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Camoflauged Cage

Hey, I'm guessing this isn't a problem something that is only troublesome to me. You see, I am not allowed any pets, but you know, I am planning on adopting a couple of rats. (yea rats!) I need to make a cage which is hidden/camoflauged. It will already slightly be hidden and I'm sure I can arrange furniture in a way to conceal further. The cage needs to have air flow freely, made of plastic or coated metal, have a way to easily clean it, and it has to be escape proof! (no wire floors though, how ghastly) The rats I will aquire will be babies, about 4 weeks old. If they are males they'll get to be about 2 pounds and about three feet (including that wonderful tail xD) In a year. I live in an efficiency apartment, so I can't hide them in a closet (and if you ever seen a rat reaching out to grab the rapidly diaspearing light you wouldn't want to anyway) My best bet is "walling" off my room (which has the only bathroom) with a curtain, rearranging the furniture, and of course have a clever disguise! My first attempt (I was merely fostering these guys, their owner got evicted) was a storage drawer bin, I sawed off the back of the first drawer (and was planning on expanding throughout the set) and stapled in chicken wire to help with airflow. The fact that it was a mostly plastic drawer made it easy to remove and hose down quickly. I also sawed a little hole to hold up their water bottle which is an absolute MUST. They will knock over water bowls, sit in it, and most crazy of all, stuff bedding in it to absorb it. The main problem with this set up is that of course, you can see through it and see the little guys running amuk. I placed a blanket halfway covering the front and covering the sides, but Jackie decided that he was bored and pulled it all in, thusly exposing him and getting him caught `_` It lasted 2 months and I got them into a new home anyway. So! I'm sure I'm not the only one who has to hide a pet/pets dwelling! Does anyone have ideas??

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Cricket Cage Setup

Hello, i have a creative project that i need some advice on. The idea is based off the old chinese cricket cages. From purely the electronics design perspective i would like the following features. 1. A very small solar panel (think the garden light instructables projects) 2. Rechargeable battery pack (size dependent on power needs) 3. A speaker capable of reproducing the sound of a cricket. No volume control needed, just a realistic replication 4. Something to play the sound (this is where i am lost) 5. A single green led bulb 6. a light sensor that would flip the system to on when it is dark. (I would like it to be able to operate light and sound for maybe 3 hours on a full charge) The hope is that all of this could be fit into a 8"x3"x7" space, with the solar panel mounted externally. The installation i can handle, but some of the electronics are beyond my skill level. The best i have managed is the moon jars made from a mason jar and a garden light. This project is basically like that, only with sounds, and placed in a custom enclosure.   I suspect that sound is much harder than solar LED lights, and that is what i would most like some input on. If i can get the things made i will gladly share any info, though im not sure i have the skills and equipment to actually write a instructable. 

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Faraday Cage Question?

I know a faraday cage blocks electric fields and waves and such, but does it also block charged ions.... things such as ozone, perhaps? Probably a stupid question, but its late and I'm tired. Probably not thinking straight. Thanks!

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Squirrel cage wiring??

I see a lot of squirrel cage fans with internal motors at the scrap yard. They are from discarded air conditioners, but could be used for room ventilation, etc. Does anyone know the wiring scheme or have a wiring diagram. There is usually a capacitor involved.

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What materials in chinchilla cage? Answered

I'm making a chinchilla cage and need to know if the following can be used in it. I have researched and I know that the chinchilla likes to gnaw or chew everything in the cage. MDF wood? Paracord? Any fabrics? Any other woods? Plexiglass? Thanks!

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Help with squirrel cage motor!

I recently pulled an old squirrel cage motor out of a fan (which was still working). And i have no idea how to wire it up. it has a red, yellow, blue and black wire coming out. There is also a 1uf capacitor, it has about a 1200-700ohm connection between the yellow blue and red wires. their is a 100ohm connection between blue to yellow, 200ohm between yellow to red and 300ohm betwwen red to blue. black doesnt seem to connect to anything. could someone please help me. A little label on it says:             Motor           Mode: R12-1        220v-240v       50Hz         40W Foshan Shunde Rihuang Electric Co.,ltd (mode isnt a typo by me, thats what the label says, though the company may have meant model)

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Project: Nicolas Cage necklace!

