Care Package

My parents know that I have been trying to save money, so they sent me this nice care package for easter to provide me with much needed sustenance. Lets see whats inside... 1. A bag of fun size skittle packets, Sweet! They remembered my skittle addiction. 2. 6 single serve Jif peanut butter cups 3. Edible easter grass ... o.k? 4. Some laughing cow babybels and spreadable swiss 5. A hickory farms ham and crackers ... this is getting kind of weird 6. 5 little strawberry candies 7. About fifty single serve splenda packets (err...) 8. A bunny basket with creepy eyes What a strange selection of goodies. If any of you wondered where I got my weirdness from, you now know.

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Tortise care? Answered

Hi I am thinking  about getting a russian horsfield tortise and was wondering if anybody knew about them                    thanks                Holly 124

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who cares?

Im not trying to be rude but who cares if you get first comment, especially if you only say first comment, and say nothing involving the instructable or form? im just trying to under stand the reasoning for saying first comment or second or third, and so on?

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Care Package #2

Second care package This one is from my aunt and uncle.

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Care package #3

Care package #3 I got this a few weeks ago from my other aunt and uncle.

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Orchid Care Questions

So I have been given this orchid - in bloom... I really don't know how to care for it.... right now, it's been on my kitchen bar for about a week getting fluorescent light. My father grows a bunch of orchids at home, but he just sort of "plants" them somewhere an forgets about them - which has worked very well for him :p Any care recommendations? Is there anything particularly wrong with cutting the flower stem off (if no, where should I cut)? I do have a balcony, it faces North and the plant is in a plastic pot (maybe 1.5 quart size) with wood chip mulch. thanks :)

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Seedling care help!

Is it okay to have only soil for them to start in? How long should I wait until I move them? I am growing flowers, not vegetables or anything like that. Any additional help would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance for your help! :)

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Smart Car Care

Smart Car Care I have visited your site many times to gain knowledge from it. I think you have done a great job. This site provide us more information about finance I usually have a look in this site. I found everything I regularly want. I’m a daily visitor of this site and read the blog and comment by the different users about different blogs. I’m also a site owner that provide information about[url=]Smart Car Care[/url] .For improvement of my site I visit many site and have a look and gain the information how to improve my site. This help me to improve my site. Keep going and serve users with your best effort. Thanks Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day. ====================== Taylar Tom

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Skin Care Products

Hi this is John, every men and women wants to be beautiful.For this there are some techniques by using some skin care products we can use those products then we get benifited for this you want more information please with site.=======================JohnSkin Care Products

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Animal Questions

Welcome to Animal Care, Rescue, and Rehabilitation! Here you can learn how to nurse wild or domestic animals back to health, share your knowledge and experience, or give simple tips and tricks. Any Instructables involving animal care of any kind are welcome. You can ask questions here regarding animal care in this topic. ( Example: I just saw a baby bird fall out of it's nest, what do I do?) I might not be able to help you in some cases (I know most about rabbits), but hopefully others can.

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If certified in CPR are you required to help in an emergency situation? And if you don't can you be sued? Answered

I am considering CPR certification and I am aware of the "Good Samaritan Law" that protects you from lawsuits for trying to help a victim and failing to save their life.  My concern is, are you bound by the law to help in every emergency situation that arises?  If I choose not to intervene are there legal ramifications?

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How to care for an injured axolotl?

I have an axolotl (Milton) in a community tank with some gold fish, and a Gourami. They all lived happily in my 75 gallon tank for several months. Today I get home after work to find my Gourami nipping at Milton's gills. It must have been happening all day because his gills are much less fluffy than they were before. I instantly removed him from the tank and put him in my 15 gallon tank upstairs with a few goldfish. He keeps going up for air and is currently perched lazily on some plants in the newly filled tank upstairs. Without most of his gills, is he going to suffocate? What special care will he need to insure he survives?  Please help! I am really worried about him.     PS: I would post pictures but he has moved while I was writing this and is now hiding in his cave.

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How do I care for my Sewing Machine?

