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PVC Carrying Bag

I've been trying to find a bag to easily transport a project made out of PVC after it's be disassembled. The longest piece is 5ft. My first thought was one of the bags used for the colorguard flags, but those don't fit a whole lot. There has to be someone on here that's run into this problem before. Maybe someone has figured out a good way to carry PVC that isn't a bag? Any ideas?

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The Magical "Carry-on" Jacket, a Yes or a No?

Here’s a link, go take a look double fast comrades. the zine "Ready made" decided to send me a copy of their Feb/March issue with an interesting article Pages 45-55 bare a article purposed to make you a better, faster, more efficient traveler. Page 53 and 52 describe the wondrous story behind a supposed "Wonder jacket" designed to replace air travel carry-on, which as we might remember, are growing increasingly heavier in fees and tags. The fruits of Scott Jordan's (an avid traveler and designer of the "Carry-on Jacket") laboring attempts to combat these fees glow proudly as his "Carry-on Jacket" comes to life. Much like a backpack, this jacket, and the many like it (like the one linked above and others on that website) have dozens of dozens of convenient pockets for all sorts of possible storage arrangements, ranging from spare change to I-pads. But how do they look? This all sounds like a great traverse breakthrough, but its totally useless if you look like a bloody tourist (which can be dangerous). Does anyone have anything like this, are there other brands. Does anyone have one in particular that they like? I need someone other than my magazine to vouch for it, or something like it, especially with a price tag like that. what about durability and comfort?

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Carrying yarn loosely and snuggly

My pattern notes say to carry yarn loosely across 2 sl sts on rows 6-17. Later it says carry yarn snugly across sl sts in these 4 rows. I don't understand what they mean by carrying the yarn.

Question by masweeney  

Things we carry on us.

After reading an article in regards to what we carry in our pockets I was thinking if people wanted to post what they carry on their person it may be interesting. Responses can be things you carry on your person or things you carry in your pockets, in your packs/ purses, or even whats on your keychain (in the event you are a minimalist) whichever is your preference. They say you can tell alot by a person by going through there pockets so lets here it, whats in your pockets??? Unfortunatly its late here so my post will have to wait until the morning as it will be rather lengthy.

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DIY Tripod Carry bag

Hi. Does any of you knows of a way to how to make a sturdy tripod carry bag ? I tried to look to buy one, but either it's way too expensive, too small for the tripod or it's not sturdy enough (padding and/or stitching). Any ideas, recommendations or suggestions ? Thanks to answer

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knives? who carries one?

Hello, i am a designer at SAIC and i am researching knives and who does and does not carry them. If you do not mind could you post your experiences with pocket knives and why you do or do not carry them? Here is a poll i am using to collect some numbers All of this data is to help me design something that could be seen in the pockets of more people as i think a knife is an incredibly valuable accessory that comes in handy on so many occasions, and its a shame more people do not carry them. Thank you so much for your help and i will post whatever progress i make on this. -Dave

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Carrying bee hives full of bees. Answered

   Hi! I've got some bee hives. I have to change their place. Here, somebody told me that, I couldn't carry them direct to the place 50 metters far. They told,, if I have to carry, I only can carry them maximum 1 metter per day or, I have to carry them minimum 6 kms far, and atfer a day I can take them to the place where I want.    So, now, how I have to do this difficult work. Is there any else way?       I need this information as soon as possible please. Thank you very much.    Devrimm

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Are there any stores that still carry regular k'nex?

In Canada. When I say regular, I mean no micros or bricks. Those piss me off because they're so tiny. ;[

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How to carry 80 feet of PVC on a bike

We needed 80 feet of 3/4" PVC from the local hardware store. Since it's pretty much impossible to park near it and the nearest available car was a couple miles away anyway we decided to carry it by bike. All we used was a couple pieces of inner tube and Brian's Xtracycle. I bet I could've pulled this off on another bike I've recently adopted, but we wanted to be safe. Speaking of safe, this rode pretty well, but the left turns were a little touchy as the front wheel would rub against the PVC. Good thing I was only going a few blocks. Along the way guy in the street told us that that was how the Vietcong would attack them. "They used to strap missiles to bikes! Heheh. Yeah, they kept getting us."

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How too carry a laptop on your back while its running? Answered

I need to carry my laptop while its running on my back. Is there something i can buy or make? Thanks, joespicnictables

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What stores or kind of stores will carry goji berries?

My Mom was telling me that goji berries are supposed to have all these antioxidents and such. I have found several results in searching the web, but that is boggling. I'd really like a idea where to look. Like health food stores or what?

