air canon? Answered

I don't no if it is legal to build a air canon in canada. thanks to answer me

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Shutter speed on Canon Ixus?

Hi guys, l'd like to ask if it is possible to make the shutter speed faster (eg. 1/1500 or something)  on the Canon Ixus 125 HS camera. If so, I'd like instructions for it and images if possible Thx in advance 

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Paper route paper canon

Hey guys, I need some suggestions. I'm wanting to build a canon type device that will toss/shoot/push out a newspaper that is rolled up, onto peoples porchs. I do paper route delivery, and getting out of the car for houses setting kind of a ways back is a pain. Or just having to get out everyime kind of sucks. I'm thinking more along the lines of something that is spring loaded. Also, one problem is when you roll up the news paper, you use rubber bands. But if I were to have a chamber where the paper when down into it, the rubber bands would affect how the paper slid out the gun, since rubber bands of course having a rubbery consistancy that would almost be like a rubbery shoe bottom stopping suddenly on a basketball court, putting a brake on it's velocity. Anyhow, and ideas would be great. PVC type canon with a spring inside seems like that might be functional, but how would the locking device work, etc. etc...

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Help with Canon Pixma Stepper

Hey all- Looking for some help with this little motor I pulled from a scrap Canon Pixma.  I want to use it to drive a very basic tumbler for 3d printed parts. I'm using it and the geared shaft to drive the drum.  Can I run this directly from a wall-wart, and if so, can you tell me what flavor to look for?  I'd like to just solder barrel connectors on and run with it. Thanks, Jeff

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Could I fit a Canon 70-210 Zoom lens for a film onto a Canon XSi?

I still shoot film, and I use a Canon FT-b, mainly with my 70-210 Zoom Lens. I'm currently looking to upgrade to a Canon XSi, and I was wondering if there was a converter that any one knows/thinks would work.  Thank you for your help!

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Limit of compact flash card for A75 canon?

I have a canon A75 Digital Camera which uses a compact flash card. Now that the flash memory is cheap i wanted to know what is the capacity camera can handle.?

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Canon XM1 Lost component fix?

Hi there, So I've managed to break my CA910 Compact Power adapter, from what i understand it charges batteries and it also acts as a middle man between the power supply another lead that plugs into the camera to power it from the mains. The DC-905 DC Coupler is now effectively useless and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of a DIY fix that would mean I can start powering my camera from the mains again, below is a copy of the cameras manual (I know it says Canon GL1, ignore it its the same camera!); If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them, Mikeyfish90210

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Canon XM1 Lost component fix?

Hi there, So I've managed to break my CA910 Compact Power adapter, from what i understand it charges batteries and it also acts as a middle man between the power supply another lead that plugs into the camera to power it from the mains. The DC-905 DC Coupler is now effectively useless and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of a DIY fix that would mean I can start powering my camera from the mains again, below is a copy of the cameras manual (I know it says Canon GL1, ignore it its the same camera!); If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them, Mikeyfish90210

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Canon t2i Versus Canon 7D (to be used with 50 mm 2/8 lens)

I'm looking into buying a Canon dSLR camera body, to be used with the 50 mm 2/8 lens for food photography. I'd need to purchase the additional lens no matter which camera I buy. I want to avoid purchasing two cameras, and I am hoping to buy the right one from the start. Over the next few years, I'd be shooting a lot of macro food photography with whichever model I purchase. Between the Canon t2i or a Canon 7D body, is the large initial investment for the Canon 7D wiser in the long run? Or can a Canon t2i produce professional-quality results?

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pattern for leather case, canon powershot g10?

Excuse my english, does somebody know how to make a pattern for leather case for canon powershot g10 looks like the SC-DC60A original case or similar thanks

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CD/DVD Tray for Canon IP6600D?

How do I make a CD/DVD Tray for Canon Pixma IP6600D Printer

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one of the pins in my canon powershot pro 1 broke off

One of the pins in my canon powershot pro 1 broke off is there any way to fix it it also wont turn on anymore it is the pin in  the picture

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CD Tray For Canon IP6600D Printer?

I have a Canon Pixma IP6600D Printer and I need to print directly onto CD/DVD?

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Canon USB/AA battery charger?