Sooooo...How do I care for my Sewing Machine? My singer instruction manual isn't very though rough. It is written as if I should know all this stuff already! Where should I squirt oil on it? How often should I clean it? What is that weird smell it makes when I'm sewing, is that normal? It doesn't quite smell like burning...but doesn't not smell like burning!!! What is a good setup for sewing(table/chair/light ratios)? Does the dust jacket really do anything besides keep dust off the machine, does dust matter? What is the deal with metal and plastic bobbins, is there a difference in uses? How long should a needles life usually be? After I pinned the fabric should I take the pins out before the needle reaches them? So many questions!!!!!

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why are my fiddlers losing their claws and legs?

All my male fiddlers are losing their claws and legs. I've had them for quite a while, about 6 months, and I purchased them at Walmart. Could it be age related, or a problem with the water?

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Open Sonic Care case...?

What is the best way to open the Sonic Care case with the least amount of damage so it can be reassembled..?

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Praying Mantis Dying? HELP!

I have what I believe is a large Indian Mantis.  I fould it on our deck and have kept it for about 3 weeks so far.  It molted a week ago and for the first time I saw wings.  The covering of the wings is a little shredded, but look ok.  Starting yesterday it started looking very lethargic and was hanging by 1 leg from the top screen of it's cage where it hasn't left in 3 weeks except when it molted.  It looks like it is dying and not showing any signs of strength or interest in food.  What can I do, if anything?  Temps here in New England are in the 30's at night and I don't think it would stand a chance if I let it go or I would. PLEASE ADVISE ASAP.  THANKS!

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:'-) You all have really touched my heart....

You all really can NOT know just how deeply touched I have been over the years with the friendships gained here.....and now to have sent a the personal card and thoughts,  I am truly moved to tears. No one has shown this much concern for me locally and I feel truly blessed to have you all as friends. I owe you all a debt I can never repay...

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Things a plant would say...

I'm working on something fun...  We'll leave it at that for now. I need a nice, long list of things a plant would say to a human.  Humor and biology geekiness are welcome!  Patches to folks who come up with the most phrases or the best phrases.  Keep it PG though, ok? Here are some examples: "I think you should become a meatatarian" "So when are you going to evolve and run on sunshine, like I do?" "Gahhh!  Aphids!  Get 'em off!  Get 'em off!" "I'm thirsty.  Water Me!" "Audrey II is my hero." "No worries, baby - I'm organic!" "When you belch it's like a breath of fresh air." "My pistol is useless against insects!" "If you kill me, I think you should try a rock garden next."

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How to eliminate perennial ryegrass from my centipede (I think) lawn? Answered

I had to have a drain tile dug up and replaced in my front yard a while back. In order to prevent the loose dirt from washing into the street when it rained, I put down perennial rye seed to hold the sod together. Now I'd like to have all the same grass again, but the rye is proving to be more tenacious than I bargained for. I've tried Googling for a rye-specific herbicide, but no luck so far. I've been just pulling up the rye shoots, but I'm hoping for a less labor-intensive approach. Any lawn-care experts out there that can recommend a product or process that might help get rid of the rye without killing off the rest of the lawn or making me grow gills or a second head or something?

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Hey, just a spite of "circurmstances" I just can't stay away for very long.....

In spite of everything happening in the past few weeks/days, I can't stay away for long....I just have to check in now and then to help when I can where I can; it is what makes me happiest. Rest doesn't seem to be much of an option of late, so if I can reduce stress at home, I may even be "work worthy" come Monday.  I need to be here.....

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How to take care orphan kittens? Answered

I had a cat who died after giving birth.. she had a complication and after 2 surgery she died and left 5 kittens in my care. I gave them Lactol, its powder milk for puppies and kittens but they get diarrhea. So i give them pedialyte to calm their tummy and sugar+water and gel vitamins (nutri-plus gel). They are 3 weeks old now, going to 4 weeks in 2 days. And I need suggestion on what to do next. What to give them. Should I try giving them kitten food or something? because I think the milk only get them diarrhea again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok I've add pics of the kittens all big now. Only 2 of them survive after hard struggle. One is a female tortoiseshell (Arathea) and the other one is a male dark grey tabby (Ceyx). There's pic of them playing at the backyard. Very very active kittens, almost a handful but I'm happy they are growing up healthy. One of the things I would like to share is.. the vet told me you can feed baby food/baby porridge to sick cats or kittens if milk is not an option or if they have diarrhea. You can give a red rice porridge for 3-6 month old babies to animals. You can also add a little honey to the mix. Red rice porridge have high vit B which is good for cats and kittens. I hope this can be useful.

