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Copy Cassette to CD

How do I copy my cassette's to CD? I have one car that only has a CD player and I would like to listed to my cassette language learning tape, but can't until I can figure out how to transfer them. I do have a CD burner, but don't know how to get the info from the cassette to the burner or computer. Thanks for your help!

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MP3 to Cassette Tape

Would like hook up my laptop to a cassette recorder/stereo so that i can make mix tapes from MP3's. My brother's friend did it years ago, but can't remember how he did it for the life of me. Any suggestions on certain cables I need or any other information. Much appreciated.

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cassette tape contest

Exactly how the topic sounds. The best uses for cassettes either as containers for sneaky electronics or some creative use for the electronics in a cassette player. (new ideas to store all your Kenny Rodgers tapes are instant DQ!)

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iPod Cassette Adapter Help?

Hey so I used to use a $30 Dynex Cassette adapter to play my iPod in my tape deck. My deck is a Pioneer KEH-P1010. Anyway, it was a real pain to get it going at first, but then it worked perfectly. I broke the adapter and so I decided to buy a cheap-o $5 "iWorld Cassette Adapter". The three instructions are (literally): 1 - Place the cassette into your car's cassette player. 2 - Insert the audio plug into your iPod®/MP3's headphone jack. 3 - Press play and enjoy your music. Sounds simple enough, right? I've tried it numerous times with my iPod Touch 64gb (same iPod as with the previous adapter) along with my mom's iPod Nano (the newer generation from last year), putting the cassette in both ways (text facing up and down). Each time I try, I can hear the deck spinning as it tries to read the cassette (with a "(---)" flashing on the display), but it always kicks back to the radio. Any thoughts on why this happens or how I can get it to work? A friend of mine had bought the same model (from the same store) and said it worked great (hence my purchasing of it), so I'm sure it should work on some level.

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Hacking a cassette tape adapter?

Hey everyone!  I was wondering, would it be possible to use the head in one of those cassette-to-AUX adapters as a tape reading head? Finding a new magnetic tape head is like hunting for hen's teeth, so it'd be nice if that were an option.  Many thanks!

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Question about bicycle cassette

HI,I bought an Shimano HG-50 8 speed cassette.When fitted, I could see that it did not seem to be exactly true.For example, if I turn it backwards with my fingers and use a spoke as a reference point, it deviates by at least 1mmI took everything apart and tightened up the free-hub.The free-hub run perfectly true.It was still the same when reassembled.So I sent off for another HG-50 ( intending to send the defective one back).The newest HG-50 was the same.When I try I put on another new cassette ( an HG model but very old stock) it runs true ( it is a 7 speed with a spacer).Does anyone have any helpful input.Thank you

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Cassette jammed in VCR--what next? Answered


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Can I modify a cassette player earphone output to lineout ?

My cassette player do not have a line out output.

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I bought a Coby Dual Position CD/MD/MP3 Cassette Adapter, my car's cassette player ejects it.

According to the car's manual, these adapters should work. When the player ejects the adapter, I get an error message that suggests that the tape is too tight. How can I loosen up the gears so the adapter will work? Regular cassette tapes work, but not this adapter.

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What kind and how many mics needed to record on cassette tape on Emerson model AS2650?

Bought an old Emerson AS2650 Radio,Phone,Cassette Recorder Player.  Want to record externally from a mic; but manual just says to plus in "2" mics.  Why two and is there a certain type?

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Tape cassettes. Hundreds of the things. Any ideas?

Ok, my husband is a hoarder. But only of tape cassettes. There are hundreds (probably thousands) piled up in our bedroom in boxes as we've just moved. We are without a loft space (we had one previously which had a lot of them in) so even my husband was shocked at how much he had when we moved. So! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what I could do with them? Things I could make? Do? Anything?!  I'm definitely going to be making a few tape cassette purses I think! But I'm definitely up for a little help and ideas :)

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Using a old alpine 7525 cassette reciever in my house? Answered

I have an old Alpine 7525 Cassette reciever that i want to put in my house and use. I can't find an instructable on how to do this with a cassette player.There are plenty on how to do it with  a cd stereo though.Please help!

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should i replace the whole rim on my bike?

Should i replace he rim or just the cassette? i snapped it in half riding my bike fast the other day.

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Do I need to step down a 3.3V Power supply to work with a device that uses 2 AA batteries (3v) or is 3.3V close enough?