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does vintage stock carry metroid prime hunters?

I really want metroid prime hunters because I am a fan of the metroid series#

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Portable debris hut frame possibility

I came up with this idea the other night for a portable frame for a debris hut. I was wonder what others thought of it's possibilities. I won't be able to build something like this for a while due to medical issues. If somebody builds this tell me how it worked please.

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Building a robot car for carrying objects up to 50# weight

Working on a low profile robotic car that is semispherical that can carry up to 50 # load.(sack of rice or 5 gallon water). It will have sides that can open up like flower petals and the middle portion can telescopically lift up to 30 " or more. This robot will follow me around and can be programmed to deliver things inside the house, or from garage to the house. The mechanical portion I had already started working on but the I had no idea yet how to automate this creation. Would like to solicit some advice from the group 

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Hydrogen-powered plane carries human crew for first time.

The first manned, hydrogen-powered plane has been successfully tested in the skies above Spain, its makers say.The small, propeller-driven craft, developed by aviation giant Boeing, made three short flights at an airfield south of Madrid, the company said.It was powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which produce only heat and water as exhaust products.The tests could pave the way for a new generation of greener aircraft, the company said.Boeing's chief technology officer John Tracy said the flights were "a historical technological success" and "full of promises for a greener future".Small futureThree test flights of the two-seater aircraft took place in February and March at an airfield at Ocana, south of Madrid. The plane was modified to include a hybrid battery and fuel cell system used to power an electric motor coupled to a conventional propeller. Hydrogen-powered planes have been flown before, but never with a human pilot onboard.BBC Story

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How do I build a computer desktop tower carrying case?

I'm looking to build a computer desktop tower carrying case. I'm in a situation where I need to move from house to house each week and I need to move my desktop tower as well. I've looked all over the internet to try to find a "case" for my case, but I can't find one for a reasonable price. (ie. $100+) Basically what I'm looking for is a basic box with some straps and padding that I can set my case into and not have to worry about it getting banged up while I transport it. Any ideas or help for building something like this would be greatly appreciated The size of my tower is listed below if that will help. 18.30" x 8.10" x 18.00"

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cooling water mister fabrication, with hand pump, for carry or backpack use? Answered

I noticed that there are a lot more part suppliers for mister type cooling systems. i am thinking of fabricating one . i was thinking of using the same parts used in the air zound bicycle air horn. i could use a small bike pump and schrader valve to turn a 2 liter soda bottle into the pressure chamber , i think i would have to wrap it in gorilla tape for the added pressure.. i am not sure if i could also put water into it.  i did a search and didn't  see any instructables on building cooling misting systems.any ideas?

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Building a GoPro carrying beast of an R/C car - without Arduino? Answered

So here's the deal. I've gotten it into my head to build a camera platform, primarily for GoPros but depending on its strength and durability perhaps other cameras as well. Seeing as there is nothing for it but to dive in over my head I started looking at robotics platforms and was immediately put off by the condesending tone and the "you's goin' back to schools" amount of reading, studying and groveling for answers at the feet of someone fifteen years my junior - No bleeping way. So I wanna basically build an RC car from scratch out of a sheet metal box. As far as I've come up with I need the following: - An ESC - electric speed controller - A 4-6 channel Transmitter and receiver combo (been looking at Graupner) - A power source (to be determined by the motors and ESC) - A power switch (well duh) - 4 identical electric motors - 4 Tires (preferably with a 12-14cm diameter) So now for the stuff I need help from people that presumably know what they're talking about What motors should I choose? - My guesstimation to the chassis weight is between 500 g and 1kg but was hoping for a payload capacity of appx. 3-5 kg and a top speed at load of about 8-12 km/h (brisk walking pace to jogging). Been told " geared and with an rpm of 250...ish". What battery should I use as to get at least 20-30 min out of one charge at 80% of max load (also determined by the choice of motors) What motor control/ESC should I get - I would like to avoid frying it by putting it under to heavy a load voltage wise when using it the first time. Finally I need tips on a good transmitter and receiver combo for skid steer since I'll be running the motors at equal rpm's per side controlled by the left and right stick, steering by braking and reversing tank style. Have I forgotten anything? Feel free to enlighten me if so. Including my sketches/designs so you know what I am aiming at and should someone feel like building from them please go ahead (film a tutorial for me ;) ) In some of the sketches it shows the use of an Arduino board but I am looking to avoid this, they were early sketches and I didn't notice until I uploaded. I am also VERY bad at higher level math or physics so please be gentle with me. PROJECT HAS BEEN PUT ON HOLD DUE TO BUYING A 3D-PRINTER. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ANSWERS ANYWAY.