I'm looking to do a very long backpacking trip and was wondering if there was any way to charge my camera's battery without being plugged into a wall outlet. This applies to lots of these bigger batteries, but in this case I'm looking at the Canon NB-7L, that works with the PowerShot series. Litium-Ion, 7.4V, 1050 mAh. As far as I can tell, there is no way to charge this battery without these big wall chargers, although there are some off-brand variations which allow for power from a cigarette lighter adapter. Anyone have any brilliant ideas on how one would go about getting power to one of these batteries, via charger or otherwise? My main problem seems to be that all the alternative power sources out there (solar chargers, mintyboost, yada) provide their power via USB, which doesn't seem to do me much good. I know there's beefy battery packs out there that would work, but in the interest of saving weight, I'd rather not spring for a brick that weighs more than my tent. Any input is greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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Canon battery charger (images updated)

Greeting all, I have this canon camera that I dearly love. My sd100 may be a bit older and dated by today's 7 megapixel standards, but I don't buy that marketing propaganda anyway. So here's the deal: Canon cameras come with this cool little charger with flip out prongs to tap into the 110v lines in your home. This doesn't work for me as I am in the car more often than not and have a USB power plug for charging my phone and also for my Mio GPS. How can I begin to reverse engineer this thing to accept 5v usb power? Sorry I am more of a tinkerer than a engineer and any help would be appreciated. Maybe we can make a database of these charger mods? I know a few people that would appreciate something similar. Thanks in advance!

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how to eject tape on canon camcorder zr65?

Canon zr65 mini dv camcorder won't eject. Tape cassette come out half way then stops, and goes back in. 

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Instructions to repair movie camera Canon UC1A that will not playback sound?

Does anyone know how I can fix my Canon UC1A movie camera? It does not playback sound.

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How do you start up in Canon mode with CHDK?

Hi again, I'm considering installing CHDK for my camera, but can't seem to find anything about how you disable or get out of CHDK mode or how can you start the camera in normal Canon mode, so I'd like to know how you can start up in Canon mode and also how do you remove CHDK please Thx in advance super_me

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Free Canon Underwater Housing for A60 and A70 - WP-DC700

My Canon A70 broke, and I replaced it with a A720 that does not fit my waterproof housing. Anyone out there have an A60 or A70 and want a WP-DC700 waterproof housing? I'll send you mine for the cost of shipping it to you.

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Which DSLR camera would you suggest, Nikon or Canon?

I'm thinking of purchasing a new camera so I just would like some input which one's better and what's the special features.

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Can i use a grill igniter to light Black powder

I am building a golf ball morter and I don't want to use fuse could I use a grill igniter?

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SD card drive won't hold my SD card in my camera. Any suggestions/help?

I have an (almost) brand new camera and one day when I put my SD card into it and it wouldn't stay in. Here's what's going on: 1. I take my SD card 2. I put it in the slot 3. I push it in and it pops out again. It's supposed to make a click and stay in until I push it again. I can still use the camera, but the SD card springs out whenever I open the hatch that it's stored in. If it is unfixable, I can (hopefully) still exchange it for another one or, if it is fixable, I can take it to my local camera shop. Is there a DIY option to fix this that isn't too advanced?  Some info:    It is a canon sx520hs    It is less than a year old    I think it is a problem with the mechanism that makes it lock in. Thanks in advance!

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USB Shutter release for CHDK Canon Digital Cameras

(Note: this is for Canon digital cameras that use CHDK firmware)I made a battery powered USB shutter release for my firmware hacked Canon A640. I used a clicky pen, some wire, a push button switch, electrical tape, and some batteries...This design will work with most Canon cameras that use CHDK firmware.Check it out over on my blog:Home USB Shutter Release

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Is it possible to get an Olympus Zuiko lens to work on a Canon EOS mount (20D specifically)?

Hello, I was wondering if an Olympus Zuiko lens could be mount with an adaptor onto a Canon 20D. (This lens). If so, would it be able to have the full function of a canon lens? For example, auto focus, aperture, etc. I have never used any lens but canon on my camera. Does anyone speak from experience? Thanks!

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Interfacing with an LCD display from a Canon multifunction printer?

