "cheat" with this route.      When finished, the cabin will have a mini-woodstove created from an old propane gas tank I nabbed at the dump (safety/workability pending), an outdoor kitchen/prep area attached to the cabin., and perhaps a small broken solar light kit I rewired and fixed. I'll also finish the wine-bottle window (not shown).    Anyway, thanks for looking!  Built to fit a trailer of mine, I'm eventually planning on hauling it up to my land in VT, where it can be used as lo-fi guest cabin or sorts, for those who always forget to bring tents.

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Rooftop balcony on logcabin

This time no extensive Instructable project but a photo impression of my latest work. This is a rooftop balcony/belvedere at our log cabin, in the back of our garden, in Eben Emael. The view at the hill side of the valley is nice from a higher point of view. The photo's show how it is done. There are stairs to the gutter and from there to the balcony. The surface of this is 2 by 2 meter. The level above the ground is 2.8 m. All the wood are impregnated shelfs for stairs, floor and rail. It is fun to sit near the treetops and have in the same time a 180 degree panorama of the surrounding with a vault of heaven above you.

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Power RGB LED help!

I wonder if anyone could advise me as a newbie (blush)!I have just bought a self contained RGB controller with PWM'd outputs: I want is to use this for the lighting in a vehicle (12 - 14.6V). The LEDs I have looked at and bought one for testing are: - the vehicle has a removable rear cabin leaving only the front cabin LEDs connected at times. I will need say 6 - 7 LEDs for the rear cabin and 2 - 4 for the front cabin depending on eventual light output.Should I drive these LEDs with constant current drivers for each colour? Will they work with the PWM output of the controller?I understand switched regulator type circuits won't work with the PWM output?I guess I would need several contant current regulators to power the array but am struggling on how many and how best to connect them?!?Thanks in advance!Chris.

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How to make a shelter or small log cabin out in woods? Answered

Hi how to make a small shelter or log cabin in the woods wanted to make one because sometimes get stuck out there without shelter except for umbrella or body covering and sleeping bag and when stuck in rain  it really sux would like to make small one and hidden off beaten others don't destroy it..if possible i'm a first time builder on this only idea I had so far was to make a temporary roof i can move around with me out of paddle pop sticks and metal soda cans that I get from homeless food van I was thinking I could cut the cans and flatten them over glued paddle pop sticks to be like a temporary roof maybe but not sure how to build a very small cabin frm scratch any ideas on this and how I do it if possible am in a national park sometimes so I know slightly illegal to build maybe or break trees or branches ..but it's just for personal use to stay warm any help appreciated ..and sincerely sorry for asking here.

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Question about a instructable

 I am working a project   and i was wondering  if i should  publish it as a Instructable or as a guide ?  The title is   How to build a modern  12 x 36  Cabin on a budget....

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DIY toe kick vacuum?

Has anyone used a shop vacuum to build a toe kick vacuum (for a cabin where there is a basement but no central vacuum )

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what is the best cleaning chemical for hard to remove grease form detailed wooden cabinents?

What is the best cleaning chemical for hard to remove grease from detailed wooded cabinets?

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unwanted drafts......

 I have had 4 drafts pop up in my draft file of my cabin ilible . All this different languages ......... Thye such showed up one day... Any help ?

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any device to convert battery to ac mains?

Is there a way to power any ac 240v device via batteries, usb or dynamo?

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I have a 1980 Qld ambulance - which has a lot of rust in the floor - walls and roof of the cabin - I was wondering if anyone had any tips for taking the rust out apart from using oxy and jam cans. Cheers

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Cabins/shelter from garbage/recycling and then some- new site/blog- and INDIE BOOK released

D.I.Y. Micro-Shelters: NEW indie book-forum/site- w/cabins from garbage/recycling and then some I figured it was about time to get up off my arse and get an actual account here, as on a few other sites I constantly(!) read. I'll also post a few of the "constructed-from-roadside-trash" cabins I've built soon- here and on my own blog/site (if anyone's interested, if not, I'll resume beer drinking, and general relaxation). I'm also in the process of building a 16 square foot multi-purpose, mobile cabin-sleeper/sauna/greenhouse/ice-fishing shanty that I'll eventually post upon (its one of three cabins in the works in my Sanford N' Son-like backyard)- yeah, my wife is a trooper! In the meantime, after WELL over a year of illustrating and writing, I've now finally completed (through tiny yellow house press) my own small houses/cabins book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts- And Whatever The Heck Else We Could Squeeze In Here." Clockin' in, coffee-table-book size, at just over 100 pages filled with avalanches of sketches and redneck-thrift/yankee ingenuity projects and ideas, I'm now selling a small initial run of these hand assembled books (you can find all the details on the blog/post). Building your own windows, doors, solar showers, rainbarrels, bridges, furniture, and more from recycled crud, is all covered within. Inspirationally, the books owes good parts of its existence to the work of Lester Walker, David and Jeanie Stiles, D.C. Beard, Dan Price, and Lloyd Kahn. All in all, I'm a small-house book junky, and after the well started drying up a little (I've bought and read all the decent ones I could find) I decided to write my own. Anyway, thanks for looking, and I'll get some small house photos up soon! Happy belated new years to all! -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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How to filter the water comming from a shower and sink and release safely?