So one of my favorite things ever is Nicolas Cage. A friend at work told me I should put his picture in a locket and I 1-up'd her. I can't wait to wear it to work and dance around in front of her. :D The necklace is make of the body of an old watch that I completely gutted. The necklace is one of those memory wire chokers you can get really cheap at craft stores. I cut the picture out of the paper case that came with the special edition of Ghost Rider. I'm pretty excited. I wanted to post it, but I didn't know that it would qualify as a slideshow. What do you think? I'll probably just leave it in the forums. :P

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how can i make a cameleon cage

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How can I build this cage?

I really want to build my sugar gliders a nicer cage that I can appreciate as well. I found a picture of a BEAUTIFUL handmade cage, but no instructions regarding how I could make it for myself. I'm a complete novice when it comes to DIY projects, but I am extremely enthusiastic! Does anyone have any suggestions / instructions about how I could build this cage?

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How to build a cheap rat cage.?

I am looking to build a cheap rat cage with 1 or 2 levels and i was hoping for an instructable. thanks.

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Ideas for DIY mesh chameleon cage?

We're planning to get a Yemen (veiled) chameleon and found a US manufacturer making cages like the one below, however the shipping to the UK was prohibitive. So, I'm thinking of a DIY version using THIS sort of mesh and rigid plastic extrusions and was wondering if anyone's made something similar. It needs to be fairly presentable, so plumbing tubing with net draped over is a non-starter. Required size is 30" wide x 16" deep x 42" high.

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How do you build a large rat cage?

I want a large cage for my rats, but they tend to cost $150-200, and I can't afford that. I tried googling rat cage construction, but came up with no great results.

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Has anyone made a rabbit-run inside their house?

I have a rabbit in a large cage in the garage. I would like to give it more room for exercise, but don't want to have it loose chewing everything up. I'm thinking of making a rabbit run to other parts of the garage or house. Like a long and very skinny cage with a larger cage at either end, or hubs with trails in-between.

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How to make a large cage for big SNAKES?

Hi, any of you clever guys has a bit of an advanced DIY knowledge of large vivarium building? I am looking for a but of inspiration/tech tips but if anybody loves a challenge, this is what I will be building. Its for my anacondas and it will need to have these specifications: - to hold humidity in/ have waterproof surface on the inside - definitely for the floor - to hold heat in (any ideas of non-toxic heat insulating/reflecting material that is not too thick?) - be fairly light for the purpose of ocassional moving - it needs to be designed with possibility of dismantling for moving in mind, using screws and similar rather than glue etc - to use as much of environmentally friendly materials as possible (ie solvent free etc) - glass doors at the front, all the other sides dont need to be see-through - economical to build - required dimensions: 31 cm tall x 47 cm wide x 204 cm long (front side with the 2 glass doors on hinges, with a partition in the middle 10 or more cm wide) I would be open to innovative materials/ approaches, the main criteria are re-assembly, reasonably low cost and non-toxicity Thanks to everybody for your ideas! In the photo you can see the right half of their present vivarium made of marine plywood. The cage dimensions are (in cm) 61 x 63 x 216.

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how could a glove be made into a faraday cage?

would wrapping foil/wire mesh around it work? and would it be effective(and by effective i mean the wearer doesnt get zapped)?

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Laser or LED go go dancing Cage

Hi There, Im tryin to build a laser go go dancing cage for a big theatre production. Iv done basic wiring of LED's but never worked with lasers before. After  lot of scanning the net it seems it might be easiest to just buy a bulk load of laser pointers off aliexpress (or somewhere else?) and try to wire them into a circuit so i can turn them all on at the same time. I want the effect of the bars of light as seen in the pics below. I have been asking around with electricians and they don't seem to either want or know how to help me.... I would LOVE any help or direction anyone can give me!!! if anyone can help answer any of the following questions id GREATLY appreciate it! 1. from what iv read it seems 5mW might be best for this purpose as more powerful lasers may burn the skin (i definitely don't want to be responsible for burning the building down!) Does anyone have any thoughts on what mW i should be using for this? 2. Ideally i would like the laser cage to be able to be seen without the use of a fog machine (i will use this for effect in certain parts of the show- but would like it to still be visible when its not there) Is this possible, or would i need a stronger laser that would be too dangerous? 3. i don't really know anything about calculating the voltage or what power battery i would need once i had say 50 lasers together in a circuit. Does anyone have any links for working this out? I'm not sure if it is specific or different for lasers? 4. I read that i would need a driver, is that true? any links for that would be great! 5. are there insanely high powered LED's that could have a strong focussed beam that would be better/easier to use and i should forget about lasers all together? 6. do you have a totally different idea of how i should go about this that would be a lot easier?? Thanks!!! Andea Darling ****it won't seem to upload the reference pics so heres a couple of links to give you the idea -

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Where can I recover transparant plastic plates like polycarbonate from?

