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Chicken eggs? Answered

Hi chicken experts.  I have a broody hen and so decided to get some fertile chicken eggs for her to hatch. Now I have bought a mixed lot and so would like to garner opinion as to what I might get out of them. Possibility from the breeders are Welsummer, Cream legbar, Light sussex, to name but a few poeeibilities. Photo attached,

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How do u build a chicken coup?

I'm getting 6 chickens and I kneed to know how to build a coop. So if A have the answers I'm looking for thank you!

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Anyone have plans for building roll out chicken nesting boxes?

Nesting boxes are usually about one cubic foot.  Several hens will use the same box.  Some hens will pick at eggs and break them.   I am looking for box plans that include a slanted box floor combined with a collection box so after an egg is laid and the hen leaves, the egg will roll into a bin.

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I am trying to make a gravity water system for some chickens, how ever, its not working and Im not sure why.

Ok the first one works for dogs and cats The second one is for chickens The others are what I have tried and they dont work Why? I know it has to do with the vacume and the vent hole in the bottom of the pan. The short bucket has one 7/8" hole and it overflows till it reaches the top of the holding container. The tall system has 5 of these holes. Both have lids and should make a very tight seal. so what gives

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Animatronic chicken?

I need to build an animatronic chicken for a 4-H float (the cheaper the better). Can someone come up with an idea? I need one that makes it head go up and down, and one that goes side to side. Thanks all, I'm sure you can come up with something. _

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How to make a brooder for a large number of chicks?

I am picking up my 100 meat chicks next week and any instructions I have found for homemade brooders are too small. I am also getting 14 layers and in an ideal world the brooder would be something I could divide to keep the 2 separate. Thanks in advance for any ideas

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New categories? E.g. Homesteading

Dear Instructables, I am an organic gardener and smallholder/homesteader and most of my instructables are related to these topics, however apart from 'Pets', which is OK because my birds are very friendly and tame, there is no specific category for my Instructables. I have noticed that there are many people posting poultry instructables and it would be great if they could be grouped together. I also suggest, seeing the amount of relevant posts, that there should be a category which covers, permaculture, organic (food/horticulture and agriculture) and one for homesteading. Instructables is very well served on the engineering/science/computing side but it would be great to have a balance. Best Wishes, Pavlovafowl aka Sue

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HELP! We have fleas

HELP! I have fleas, but we have 6 week old chickens in the kitchen. Is it safe to use sevin powder around poultry?

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How can I get rid of an owl in my yard?

See I have chickens and the past couple of weeks a Great Horned Owl swoops down and picks up one them, kills it, then it leaves for a week and come back to do it again. So if there is anyone that can give me any advice as to how i can get rid of it I would really appreciate it.

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My Blog - Introducing Myself

Hi - someone recommended me to this site and I must admit I am curious about all it offers. There are some really cool projects on here. I am a teacher and a writer specializing in Feng Shui and Natural Health. I have a blog that I have puttered at for the last 6 months and trying to get more serious about now. Please feel free to take a look. My latest post is about chickens and eggs. It has links to other sites that offer free giveaways, recipes, games, etc and how to look after chickens. It is fun, nothing more. Check out my profile for more info on me and my blog. Thanks! Take care. Lisa

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The Ikea Chicken Coop

Ikea has served humans so well with its affordable home furnishings, but what about the chickens? Urban chickens want some of that Scandinavian style too and who are we to hold them back? That's why Aaron Bell and wife Corinne created this new chicken coop that is largely made from four different Ikea items. Check the link below for more details. Ikea home for chicks via make

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Show me the chicken!