I need to power 14 analog cassette players with a single power supply, I have found a 3.3V power supply that has the amperage to power these devices but I am unsure if 3.3V will have an adverse effect on the speed (or lifespan) of the cassette players as they normal run from 2 AA batteries (3V)

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How do I copy a cassette tape to a compact disk? Answered

I have a cassette tape that I would like to copy to a cd's any ideas on how to do this?

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Can I modify my hi-fi so that the cassette deck becomes a USB port?

I want to add a USB port to my stereo system (Home Hi-Fi). I want to keep the CD drawer, so getting rid of that is a definate no-no. It also has two cassette decks, which i'd be more than happy to modify. I know the tech exists, but can't find any schematics for it (probably for a good reason, but still). Any help would be much appreciated Allyn ~ FreakWorx

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what electronics do I need for push solenoid to extend and retract once with 5 sec delay after power on from 110 timer?

Trying to automate cassette tape deck for my church. deck & amp power on from external power interrupt timer. need to build device with push solenoid to extend & retract once on a 5 sec. delay after power comes on to push play button on tape deck. timer turns on for 10 min. Mon-Sat. & for 20 min. on Sun. what electronics do I need for this and a simple schematic would help.

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How do I convert music on cassette tapes to CD?

I have oodles of cassette tapes (a lot of "oldies but goodies) I want to know IF there is a easy way to convert them to CD's without purchasing any more "junk" to hook up to a computer! (I DO have access to a old casset player)! Thanks in advance for any ideas you might share with me!

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HELP please ....i am seeking a 3 speed cassette ....HELP...please

I am trying to find a 3 Free wheel cassette like the one below here for my wheel a, i am stuck in a small town and it is so frustrating cause i have no transport "I NEED HELP" My Phone Number 0412991179 Kindest Regards Gordon or Macca

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Can I tap into these audio circuits by desoldering Op-Amps and putting wires in their place? Answered

In my continuing quest to make an under-cabinet kitchen radio (see Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3), I'm looking at the original PCB for the boombox I'm hacking. Based on the work of three predecessors (Convert a radio tape player..., How To Make A Audio... and Play and Recharge Ipod...) I'm looking at ways to bring in audio from two sources.  I'm putting in a CD-ROM drive to be my CD player, and I'm adding a headphone jack for my BlackBerry so I can listen to MP3s, Pandora, and streaming radio. It appears that there are two ICs that act as preamps in the boombox, one for the CD portion, and one for the cassette.  See the pictures for where they are located on the board.  Photos 3 and 4 are pinouts for these ICs as found online. I want to remove the BA4558 and solder in a connecting cable for the audio out from the back of the CD-ROM: Left to OUT1 on the board, Right to OUT2, and ground to VEE. Likewise, I want to remove the BA3308 and solder in a cable with a male 1/8" headphone jack to plug into the BlackBerry.  Left to OUTPUT1, Right to OUTPUT2, and ground to GND. Then I'll be able to switch the selector from the boombox to CD and play CDs, and to Cassette and listen to the 'Berry. Will this work?  What are the likely pitfalls?

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Help! I'm trying to use a PIR sensor with the arduino UNO to turn a mini-cassette recorder on and off (the play button)

Hello! I soldered wires onto the "Play" switch on the cassette recorder. With the Play button depressed, when I touch the wires the recorder plays the cassette. When the wires are not pressed together it stops playing. I hooked the Sensor into the Arduino board using the same time of set-up to light up an LED light. The sensor works, lighting up the LED. When I exchange the LED for the wires to the cassette player, the cassette just keeps playing, unaffected by the motion sensing. I tried running a 10K 200 & 300 resistor between the cassette wires and it didn't work at all. I'm thinking it may be a coding thing, but not sure. These are the codes I've tried: (the one at the end) & Thank you for your help and suggestions.

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Is it possible to use old cassette tape's and/or floppy disk's "film" to make circuit boards?

Is the magnetic film inside these old media conductive enough to replace the copper, and if so, would it be feasible to glue strips of tape/disk onto some plastic or cardboard and then attach (?melting/soldering?) electronic components to it?

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I want to play my MP3 player in my car so that I can hear the music I want to hear.