I have a cabin and would like to know if I need a septic tank if I use only a shower and a sink, I looking for a cheaper alternative. My toilet is a composting toilet so it donesn't need water.

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How to make a home made air cooler?

I want to cool the air inside the cabin of a my boat but I don't have room to install even the smallest of air conditioners.  I would like to build something like a swamp cooler (Evaporative Cooler) but without the evaporative part.   I don't want to blow additional humidity around in the cabin.  I can use a pump to get a never ending supply of cold lake water.  I'm wondering if putting a fan in front of a radiator cooled with lake water will give me any sort of a reasonable deltaT on the air flowing through it?  Basically using a radiator in reverse.  Anyone have any thoughts on if this works? what kind of radiator to use?  and if I can get any reasonable temp drop on the air going through the radiator? 

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Veteran searching for land in Florida with septic and water, electric.....for tent or small cabin living?

Hi! Are there any tracts of land in Florida for sale well and septic that I could tent or yurt live? I am a veteran...and as you know they are getting to reduce or compensation to less then half..from what I have been told..I fall into that category. So....just trying to prepare... 07 lost everything I had..stage 4 cancer....don't want to wonder the streets. Any ideas appreciated....boat living, rv living....Florida - near water or ocean I don't have a lot of money for a down payment. Thanks Ron

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Can you plug a tiny terror head into any amp cabinet?

 I have a tiny terror orange amp but do not have the orange cabinet...  I do not want to buy the orange cab as it is too expensive.  Can I build one?  What can I use for it?  Any advice?

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Can you impregnante activated carbon into an air filter yourself?

Hi, I have a cabin air filter in my car.  Toyota sells activated carbon filters that helps absorb odours, but not for my  model car. i was wondering if its possible to impregnate the filter with activated carbon / activated charcoal myself somehow? thanks for any ideas!

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Sushi on a Stick, Glowing Fingers, Secret Poster Stash

Sushi on a Stick Glowing Fingers Secret Poster Stash Cigar Box Guitar 10-Minute Walker Bot Homemade Magic Shell Wireless Sensor Datalogger Geometric Wall Art LEGO Headphones iPhone Macro Lens Simple Rolly Bot Build a Log Cabin Macro Particle Accelerator DIY iPad Case BBQ Gas Conversion

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Active Noise Cancellation for cars not equipped

I am playing with an idea. Higher end cars come with active noise cancellation systems to make the drive quieter and more enjoyable. However compact and subcompact class cars do not. With the noise canceling technology is available on every shelf for headphones, I am wondering if this could be hacked and repurposed to reduce road noise in a car. The system (Im presuming) would require one microphone, one noise canceling circuit board, and one speaker per wheel well. So it would require two pair of noise canceling headphones to accomplish. The idea is to improve the cabin noise quality in an off the shelf kind of way. Currently there are no aftermarket systems within the normal financial reach of most people. Only a hand full of aftermarket systems out there are available and priced @ 4K USD or more. If this works, it could be marketed at around 100 USD per unit. And provide a much nicer driving experience to the compact and subcompact cars.  By placing the microphones under the carpet and on the wheel wells metal surface the system should ignore the stereo, and correct road noise transmitted from the wheels to reduce cabin noise. Stereo interference is a common problem with cabin mounted microphones on OEM systems. So, your mission if you choose to accept it, is to devise a way to reduce road noise in a compact or subcompact car using off the shelf noise cancellation circuitry available to the average person. If your successful this should be a very easy way to upgrade most cars not equipped with such a system. Having a noise canceling system in a car reduces noise fatigue, and improves the driving experience for all of us.

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Chainsaw project, what would You like to see

I got a craftsman 40cc chainsaw donated from work. Anyone got some ideas for what to use it as? Ive thought about powering a bike with it, using mountain bike gears. Ive thought about using it to make power for at my cabin. What kinda crazy 2 stroke powerd thing would you like to build or see built?

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L.E.D desk lamp run on 12 volt? Answered

So I have an L.E.D desk lamp that plugs into the wall. It is hardwired into a power adapter witch  converts 120 volt to an output of 14 volts, If I cut off the adapter can they be run straight off a 12 volt battery. It is very bright so some lost light is okay, I fried the inverter for my cabin and need some light. 

