how to install games on razr v3i? Answered

Installing games, installing song to itunes on razr v3i made in china

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Popping corn with cellphones?

does this actually work? do cellphones emit microwaves?

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Rotary input for a cellphone

I have an idea to do a total conversion on a cellphone, including things like a steam-driven charger, etc. The issue I am running into here is if I could, I'd want to make it rotary. I saw Randofo's PIC method for making it a USB input here but I have no clue in terms of how a cellphone works, or any of the chips involved. Sadly, my knowledge is mechanical, not circuitry. Any sort of ideas are welcome... please help me progress on what I hope to be my magnum opus of steampunkerie.

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Cellphone headset with PC?

Hey guys i need some help. I just started using gizmo for voip calls b/c i don't get cell phone reception in my basement. I have a bluetooth headset which i use to pair with my cell phone and it works perfectly. Is there a way i can pair this same headset with my computer (has bluetooth) and make voip calls using my bluetooth headset?

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Does anyone know the best way to unlock my HTC Legend in Canada?

I'm looking for a cheap, efficient solution. If anyone knows any really good unlocking service websites, let me know as well.

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Teach me to make a cellphone? Answered

I want to make a cellphone that can call and use sms. Please help me, thanks!

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unlock car via cellphone

Can u unlock a car with a cellphone heres the situation i lock my keys in the car i call the person with the spare key and tell them to hold the key next to the cell phone and press unlock while i hold my phone next the some area of the car i have a 09 2dr wrangler (jk is the model letters) i have seen this in the int some cars it works some cars it doesnt so if any of u have done this let me know where to hold my cell phone up to the car at if its possible with this model i know they use frequencys tailored to each car so maybe a cellphone cant carry them over a phone to the car could u record the frequency and then play it back thru ur cellphone?????????

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Cellphone camera into working camera? Answered

Well i just took apart this cellphone and i found a camera. i want to use the camera but i dont know how to hook it up to video outputs. if the is anyway to make it work plz tell me below are the pictures

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Cellphone hardware alternative uses? ?

I have a surplus of smartphones and a PDA/Kiosk device for store inventory. My question is, is it possible to use one or all of these devices and somehow create an UMPC? Maby flashed to Ubuntu? I am a massive cheep skate and if this is possible it could be as strong as my desktop that I assembled from freebies...

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Solar Ipod, cellphone charger

Hey guys I found this tutorial for building a Solar Ipod charger have already looked up all the parts for it, but when reading the data sheet for the regulator was rather confused, I got that it could take up to 35v, but there was no max amperage ratings. I am thinking of making one that is more efficient using a solar panel that putts out more watts, because the one he used only put out .6Watts (100ma x 6v), but the regulator can put out 2.5 watt. couldn't you hook up a larger solar panel. Thanks

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linkin a webcam to a mobile / cellphone?

Hi, wondering if thares a way to link a webcam to a mobile phone, ither hard wired or not, it dusnt matter, so's u see on the mobiles screen wat the webcam  is lookin at, its for use in paintball and i came up with the noshon after seeing an israeli device called a "corner shot"{4A0391C2-A848-4FEB-954F-BB406C4D3CFF} i can build a remote firing rig / stock but it's somewhat pointless if i cant see what's round the corner! finally i'm siveerly dislexic (appologys for spelling errors) and hav virtuelly no nowledge ov electronics / sirkit billding ( i still can't work owt wat an "arduino" or "555 timer" is / wat they do) but any help wood be grately welcomed. thanx.  alec

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custom cellphone battery charger drains out the cellphone battery..why?? Answered

I made a cellphone battery charger from 3 AA batteries.The combination of 3 AA batteries was at a higher potential than the cellphone battery, but when i connected both of them for charging, the potential of 3 AA batteries remained same but the cellphone battery was completely drained.why??If someone could explain maybe??

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Cellphone GPS without service. Possible?

Is it possible to make a cellphone into a gps without it's service. Because I own 8 cell phones and I want to put one of them into use.