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Caring for a toad with a broken and infected arm? Answered

Last weekend I found a toad with his arm trapped in a mousetrap.  I don't know exactly how long he was there, but I discovered him when I heard this shuffling sound from the back of my garage and heard flies buzzing.  Upon investigating, I found poor Toady.  The flies had already laid eggs on his wound.  He was trying to hop away attached to the trap.   His arm is clearly broken.  He didn't have significant blood loss, but when I first opened the trap his tiny bones were visible at the injury site. I put Toady in a small bucket lined with moss and vegetation, along with adding a little bit of water, and covered the bucket with a dishtowel.  I used cotton swabs dipped in saline to clean the wound and applied antibiotic ointment (Neosporin without painkiller).  I also tied a thread slightly above the injury site to act as a tourniquet and prevent further infection, and possibly allow for his limb to naturally come off. Below the injury site is swollen, discolored and infected, growing a fuzzy fungus.  I've been checking on Toady every other day (I wasn't wanting to stress him out too much with frequent visits), cleaning his wound and infection and applying antibiotic ointment.  His arm is clearly dead weight and can't be salvaged.   I've put various bugs, slugs/snails and worms in there with him but I haven't seen him eat.  I put a june bug in there, and the june bug ended up trying to climb onto him but Toady seemed to try and squash the bug with his chest and then hopped over the bug to the other side.  Maybe the beetle is too big for him.  I haven't checked to see if the other goodies I gave him are just hiding under the moss. He doesn't appear to be losing or gaining weight.  He gets stressed whenever I visit, breathing rapidly and either trying to make himself look larger or do the opposite and huddle down, despite how careful and gentle I try and be around him. I'm worried about predators and infection if I were to release him now.  What should I do/not do?  I think I'll try Craigslist here to see if there happens to be an experienced amphibian owner with the proper supplies to care for him.  I doubt any vet here would be able to do anything, and I don't have the money to do so. Is this toad a male?  I thought he was based on his size since he's on the small size, but perhaps it's a youngster?  He doesn't make any noises with me, but I'm not sure if it was him chirping in his bucket or a nearby toad.  I know there's several right in the immediate vicinity.

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How to fix the stem of the Philips Sonicare tooth brush? (Flex Care & Flex Care +)

I broke 2 Philips Sonicare tooth brushes and would like help in fixing them.   The problem is the stems have gotten loose and the replacement toothbrush head does not fit tight anymore.  Is their a repair person who is familiar with this problem or is there someone who could tell me what to do to fix it myself?   Mine have become loose right after the 2 year warranty is over.

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Can somebody identify this plant?

I bought this plant a couple of weeks ago in the houseplant section of my local garden centre. It came with a label that I soon found to be completely wrong (It's certainly not a cactus) and now I have no idea how to look after it. At first it grew very quickly and then slowed down dramatically, so I fear that it isn’t getting the right care. It has long, smooth, chunky leaves (Though I’m not sure you would call them leaves) and a pale green stem. At first most of the plant was covered with a kind of hydrophobic white powder that has since worn off. If someone could provide the name of this plant that would be perfect, thanks a lot!

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Can't get a garter snake to eat?

I live in colorado and catch Western Terrestrial Garter Snakes as well as Plains Garter Snakes all the time. I have tried to keep them as pets before, but I could not get them to eat. I cannot buy food for them, so I am stuck with insects such as grasshoppers, crickets, and ants as well as worms and whatever else I may find. I want to keep another pet, but they just wont eat! What should I do?

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I've greased my GORE-TEX hiking shoes by accident - how can I get the grease back out of the pores?

The GORE-TEX material is waterproof but still breathable so your feet don't get too hot while hiking - problem is, I forgot that you're not supposed to use grease on that material b/c it will fill the pores so the material can no longer breath. What now? How can I get the grease back out? I thought about putting them into the washing mashine but than I thought this might harm the GORE-TEX, too...?!Help!PS: The shoes are LOWA hiking shoes, the outside LOOKS like leather (which is why I thought I could use grease), if this is any help!Thanks a lot!