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Will water block a cell phone signal? i.e. Can I make cell calls in a homemade submarine? Answered

I'm thinking about putting together a homemade submarine of sorts. the cabin will be a blue plastic barrel, and contact to the surface would be nice. How deep should I be able to go before I lose service? Please no comments on how dangerous this could end up being. I'm well aware :)

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Can someone help me with a car dvd player? Answered

Hi, i just got a dvd player for a car/van, it has a 20" screen (i think). the cabin lights work, but i was told it didn't turn on. well there are inumerous wires that come out of the thing, and i hooked up 12v to a red and a black, and pressed the power button, but nothing happened. can someone help? i really need to get this thing working. any help is appreciated

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Know any good church camp pranks?

Okay, so in 2 days I'm going to church camp at Camp Gilmont in Gilmer,TX and I need to know a bunch of hilarious pranks to pull on the girls in my cabin and an extra devious one to pull on the boys for revenge!Please tell me a bunch of good pranks quick! I only have two days to plan ahead! (ps please don't tell me the pranks like sticking their hand in warm water or putting stuff in their shoes or stuff like that!)

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Led strobe light?

Hello everyone, I came across a video on youtube where I found a light on a truck but don't know what it is called maybe strobe but I am not sure about this.  My ideas would be to use an IC 555 or use arduino to control the lights to achieve the same effects that the light is on the top of the red truck cabin. Here is the link for the video. Start at 11:41 till 11:55 and you will see the light on top of the red truck. Thanks all

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How do I keep my cat from going crazy?? Answered

Now that we've moved, Clicquot doesn't have access to the outdoors to hunt, hide and frolic like she used to. She's ten years old now, and starting to slow down a bit anyway, but I don't want her to get the indoor-cat-cabin-fever-crazy-sickness. She's not much of one for toys or lasers or anything, but she's already started chasing imaginary things! I'm worried that before long she'll start talking to herself.

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Camping tips for people prone to heat stroke/exhaustion?

My fiance has never formally gone camping. She has a cabin up in the black hills of South Dakota but she has never gone camping. I want to bring her camping this summer but She prone to heat stroke. I'm wondering what are some things I can do to make things easier for her to enjoy camping aside from finding the ever so obvious shady area. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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What's the most low tech way to make wooden bearing balls for a wooden ball bearing?

Last century I read an auto-biography by a back-to-nature man who needed to transmit power from a stream paddle wheel to his cabin by belts.  He said the hardest part was making a ball bearing.  He carved the balls out of oak with a knife and roasted them brown near a fire.  These lasted a long time.  How did he do that -- or how could he have done it using low tech?

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We have 4 bunnies, what percaustions should we take before they travel and will a dog or cat carrier be ok?

The longest they have ever traveled in a car is about 30 minutes, there is four bunnies they are almost a year old. should we take any percautions before hand like taking them in the car more befor. It will be a 9 hour drive. We will be at a cabin and they will be out side all day except for at night(i think) we will be gone for two weeks.will they be ok for 2 weeks away from home?? Please tell me everything you can think that will help!

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Would a DIY wind generator work as a micro hydro generator?

I own land in the mountains and i have a spring fed stream.  Total drop across my property is about 25 feet.  The creek has at least 30 gpm flowing in it.  I know what 10 gpm looks like and it is way more, maybe as much as 50 gpm.  I will measure it soon.  I have been fascinated by the idea of building my own generator and using the water as a power source. That leads me to my questions: how to make it produce power at lower RPM? How to reduce cogging by design? What size wire for my coils? One strand in the coil or several strands? (i have seen them wound with 4 strands) How many coils and magnets? (size too) I figure 3 phase a/c.  Any reason to do something else? I have seen many great Youtube vidoes on wind turbine generators but that is such a variable power source. Would those generator designs be appropriate for a hydro system?  Hydro is a much more reliable power source, so i want to do this right from the start.  At this point in time its just an idea but I want to run with it.  It will power a small off the grid cabin and work shop.  A solar system will be part of this total system as well but i want to develop this water source first.   Its at about 400 feet from the stream to the cabin location.

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Outdoor swing seat

My buddy, Steeeve, and I are big fans of a local restaurant that has a "tiki bar" in back, and our favorite feature is the rope swing chair at the bar. The seat hangs from three ropes. It's basically a bucket seat with a rigid, metal frame, so it doesn't  close in around you when you sit on it. This is then covered with leather. We are in the planning process of building some swing chairs of our own at the tiki bar at Steeeve's cabin. I am looking for any suggestions regarding the frames for the seats. Neither of us knows how to weld, and although we would both like to learn, I'm also looking for some more ready-made solutions.

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