is the cake a lie?

Is the portal cake a lie?

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Is the Cake a Lie? Answered

I was wondering is the cake was truly a lie.

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Pie is not cake

Nor is cake pie. Discuss.

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Roses on a cake


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Dalek Cake

This Dalek cake by Stacked Cakes in Australia is deliciously epic. It is 22" tall and weighs over 40 pounds. That's a lot of Dalek-y goodness right there. Check out the link for more pics of the cake and the build process. Daleks and Birthdays via CRAFT

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The cake is a lie!

If you mouse over the Contests tab the featured contest is the Cake Decorating Challenge. If you click the image it just takes you to a error 400 page. 

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Rainbow Cake

This rainbow cake is a labor of love and sweetness. Getting all the colors right and laying down all that frosting takes some serious time and effort. If you want to learn how to make one for yourself or someone special, follow the link below for the details.Say it with Cake... via Neatorama

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Robot Cake

Saturday, my parents and friends threw me a surprise birthday party! And if that wasn't cool enough, my mom had made the cake look like Robot. Chocolate and vanilla cake, licorice, Rolos, cinnamon rolls, Snickers bars, and Sugar Babies. Yum!(Its black and white because she based it off of my memopad)

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Is the cake a lie? Answered

Is the cake a lie? Or is only the promise of cake a lie?

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cake + machanics

Hi everyone one i need help im making a cake for my little boys birthday. he would like a dragon cake but he wants the wings to move up and down. ive never made a moving cake and i cant find anywhere that tells me how to achive the wings going up and down. i know how to make them go round but not up and down. so i was wondering if any u kind people can tell me exactly what i need to achive this. thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. 

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portal cake

I cant believe no one posted the portal cake in the contest yet.

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is the cake a lie????

Is the cake in portal a lie??

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Steampunk Cakes!

This is shamelessly stolen from MAKE.  Cake Wrecks (yes, them :-) has a set of truly astounding steampunk cakes on their "Sunday Sweets" feature. gmjhowe should take note!

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Meat cake

Http:// cake made out of meat (and potato)L

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AT-AT wedding cake

What better way to start a marriage than an AT-AT cake that celebrates the Battle of Hoth?  Teresa Ulrich made this one for her friend, Rebecca  Dudeiros, and the results are great. It also comes with Ewok cupcakes. Wait a minute... Ewoks weren't at the Battle of Hoth! Awesome Star Wars Wedding Cake via Craft

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IR Cake.

Hello, Some friends asked my wife to do a birthday cake for a girl of eight years. With her ‹age she is crazy about princesses. Well, what came to mind was that despite having done many projects with Arduino i had never applied electronics in a cake. So we decided to join forces and add some light (RGB LED) and movement (DC motor controlled with an L298) to the cake. Here is the link to the video:;

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Just say NO to Cake

Let them, um, inject cake? The effects of Cake on the brain....Cake reportOk, ok, so it's old news.....I thought it was interesting nevertheless. :-)

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OE-Cake = Awesome

Hey you should check this out. h Here are a few videos for OE cake

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Cake shaping advice?

This year I've started trying to make more advanced cakes and was wondering how other people shape their cakes?  I know there's the basic way of cutting(for example into flat heart shapes and such) but for the more 3D detailed cakes what's the way to do it? Is it the same way?  I thought perhaps its possible to use a similar techinque that's used for some cake pops, where you mix in a semi sweet icing or thickener into cake to create a dough like texture for moulding but would that be to pastey and not cake like enough? I really want to try shaped cakes but I haven't known how, so if anyone could help it would be very much appreciated! Thank you! 

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7 Layer Cake

My baking skills are not good enough for me to do this on my own, but I'd love to see an Instructable on making a traditional 7 Layer Cake. I was surprised to find it in the supermarket freezer the other day and wished I knew how to make it (at least in theory). It is usually only found somewhere where there is a large Jewish or Eastern European influence and there seems to be fewer and fewer bakeries making it so I'd love to have a recipe for posterity should I ever be inclined to give it a try. It was the first time I've seen it in California (and it was shipped from a bakery in Brooklyn no less!).

