HI Fi Jammer?

Please can anyone help. Neoghbours playing loud Hi Fi through the night

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Old Hi-fi with no line-in

Hello everybody,  I found an old (5/10 years)  Kenwood small hi-fi system. It has a good sound, but I wanted it to connect to my laptop. The problem is that there is no line-in or any other form of input. Since it has cd-reader and a tape reader I though I could create an input removing the tape reader and using the connection tape->amplifier as my new line-in. Is that possible, any help or instruction? Thanks, bye

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Building a home Hi-Fi using 12V car sopund components

Many years ago I used to have big sound systems in my cars. I grew out of this but am left with the parts, i.e. speakers and radios and amps. I would like to build a hi-fi system using these parts. I’ll need to build enclosures for the speakers and radio and amps. No problem. My problem revolves around how do I power this setup? Using a charged car 12V battery is the simplest option and will give the cleanest sound, but that will have the problem of maintaining the battery using suitable charging mechanisms. The other option is to build or buy some kind of 12V power supply that can run from a household 220V AC power socket. The problem with this is, that the power supply will need to be able to handle large currents, to the tune of 90 Amps!! How can this be done?

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Adapting powered pc speakers to hi fi speakers

Adapting powered pc speakers to hi fi speakers - New! by JayWalkerLeo - 10/21/09 9:16 AM Does anyone know if it is possible to take the power unit out of a set of powered pc speakers and put it  into a set of basic hi-fi speakers. The reason is the left speaker of the pc set does not work properly but all the amp bits work.  I have a pair of 20 (10+10) watt hi-fi speakers nothing special at all, but I wanted to know if i could swap the amp bits with all the cables from the pc set to the hi-fi pair without too many adverse affects. Any help or advice is most welcome  

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Sci-Fi Airshow

Loving the pictures from this Sci-Fi Airshow. If only I also had the chance to touch history like the people in these pictures. Sci-Fi Airshow via adafruit

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Adding more speakers to hi fi stereo?!

Hi, i was just wondering whether anyone knew of anything that will allow me to add more speakers to my sony hi-fi without losing in volume. my stereo only allows me to add 2 speakers, and i have seen that you can get stereo speaker splitter allowing to add more speakers but i don't know whether one of those leads to a loss in volume aswell. I was wondering whether there is anything like a booster/amplifier to prevent the loss (almost like an aerial booster for TV's). Any help would be great thanks! Dan

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How to make a Line-In switch for one pair of speakers?

I'm livin with two room-mates and a kinda dream of us is to put speaker cables from each room to a switch and then further to a pair of speakers in the kitchen. The problem is that i only find switches for one Line-In and several pairs of speakers and not the reverse type model. As i dun have any further electronic skills, could sumone give a construction plan or a link to such, so that i know what parts i need to buy for soldering?

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can I use a wireless router connected to a wired IP camera to make a wireless connection to a home network, if so, how?

A neighbor has asked me to put together a security system for his farm buildings.  I'm debating between wifi enabled cameras and wired IP cameras each connected to its own wifi router.  There aren't a lot of options for wifi camera in his budget range and distance between cameras and the house is a big issue.  I can get a 'wired' system with an NVR that meets his requirements and budget but I just don't do enough with wifi to know if this is possible.  Any suggestions are welcome.  Thank you.

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Gamecube car hookup with car monitor?

Hi all, I was wondering if I could hook up a gamecube with on of these:  http://www.amazon.com/Monitor-Support-Resolution-Automobile-Rear-view/dp/B006MPRFJQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid;=1370211690&sr;=8-1&keywords;=car+monitor I was just wondering how I could hook it up using one auxillary power sources. Note - we also have a usb inside the car, but we don't have an AC. Thanks, gallerdude

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windmill with car alternator

Hi there,i want to know if it is possible to build a windmill with a car alternator to produce free electricity,and if there are any plans available?

