Cricut cartrige modification?

Would it be possible to modify a cricut machine's cartrige so that you could download multiple cartridge's data and use it? it looks pretty simple, but I would have no idea.

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CO2 Battery Holder

Can some one make an instructable on how to make a battery holder out of a couple CO2 cartridges? 

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What size is the cartrige of .32 ammo?

Does anyone know what is the diameter (in millimeters) and length(once again in millimeters) .32 ammo catriges are? How about the bullets?What is its composition? What size is the rim?What is the percussion cap made of and how it is set or made?

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WANTED: Empty Nitrous Cartriges for Art Installation

Hi! I am a college sculpture student in need of 6,000+ EMPTY whipped cream chargers for my next assignment. I plan on building an enclosed space with the chargers adding texture to the walls. My project is due at the end of November, and my local Starbucks is only going through 2+ per day. If anyone has these lying around (I  know some must have thousands...) please message me and I will arrange to have them shipped. Thank you!! ~Lana

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am wondering if there is a way to sanitize ink jet printer cartriges?

I want to make a printer that prints on food just need to sanitize cartridges first

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How do I ignite this smoke cartrige with a shorter battery than AA and with no explosives? Answered

Updated question: As using nichrome wire does not seem to work in my application, I am looking for ideas how to ignite this smoke cartige, electrically and with no explosives and with a battery shorter than AA. Thanks! Hi, First, I have very little experience in electronics. I am familiar with Ohm's law but don't undestand it fully in every situation. However, I'm developing a product in which I need to make a nichrome wire glow for at least 5 seconds, with help of a battery. The lenght of the wire must be at least 5 cm and must be at least 0.2 mm diamater. (Longer/bigger is even better). I am trying to find the smallest battery possible, due to very limited space. After 5 seconds, it doesn't matter if the battery goes flat, as long as it doesn't explode, catch fire or anything else unpleasant. I have already read through every forum with similar questions like mine, and have understood that I need a battery that can deliver enough current. I therefore have an idea that I maybe could use a high capacity coin cell battery of model CR2477 (1000 mAh, 3 V). However, as I, due to my limited knowledge in electronics, I cannot predict what will happen to this battery and I'm too scared to try. I also found this website that let's you calculate, for example current requirement with a given wire: If I punch in the following data: 5 cm length, 32 gage, 2 volts, I get a current requirement of 1.15 Amps. I entered 2 volts because of internal resistance of the battery, don't know if that was correct. Will the CR2477 battery be able to supply 1.15 Amps for 5 seconds? Will anything not nice happen to it? In the data sheet of the battery I read a maximum pulse current of 25mA, which makes me think that it will not work. But at the same time, I know that a standard 9V battery would work, and this has less capacity in mAh (though higher current). Can somebody help me understand? Thanks!

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Ramset .22 Caliber ?

I've just walked by Home depot today and I saw these things that looked a lot like ammo, I took a look at it, it said "Ramset .22 Cal, Keep away from childreen, heat ,shock,etc,etc,etc, somthing about powder tools. Apppearantly it was for a nailer. So I just just had a question, how do you use it, and can it be used in firearms (such as a zip gun) that accepts .22 caliber cartriges?

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lbp working games console

helleo i have made 2 working games consoles on lbp i am going to talk about the seconed one it is the sgr 30 it is called this because s is my gamer tag scenscoff91 sg is a game and computer  group i started for my freinds on lbp r stands for rainbow it is in their because games are in full coluor and i didnt want to call it spectrum in case id break a copy right law . 30 because thats how many images a cartirige can hold . check it out please if people want to im ofering to show people how to make their own games on lbp if you want to know how and me on psn my psn name is scenscoff91 no caps or spaces it uses cartrige to hod data serously games arnt that good yet but their beter than the first ones please check it out

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Help- My Printer is BLIND!

So here is the story- my grandma moved out of our house, and I got an older Windows 2000 computer. I also got a working (at the time) printer (jetprinter...HP...I think) and hooked it up in my room about a month later. The ink was low, so we spent ~30 dollars on new cartriges. So, even then, I hooked it up... hit print, and buzz click whirr...just like it should...and bloop: load paper is displayed on the screen. But had paper..a bunch! So I took it out, restartyed the computer, turned off (and then on) the printer seperately, and tried to print agian. No worky. Supposedly the printer is still out of paper, even though it is sitting right there! Is it blind?!?!?!Any help would be appreciated. It is a good printer (or was), and the ink in it alone is new and worth $30!

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Revolutionary Pen Idea

This morning I had an idea. Last night I was dissassembling a huge bagful of insulin pumps (my cousin is a diabetic and he uses them, cleans them, and gives them to me to take the guts out of them) and in them I keep the springs, casing, and insulin resevoirs... (I ALWAYS throw those horrid needles away; I don't want to get stuck with one) I had an idea looking at the resevoirs... I wanted an ink pen that could write/draw in ANY color ink with the turn of a dial, adjustment of a slide, etc.. anyway, I have about fifty of these resevoir things (they have little pistons in them) and I was curious if there was a way to reach my goal. Should I use red, blue, yellow ink, or should I use magenta, cyan, and yallow? Do I have to make the inks myself, or could I drain them from printer cartriges? Should I use only primary colors, or secondary colors as well?

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is there any one who could help get my nerf gun idea made (profesionally) from the nerf company/ hasbro, could u help

Ok so i have an idea for an insane nerf gun idea it would have a six shot cylinder, in side the stock there is an aluminum air tank which can be screwed out, refilled by a bycicle pump and screwed in. this is the power system, more power and it becomes semi auto it is able to shoot nerf footballs, the green foamy balls, or a cartrige can be inserted to have a shell put in to shoot a tri shot with darts. if posable the stock should be adjustable, and have a removable forgrip, just like the scope type attatching system, and please if your someone who can do somthing about this to get it made, make it POWERFUL, more than any othere gun, so if you can help or tell me who to contact, post a coment or design and create the gunin n strike paint job, or black, silver and darke green, oh and post ideasfor anything else that should be added, and put alot of attatchment rails on it, it should look similar to a moder millitary grenade launcher.

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