I recently salveged an LCD display module from a smashed Canon all-in-one printer.  So far, I have been unable to search up any information on it.  The manufacturer seems to be "APEX" (see fifth picture), and the circuit board has a backwards "RU" mark.  Any ideas as to how to talk to it, possibly with an Arduino? If, as I suspect, the module is an OEM part, and datasheets are not available, do you have any recommendations as to how I could try to experimentally determine what the contacts do?  (I got it for free, so It's not too critical if I destroy it...) Thanks! - Infinitevortex

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Use scanner only on a Canon MP140 Printer

Hey everyone, I had a great idea to take a non working all-in-one Canon Pixma MP140 printer, remove the non working printer part and use only the working upper tray with the scanner. How complicated can this be? Not as straight forward as I thought. The scanner worked great before I took the printer apart. I removed all the plastic, metal bars and cartridges and thought that with a bit of tweaking it'll work. Hell, at this point I need devine intervention, or at least a knowledgeable instructables member... Right now when I turn it on (I don't know what to call it anymore a scanner or a printer) the power and the alarm LEDs blink with the 7-segment display showing E...2...6... and I can't scan. The following procedure changes the indication, but the end result is the same: •Turn off the printer •Hold the Resume Button (red circle in the triangle), click “Power” which will turn green. •Hold the Power Button, release the Resume Button. •Not releasing the Power Button, double click “Resume” and release Both Buttons. •Click “Resume” for Four times •Once you click “Power”, to confirm the selected action (reset counter absorber). To disable the printer “Power” button to click again. and I can't scan. I fiddled a bit with a wire innocently thinking it'll do the trick.... somehow... but ended up accidently touching the part that connects the scanner white data cables to the PCB. It sparked and the scanner turned OFF. I'm afraid that might have caused the E26 error that I found indicated: Internal temperature rise error. Any ideas?

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Does anyone know how to charge this Canon XT battery without the original charger?

I left my charger behind at a friends house and need to charge the battery for my Canon XT. Any way to charge it with a regular battery charger? Thanks and Happy 2011!

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I'm looking for a Canon DSLR lens that has similar capabilities to its prosumer and point 'n shoot counterparts.

I love my Canon DSLR cameras, they have wonderful features and capabilities and lots of lenses to choose from (there's even a new model with a flippy screen!). Wonderfulness aside, I've been having terrible luck finding a lens that will let me shoot the same way I could with my Canon S5 IS. I'm not necessarily interested in an all-in-one lens with oodles of zoom, all I need is one that will let me focus on something from at least 3 inches to two feet, no fisheye, a wide Fstop range (from about 2.3 to 8 would be perfect). Has anyone found a lens like this anywhere?

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Eos t3i power adapter

I just bought my first real camera. The canon t3i. I want to order an ac adapter for the unit. The one made by canon, is 69  bucks, but i have seen other branded ac adapters for 14.99 of course this raises all kinds of questions, is the canon overpriced? Probably.  Is the chaper brand going to harm my camera? I dont know. Maybe some of you can shed light or convince me to buy the OEM ac adapter.... 

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Were can I find a Cheap Canon xl1s for under £300?

I'm looking specificly for a Canon Xl1s or another high/broadcast quality camera that i can use to make films, but for under £300. I have been looking around on ebay etc. and it seems the cheapest i can find is £400. Does anyone know any websites that offer what I am looking for?

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I need help with a Cannon sd500 lcd replacement. The new LCD is not working. ?

I have a cannon SD 500 digital camera. I replaced a broken LCD. It worked at first for a few minutes. Now only the back-light is working and I cant get an image to show up. Any suggestions?

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My canon SD 450 camera broke! Answered

When i turn it on the screen flashes E18. i looked up E18 and say's that this is caused but to much dust in the mechanical parts. Ive tried using compressed air to blow out dust from it but that didn't work. HELP!

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Ceiling mount for a Canon Digital Rebel XT?

