What happens to a 4v rated motor when I juice it with 12v?

What happens to a 4v rated motor when I juice it with 12v?

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How do you put a picture on a comment?

I saw somebody put a picture on a comment, and I wanted to do the same. But when I went to my image library, copied the disired image, and tried to paste it onto my comment, it wouldn't work.

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Has the member population decreased? Answered

Usually, my view counts are in the 100's in just a day... I lost my camera awhile ago, and totally stopped posting for about 3 months. After I bought a new camera and started posting again, my view counts are at only 11 after 2 days! Has anyone else noticed this? is it possible my 'ibles aren't making it to the "Explore" section? I never see them there...are they hidden from the author?

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How can I change my home address? Answered

I just moved and instructables sends me stuff in the mail sometimes. I just got a Halloween card and it had to be re-directed. The post office will eventually stop doing this and I wont be able to get anymore stuff... how can I change my address?

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How to use a solar panel without frying a battery when it's done charging?

I am curious to know if i need a component that will stop my homemade solar panel USB charger to stop charging a device when the battery is full. could the solar panels over charge the battery when it's full? Will the unneeded voltage just turn into heat? I also would like to know if I can hook multiple devices that each use 5v and 500MA with a solar panel that puts out 5v and 8 amps without slowing the charging speed. Im sorry if I can't phrase the question right... please try to decipher my description of my problem

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Can someone make~

The "Hobbes" from calvin and hobbes comics? :D

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How can I make an adjustable flashing strobe LED? Answered

I need to make an LED that will flash at different speeds depending on the position of a sliding switch. I am going to make a miniature movie projector and I need to set up an LED to flash at a specific frames per second. A diagram would be awesome!

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How can I make a miniature mummy freak-show display? Answered

I want to be able to carve a monster out of a material that will shrink and shrivels somehow. Is there a technique to do such a thing? I have heard of the shriveled apple faces. Anyone think that would work (carving a monster out of an apple and drying it)? Does anyone know of other techniques that result in a convincingly decayed-looking freak? like this:

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What on earth to do with box of RC helicopters? Answered

I just got a box of RC helicopters and parts. Its has 2 complete helicopters in pieces ( BIG ONES) a ParkFlyer step charger (?) a battery, a ratio, and a whole bunch of crystals and servos and wires and rotors ect. Even a carbon fiber cloth rod that the tail rotar attaches to.  *shrug* I don't know anything about RC helicopters, except that they are very difficult to even takeoff. What do I do now?

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me and my friend have a new pet called calvin!

Hes a catepillar we have to let him go when hes turning into a catepillar ill post a pictue in a while

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Will a USB Mp3 player charge with 5v and 88MA? Answered

Will a USB device Mp3 (usually 5v and 100-400 mA) player charge with 5v and 88MA? Will it take longer to charge? Or will it overload the charger and break something? Will a fluctuating amperage, always below the device's requirements, damage the device's LiPo battery?Thank you! I'm going to make something cool!

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How to hook up some transistors with solar panel to run a motor ? Answered

I've looked on the web quite a bit, and it seems I need some answers from a human being... How can I make a SIMPLE circuit that discharged some capacitors when they reach enough charge to run a motor? I want to make a little solar powered robot that moves around. Like the Bean bot from MAKE.

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easiest ever

Um, hello? calvinball from calvin and hobbes? just need some flags, those metal hoops from a croquet set, a volleyball, and black masks. only rule is you can't do the same thing twice, and rules are made up as you go along.

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Favorite Quotes.

What are your favorite sayings? Mine are: "One can never know for sure what a deserted area looks like." - George Carlin. "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." - Mark Twain. "One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor." - Steven Wright. "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." - Mark Twain. And last but not least, "Tomorrow's another big day!" - Calvin's mom. Comment with your own!