I have talked to several friends about the different ways to do this and basically have learned that I either use a cassette converter of an FM transmiter. Well I decided to go the cassette route however when I put the cassette in my car tape player and connect my MP3 player, no music. The cassette makes a sound like its rolling some tape (kind of like when you use a cassette tape cleaner) and then after about 15 seconds it ejects. I thought maybe it was the MP3 cassette I bought so I went and bought a second MP3 cassette of a different brand and motre expensive and it does the same thing. Am I to beieve that the MP3 cassette converter is not an option for me? Should I now go out and purchase the FM transmiter? My car stereo/tape player is a good one as I have a BMW and tapes play fine so what is the problem? Do I need to buy another MP3 cassette only this time spend even more money? I've seen some that are $25, the two I bought were $5.99 and $9.99 but no music :( Any ideas??

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I would like a cheap and simple way to play from a battery operated cassette player using the earphone jack to an AM radio. prefer to broadcast to the radio which is only a few feet from the tape player. Also if there is a simple way to just hard wire it , that would work also, but I prefer to broadcast. Sound quality is not important.

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suggestions for retrofitting a late1970's portble cassette player/radio

Hi, I was given a late1970's portble cassette player/radio. the electronics are dead. but the body is in very good condition. It would be cool to retrofit it as a portable amp to connect to my phone or mp3 player I want to disembowel the machine and then fill it with an amp and lithium ion battery pack. it's a bit larger than a 6 pack of beer can any point me in the direction of some instructables or sites with some info? I'm thinking of buying a small amp kit from aliexpress. thanks

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how can i make an adapter for my cars cassette player to play an ipod?

I want to be able to play my music on my ipod and my phone through their headphone jacks in my car but i only have a cassette player and dont want to buy the thing from radioshack how can i make something to do that?

Question by Sniickerz    |  last reply

What next?

I have about 200nos of old audio cassettes and about 100-125 nos of VHS cassette now i am fed of them should i through them all or any thing useful could be thought off?

Question by vishesh    |  last reply

2003 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 Radio not working

So, I have the OEM radio in it right now. Its a radio/cassette player. You can play a cassette and hear the audio just fine. But when you go to the radio, nothing. No sound at all. Not even static. And if I scan for stations, it'll just keep running, won't find anything. I pulled the radio out, made sure the antennae was connected, followed the wire as much as I could from the back of the radio to the antennae and didn't find/see any breaks/cuts. Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas? Thanks.

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How do I make a simple, portable P.A. system using a boom box and a microphone? Answered

I have a boom box with dual cassette, AM/FM radio and line-in input.  It also has a microphone input.  I have tried plugging a mic in but it seems to work only when I have a cassette in it and it is on record. What do I need to do or to add to make a simple public address system without running the cassette record?

Question by blodefood    |  last reply

how do you disable the am/fm radio on a boombox?

i work at a facility where guys can't listen to radio, but can listen to cassette tapes. We need to undo the radio part of the player so they can bring the boombox into their rooms.?

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Electronics,help,feedback,community $52

How to play and rewind a craig 212 cassette player from the 70's

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cassette/tape deck sensors/readers; what can I do with them?

So, I was at my girlfriend's apartment when I came across a busted tape/cd deck underneath the porch and immediately though "FREE parts!" like any self respecting modder would. The circuit board, in pieces, has been subject to the elements for quite some time, the device made in 2002, I've no idea though how long it has actually been under there.  ("new" place) So two questions. 1) Are any of the components (capacitors, diodes, resistors) safe to use, assuming they were not short circuited by rain/humidity and rust hasn't set in?  (On some parts it has, the motor turning the tape deck being the main and most unfortunate one.) 2) WHAT could I possibly use the sensors/readers that read the tape of the tape deck besides reading the magnetic tape inside cassettes?!  I came to the conclusion that reconstructing a tapedeck with these sensors would be impractical, if not stupid.  Can they sense any magnetic field?  Would it be hard to write an arduino library? I tried looking up a datasheet and get nothing that resembles these, much less something that might belong inside a tape deck. 15RSA0 J2 K1520 Is how it appears on the side of the part, the 0s might be Os.  But the rest is pretty clear (I love a nice font).