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What would be a good first cellphone? Answered

Im leaning towards texting and actual strength, perhaps the G1?

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connecting 31pin cellphone touch-lcd ?

connecting 31pin samsung gt-s5230 lcd to usb . how to do this. ? (need schematics.) lcd is: lj41-06367a?

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Will Saltwater Ruin Cellphones/MP3 Players?

Ok im goin on a trip to Key West this weekend..gone be there all spring break! But the people im going with say no cellphones/mp3 players cause the saltwater/salty air could ruin them. I don't think its true, how would kids that live at the beach have cellphones? Oh and is there anything I can buy that has a USB connection at one end and a wall plug at the other? Like a cord? Thanks EDIT: OK the trip is over, and it was awsome!! I didnt take my phone on the boat...screw it. I survived too!

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why are cellphone chargers so small?

I was thinking what kind of transformer are in those cellphone chargers. their output are so high considering their very small size. is it possible to use audio transformers to step down mains AC? if yes, is it safe? my professor gave us a very simple project - to make a power supply. of course i will use a transformer. when i pass my project she told me that i used a audio transformer. i don't know that the transformer was an audio transformer because it was labeled 220v 50Hz to 9v 200mA i searched my area for transformers i found several with identical ratings but they are significantly larger. my conclusion is my transformer was small due to the fact that it is an audio transformer. when i searched for audio transformer i found a lot of very small transformer. now, is it safe to use those very small transformers to step down 220VAC mains?

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Charge and use spare cellphone batteries

Ok, hopefully I'm posting this in the right forum. I got LOTS of broken cell phones at home and even some spare batteries from said phones. So what to do? I'm going to use them in some wearable projects. The problem that I'm having is that I'm not sure how to connect the wires so that I can charge it and how to connect the battery to the circuit. There are lots of instructables here but hell if I can find the right keywords to actually find what I'm looking for.  Any ideas? Tips for suitable instructables? Tips for better keywords? Keyphrases?  Best regards! Osquar

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cellphone wont connect to my wi-fi but will connect to others?

I recently bought a new cellphone and it works fine connecting to various  wi-fi points except my own home one, other cellphones connect to my network no trouble.  modem model is RG27- 01HGV-0

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Will a cellphone Bluetooth headset work as a computer headset if used with a usb Bluetooth adapter? Answered

 If so does anyone have a suggestion to an adapter that will accomplish this?Thanks, Scott?

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i have two old cellphones a tv jammer and an old tv remote what can i do with the stuff ?

Can i make something out of them oh and one of the cellphones has a camera

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intrudalert that sends text messages

I need a intrudealert that sends alarms to your cellphone

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Old Cellphone Camera & Its LCD Screen

Hiya everyone ! I was wondering if i can hack on my old cellphone with camera and screen and install the camera in back of my car (reverse camera) and the LCD screen on my dash. I know its possible i am just confused about the circuit. Help out on the circuit diagram please.

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where can I get old cellphones?

For a project where I am working on, I need some old cellular phones, but I cant find them. does someone know where I can  get them? if possible for free. thanks in advance!

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Why have 'they' not made a cellphone with a learning remote?

How often are you spending more time looking for the TV, DVD, Stereo remote than the time it would actually take to just get up and push the button on the unit? Cordless phones have 'pager' function where you can press a button on the base unit causing the handset to beep. A lost cellphone may be found by ringing it. But very few manufacturers of entertainment system (that i have come across) include a "finding' feature with the units' remote control. WHY NOT? Surely Cellphone manufacturers could "easily?" include a learning remote with the rest of the 'hugely useful' features on them the we use FM radio, biorhythms, international roaming, bottle opener. You see my theory is-- a. that I tend to know exactly where my cellphone is 99% of the time. It is personal. b. The TV, Stereo etc. remote on the other hand are communal. I mean other poeple, like my kids, use them often and thus the remote gets left ANYWHERE. So the two ideas i have put forward is 1. Learning infrared remote in a cellphone and 2. a pager for a remote (new thread pending)

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I want this cellphone thing, please construct?