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wht light materials can a simple dc car motor carry, bec. it cant even carry a small cardboard, wht can it carry??

Iam planning to make a robotic arm, and the problem is that my simple dc toy car motor cant carry light stuffs like a cardboard, so what home materials the motor carry??

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I need to make a carrier/sling to carry my 15 lb. Westie?

I like to hike but my Westie's short legs tire out after a while. It kills my back to just carry her for any length of time. thanks

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Can i increase my carrying capacity if i install heavy duty coils?

I have a 2002 Toyota Sequoia and it has coil springs all the way around. I was wondering if i merely installed some variable rate coil springs (so it still isn't like driving a rock) that have a heavier weight rating if i could load my SUV heavier. On vacation I carry 4 people, their luggage, and a small 14 foot pop-up camper. I'm using a weight equalizer hitch, and as it stands, i am maxed on the back axle and could carry 200 lbs more on the front. If i installed heavier suspension, can i expect my axle and chassis to be able to handle the extra weight? and how much more?

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what if i use household materials to "carry hydrogen and oxygen on its normal state? Answered

What if i instead of using expensive materials and building cryogenic systems to store oxygen and hydrogen...    I use electrolysis to separate oxygen (Negative) and hydrogen (positive) from water and store it in a water bottle so that i have a portable system of hydrogen and oxygen so that i can use it a few minutes after its "extraction".   

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Really Cool, Solar Powered, Balloon Carried, LED Lit, GPS Tracked Project

Hey everyone! I have this pretty sick idea for a project, but I need some help with the details. Basically, it's a cube tied to a balloon, and inside the cube, there is a GPS device, back up batteries, LEDs (sticking out through the sides), a noise maker (the one from Make Magazine #14, will explain later), a cell phone, a cell phone charger, and instructions. Also, I will hope to have the cube be solar powered. So, what I will do is send off the balloon with cube attached, and the wind will hopefully bring it to someone, but if it doesn't, not to worry, the LEDs and noise machiche will catch peoples attention. When someone finds it, they will read the instructions, and continue the chain. Here is what I need help with, having basically no electronics skill: 1: Where can I purchase balloons that are really thick? 2: How will I make the cube waterproof? 3: Right now, I'm pretty sure that the smallest trackable GPS device is a cell phone (being tracked by Mologogo). Is there anything smaller/easier? 4: Would a solar panel be able to power everything in the cube? 5: How can I wire it so the batteries can power the cube when there is insufficent light, and the solar panel can charge the batteries when there's light? 6: How do I put it together? 7: Is there anything I'm overlooking? 8: How's your day going?

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Im looking for a good way to carry quite alot, preferably on my back, any ideas?

Me and a few friends are going to a music festival in July and we will be camping overnight so ill need a tent, a sleeping bag, preferably pillows (or a substitute) and a separate bag of other things. I would prefer to carry it all on my back as it is easier and we have to get the train there so compact is key. 

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What can I use to carry wet clothes other than a plain plastic bag?

Since I swim, I need something that I can put my wet clothes in and is reusable.

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Convert a standard adult trike to a cargo trike to carry two toddlers - anybody know how?

I'm considering buying an adult trike to convert to carry two small children. I'm sick of pushing a stroller the whole time but can't stand those trailers that people pull through the traffic. Anybody got any ideas of where to start?

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Recharging a `battery bank

Im looking for a dc motor that will carry a load of three 24v 100a alternators and a suggestion of what size and type of batteries will carry the dc motor. NOTE one of the three alternators purposes is to recharge the batteries powering the motor. Please help with a suggestion of what type of motor to get, the voltage or hp of the motor and what size battiers will be suitable to carry that motor.Thank you

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What would be best to carry light emmited from a gauntlet to the back of my skull (Bane Costume)? Answered

I already have dissasembled a old Light-saber for the Light, I was thinking rubber-tubing but that failed, does anyone have brilliance where i am drawing a blank?

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Does a florescent black light carry any health risks greater than that of a regular florescent bulb? Answered

Does it generate a higher level of UV radiation than a regular florescent lamp  or just "filter out" visible light with colored glass like the incandescent black lights? Should I worry about extended exposure to the skin or eyes? Thanks.