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I have a record player with a broken cassette deck, I want to add an aux port. Answered

I have an older Prolectrix record player with CD and cassette. The amp itself seems to incorporate the cd and radio. The cassette seems to cut into the amplifier circuit when one is inserted into the deck via a micro switch.   I have managed to remove the cassette module with all it's wiring, it was plugged straight into the board via a header plug. I was considering using a module such as this, as it would fit in the existing hole quite nicely. I haven't tested voltages as yet. 3.5mm is fine, or stereo phono is also usable. I need some advice as to which wires I can use as an input. Obviously there are two power wires to the motor. The microswitch has 3 wires, red, black and yellow, then you have the three more going to the play head. Any ideas please? My electronics knowledge is quite basic. Here's a picture of the turntable in case you know it.

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how can I connect analog stereo outputs to my PC to rip music from my old cassettes?

I have an older compact stereo, and an extensive music collection, I listen to most of my music on my PC. I would like to "rip" my cassettes, rather than replacing them all with CD's

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Making a Mini VCR

Hello, I have been experimenting with cassette tape recorders for a while now, and I have been thinking of ways to use them in creative and productive ways. I have theorized that since tape recorders are capable of recording a low power fluctuating signal, (audio), why couldn't they record analog TV signals also?

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how do i find the voltage of a transformer? Answered

I have 7 transformers, all shapes and sizes, and i dont know the voltages of anyof them. i need a 24v 2 amp transformer, how do i figure out the output voltages of these transformers? 1 is from a cable converter 1 is from a cd player/radio 1 is from a old cassette player (for ac input to run without batteries) 1 is from a new-ish rca (i think) alarm clock 3 i dont remember where they came from can someone help? PS: i have a multimeter

Question by zack247    |  last reply

can i make a mic out of an old recorder?

Its an old GE Micro Cassette Recorder

Question by zero838  

How 'bout a contest for what to do with old video tape cassettes and/or the tape within?

I would love to see the instructable crowd take on this one!  There is hardly anything about it on the internet.

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how to eject tape on canon camcorder zr65?

Canon zr65 mini dv camcorder won't eject. Tape cassette come out half way then stops, and goes back in. 

Question by milesartist    |  last reply

can you seperate iron from cassete tapes with venegar? Answered

I don't have acitone and I want more iron from cassette tapes#

Question by nerd7473    |  last reply

Does anyone have any ideas for converting the cassette section of an 80s ghetto blaster into an ipod section?

This question is about  a way to mount the ipod/iphone not the wiring into the stereo.

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CD changer in my Subaru is jammed. Can it be repaired?

I have a 99 Legacy. The stock sound system is an in dash 6 CD changer w/ AM/FM and Cassette. It was modded by a previous owner to accept MP3 or other external source via, I think, the cassette circuitry. Anyways, the unit sounds fine, but it came preloaded with 6 CDs that are apparently stuck inside the unit. I'm a bit unsure as to how to proceed to remove them without causing damage. I don't really care about the CDs themselves, just to protect the unit. Thanks in advance, Jim

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How can I connect an mp3 player to my 2003 eclipse without an fm transmitter or a new head unit?

Its a stock head unit in there now and there is no cassette deck

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rear axles for a tricycle

Does anyone have a source or know of a source for rear axles for a tricycle ? all of the ones I have found are 1 inch in diameter or better. I need one that will fit a standard tricycle or bicycle wheel.

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My music cd won't play after burning any ideas why?

I copied some old cassettes (vie my home audio system cassette player) into my laptop through the microphone jack input. BUT, when I burned the disk in Windows Media Player burner it won't play on my cd players! Only on the laptop or desktop computer players. I think it copied in WMA format (Windows Media Audio ) and I need to copy it in MP3 format. Anyone know an easy way to fix this? It copied in real time into my laptop about 59 minutes of music.  I know you guys (gals too) know how to do this. Thanks for your help. Triumphman (Pro Member)

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Where can I get tapes for Commidore 64 in audio format?

I recently got a Commodore 64 and plan to use it for vintage coding and playing retro computer games. So I want to load some Basic code on some games like Pacman, Tetris, etc.  I would like to load sound from my phone and connect an AUX cable to he input port, the conputer will think that I am loading a cassette since it is analog and is really just looking for a sound. I can't explain everything so well, just go to this video, and skip to 7:32. That should explain what I am talking about.  So my question is what are those websites with retro games file in cassette (Audio) format that I can just plug in my MP3 player or phone or whatever into the input port and the computer will think I am loafing a cassette? Also I guess if I want to record I will plug in my phone to the output port and record audio. So basically can someone give me a website where I can retro games in audio format like what I explained? Abd sorry if this is the wrong category.

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