I want to make a condo for rats out of an old closet. But because it is quite dark in the closet (even with the door removed), I want to replace the wooden side panels with something transparant like plexiglas or polycarbonate. But as a student I do not have much money so I want to keep is as cheap as possible. It has to be strong enough to support some shelves. I know I can always take away as much wood as I can from the sides and then cover it with al metal gauze but I find the idea with the transparant plastic more beautiful.

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This is a 3" cabinet pull. It caught my eye as a super steam punk component. Just imagine it with two LEDs inside the cage. Anyway how is it made ? That unit is magnetic, has 8/32 cabinet threads, solid otherwise and the cage appears 3/4 rotated This object would be perfect for 3-D printing.

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how do i stop my gerbils from making a mess?

I have 2 gerbils, and the gerbil litter i use is basically shredded paper. the only problem is, there alwasy kicking it out of their cage, and there is always a huge mess, wherever i put them. what can i do about it?

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What is a good animal that can live in a relatively big fish tank? Answered

My hamster recently died and I am thinking of getting another pet that will fit in the cage. I don't want  fish. I have only had a cat and a hamster ever so if the animal is for more experienced owners than don't suggest it. Also if it is an animal that is hard to care for could you tell me that from past experiences. Some of my thoughts are a type of snake, a type of turtle, a possible lizard, and any other reptile or mammal that is good for beginners.

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Can you make a curio cabinet into a bird cage?

I recently acquired a curio cabinet, it's tall and very wide at the bottom, it has a double door in the front that has a mesh like wire screen, then panels of glass in front that can be taken out. It would be good to hold a budgie or some finches...but I don't know what kind of wood it is, and it is stained wood, so I'm not sure  how good of a cage it would be, safety wise. also, with it having three completely closed sides, top and bottom,  I worry about air circulation. It would be a good sized cage, and aesthetically pleasing for me, but I do not want to in any way put my birds in danger. So, I want others opinions. Thanks in advance :) 

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I want to build a a nice cage for my iguana?

I got a new iguana, about 10 in long. I would like to build him a new cage. I have him in a 30gal tank with wire lid. Is it ok to move him? How do I build a descent cage?

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How to make a cat-proof c&c Guinea Pig cage?

I Own 1 Guinea Pig

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what kind of cage and resources do you need to have a pet spiny leaf insect?

Im interested in buying a spiny leaf insect but dont know much about it.

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How Do I Make Good Cage Accesories For A Guinea Pig?

I'm getting a new guinea pig and I want to make him feel at home so I want some ideas for the cage so if anyone has a good suggestion please message me or give me a comment. Please send pictures if possible. I want good and creative ideas. Oh, and if anyone has names please help out with that too!!! Thank you!

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What are some ideas to build AN ULTIMATE RAT CAGE built from my 8'' x 10'' screened in porch?

I do not have much time to spend with my rats anymore and as such I would like to build them a much bigger area for play and exercise in. Here are some factors I need to contend with: 1. I live in florida and it gets HOT, how can I build a cooling down area? 2. What substrate for the bedding should I use? It has to be cheap and I am planning on shoveling and hosing down the area for cleaning. 3. What little features can I provide to entertain them (aka: "enrichment") 4. I would like a little grass area for them, would this destroy the concrete floor? 5. This can be really cool, what would YOU do with all that space? Keep in mind the name of the game is to make cleaning as easy as possible while creating a rattie wonderland. And to answer your question that must be brewing, I only have 6 rats. Possibly when I am down to three rats I will take them back inside and use the outside as a play area or fostering rescued rats. Oh, and I also have a 4''x4'' storage area that could also be utilized(attached to the porch), maybe I'll put them there when it's time to sleep.

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What are some ideas to build AN ULTIMATE RAT CAGE built from my 8'' x 10'' screened in porch?