Today we're launching a new Chicken Recipes Contest, and I wanted to invite you to enter! Typically, I would have launched this as a Scoochmaroo Challenge, but you all have been so responsive to these challenges, we decided to turn them into full-blown contests.  Then I realized that you wouldn't get the normal update from me about the challenge, and might not know we're running it at all - oh no!  So from now on I'll do my best to keep you apprised of the contests in the Food & Living categories, and herein create a forum for everyone to chat about it as well. So break out your chicken recipes - I know this seems exclusive to vegetarians, but I also know how creative our audience can get - and show us what you've got to win some sweet knives generously donated from Wusthof.  These are the same knives I use in my home and here at the Instructables HQ! We're even giving away one special prize to one author who submits the most entries!  So enter now, check in often, and vote for your favorites.  Contest closes August 27.  

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Different ways to cook chicken?

Different ways to make bake chicken

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Auto egg turner motor. What motor do I need for my incubator?

I built an incubator from a redundant wine cooler but the motor wasn't up to the job. I had underestimated the total load and stripped the gears in the gearbox. Can someone tell me in very basic terms what I need to change and where to look for them? Also, the top connection needs to be a ball and socket type affair (not very smooth at the moment). Where do you buy components like that? Thanks. Paul

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What can i make with chicken?

Chicken Salad! Yes! was a thought...

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Easiest and cheapest way to convert 12V down to 5V and keep it that way?

I need the easiest and cheapest way to get 12V down to 5V - Sir Evil Chicken

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Arduino light controler based on preset time and light intensity

I want to build an Arduino based controller for my chicken coop that will turn on the lights at a prescribed time in the morning (while it's still dark outside), then turn them off during the day (using a photoresistor) and then turn them back on when the sun sets and then finally turn them off again at a prescribed time so my hens can sleep. I have an Excel file with the lighting cycle times that is specific to my global position that is designed to maximize egg production from my hens that I'd like to use to control the on and off times of the lights. Can anyone point me to specific recommendations on which arduino board to use, and how to set up the timer and photoresistor properly? Thanks!

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How do you tame a chicken so you can pick it up without it pecking or scratching you? Answered

My family are getting chickens for our back garden and apparently chickens aren't very friendly sometimes. How do we train them to be more domesticated and tame?

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making a skull with chicken wire?

My grandson has to make a skull for school and we have had chicken wre suggested and we are looking for help

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

I won!!! I'd like to thank the Academy... Wait... Oh, wrong award... I'd like to thank everyone who read my instructable, who learned something from it, who voted for me, and of course the sage wisdom of the selection committee. I didn't post the instructable to win anything; that's a bonus. I posted my instructable, The Perfect Hike -- Follow the Way of the Backpacker at, to share my experience and the shared experience of others in an effort to make backpacking a safer, more enjoyable sport. If you like what you saw, keep an eye out for more. I'll be back... chokapi -- a different kind of rebel

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Recipes for cooking spaghetti with chicken? Please give me one.? Answered

Recipes for cooking spaghetti with chicken? Please give me one.

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What came first the chicken or the egg Answered

If you ask me the egg came first because you can't get the chicken without the egg

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how to make a fully automatic homemade chicken egg incubator

How to make a fully automatic chicken egg incubator?

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How do I cook chicken to be really soft?

How do I make chicken really soft after cooking , like they do in chinese restaurants? It invariably becomes a bit hard. TIA :) Have a great day!

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How can I make feed for my chickens from common (cheap) kitchen scraps?

Just got three chickens. Want to keep them happy and healthy for the least amount of money possible.

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what came first?

What came first the chicken or the egg?

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Everything Chicken and Eggs - Recipes, Games, Free Products, Gifts and How To Advice

