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Calgary Mini Maker Faire 2013

Calgary Mini Maler Faire 2013, held on September 14 & 15, was a success. By this I mean attendees left with big smiles on their faces and makers lost their voices from talking so much.  Thank you to everyone who was able to make it down.  Also, a special thank you to for the stickers and other fine swag. You made many children very happy, and more than a few adults too.  Here is a photo or two of the event: Maker Awesomeness

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Calgary Mini Maker Faire

Calgary Mini Maker Faire happens this Saturday, September 8th.  If you are in the area be sure to come by.

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Calgary Mini Maker Faire - Update

Calgary Mini Maker Faire is just weeks away from showtime.  This is the third year and the projects are amazing. Not an event to miss.  Tickets can be purchased here: Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Calgary Mini Maker Faire September 6th and 7th, 2014 Telus Spark Science Centre

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how does a Calgarian find the local maker community to share resources and storage space?

So there's this thing I want to build. there's a lot more to it than I'm making it out to be, but all you really need to know at this juncture is that it would be a sound-proof booth for recording vocals or acoustic guitar and vocals. I currently don't have a long-term address (half of my existence these days is planning trips), but my idea would be to make use of shared tools and materials in exchange for shared use of the end result. in other words it would be made, but someone else would have it in their studio. they'd get use out of it, but I could also use it whenever I want. is this a pipe dream or is this the sort of thing that the maker community is about? FYI I'm in Calgary, and despite my upcoming travels this city is going to mostly be my homebase for quite some time and it's where I want to do this. thanks.

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Geographic Groups

We're planning to hold local versions of Instructables Show & Tell in March, and hope to do it again soon if there's enough interest.I've set up some geographic groups to get things started! Add yourself to the relevant group, or start your own.Comment here or PM me to add your group to the list.SF Bay AreaLos AngelesTorontoHoustonNew YorkSeattleChicagoAustinLondonSan DiegoPortlandOrlandoMinneapolisBostonAtlantaCalgaryDenverSt. LouisVancouverDallasSingaporeMadridSydneyMontrealOntarioOttawaAlbertaBaltimoreDetroitLas VegasSavannahYour city here...

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Is there an easy way to identify routes between airports ?

I've had a fairly good look for a way of doing this, it might be the way I'm asking the question but.... I've been looking for a way to identify routes out of any given airport. I don't want to book flight with any specific airline, I want to explore possible routes, the way I want to take them, without having to enter my itenary in a dozen airline websites. Somewhere I can see say "Honolulu - Serves LA Sandiego New York, Calgary Paris....." "Manchester UK - serves Paris, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta....." Thanks for any tips ! Steve

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Jaswinder Brar: Seeking Developer Team for New Product Design Inventions!

Hello I am an avid inventor of new product designs:I am currently working on Project: Foam-Fan: For Global Cooling Prize:See Details Here: have entered my preliminary submission, received great feedback from GCP, and I am now seeking a developer team to help prototype this invention for the next stage of submissions.Feel encouraged to browse my Product Design Inventions on Twitter (User: @jay_bee12345) and message me back if you'd like to collaborate on developing my product design works. Details: also regularly post and update Product Design Articles on LinkedIn, Let's Connect!Example: LinkedIn Profile:'s Work Together & Innovate the World!Thank You.Jaswinder Brar.Calgary, Alberta, Canada.JSB23@hotmail.CA

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