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How to revive & care for my Calathea SurpriseStar? Answered

I am new Urban Botanist and I recently bought Calathea SupriseStar as a houseplant. Clearly they are very very attractive house plant. But I have managed to make some of their leaves very very crunchy & some are droopy. I know they do not like light much, I have kept them aware from window sill & providing them with indirect sunlight. I do live in the UK, so this means the flat does get a bit cold & when the heater is switched on - it does get a bit dry. I try to generate humidity & mist the leaves. What can I do to revive the droopy & crispy leaves. I absolutely love this plant, want to do what it does to fix it.

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Some perspective...and a few References for those that care.

John Elder Robinson,  the author of  "Look Me In The Eye:  my life with Asperger's" writes this:  "Many descriptions of autism and Asperger's describe people like me as 'not wanting contact with others' or 'preferring to play alone'. ...I;d like to be VERY clear about my own feelings: I  did not ever want to be alone.  And all those child psychologists (1960's) who said 'John prefers to play by himself' were DEAD wrong.  I played by myself because (at the time) I was a failure at playing with others...As a young adult, I was lucky to discover and join the world of musicians & soundmen and special-effects people.  People in those lines of work expect to deal with eccentric people. " Elsewhere he writes:  "I suspect that grown-ups drew me out enough as a child to keep me engaged and on a path with my conversational limitations better than children.,,,my inablility to read body language or appearance meant--in a world rife with discrimination-- that I treated everone the same." "I have learned to begin conversations with a question,  like 'How are you?' I realize that many normal people are acting in a superficial and often false manner.  So rather then let them make me feel bad, I'd express my annoyance...Fortunately, I had enough satisfactory exchanges with intelligent grown ups to keep me wanting to interact.  No one would have looked at me thirty years ago and foreseen that I'd have the social skills I have today, or the ability to express the emotions, thoughts, and feelings you read in this book. " From Tony Attwood's book:    "The person may actively seek and enjoy solitude, be a loyal friend and have a distinct sense of humour." As for the Co-Morbid anxiety that occurs with many AS persons;  try this..... Reading the book may help.... References given in the book for your entertainment...... The OASIS Guide to Asperger's Syndrome Look Me In The Eye Asperger's Syndrome Temple Grandin's site Passing as human.... The curious incident of a dog in the nighttime....summary And finally, The world needs ALL kinds of minds.....Temple Grandin. a blog that is aplicable...... How about one on rerouting brain function?  And other then ADAM,   and Temple Grandin,  Thinking in Pictures,   you also should consider seeing Mozart and the Whale. I have had it indicated to me that maybe it was not a good idea to start a conversation about the demonstations of mental and cranial plasiticity, and that it would be better served elsewhere.    

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How can I prevent the rust of my X-ACTO knife?

First of all, sorry for my English! I was thinking of a way of avoid the rusting of the knives, but I had no idea how to do it! And buy a new one every week is very difficult because I live in El Salvador and do not sold knives anywhere (not to mention how expensive they are)! Do you have a way to prevent it, and keep the edge of the knives? Thanks in advance!

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How do u take care of a betta fish ?

How do i keep the water the right wormth

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want/need to know to take care of a pet snake ?

Iv had a pet Corn Snake a nonvenomous snake native to most of the United states, they are good pets as long as you know how to feed and care for them. REMEMBER SNAKES CAN LIVE OVER 30 YEARSdoes anybody want/need an instructable on snake care? iv also handled and taken care of many other reptiles and amphibians through a volunteer group that are all native to the eastern coast Exsept for: ball python also a great snake to have as a pet is a they only grow about 4 feet long but they get fat. They are calm slow moving (why we use them in our group to teach little kids).

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whats the best way to care for scratched chrome on a motorbike? Answered

had my first fall today :( ended up scratching the exhaust...whats the best way to clean it up? im riding a yamaha xvs dragstar any additional information such as best way to keep the bike buffed/polished and generally clean and rust free will be much apreciated thanks

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I Finally got Glasses

I finally got glasses and can finally see, it's pretty nice. I can now sit in the back of the classroom, goof off, and finish all my assignments at the last minute. Sweet!!

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"Ask the Experts" DVD launch.