Last week my daughter came home from JK with a photograph of her holding a chick she watched hatch. (She was so egg-cited.) She is learning about eggs as one of the signs of spring. Being the curious mom, I decided to do some web research to learn what all the clucking was about.So fellow moms (and dads) here are some great sites complete with lots of cool free chicken and egg giveaways! I hope you are hungry.1.) Do you want to have fun with eggs? Visit http://www.getcracking.caThis is an awesome, fun site sponsored by the Egg Council. You can join the Egg Lovers Club to receive free recipes and the kids can do Eggtivities and Eggsperiments. For example your kids can learn how to do the Uncrushable Egg Trick. Not to give away anything but let me know how many books you were able to pile up.2.) Are you looking for agricultural or nutritional information? Visit http://www.chickenlovers.caThis site is sponsored by The Chicken Farmers of Ontario. You can go to the Teacher's Resource Section and order free kits with "how to" projects for grades 3 to 10. In addition there is a super Order Desk section where you can get free posters and fact sheets. The posters feature delicious recipes with all the information you need to make the right menu choices.3.) Are you an aspiring chicken farmer? Go to http://www.mcmurrayhatchery.comThis site has tons of information and products related to chickens. It has everything you need on how to keep your chickens and their farmers happy and healthy. You can do everything from buy chicks to listen to their radio show called Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer. You can also order a free catalogue and sign up for free weekly emails but that's not all. They even have an amazing Hatchery Gift Shop perfect for the hard to buy for chicken farmer on your list.And finally, Are you ready to get started and want to make your chicks happy? Go to one offers a great "how to" E-Book written by Bill Keene who has many years experience as a poultry farmer. He knows how to build a chicken coop that will keep your chickens healthy and happy. It sells for $29.95 USD but one of the neat things I liked about this site is because it is an E-Book you can print off as many copies of the book and its plans as you want. It also comes with 4 Free Gifts and a money back guarantee.In conclusion, I'm glad my daughter's photograph led me to here. Sign up for all the cool free giveaways soon. You and the kids will have fun. I need to go now; I'm trying a new recipe for supper tonight called Caribbean Chicken. Enjoy!

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How do I cook chicken to be really soft?

How do I make chicken really soft after cooking , like they do in chinese restaurants? It invariably becomes a bit hard. TIA :) Have a great day!

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We need to alter our chicken house gate to allow chickens to pass through but not wild birds. Answered

We have covered the whole structure with bird-netting to keep wild birds out of the chickens' food, with some of it draped over the gate opening to within about 30cm of the ground.  We need to be able to get in and out of the full-height gate easily ourselves, as well as allowing the chickens to go in and out freely.  The trick is how to do that without allowing wild birds to also pass through. I thought of leaving the netting draped over most of the open gateway (we shut the inwards opening door only at night time) and then having a smaller gate at the bottom that the chickens can push through at the bottom 30cm, perhaps made of a cafe-blind cut into strips and fixed to a rod attached across the lower part of the gate. Alternatively, we could cut out some of the lowest horizontal bars of the gate and replace them with a lockable flap, hinged at the top. Any ideas of what the flap could be made of that the chickens would be able to freely pass through and wouldn't be frightened of?  I made a doggy door in another gate out of the lid of a plastic storage container but the chickens don't go through this (and I don't want them to learn how). I would appreciate any suggestions. Cheers, Mandy

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what's the best way to keep hungry varmints away from my chickens?

We have a new flock of Buff-Orpingtons that we got as chicks last fall- they're roosting in the greenhouse and range in an enclosure during the day that is surrounded by an electric fence. I'm concerned that as the weather warms and the resident coyote, skunk, fox, coon and possum population gets active we are exposing the gals to a potential chicken holocaust. Will the electric fence be enough? I've come to respect the ingenuity and perseverance of varmints. Input please!

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How do you get dogs accustomed to chickens?

I have some dogs (too many, actually) and i am looking to get some chickens. The problem is, when we had ducks, the dogs would bark at them, and chase them along the fence of their pen. i don't want this to happen to the chickens, because i know they won't lay if they are spooked, so i need to find a way to get them to get along. i am planning to get the hens as chicks, and raise them up. does anyone knw how to get my mutts accustomed to having chickens about?

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want 2 build a auto chicken door, will a rotisserie motor work?

The motor automatically reverses direction when power stops. run cable around shaft of motor (has 20lb weight limit),run on timer.  think this will work?