Inappropriate Incomplete Spam I do not have much time to spend with my rats anymore and as such I would like to build them a much bigger area for play and exercise in. Here are some factors I need to contend with: 1. I live in florida and it gets HOT, how can I build a cooling down area? 2. What substrate for the bedding should I use? It has to be cheap and I am planning on shoveling and hosing down the area for cleaning. 3. What little features can I provide to entertain them (aka: "enrichment") 4. I would like a little grass area for them, would this destroy the concrete floor? 5. This can be really cool, what would YOU do with all that space? Keep in mind the name of the game is to make cleaning as easy as possible while creating a rattie wonderland. And to answer your question that must be brewing, I only have 6 rats. Possibly when I am down to three rats I will take them back inside and use the outside as a play area or fostering rescued rats. Oh, and I also have a 4''x4'' storage area that could also be utilized(it's attached to the porch), maybe I'll put them there when it's time to sleep.

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What Are Some Good, Homemade Guinea Pig Toys?

I have a pet store cage, but after my birthday I am going to make a c&c cage!

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Mobile Phones and Elevators

Ahem. Theoretically, an elevator is a perfect faraday cage -- no radio waves should be able to get into them. Mobile phones shouldn't work in them. But rogers says that their phones do work in them. So here's my question for you, instructables community: do rogers phones work in elevators? If so, why?The only theory that we could come up with was that each elevator has a little repeater in it, but that seems a bit costly.

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Can you make a clear birdhouse? Answered

More specifically would birds use this, or would they see through it , not feel safe, and leave. I was considering using Plexiglas.

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Kick Ass DVD + A Sequel In The Works

Some people may have seen or read the highhly anticipated series of Kick Ass. ( As I started typing this, the commercial came on. :) I personally read the comics and loved them. Mark Millar is a wonderful comic book writer, and he keeps his movies pretty true to the comics. That being said, Kick Ass, was mostly on point. The comics were a bit different, and Red Mist was a bit nerdier in the movie. Overall, I loved the comics, and movie. Check them out. The big news, Mark Millar has announced that there will be a sequel to the movie called Kick Ass 2:Balls To the Wall. Not only is he making this movie, he also announced, he will write a second series! He also suggested that Kick Ass was always going to be a Trilogy. SPOILERS: I have read in several places, the second movie, and comic book series, will revolve around the concept what if real people became super-villains. Mark Millar said that Red-Mist will become what Joker is to Batman. However, Red Mist will be a sidekick to a bigger villain. (He is contemplating on calling the evil team the MF'ers or the wonderful C word that hit girl said.) He went on to say that the third part will be a 10 years later, kind of thing.

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Hamster-powered ventilation system?

I'm in the process of expanding my hamsters cages and because of the design, I'm not able to leave the top open to allow better air circulation like I'd prefer. The cage is made out of plexi glass with ventilation holes on both sides and I found a post somewhere about using a computer fan behind one end of the cage to increase air flow. Is there any way to wire it so it turns on when the hamster runs on the wheel/at a random time?

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Has anyone any advice on building a Faraday cage for VHF - 20GHz or higher?

Hi, I've found lots on the 'net about building Faraday cages, but most of these are a couple of years old and targeted at lower frequencies up to around around the 2.4GHz range. I'm looking at making a Faraday cage for a room, to shield against a recent phone tower upgrade with transmissions now in the 19GHz range. (I've seen some other towers, fortunately not near me, recently approved for transmissions at 38GHz.) From what I've read so far, I'd need about 20 layers of heavy duty alfoil to come close to getting effective shielding, or wire with holes less than 7.5mm wide, which is going to be pretty tricky. Just wondering if anyone's tackled this problem before and, if so, how?

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Protection against EMP ...

Hi !Data :Let's say that I want to protect some important electronics devices against EMP.Let's say that they need to work 24/7 and that they are, thus, connected to an external source of power (electrical socket before EMP, and solar panel after EMP).Let's say that they need to emit and receive RF signals.Questions :1) As there are electrical connections with the exterior, a Faraday cage would be pointless, wouldn't it ?2) Would a solar panel survive to an EMP ?3) Is this possible to use the Faraday cage as an antenna for RF communication ? (I guess it's a stupid question as connecting the cage to the device would make the cage part of the device ...)4) Are thin and transparent gold foils enough to act as a Faraday cage ?_Edit : Interesting readings found thanks to the links Nachomahma provided : : an article about EMP protection.The first part is about EMP from nuclear bombs. The last part gives some clue about HMP.