A few users may have heard about me speaking at a conference with some other youths to 350 people, this was the launch of a great DVD made to help teachers, counsellors, youth workers and many other people understand about bereavement from a teenager's or a child's perspective. It was a great project collaboration between Cruse Bereavement Care, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Macmillan Cancer care and Barnardos. I was on this project from the planning stage, after the grant from the Big deal lottery Fund had been approved. The project took us to the Share centre on a planning day followed by a weekend where we got all the footage for the final project. Not long after the same project took me to Westminster Abbey to speak to MP's and Lords about the state of government help and counselling for bereaved children and teenagers, that initiative was started by MP Alex Davey who was in the same position as a teenager and hopes to improve care for these things throughout the UK. The project was a great thing to do and I personally enjoyed the hoohah out of it. The end product is a great resource and I would really recommend it to any teacher or counsellor who deals with teens, it could help a lot of people, even the likes of clergymen and ministers. I'm not just saying this because I'm in it but that surely helps, it was received really well by everyone at the conference which broached many topics and had a lot of interesting material at it. We also did another youth panel though this time we were asked set questions about the project rather than the audience be able to ask. The DVD should be available from cruse soon, I honestly do think it's worthwhile...Some press about the launch... Medicalnewstoday.comPress release[

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How To take care Sony VGP-BPS13/Q battery?

How To take care   Sony VGP-BPS13/Q battery

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Eric, (or any other kiteboarders who see this), please be careful!

Did you see the news story about the guy who was kitesurfing during Fay and got slammed around? Linky.I know you all are smarter than that...but please be careful anyhow...I'd hate to see a forum topic about one of you all getting hurt.

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How can i make a rc care controlled by a keyboard?

Okay so I'm making this rc car/robot, decked out with the works. Right now, in my design plans, I'm planning on it including a webcam (with usb adapter) a Walkie Talkie system, so communicate is possible through this, a flamethrower for self defense, and yeah, a lot of the works. ANYWAYS..... I need to be able to control all of these functions and its mobile stuff from a distance, and a keyboard is the only thing i can think of that would have enough buttons to do this. Any suggestions on how to wire all this stuff to remote controls from my keyboard?

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We have another winner (a bit to early) but who cares!

Whoo, you win and stuff. You get 5 stars. Great job on the dragonuv. I'm sending your check in the mail right now. (I don't know what your address is, so it might go to the wrong person. (Lol, no there is no check). Whoo, five stars for you.

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Electrolux care plus esf 6549, indecators blinking and operation hanging

Electrolux care plus esf 6549, indecators blinking and operation hanging. Please see he video. It will keep this over and over. Anybody can help with this?

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Why do people care what kiteman has as his avatar

Seriously theres like 10 threads about his avatar?!?!?!?!?

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help found a baby rabbit need tips on how to take care of it?

Found a baby rabbit need some help on how to take care it

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Websites that give you info about the care and growth of many plants.

I need a list of websites that give the following info about a few plants (mostly veggies and fruit.) 1) zone 2) uv light needed 3) water needed 4) growth period and some care tips Thank you in andvance

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was the care package glitch in call of duty modern warfare 2 fixed? Answered

Just wondering because my friend said it didnt work for him any more. if it is gone and you are mad you can blame my friend because he reported everybody that used it against him but he still used it

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care to check out my first instructable? I went for quality.

Hey, I was wondering if everyone could check out my first ever instructable, found hereit's about dissolving an egg shell using only basic household items......check it out, and please comment!

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How do I take care of my soldering iron tip?

I am a newbie at soldering, and I recently bought a $8 iron from radioshack. After the first time I used it, it had already began to erode. I think I tined it like I was suposed to. I melted a little bit of solder on it, and wiped off the excess. Would wiping it to much do this. Please help.

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I need tips on how to care for a bamboo shrimp. Can anyone help me? Answered

I just recently bought a bamboo shrimp, i thought is was a different shrimp. My parents said i could keep it if i found out how to care for it. I searched Google and i couldn't find any good care sheets or instructions. Please help i don't want it to die. BTW: I named it Shrimpy :D

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What happened to Helene RubInstein ? Answered

Helena Rubinstein: cosmetics, face care, sun care, makeup. Well Max Factor..... ;)

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Does the, army, care? Will an intracerebral hemorrhage prevent me from enlisting in the ,army,?

This injury took place about 4 years ago. I have no lasting effects so i see no reason for it to prevent me from joining. Poeple have gotten in with much worse.

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