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how do you keep snakes out of my chicken house/pen?

I have recently started raising chickens and i have bitties in my chicken house and twice now a snake has gotten into the house and eaten bitties, the last one is resting peacfully along with the bittie in the garden next to the squash. any suggestions on how or what to put around the pen and house to keep snakes out?

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Instructable tips? Answered

I am making an instructable on how to make a chicken coop, I already have lots of pictures.  Anyone have any tips on how to make a great instructable?  I am thirteen and this is my first  instrucable I intend to publish.

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diy chicken egg incubator fully automatic 500 egg capacity?

I want to make a chicken incubator fully automatic with capacity of 500 eggs. I am alien to electronics. I want help in building one both design and its electronic gadgets too.

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im planning to make rapunzel's tower from tangled, im going to use a wood frame and chicken wire, need plaster ? answred

Im planning to make rapunzel's tower from tangled, im going to use a wood frame and chicken wire . what is the best way or how do i keep the plaster from falling through the wire? should i wrap the frame in something before i plaster over the chicken wire?

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can I freeze greek lemon chicken soup with orzo ?

I was gifted soup in October and it has been in the freezer every since

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building automatic chicken coop door?

Hi guys,  im looking to put an automatic door on my coop.i need help with the wiring, its going to be a 12V DC board with light sensors and a DC motor with a planetarium gears. i have already have a power source in my coop. 

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Chicken mesh and plywood radio/wifi reflector dish.

Haven't quite the time to do a proper instructible for this, but in case anyone finds it useful: Has schematics, 3d models and construction instructions. Cost about NZ$20 in materials (plywood, mesh, cable ties, screws), took a couple days to make, but really only because of the lack of proper power tools. Works real good.

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can you turn a chicken into gold

hi their i was wondering can you turn your chickins bones into gold using displacing metals because gold replaces calcum i cant remember why but it does

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"Kiteman" proves theory of Reverse Evolution!!!!!

Http://, my mistake. With the headlines, and the (initially) grainy photos, I thought this was Kiteman- Demonstrating the FACT that intelligent beings can "de-volve" into funky chickens.

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Light Sensitive Chicken Coop Door

Hi, I recently started keeping my own chickens and have really enjoyed the whole experience. The chickens were all really friendly and provided hours of amusement. Until a few weeks ago I had 4 of our feather friends in a nice Coop. That was fine until one night, for the first time ever, we forgot to close the door to the coop. Unfortunatley the fantastic Mr Fox must have been casing the joint for some time and siezed his opportunity. Three of the chickens were nowhere to be seen, the fourth lay dead under our rhubarb. So why am I telling you all this sad tale? well, I have stumbled accross a solution to this ever happening again. On Ebay I can purchase a 'VSB Automatic door opener', but it'll cost about £100. This is also not ideal as by current door for the coop opens horizontally not vertically, which would mean replacing the door. I'm also concerned that the light unit will be underneath a roof with this design, so it may close prematurely, leaving the chickens trapped in the yard. I'd like to have a go at making my own automatic closer for the coop, possibly solar powered (with a rechargeable battery) that could be mounted to the side of the coop. I don't mind adapting the door to make a vertical opener, if that makes the project easier. The specs for the bought units are: Compact geared motor with steel gears ensuring extremely long life. Battery life now 3 to 4 years with an HS sliding gate or 2 years with a 1.5-kg sliding gate featuring a 50-cm lift. Dorkeeper operates considerably more quietly now. Thanks to 40-kg breaking strength, the rope can hardly break any more. Electronic shutdown of motor within one second when the sliding gate is blocked.Once the blockage is removed, the sliding gate will be opened within three minutes. The strain on the batteries is virtually negligible. Tensile force: 200 g to to 3 kg, with idler UR on the sliding gate (pulley) 6 kg. Does anyone have an ideas how to make something suitable/similar? I have included photo's of the coop showin the current method for closing (Metal foding arm)

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