This is my dilemma and I am sure I am far from alone.  I work for an employer that does not allow me to bring my cellphone into the building because of data sensitivity issues.  because our cellphones all have nice cameras in them now, it's a no-no. I am a parent who would still like to be notified of an emergency.  What I want is a small device, I'm picturing a little disc or square that can fit in my pocket and vibrate if I receive a call from 3 to 5 specific numbers.  For example if the school calls, or if he calls from his cellphone.  I can know I need to run out on my break or find a way to call from inside the building and call him or the school back.  Kind of like a call notifier for emergencies.  Maybe similar to Life Alert. I am not into electronics and have no idea how I might equip a device and make it communicate with my cellphone through possibly an app or something.  I just want this.  If this happens to be some new idea and you'd like to develop it as a company, I'd appreciate some notification, credit and cut of the profits or purchase of the intellectual property.  You'd really be doing a working mother a favor.  Otherwise create this thing and sell me one.  I will definately buy one and sell some more for ya.

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How to levitate a playing card with your cellphone!

I got about halfway through making one of these before I started questioning its seriousness. Is it a joke? Or, hopefully, is it valid? UPDATE:Don't you just love who gullible some people are? ; ) Anyway, now that I've shared this with everyone, should I delete this topic. I'm not sure how it could benefit anyone else by leaving it up, and I try to clean up my messes.If anyone knows the latter to be true, could you give the scientific explanation for why a cellphone can levitate a playing card?Looking up how to add a video now. :P Here's the URL in the meantime: Errr...Perhaps I'll make an Instructable on how to not read the entire set of directions in an Instructable on how to make videos. Mmmmm...recursion :P

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using cellphone lcd for computer mini screen?

I am new to the whole programming stuff but I had an idea I have no idea on how to execute. Could you not make a computer chip to act as a transformer? Having one connector on one side for your normal PC screen connector and then sizing it down to a connector for a cell phone lcd? It seems to me it should work but as I said I am new so any info on why this may or may not work please let me know.

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What can I do with broken cellphones? Recycle them? Cannibalize them for parts?

I have several cellphones stored, I don't want to throw them away because i think they pollute. So... any ideas?

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What applies an electric current in cellphones that allows the messages to be sent?

I'm trying to understand how cellphones can send out the messages to another source (like a computer). I know that somehow an electrical force is being applied, but from where and how?

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cellphone signal blocker by dealextreme. settings for canadian networks like rogers/fido.?

Can some one help me out . i just got my cellphone jammer (blocker) purhcase from dealextreme. when it came its not blocking the signal of my cellphone or anyother unless u are very close to it like right infront of it. after 2 feet it just don't block. so i read the guide how to change the settings by opening the case of it. but the settings are shown for att and other usa networks . i am in canada and i need for fido/rogers settings please help me thanks.

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how do you separate golds from the celphone boards?

The board of any cellphone has tiny amount of gold in it .what is the step by step process you do and the chemicals you add to separate those gold from the cellphone board.

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What can I use to shield cellphone radio waves/ frequencies? Answered

I always put my cellphone in my right pocket, only the right pocket, keys and wallet go on the left. I noticed awhile back that my leg sometimes twitches. So now I was wondering if I can line my pocket with something that will shield the radio waves from my leg. What would work?

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how can i make a pair of speakers for my SE w660i cellphone?

I want to make a pair of speakers for w660i cellphone. i got speakers out of an old mini component. can you give me the layour and the detailed instructions? thanks..

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How do you put a cellphone on a knex roller coaster? Answered

On youtube people did a lot of POVs for their knex roller coaster. I want to do one too. I don't have a mini camera or that set that comes with a small camera in it. So I want to put my cellphone onto it. My question is how to do it w/o using tape, glue, other materials, or modding the car?. Thanks.

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can i make a transparent cellphone case by myself ? can i ?

I want to make a transarent cell phone case me!

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what is tip and ring of a cellphone,how to connect that in the circuit,can we use headset?

Which cellphones can be used.I have NOKIA-5233,can i use it?

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