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My instructable Is white page after an edit

Hey, my instructable [id/How-To-carve-A-Maori-Hook-Pendant-Video/] is broken and displays only a white page. This happened immediately after i made some edits to the content. Whatever occurred also wrecked my ability to view my list of published instructables, it just displays another instance of instructables inside of itself instead of the list. I've sent an e-mail to fungusamungus, but have not heard back yet. Hopefully someone will be able to help (This entry is in a contests) thanks, -Calvin

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"Hydronic" A/C in an enclosed overhead space condensing and weeping ruining the ceiling tiles.

In an historic building, a remodel installing a chill water A/C air handler into a ceiling space now completely enclosed, is experiencing severe condensation and weeping onto the drop ceiling tiles.  I suspect a building code violation; "non vented installation". I am guessing a small powered fan/blower, cycling the air in the over head enclosed space with the "air-conditioned" environment. I am just guessing...  I would be honored to receive expert advice. Thank you, Calvin Rodriguez 858-382-9692

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How to Create Art: TIps

INTROThere don't seem to be any good instructables on how to draw (or create art), so I decided to make one. Here are some tips I've learned in art class.You may be disappointed with the lack of pictures, but remember; this is about YOUR art, not mine. So, happy art-ing!*This was supposed to be an Instructable, but the evil robot jerk thingy deleted it. So here it is, forum-format.*STEP ONE: DRAWING1. Stay LOOSE. Use your whole arm. A good way to warm up is to do gesture drawings; they're fun and they look cool. (Gesture drawings are drawings done with one line. The idea is to capture the movement of the object, and the inside, not just the edges; it's hard to explain.)2. Draw lots. Doodle. Write with funky letters. Honestly, practicing will improve your art tenfold.3. For still lives (drawing things that you can see), draw the object you see, not the object you think you see. For example, if you're drawing a teapot, don't draw what a teapot looks like (or what you think a teapot looks like), draw the teapot in front of you. Draw the bumps and the shadows, the drips down the spout, the angle, etc.4. DON'T SMUDGE. Don't. You can get the same affect with shading, and it looks WAY better. Trust me.5. Draw real things. Don't just draw things from your imagination, draw the things in front of you.STEP TWO: PHOTOGRAPHYLots of people make the mistake of thinking that if their drawing is (to them) craptastic, then their art is. It's no true. You don't have to draw to make art; go grab a camera and take some photos. You'll be amazed at the number of cool designs you can find in your house -- the way the blanket on your bed ripples, the pattern your computer cables make, etc. Take photos of everything: the sky, your room, your walls, your face, your friends, your plants, your cat, everything. And finally, take lots and lots of photos. This is where a digital camera comes in handy. I guarantee that if you take 150 photos (it's not hard -- 150 should take you an hour) at least 25 will be decent. 10 will be good. And at least one or two will be spectacular.So get out there and take some photos! MATERIALSDrawing:Pencils:- Use a good, sharp HB or 4B pencil. Analogue, not mechanical.- Get a good eraser; the best are the rectangular white ones- For pencil crayons, I suggest a well-known brand; Crayola or Laurentien are my two main choicesPaper:- Get good, thick paper. The worst thing you can do is draw something spectacular on a piece of lined paper, so I suggest you carry some blank pages with you, in a binder or sketchbook.Pens:- I suggest Crayola Sketch pens (the ones with the thick tips), or SharpiesPainting:- NO PUCK-PAINTS. Don't use anything that comes dry. If it isn't in a tube, tub, or bottle, don't use it. Liquids have better colour -- they don't look as faint.Brushes:- Shell out for the good ones. Get ones with wooden handles, and tips that look like real hair. No plastic, synthetic-tipped garbage.- Take care of them: wash all the paint off of them when you're finished, and dry them off. Place them brush-ends up, so that the bristles don't get squashed and look like Calvin's head. And finally, mess around with crayons a bit (go Crayola) most people think they're for toddlers, but they're fun, and you can do some really cool stuff with them.

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