CHAIN DOG ??? Answered

Just a quick discussion about chan dogs/ tiedowns. does anyone have an idea of how to make one out of water pipe and steel plate. any idea's and/or plans would be greatly appreciated.

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Chain machine

I want to know, how can I do a machine to make stainless steel chains. That's a ward one. If some one can tell me

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chain gun

Make a gun that can use knex chians to hold and load bullets

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chain mail

I need help collecting pop tabs to make chainmail. if you feel like helping email me at and i will give you the adress.

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Bike chain snapped? Answered

So I’m riding along and suddenly my chain snapped. So than I get to walk home with my busted chain and bike. My question is, is it better to order a new chain, or can I use a power link? Or any other suggestions. Many Thanks

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Popcorn chain questions

Wondering how to rejoin the popcorn chain seamlessly as in the link below. Also curious about the very neat powdercoating job - I assume it has to do with the first question - joining??

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Chain Keeper/Roller

New to instructables forum but have been enjoying all the wonderful inventions.  I am trying to make/build me a chain keeper that "looks" like the following: 1. Pedros Chain Keeper ( 2. Butter b1 Chain Keeper ( These chain keepers are quite expensive: about $10.00 for Pedros and $35.00 for Butter. Also, I'd like the chain keeper to be used for transporting my bike - see a comment on a DIY version at Appreciate any input/ideas. Cheers.

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The Grand Comment-Chain

The Grand Comment-Chain, it simple, below I have posted a comment, then you have to reply to my comment, then someone else will reply to the comment you commented on. And it will go on for as long as you want. Please join in, all you have to do is reply to the last comment made then you can get on with your lives!

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Rusty Bike Chain

Hey guys, my bike chain has gotten rusted from being outside, to the point where I really can't ride it. Should I buy a new chain or can I take apart the chain and the gears it rests on and clean them with something? If I should buy a new chain completely, how much will that cost and where can I get one? If I should clean up the individual parts, can someone make an instructable on it or just provide basic instructions for the do's and dont's? Thanks in advance, -Rob.

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Bike chain lubes?

right so for last year i have been using 3 in one on my bicycle but i ride in dry arid usually dirty conditions and the 3 in one gets filthy very quickly . so i read online white lightning is good for my conditions so i used some today.  what kind of lubes do you use and why?

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Making a chain clock...?

I asked recently about making one of these here Re-design gave me some useful advice as to what to use, sadly though, I have no idea where to begin. I know what a stepper motor does, but as far as to what stepper motor to use, where to get one, how to use/program a controller, how to power the motor, etc I have no idea. If somebody could give me some clues, or just point me towards another instructable that explains any of this I would be most grateful. Thanks for the help, Cook$

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Timing chain cover

I have a 97 dodge dakota and I need a new timing chain cover. On-line purchases are out of the question because I'm short on time and cash. I will be going to pick n pull to get a replacement but they currently only have years 91, 92, 93, 95, and 99. My question is this, how do i find out how similar any of these other covers are, short of driving all the way to the yard and inspecting each one. does anyone know off hand how interchangeable this piece is?

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New Chain MG!!!

This is my new MG/Chain/Gatling gun I put together. It crosses oodalumps chain round, oddalumps MG, and Sharpshooters gatling gun.

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musical key chain

For a while I wanted musical key chain where I hit a button, and it will play the first part of the Final Fantasy victory music. how can it be done? where should I start?thanks in advance! =D

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floating key chain?

Hi i need help making a self inflating key chain that uses a balloon or something to carry keys to the surface of the water, it needs to inflate when fully submerged but can handle some minor splashes. something similar to this:

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Daisy Chain Amplifiers?

I have a couple amplifier chips, and i would like to know how i could daisy chain them (connect them together for more power)i am using STMicro TDA7266s pdf i have tried putting amplifier chip in series with each other (not the outputs, but all the pins)help?

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Key chain multitool

I was thinking of getting a multitool that is small enough to fit on your key chain. Here comes the dilemma though... I don't know what tool to get. Leatherman has the squirt and the Micra. Other companies have ones as well... I was thinking of getting the squirt, but if I do, I cant decide if I want the P4 (pliers) or the E4 (wire cutters). Ahhh I cant make up my mind. Any help? The thing about the pliers and wire cutters is I don't have a set of wire cutters. However, pliers would probably be used more often. But if I need the wire cutters, I would wish that I had got them instead. Right now I am leaning towards the pliers, but...

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Longest comment chain ever!

I have notice that the instructable chat room has a very long comment chain. Most of the comments in the chain is mostly "O, RLY" and "YA RLY".Is this the longest comment chain ever on Instructables? Or are there other comment chains that are longer than this instructable chat room's comment chain?And guess who started this massive comment chain... The famous gmjhowe!Click here to go to the instructable chat room...

