How Cheesy

Last night before going home from work, an ad popped up on the upper portion of the screen (not a pop-up ad) and it looked like the picture below. Well, I am always interested in new ways to have cheese (since I am NOT supposed to have any) and so I went to the site. Now, I was definitely not wishing to drive all the way to Harrisburg, just to sample some cheese bits, so I looked around the site a bit and lo and behold, they were going to visit a Giant Food store near me; and that was at noon today! I went there today, and they have really decent tasting 75% less fat cheese (cheddar) and some decent Colby too. I especially liked the habanero infused cheese, and found the Jalapeno one a bit on the mild side. Then, for coming out because I saw the ad, they gave me a REALLY nice cloth shopping (or whatever) bag. It is as roomy inside as a large paper bag is. It's been a good far.

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Any news about the Cabot Woodcare contest prizes?

Is there any news about the shipment of the prizes in the woodcare contest? I won a second prize in it and I've tried contacting some Instructable staff but haven't got any reply (Might be the holidays of course). I know they where delayed due some communication failure but I was told they would be send after Thanks giving and as far as I'm informed, being a Dutchman, about American festivities that was in  November.

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Designer contest

Hi Following the link on how to enter in the new design competition, the description is referring to Cabots wood treatment comp. You probably want to change that to refer to the design competition :-) T

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What is this item? Answered

The item is made of metal. I assume that is a 'Stand' of some type, but I could be totally wrong. The bottom half of the 'Stand' can be freely rotated. The circular 'Stand' has three equally spaced holes, which I assume could be used to screw the stand on to something. The u-shape, at the top, has a rubber sleeve on each side, which can be easily removed. There is no text anywhere on the item.

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