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Arduino Car

Hi, So in computer engineering I've got to make a arduino based car, I've added a whole bunch of features such as IR tracking, obstacle avoidance(proximity sensor), optical tracking(follow a black line), and remote control through an android based phone. Since I'm a total newbie to technology I'm having trouble. I would appreciate it if You guys can point me towards resources and arduino libraries(for coding) that will work for me. Right now for coding I've only got basic pseudo-code setup since I do not know what libraries to use. I have searched up many sketches online and looked at them but didn't really understand any of the code. Here's the basic pseudo-code I got setup on the things that I've got to work on: DC Motor (4 of em for the wheels) (I also plan to add a stepper motor for turning right and left so if you could direct me on that as well) //Import necessary library //Setup the motors and pins //If signal for forward received //Code for moving forward //Set speed //Else If signal for backward received //Code for moving backward //Set speed //Else If signal for right received (keep turning right till stop signal received) //Code for moving right //Set speed //Else If signal for left received (keep turning left till stop signal received) //Code for moving left //Set speed //Else If signal for stop is received (Should we slow down to a stop or just stop?) //Code for stop //Set speed IR (I've got transmitting and recording diodes) //Import Library //Declare Pin for the IR Sensor //While loop: Move Right //If IR signal is received //move forward //Else //Jump back to top of loop Proximity Sensor (obstacle avoidance mode) (I might either use the one from Lego kit or buy a separate one ) //Import Library //Declare Pin for proximity sensor //While Loop: Send out sonar(echolocation or whatever) every second //Is there any obstacle?   //Yes, turn right so many degrees, and go back to while loop   //No, move on forward at set speed //If you’re surrounded and cannot exit send out a message through flashing LED's ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm not asking for the code or for any of you to do all my stuff for me, I'm just asking for direction and resources. Thank You

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Pool Table playing fied

Hi! I'm about to build a pool table (billiard table) and I wonder what material I should use for the ''field'' where you play. I wondered about plywood or something similiar. On all quality tutorials they want some stone or something (I don't really know) So what's the best and cheapest solution?

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In-car computer (PC)

I want to put a PC in my car as a media source for music/podcasts, movies for the kids, park and surf at hotspots, etc. Has anyone done this? I have an older laptop that I can use/sacrifice, or should I get a small pc case? Things I want to do: #Can I hook it up to the "key on" power to boot when I start the car. #The laptop battery is weak and only gives power to the laptop for a few minutes (about 15 minutes then just enough to shut down) #Disconnect and relocate the screen or install a touch screen #Roof-mount (magnetic base) hi gain wi-fi antenna #the in dash stereo has RCA/mini-jack inputs for sound #I'm good with cars and computers. I can replace an axle as easily as a hard drive. I'm not afraid of getting greasy or soldering on boards. In other words, I believe I am up for the challenge Any help or advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. peace, Scott

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wood and fiberglass cars

Hi i was just wondering when people make those awsome cars out of wod and fiberglass how do they get the shapes of the wood right?

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Choosing components for a car-amplifier - which way to go?

I am lucky enough to have a few "hi-fi" amplifiers around my house. What I've noticed is that the better quality kit has far fewer components than the generic cheap Asia imports. Am I right in my assumption that fewer components of significantly higher spec is the way to go when building a car-amp for myself? Many thanks.

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Transmitting video over Wi-Fi

Hey Instructables community! I'm trying to build a system that will transmit video feed from a camera attached to an RC car to a computer over wifi for a project me and my daughter are working on. I've looked through several solutions, such as wireless KVM, but wanted to know what you guys thought would work best. I'm looking to have to put as little electronics as possible on the RC car, to minimize weight. Thanks!

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How did he know this was made in china? Answered

  My friend says this needle / stylus is made in china because I asked if it was dirty and why it is green.  SO, why is it green? Is it dirty? ....AND ......Is it made in China?    Please and Thank you :)

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Contest Rejection

I tried to enter my instructable for Altair's Sword in the Think Geek Sci-Fi contest and it got rejected. No reason was given and I was just told to check the entry rules, but I see nothing that would disqualify my instructable. Yes it's a sword, but it's from a game that is a sci-fi game about a guy who gets in a futuristic machine that uses his DNA to allow him to relive his ancestor's lives in the hope of figuring out where a mysterious alien artifact is to keep a secret society from taking over the world. They even feature several Assassin's Creed items on Think Geek, including a latex tomahawk. Could anyone let me know why it was rejected?

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knex car competion

Hi this is a user competition untill 10/3/13 . you can build any 4 wheeled car or truck , MUST NOT BE MOTORISED OR KNEX PEICES CUT OR STUCK. ALSO PLEASE POST INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR ENTRY. thank you .

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Sci-Fi Contest Question

Hi Internet! I just saw the Sci-Fi Contest recently opened and I immediately had a bunch of ideas for projects, but I noticed that the contest page says "any project inspired by a film, TV show, or book is eligible." I was wondering, if I were to make something based on a sci-fi video game, would that still be eligible to enter? There's quite a lot of this genre in video games and I'm guessing other people will probably be interested in making video game-inspired projects as well, so I thought I'd ask just to be sure before I get too far along in a project that may or may not qualify for entry. Thanks for your time!