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Chain Mail Chess Set

This entire chess set is made out of chain mail. The amount of work that must have gone into this is mind-boggling. You will certainly lose the nice sound of solidly dropping a piece into a new strategic location, but maybe the clank of chain mail on chain mail will be even more satisfying.Link

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Is chain maille bullet proof?

How strong is this stuff? Is it comparable to Kevlar? Will it stop a bullet? I know it'll protect you from being stabbed, but what if someone's got a firearm? Are some mailles stronger than others? Which is the strongest?

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How to redirect Bicycle chain?

I'm working on a [secret] project that involves a recumbent bicycle. I'm going to have to use a long, tandem bike chain. The problem is, the pedals are going to be mounted at approximately a 32-43 degree angle to the rear axle, with an obstruction (me and my seat) in the way. Is there a way to some how redirect the chain, so that it would go under me? Thanks!

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Chain mail help please!

I am making chain maille armor, and I am winding the wire myself. I was wondering if anybody could tell me how to hack an 18volt battery operated drill as the motor so I could just push the button while I'm winding the wire on my, I think it's called a mandrel or something. I can post pics if necessary. Thanks in advance!?

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chain gun trigger system

I am sooo tired of stupid mg's that only work when you turn the motor, i've made a trigger system which works like this: first you load a chain into the gun. second, you turn the motor on. third you squeeze the trigger.bang bang bang aaaaaaawwwwwwwwweeeessssssssoooooommmmmmeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!no pics yet, will be be soon though

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Need to know about chains?

Hello guys, My question is about how chains and their links work. We know to old saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Regarding links, assume a 1000lb. weight is suspended by one oval shaped steel link. Each of the ends of the oval link, with one end to the hook and the other end to the weight, are holding in tension 500lbs, 1000lbs or another amount of weight? Thinking about it another way, for the same 1000lb weight, if now suspended by a chain of 10 links of the same types of links, is the 100lbs evenly distributed to the 10 links where each link is holding 100lbs plus the weight of the additional links below it? If so, then the more links there are in the chain, the more weight (tension force) the chain can hold. Correct or does it not work out that way? Please clarify. Thanks, Bretina

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KNEX TANK with a mg with no chain.

My tankit has a mg. and uses no chain peaces. the only exotic peace it uses is a orange gear. like a yellow gear it has the pegs sicking out of it but only has half the pegs. it can be made by cutting off half the pegs if you want. not very power full but that is because i am using a clasic motor. the motor has to pull bach the ram so to much rubberbands and the motor can not pull bach the ram. if made with a beter motor it could be stronger.o and the last picture is of all my knex guns :)

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I would like to purchase a manual on how to braid paracord. Can you give me the price on a manual of this type ?

I am interested in making different key holder, and other items out of paracord.

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(How) Do You Cut a Necklace Chain?

I bought a chain for a necklace at Wal-Mart that's significantly bigger than I need. Should I cut it? Can I cut it? How do I cut it? 

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Home Made Chain Mail(le) Armour

Hey everyone, I am relatively new to the site but not at all to making my own things out of my head. Currently my only problem is how to do these things and the biggest of these is currently how to make Chain Mail(le) Armour from wire at home and by hand, with tools of course. My friend and I plan on making some for Halloween/ School Project/ metal forge safety gear. What I really need to know about all of this is how to make the rings, weave them, and seal them together (riveting, welding, etc...) and I was really hoping all of you people could help, what with the fact that you all seem good at this kind of thing. Feel free to leave suggestions for materials, tools, kinds of wire, and anything else you can think of that might be helpful. I plan on posting a full Instructable on doing this when we finish and perfect it, and thanks in advance for any help that is given.

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My Bicycle chain skips when it's on the smallest gear and there's too much pressure on it. Anyone got any ideas?

I am speaking of the rear cassette. it and the entire rear wheel is months old, so i don't think its a worn out freewheel. Ive adjusted the derailer numorous times with no luck.

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Chainsaw bike

Hey every one i'm gonna make a chain saw powered bike do you think i should do an instructable on it !

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Chainless Bicycle!!

There's a great post over at POPSCI about an awesome chainless bicycle! It uses an innovative wire and pulley system. No more pants caught in the chain??  Way to go Hungary!  Read more at POPSCI

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Mini Bike Chain Adjustment Trouble? Answered

I recently bought a bunch of pocket bikes all in good shape but all had some sort of problem.  I took the best parts off of them and made one extremely nice bike.  The one problem I am having with it is that the chain likes to come off.  There is a bolt connected to the back axle that tights and loosens and slcks or tensions the chain.  How do I find the "butter zone" where it isn't too loose to come off, and it is too tight to come off?  The two sprockets are lined up really well, but they are a little off.  Would it be possible that that was the problem?  When I say a little I mean like so small its less then 2-3 mm from drive sprocket to driven sprocket.