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wireless security camera @ the end of a 2mi long driveway. Signal only carries 300'.Amplifier/repeater? Answered

Hello, Trying to install security camera at the end of a 2 mile long driveway.The signal (900mhz) only carries 300'.Is there a (cheap) way of repeating or amplifying the signal?The camera is a Defender PHOENIX1 Wireless Video Security System, Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Camera Thanks

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Ideas for a paint can holder?

These last couple of weeks I've been buying paint for various projects. When I buy many cans, I bring a cart, so that's ok. But when I buy 1 or 2, I tend to carry it. I am strong enough to carry 10 lbs each arm, but the handles on these cans are really terrible. It's just a metal wire. Anyone got any ideas to make a reusable grip to carry these cans? It's just so I can comfortably carry the cans 5-6 blocks home, or to the subway.

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Where can I find fabric dye in New York City? Or what kind of store would carry it?

I have some white cotton fabric I'd like to tie dye. What kind of store carries tie dye?

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H i - how do I build a platform that can carry an electrical current? A "shocking" dance floor?

Hi - I am trying to make a gadget that gives people a shock on a platform if you stand on it - I want to find a way to connect a current to a metal table. I don't want this to be physically damaging, just uncomfortable. That said, I'm having problems aith It's for a gag show. Please let me know if you can help!

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How can i make a white hawkstrider, a white giant bird, that is a robot and can carry my weight?

A white hawkstrider is a mount in World of Warcraft.  you can google an image of what a white hawkstrider does look like. I was wondering if it was possible to make a robot that can look like that. And if it can carry my body weight and i can mount it around or just walk beside it.  i hope i can.

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if a snails shell is broken will it die or anything bad will happen? Answered

'i wanted a pet snail but i also wanted to carry it if the shell brakes will it die or will there be any possible problems?when will the shell be able to break and how can you carry it im talking about slugs too but not about the shell slugs dont have any shells though.

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What materials can be used for the envelope of an airship?

It is going to be five metres long and carrying 3kg of payload. 

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Check out a great new use for all those Koozies you have laying around

Hi Everyone! I made this GPS carry case the other day and I wanted to share it. I got the idea from a cell phone case my sister bought me that was made of Koozie material. Since I have loads and loads of Koozies, I figured it would be better to use them creatively instead of throwing them away. I don't even know if the recycling center will take them...sooo please check out my Koozie GPS or Camera carry case! Thanks!! P.S. It was fun to make! :)

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I'am making a car that should carry 50 kg and move at a speed of 10 km/hr. Can anyone help me in choosing the right DC motor??

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Why did nobody video the plane crashing into the Hudson?

Wasn't it in a highly populated area?? Doesn't everybody carry camera phones these days??

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Wire Mania - I need help with designing/making something to carry all the wires I have to cart around each day Answered

For my ipod = earphones(1), connection for pc(2), for electrical plug charging(3) and for car radio connection(4)  plus my earphone for my cellphone.  I have tried to make something to wind the wires around but they still get tangled.  I would so like to keep them neat.   Please help.  Thanks.  Julie

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Anyone know how to use their Android Phone as a Bootable USB Drive?

I have a Droid Phone and purchased a 32 GB SD card for it. I would love to be able to stop carrying the Bootable Flash Drive that I use to troubleshoot PC's (and often forget to bring, or leave when I am done) and instead carry a small USB cable that I can attach to my Droid and use that to boot to Yumi. Has anyone figured out how to do this yet?

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What's In Your Fireman's Pocket?

Here's a wonderful and growing collection of stuff that Firefighters carry in their pockets and elsewhere around their person. A lot of them are nifty homemade hacks and improvements. I love the eye-bolt vice grip conversion and all the ways of keeping doors open.It's also a good insight to what's important to the people who fight fires and rescue people for a living. For some reason I never knew that they carried so many tools for breaking and entering...(Spotted over at Make:Online).

Topic by Grathio  

How can lasers not in the infrared spectrum create heat? Answered

If infrade light is the only kind that carries heat, then how can other wavelenghts burn stuff?

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I'm looking for a better way to store key chain "store cards". Any suggestions?

Those little key chain cards are way easier to carry then the credit card sized ones. But if you get 4 or 5 of them on the same key chain they get annoying. I'm looking for a better way to carry them. I've thought about some kind of paper sleeve to hold them all together on my keys. But I think wallet carry could be better. I'm going to make a tyvek wallet this week, and it seems that adding some right sized pockets in wouldn't be too hard. But this will be my first try at it, so I really don't want to experiment too much. Has anyone else tried to tackle this problem before? I would love to hear your ideas, they would save me a lot of trial and error. Thanks!

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