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Build an Electric Car

Want to convert your car to all-electric on the cheap?  Check out bennelson's awesome Instructable, Build your own Electric Car!  Ben walks you through the steps of converting a Geo Metro (purchase price $500, gas-requiring parts sold for $550) to run on a forklift motor and 6 12V batteries.   According to his calculations, the car gets the equivalent of about 130 mpg.  Not bad for an entirely self-taught mechanic! Check out the video of his converted Metro going up hills: Sounds easy, right?  So when are you planning to convert your car or truck? This post has been sponsored by Pepsi. The Pepsi Refresh Project celebrates the people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive effect on our world.

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Car light dimmer

Hi all, Can someone show me how to make a car dimmer or point me in the right direction to make one. Just to recap this is like the new cars when you open the car the light fades up and when the car door is closed the light will take 5 to 10 seconds to dim out. Thanks in advance.

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Car window motors

Hi guys, I don't know if I am on the right section for this kind of question, correct me if I am not. I am looking for a website that sells cars window motor, not the casing and everything, just the 12V motor itself. If anyone could help me, how many amps is there in the motor, I know its 12V, but I want the Wattage.  Thanks in advance!

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R/C Car

Hi, I had this r/c car, but I had lost the top, can anyone help vme figure out what to do with it? how can I make a top with plastic? And sorry, but the pics were a little blurry, (the camera was out of focus) but you can still see the basic shape

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hi tec Ranger 3 sky radio controler 3 channel?

CAN i run a 27mhz ra green crystal remote car thanks for your help

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Logitech Pure-Fi Elite - Build a batterypack and connect it for mobile use

Hi all!I have that awesome logitech sound-system:http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/speakers_audio/ipod_mp3_speakers/devices/3660&cl;=de,deand I was wondering, how would I have to modify it so I can use it without a powerconnection, e.g. at a campfire ;)I could imagine a solution with build in batteries as well as an external battery-pack which I would connect to when needed outdoors.many thnx in advance for any ideas!steffen.

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DIY wi-fi signal finder

Hi there, I came across the schematics needed to make one of these nifty devices a while ago, but didnt bookmark (idiot) and now I can't seem to find it anywhere... Anyone know how to make one of these? :) Thanks in advance. Cheers Celso

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Cordless Car Heater

Hi all, I am camping in my SUV in northern CA. It's a bit cold at night and in the morning, and can stay warm with blankets and a sleeping bag, but, when I get up, and want to change clothes or just sit, it is really cold. It's a 1999 Ford Explorer V6, and I am trying to find or make a device that would heat the interior without turning the engine on.  I've seen handwarmers on amazon and ebay, but I don't see anything that warms that much space without a plug and without CO2 emission. Any ideas?

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car, transportation, egg

Hi, i have to build a toy car or something like it, powered by rubber bands so its no problem, the thing is that it has to travel 31ft on a straight line, and then stop at 31ft and drop an egg. the egg must survive the fall from the car... Any ideas??? I'd consider using some type of braking mechanism. A string wrapped from a front axle to a rear axle would make a great brake. It would work kind of like a cassette tape; winding from one side to the other, and stopping when it's completely transferred form one to the other.

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Capacitor in my rc car? Answered

Hi. I just want to know what the point of this capacitor in my rc car is.

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Portable car stereo

While waiting at a red light, I noticed that inside of a FedEx truck, the driver had his own portable car stereo in the cab with him. It consisted of a wood box with three 3.5" Dia speakers on the side with the stereo (what looked like an older model) sticking out of the top of the box, vertically. I'm guessing he had it wired for a cigarette lighter adapter to power the unit and the box was held in place in the cab by bungee cords. It looked like a great way to recycle old car electronics, wished I'd thought of it when I had to drive cross-country in a Uhaul with only an am/fm radio.

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HHO powered car

One of my friends asked for my help for a project for his school expo. He wants to run a car on water and I have told him not to be too optimistic. when I googled it all I found was that it was not possible(as of now), but no other detail. I did stumble upon an old episode of myth busters in which they came to the conclusion that a car can run on hydrogen, but they were unable to provide enough hydrogen from their electrolysis setup, however, I noticed that the HHO generator created by king of random produces way more gas then theirs. so I wanted to know your opinion and knowledge on this matter and whether this can work or not.  