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chain driven weed whacker bike

I am currently trying to complete a weed eater bike build, but have run into some trouble. a jackshaft is required, but i do not have enough money to purchase a kit or use a welder. built one out of some bolts, bearings, and the sprockets needed for reduction, but the engine shakes the chain off the primary drive sprocket or the primary driven sprocket when it is operating. i also need to figure out a way to mount the secondary driven sprocket to the wheel, would JB weld or something similar work? thanks in advance for any help and/or ideas

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Can you "Daisy Chain" resistors? Answered

Can you chain together multiple resistors to add up their ohms into a larger amount.

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Chain lift for K'nex roller coaster?

Hi, can some one give me instructions on how to make a K'nex roller coaster chain lift?  That would be great! :D  thanks in advance! :D

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Belts set to replace Bike Chains?

Apparently belt driven bikes were produced a few years ago by specialist bike companies but they are now about to hit the mainstream.These belts have an advantage over chains because they are tougher, last longer, aren't dirty or greasy, their quieter and they weigh a lot less.the only drawback is the price, Trek has unveiled, the District and the Soho, will run you $930 and $990, respectively. but then again all new tech is expensive :D Via Gizmodo

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Help with powering chained LED strips?

It's been about 30 years since I had any formal training in wiring circuits, so excuse my ignorance.   I am trying to chain a couple of addressable LED strips.   The strips have the following requirements: Power consumption: 10W/M Length: 5m Voltage: DC5V So it's 50W for the length of one 5m strip.    I'm considering chaining two or more strips together.   The data chain can be as long as it needs to be, but the the manufacturer recommends powering strips every 5m.     Let's say I have a 5v 60A (300W) DC power supply.   Can I run multiple strips (I guess up to six 5m strips) with this wired in parallel, or do I need to worry about putting resistors in to keep it from overloading the strips?    Here's a quick sketch diagram

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Anybody got funny Chain Letters?

I was wondering if anyone had any funny chain letters? I made up one a few minutes ago: There was once a girl who went to the grocery store to buy cheese. Then one of the people who worked there said to her: "We have no cheeeeese" The girl was so suprised she fainted and died. Copy and paste this 5 times within the next hour, or the girl will come to your bed with string cheese hanging out of her mouth, with a sword made of cheese. She will be bleeding melted cheese, and will be crying melted cheese tears, saying "CHEESE! GIMME CHEESE!" If you post one, do not start it! P.S. Enjoy some random pictures!

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Whats the best wire to make chain mail from? Answered

I want to make a chain mail shirt for under 15 dollars, whats the best wire to use

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Where can you buy steel (chrome) chain like used in a dog leash or wallet chain, but 7 feet or longer?

These are sold as dog collars in 4 foot lengths, but I need more like 7 feet. I tried looking up "wallet chain" but those are obviously even shorter. I saw this kind of chain was also called police chain or handcuff chain. Strength is important, it can't be some soft metal like cheap jewelry, preferably steel. Any ideas who sells this, preferably at discount prices? Thanks...

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make a belt or braclet from a bike chains?

Bike chains were used for belts to fasten pants in the 1960s as were motorcycle chains.  How was/is that done?

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make a simple easy to follow knex chain gun that uses barley any pieces with no more than 5 barrles

Can some one make a knex chain gun that runs on a motor. look if you do follow my request i would like it to have no more than 5 barrels use very little peices easy insturctions step by step insturctions clear pictures and most important make it very clear on how to load it and fire it

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How to start a fire with out matches?? in a chemical way??

Hey! hum.. thanks for reading the question..  is for educational purposes only..  @ my school we are making a chain reaction project and we need to have HEAT on it.. we thought about matches.. but I need any chemical way to start the fire.. since we can not intervine during the chain reaction S: HELP MEEE!! PLEASE!  swear I won't set fire on the entire school!  Thanksss  so much! 

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Prop-Gun idea

I don't have that much confidence in getting this to work, but as an idea I thought I'd share it: I have a concept of a rotating-barrel automatic-chain-gun, that I can do no problem. BUT, to simulate muzzle-flash, I'm thinking of feeding butane/air down the barrels (blow-lamp type device) and igniting it. Initially, I think of slip-rings or similar and a camera-flash unit for ignition, motor drive on the barrels. Any advice? L

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What chain fed knex gun should i make? Answered

I want to make a chain fed knex gun with a stand its gotta be quite good NO MODIFIED PIECES! plz help!! -megametal8

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How do i connect a Knex chain with my Knex gun?

Hey i was wondering if anyone could to tell me how to connect a knex chain to my knex gun below or connect a knex chain to just any gun in general?Btw Should i Post instructions for this gun? Knex Sniperif u want some stats they are on the link

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catena clock

I saw this online, is it possible to do this with a quartz movement from a craft sore????

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What can I do to improve my instructable?? Answered

Alright, I made my first instructable, but I'm wondering what I can do to make it better, so it will get better ratings. I know better pictures are in order, and I'm working on it, so please point out anything else! Here is the link : don't mind criticism, so please point out even the most insignificant details.

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