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The Cake was ALWAYS a lie!

I was thinking of Les Miserables today... which made me think of Marie Antoinette. You know, she said "Let them eat cake!" to the people in her kingdom... But they never got any! So the cake... was a LIE! The cake was a lie! It's ALWAYS been a lie!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!

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Wedding Cake Toppers

Since samesex marriages became legal here in Sweden two days ago it is becomming clear that no one is making those little figures that go on top of the cake in more than one theme (guess wich one). There is the usual pair but they're often plastic molded as one piece and needs a LOT of work to mod. We need an instructable showing how to make, mod, mold, sculpt, massproduce or even bake toppers for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transexuals and Transvestites (I've probably forgotten someone).

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Numeral 4 cake?

I need to make a numeral 4 cake for my grandsons's birthday. He wants it red (for Lightning McQueen) so I think I will then add road markings and car.  

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how to cook good cake?

Hello all i need cook good cake have any idea? i am boy

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How to make a chocolate cake?

I was not able to make it! Could you help me?

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internal bleeding brain cake

How do i make the pouch that holds the blood syrup in the middle

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How to make a sugar free cake?

I can't eat sugar or honey, and I've tried recipe books recipes, but they always come out very dense, and heavy. Does anyone know how to make a sugar free cake, using splenda, etc, that is light and airy like a box cake mix?

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How do you make a 3d ambulance cake!?

HELP PLEASE! My boyfriend is an EMT and i want to make him an ambulance 3 dimensional cake for his birthday. How do i do it?!

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i am looking for a truck cake recipe, or how to decorate?

I am looking for a cake in the shape of a truck for my grandson's birthday. can anybody help or have an idea on how too

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How do you make gluten, wheat, and milk free ice cream or ice cream cake??

I have eczema. I had it when I was a toddler and I still have it. =(    So my doctor said I might be allergic to dairy products and I can't have anything processed .  =(

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So Many Great Cakes!

The Cake Contest closed for entries last night, but voting is still open until noon PST on May 1. So go and look at all the insanely cool cakes that have been submitted.Which ones do you like the best? Cake Contest entries

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Dr. Who Birthday Cake

This Dr. Who cake by Domestic Scientist with a flying Dalek is pretty freakin' awesome. It's clearly a labor of love and to make it even more awesome it doesn't even use fondant, but modeling chocolate. Check out the link for more info. Dr Who Birthday Cake via CRAFT

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5 minute chocolate cake?

Hi   I made one and it didnt rise at all  in fact it was too dense and dry.Does it require baking powder /baking soda? I like the recipe because it can be made in a jiffy.Could you please help me on this?

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Sculpted Roman Numeral Cake? Answered

I need help with a cake. I want to make a cake in the shape of 3 Xs for my Brother in law's 30th birthday (like the roman numerals: XXX) Can someone give me tips on how to sculpt the cake? Should I bake a square cake and then cut it? Or should I attempt to build an X shape into a square pan? Any potential issues you can foresee? I've never used fondant before but I think there are enough instructables on that subject already.

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How to fix this cake stand?

Hi everyone! I bought this cake stand off ebay to use for our wedding cake. It's made of some kind of thin metal. The problem is that the upper plate seems wobbly where it attaches to the pedestal underneath. At this point I'd worry about whether it would be sturdy enough to support a 3 tier cake. I'm wondering if there's a way to re-enforce the seam between the pedestal and the plate to give it more stability? You can see the seam right below the "bowl" part of the upper plate. Would something like epoxy putty work? I'd like to avoid taking the whole thing apart if possible. (Don't mind the weird orange green colouring - I plan to spray paint the whole stand). Any advice or input would be great!