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anyone have a knex ferret trap? Answered

My ferret wont go back in its cage

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Midnight Football (soccer)

Me and my friends have just finished GCSEs and have decided to celebrate with some midnight football. We're going to be playing in a Multi Use Games Area, essentially a big cage with a goal at each end. We don't want to floodlight it, and so we're thinking glow sticks on us and around the goals. We need a way to make the football glow or been seen however and this is where you come in. Any ideas?

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I want to make a nice cave/home for my russian tortoise, his log is to small.

His Log thing got to small. I want to make him/ find something that he can get into and sleep. Hes not HUGE about as big as a circle that you can make with your hands. Any Ideas?Scott ( my russian tortoise) would love to hear them!?

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Vertical Vivarium

Hello,  About two months ago I finished building my first vivarium. It's a monster at 5'wX2'hX2'd. It has a false-bottom, live plants, anoles, homemade irrigation system, appears cordless, made of 1/8th inch plexiglass and silicone sealed. Recently, it began to leak. The water pooled underneath the bottom panel and remained hidden until it seeped through the plywood it was resting on. I now have a series of buckets collecting constant drips underneath this thing. If I'm going to go through the trouble of emptying the tank and fixing the seal I might as well redesign it so this problem doesn't happen again.  I'd like to make more of a vertical vivarium since I am housing green anoles and they love having height. I'm thinking of recycling as much wood and plexiglass as possible; however, I'd like to avoid as much DIY sealing as possible. I'd like to have either sliding plexiglass doors, plexiglass doors on hinges, or a plexiglass panel held in place by magnets on the front. To fill the vertical space I'd like to have a living wall type plan. If anyone has any tips, guides, or advice for: the front doors, living walls, improving the bottom, or improving the false-bottom, it would be much appreciated.

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Hamster-powered paper-shredder!

The hamster turns the wheel, the paper is shredded into the cage providing the critter with more bedding.Tom Ballhatchet(See the other projects there too)L

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Does anyone know anything about reversible induction motors?

 I have a squirrel cage motor from a tumble drier and don't want to wire it up wrong!  I studied the timer switch and it looks as though there is a main power wire which is on most of the time, and this would periodically disconnect and another wire would briefly be connected instead.  I assume this reverses the direction.  I haven't switched the motor on yet, but if it turns out that it starts in a random direction, is there a way to guarantee it will always go one way? TIA, Throbscottle

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Shark Week Party, what to make?

I wanted to go to a shark week party at one of my neighbors' house, but i'm not sure what to bring. I'd like to briing a clever decoration. Maybe figure out were to get shark shaped cookie cutters? THe hostess has three dogs at the moment, so one idea i had was shark shaped cookies that were safe for dogs (i'd have the recipe already) Any more ideas? Last year some one (a balloon twister) made little scuba men to put in the dog cages. like . in a shark cage?  We're nerdy folk.  :3 Thanks for all ideaz!

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Best motor for speed control - ( low rpm - spin 1Lb of coffee)

I'm looking for a motor can have its speed varied, down to 1 rpm if needed and that can be done with a simple circuit. I'm building a coffee roasters. I hear that AC induction motors are hard to have their speed changed. The load will be about a pound or so and the motor will spin a cage full of beans over a heat source.  I dissasembled a bread machine and the motor is induction which I have heard is not able to be accurately speed controlled.  DC or AC?  I've seen electric drills used to spin the bean cage. What about a treadmill motor?   

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my bird just flew away.pleeeeaaaaasssssseeee help?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answered

It was a blue parakeet. I also have a green parakeet they were both close. my older brother tried to get the birds to put them in their cage but left the room door open. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HI EVERY 1!! This is my 1st question Which type of bird would u suggest that I get & is not costly?

A colorful bird would be nice?? How big should I get th cage?? I have a studio style apartment

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Bubbling LED Hanging Industrial lights???

There is a project I have been vigilantly searching for on instructables and google. I remember seeing it on here a couple of years ago and now cannot find it anywhere.. The project consisted of Industrial cage jar lights, LEDs, Vegetable oil, and a fish tank pump and some other supplies.. The LED lights would be submerged in the jars with vegetable oil and   the fish tank pump supplies air into the industrial lights and the oil bubbles..  I would love to find this project. I have been itching to find it for the past year or so. If anyone knows where to find this project, Please pm me.. I would appreciate it immensely.. Or if anyone knows where to find the Industrial cage lights i would appreciate any help in this matter.. Thanks..

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