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MP3 unit for car

Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get some help with a project I'd like to make. My truck's stereo died, and instead of getting another stereo, I'd like to make a unit that just uses my MP3 player. Junkyard stereos are of dubious condition, and usually overpriced, and I'm too cheap to pay for a new stereo. I never really used the radio or CD player on the old unit; I just want basically a jack for a MP3 player/laptop, volume control, and power switch, powered by 12V and able to be hooked up to 4 speakers. I have some basic electronic knowledge, but not enough to make something like this. Could someone maybe, possibly, provide me with a diagram or ideas to get this started? Thanks a lot!

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Powering a Wi-Fi router from USB

Hello guys! Few days ago I bought a Huawei B260a 3G Wifi Router (http://www.mobilityminded.com/6685/huawei-b260-3g-gateway-review-routing-a-cellular-data-connection). The power supply has an output of 5V/2A and is connected to the router with a USB B plug. In my car I have a Belkin USB charger with 2,1A output. So it would be nice if I could use the router in my car. I tried to connect the Router to a USB wall charger (5,1V/2,1A) with a standard USB A to B cable, but this didn't work. Furthermore I tried to cut the cable and connect only the black and red wires, this also didn't work. Somebody told me that the layout of the plug is different (as far as I've seen, at least the contacts match to the standard), can this be true? And is there a possibility to realize my idea of a hotspot in my car? Thanks for your help!

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Is it possible to cancel out sound using hi-fi speakers? Answered

I know that noise cancelling headphones exit but is it possible to scale that up and have the out-of-phase noise played through speakers?  If so, and the microphones were against the wall of the offending neighbour and the speakers were to be aimed at that wall, would the noise be noticeably reduced? Thank you.

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A week in a proper car.

I've been driving Womble for exactly a week now, and some things have occurred to me. I thought I'd share them, in no particular order.I enjoy driving again.Because I'm driving, not steering. No power steering, no servo brakes, I am in touch with what the car is doing every second I'm driving. I do something, and I get instant feedback. I'm suddenly redeveloping all the good driving habits I used to have - looking further ahead and watching traffic more, correct hand-position on the wheel, feeding the wheel through my hands as I turn, slowing with gears before brakes.It's a cliche, but it's seat-of-the-pants driving.I drove Kitewife's Focus a couple of days ago, it was a disaster! Taps the brakes, do an emergency stop - steer with two fingers, weave all over the road. There's no feedback, nothing to tell me by feel exactly how much braking I'm doing, or how fast the wheels are turning. I had to look at the dials to check the speed and watch the revs before changing gear.Modern cars, I have decided, are only one step short of video games.Maybe that's part of the reason for the rise in roadrage?There's no need to take pride or care, because the car does it all for you. Spend enough money, and the only thing that will kill you is if you drive at a tree. Even that may not be possible with radar-triggered brakes soon to become more common.If you have abdicated all responsibility for your safety to a mindless mechanism, who do you blame if something goes wrong? Where do you direct your anger? The only target left is the other driver.I seem to have joined a sub-culture.I'm not the only driver of a proper Mini in my area. I pass two or three every day. Amongst others, I've seen a white one, striped pink, with a bubbly blonde driving. I've seen a 70s Traveller in immaculate condition. Several jobbing Minis, in every-day-driving state, and a Mini wedged full of teenage lads, fully kitted out for racing, roll-cage and all.Every single one of them waved, flashed their lights or otherwise said "hello" as we passed. I have never seen drivers of other kinds of car do that. It's pretty good, getting a friendly wave from a stranger. It lifts your day, puts a smile on your face.It's like we share a happy secret. Minis attract comment more than cars that cost fifty times as much.If people see a Ferrari in the car park, they might nudge each other and make admiring comments, but if they see a Mini, they come over, say hello. On Saturday, a huge hairy rocker, returning to his big Japanese family car, children in tow, left his children in his car, and came over for a chat about the surprisingly roomy interior of my Mini, and an idle chat about the type of engine (single-point injection, if you're wondering).People might wish they could afford a supercar, but they are genuinely jealous of people who actually own a proper Mini.Everybody has a Mini in their closet.I'm not really a petrol head, and I don't work with petrol heads, but suddenly everybody wants to talk about cars. They all seem to have had an adventure in a Mini, their own or a friend's. Half of them regret having sold their Mini years ago.OK, so the old Minis don't meet modern safety rules. They're slow, utterly lacking in luxuries (my heater has two settings - on or off), but if somebody started building them new, using the original molds for the panels and frames (they still exist), and charged five or six thousand pounds a pop, they would make an absolute fortune.

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Rc car battery help?

Hi i have a 1.2v rc car batery and my car ran out of power early a then usal.So I got my voltage metre and it said the car still had 7.2v does any one know why this might be thanks.

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Something to build?