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Hi everyone, I have my own handmade soaps to sell at low prices. These are ideal for craft fairs and online sales. You can see them all here: Many thanks Poppy Long Stocking

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krispie cakes yummmmm (recipie)

How to make 20 Krispie Cakes Ingredients: 145 grams of butter 40 grams of cocoa 115 grams of sugar (white granulated) 200 grams of syrup (golden) 285 grams of rice krispies Method: 1. melt the butter, coacoa, sugar and syrup in a mediam saucepan 2. bring to the boil but soons as it starts boiling remove it from the hob immediatley (turn of gas but leave it on the hob so you can keep on stiring) 3. then squash it into a lightly greased tin (prefrebly a 2cm thick, rectangular one) 4. cool for half an hour and mark 3 lines down from the smallest side and 4 from the longest and then cool for another 30 mins. 5. THEN SERVE YUMM YUMM. PLEASE COMMENT AND MAKE IT POSITIVE OR ILL JUST DELET IT AND REPORT YOU IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DOWNLOAD THE RECIPIE AND SAVE INK WHEN PRINTING ASK ME TO EMAIL IT U VIA COMMENT JUSTLEAVE NAME AND EMAIL 360XXXKNEX OUT!!!

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Cheesecake (hmmmmmm cake :) ) but no Instructable!??

Short story, long version :) : I had an arguement with my sister about how to make a proper cheesecake as her'S either end up as a soaking mess or taste horrible. To my surpise we settled down quickly and discovered she uses traditional Australian recepies based on weird things like cottage cheese, ricotta and so on. Of course cheesecake is many hundrets if not thausands of years old and what we see today has nothing in common with the cakes from that time - but there is one thing our modern cakes all have in common: They are based on what is available in terms of "fresh" cheese or stuff that looks like it, for example Philadelphia. Where I come from a cheesecake might have some other cheese substitues included in the mix for texture and taste but the main ingredient is QUARK. So my sister and I went to get some quark for the next bake off... Let me tell you this much: If you are in AU you either won't get any at all or pay top prices! I consider 9$ for 500g cheap around here! :( And it simply does not taste right as everyone has to include some variation to it. I say for a proper cheescake quark is needed! Now my big question: Do you have similar porblems obtaining quark for your deserts and baking needs? If so I might consider to make an Instructable explaining how to make your own quark at home on the cheap. Maybe even include a piece of cheesecake ;)

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what is a good home made cake recipe to use for a 3D dinosaur cake?

I'm going to make the 3D dino cake that I found on this site. A home made cake was recommended over the mixes because they are denser. Does anyone know of a good recipe that is dense and not at flakey as the mixes?

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How do you make a marble cake?

In real life and ingredients and steps

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AT-AT cake is ready for its close-up

This AT-AT cake is pretty amazing even if very little of it looks to be edible cake stuff. With over 60 hours of work from a few different people and a hand-painted background this is about as epic as a cake can get. Flickr set via greatewhitesnark.

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I need a cake pattern for a 3-D human skull cake Answered

I am getting married on halloween & would like to make a bleeding human skull cake. I have searched all over the Internet & can't find anything on how to make the 3-D skull. I all ready have the bleeding part worked out. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it.

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ORANGE CAKE RECIPE SEARCH: Mom made a from-scratch orange cake that tasted like fresh oranges, had orange zest in it .

A good recipe using a package cake mix (white or yellow) would be of interest, too, but I'm hoping to find a recipe like the original.

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Real chocolate cake recipe which doesn't sink in the middle. Answered

Can anyone recommend a good chocolate cake recipe (not coco) which doesn't sink? I find mud cake recipes using coco powder bake up beautifully, but the taste of the coco lingers on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you all in advance.

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How do you make a give away box for a home made cake? Answered

If I make a regular box mix cake and want to give it for a raffle or to a friend, I need a container that I can give away. How can I cheaply package such a cake?

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how do u make a homemade cake?

hi hi hi hi hih cake

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