A few minutes ago I found a link (mind you, I'm supposed to be writing a paper!) to this Oren Lavie video and I fell in love with it. I'm super interested in stop-motion photography & I would loooove to have a ceiling mount for my Canon Digital Rebel XT =) The only problem with this, however, is that I'm not very good with things like this! So if anyone could suggest to me how I'd go about doing this [preferably cheap, because I am a poor art student, after all!), or heck, even doing an Instructable on it, I'd be eternally grateful!]Yayay, thank you =)

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Charging canon NB-4L battery over USB.

So im on vacation with my camera, but i forgot my charger. The battery is rated at 3.7 volts and 760 mAh. My charger outputs 4.2 volts. My question is, would 5 volts from a USB port be too much for a makeshift charger?

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How do I remove the rear lens cap from a Canon manual focus FD lens.? Answered

 This is a 50mm lens from a Canon manual focus A1 camera.  The knurled metal ring on the rear of the lens will not turn. I could have installed a cap from one of the newer style FD lenses.

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How do I make a custom shutter speed on Canon sx520hs? Answered

I have a Canon powershot SX250hs, and I want to get a custom shutter speed. How I've been told to do this is to look in my settings and try to find an option for the shutter speed. That setting will make it so that I can hold the shutter button for however long I want and that will be my shutter speed. The problem is, I can't figure it out. Does anybody own a similar camera who can help me out? Thanks in advance!

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Is it possible to fix a broken Canon T2i audio input jack?

During my last video shoot one of the actors tripped on the microphone cable and partially broke the audio input jack on my Canon T2i. I now only get the right channel of audio when I hold the mic cable at just the right angle. Is it possible to fix this myself? Can I take it to a shop to have it fixed? If I take it to a shop what price should I expect? The camera body is worth $500 new. Thanks.

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G9 Users

If you use the fantastic g9 please chat here...

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how much psi can a a1 steaksauce container hold

I have a project and i need to know how much psi a a1 steaksauce container can hold

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Build a LANC controller interface to a video camera with no LANC port

I'm finally upgrading into the world of HD video and going tapeless. It's time to retire my Sony TRV-80 miniDV camcorder. I'm getting a Canon Vixia HF11 AVCHD camcorder. The image quality is incredible from the reviews and sample shots I have seen that people have taken already. It's got everything I need, with the exception of one key feature I had hoped it would have. My Sony camcorder has a LANC tripod remote control jack which accepts zoom and start/stop control inputs from a Manfrotto tripod-mounted variable-speed zoom controller via a submini phone plug cable. I have $400 invested in the controller alone, along with matching tripod and full fluid head. Canon does not provide this feature to connect an external controller, except on its flagship line of high-end pro camcorders such as the XH-A1, which are way beyond my budget. Also, the XH-A1 still uses miniDV tapes shooting the older HDV format, which is not as good as HD on the Vixia HF11. Sony isn't any better, their last camcorder to offer a LANC port is several years old, and also uses miniDV tapes in HDV format. It's time to move on and shoot direct to SDHC memory cards. No more tape dropouts or waiting to download tapes to your PC! I first contacted Canon's customer support dept, and presented my question. The response was that there is no LANC feature or method of connecting such a controller to the HF11, only the XH-A1and other high-end bug bucks models have this capability. The Canon HF11 does have an accessory hot shoe capable of connecting devices such as an external mic, video light or flash unit. I'm interested in finding out more about the exact pinouts of these hot shoe contacts. There may be pins connected with the zoom system that can be used hopefully. Canon just probably doesn't want to bother telling anyone, or the feature was not implemented in this model series. My controller connects via a standard subminiature male 3 contact phone plug cable, acquiring a hot shoe accessory such as a video light, taking it apart and using the body to connect a pigtail onto the contact pins, then extending it out with a female submini phone jack to plug the controller into would facilitate the connections. The camera comes with an IR remote, but I suspect the zoom buttons are single speed on or off, no variable speed as with the camera's zoom rocker, which is what I really need. The only other idea I came up with would be to fix a servo motor to proportionally move the zoom rocker in response to a signal output from my zoom control unit, but this would require designing a powered circuit to run the servo, calibrate the whole thing, and it would just be plain ugly and cumbersome to attach to the camera. It would be clumsy and jury-rigged, and probably not give me the smooth remote control results I am looking for. If anyone already owns an HF11, and has gotten the tinkering bug, or knows what all the contact pins are, I'd be real interested to know!

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