Hey knexers ANYTHING KNEX  APART FROM CARS But not too many pieces This includes machines, BM, guns, contraptions I don't really see the point in knex cars, you just push them along Only tell me if its like a REALLY cool car Please spread! Thanks mm8

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Rc Car baterie Help?

Hi i have a 7.2v rc car batery and my car ran out of power early a then usal.So I got my voltage metre and it said the car still had 7.2v does any one know why this might be thanks.

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motor specification for solar car?

Hi, i am trying to develop the working model of a solar car . i need to know the exact specifications of the motor that can drive weight upto 250 kg. and also i need the battery specification that depends upon the motor specification.

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Good Car DIY book? Answered

My friends birthday is coming up. He has always talked about how he would like to be able to fix stuff in his car. I decided to get him a good DIY book about cars. Unfortunately I cannot find one. Does any one know of one? Thank you in advance.

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New Air Car Ready For The Sky

To TimBucTu on wensdayhttp://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7821979.stm

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Car speaker LED question

Hi guys, i have a 500w car speaker, and i want to attach an LED to it so it syncs with the treble and bass, and when i tried it blew out the led because i turned the music up to loud. so i was wondering what ohm resistor i should use, the forward voltage on the LED is 2.4v, and i want to be able to turn my music up loud and have it work. any help would be great!

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how i represent my love to my boyfriend?

I likes a boy very much . i loves him than any others in this universe. from his behaviour , i concluded that he is also loves me . but the main problem is both of us never opened our mind , what i do

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Mind Control RC Car

Hi my names Paul Im doing a project on building a Mind Control RC Car using the EEG Emotiv Headset. I was planning connect the headset to the laptop and use an arduino to connect up to an interface board(im not too sure) which connects to the remote joystick.  I was wondering if anyone has done this project before and it would be so awesome to get any tips or instructions of any sort.  Thanks please let me know

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Platform for dog in back seat of car?

Our dog likes to lay his front half on the armrest between us in the front seat of the car. But his back half is not comfortable. We want to make a portable/collapsable box that will extend from the arm rest to the back seat with supports on the sides that go over the hump on the floor. Kind of an inverted T shape with supports on each side. Need the supports to fold up somehow so we can store it in the trunk. Appreciate any help!

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Can I modify my hi-fi so that the cassette deck becomes a USB port?

I want to add a USB port to my stereo system (Home Hi-Fi). I want to keep the CD drawer, so getting rid of that is a definate no-no. It also has two cassette decks, which i'd be more than happy to modify. I know the tech exists, but can't find any schematics for it (probably for a good reason, but still). Any help would be much appreciated Allyn ~ FreakWorx

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What does "Fi freq comp" mean in IC TA7313AP ? Answered

Hello , ia have a question about the IC TA7313AP . This is the IC's pin : 1 : Hi freq comp 2 : Input 3 : Feedback 4 : Hi freq comp 5 : GND 6 : Out 7 : Vcc 8 : Bootstrap 9 : Ripple Filter What does "Hi freq comp" mean ?? In datasheet file, they place a 100p Cap between pin 1 and 4 , what happend if i put a 1n cap instead of 100p cap ? Thanks in advance !

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240v to 12v?


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hi!Mood is still naked!

hi!Mood is a wi-fi device which generates led patterns and plays music in sync with your mood. It plays the tracks which best fit how you feel directly from stereomood.com, associating to each song the coolest and most appropriate RGB led pattern matching your mood. You can interact with hi!Mood through a mobile app interface so that hi!Mood focuses only on what it can do best: playing music and generating colored light patterns matching your mood! hi!Mood is being developed by A-Pole, a mobile application development studio which is creating innovative mobile apps to know more about the world around you and interact simply with everyday electronic objects. A hi!Mood prototype was hacked together by A-Pole during Hackitaly 2012 (more info). A-Pole is taking care of the electronic core, the design is Desall business! Desall is a crowdsourcing platform that, through design contests, connects companies and private clients with a worldwide community of creative talents. Every designer can sign up for free and participate. If you are a creative or a designer, we ask you to imagine and design the hi!Mood case: it must contain the controller board (maximum length and width of an Arduino Mega2560 PCB are 4 and 2.1 inches respectively), emit led patterns and play music through a speaker. If you manage to combine style with functionality, proposing a uniquely cool product design there is a big prize for you! Check the brief to know more about technical requirements, conditions and submission deadline. Link contest Good luck! May the best designer win. Acknowledgements: A-Pole, Arduino, Desall, Hackitaly, Openpicus, Stereomood.

Topic by Desall