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Paint Choices

What color scheme should I choose for the AK-47 I'm making? Any suggestions? The original colors would be like a burnt sienna and a black I usually spray paint the parts separately here is a pic of the completed model i'm building

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Battery choices?

I have been having a lot of dead batteries because I don't drive very often.My battery always checks out ok so the warranty doesn't help me.  If a new battery would help me, should I choose a cheaper battery with lower CCA or a more expensive on with higher CCA and a longer warranty?

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Choice of tablet?

I have decided that I need a tablet computer for work purposes - I want to be able to have my desk-based PC running the interactive whiteboard, whilst having sensitive data (such as markbooks, registers and internal emails) on the tablet. I would also be able to have images and data on the tablet screen for small group work, without having to disrupt the rest of the class. I own an iPod, and have played with an iPad at an Apple store, and borrowed a friend's iPad, so I know it will do the job for me. What about Windows / Android tablets, though? The last Android device I used was very glitchy, but that was a year ago.  Has it gotten as stable as iOS? Of specific interest, do Windows or Android tablets start up from standby as fast an an iPad?  If they're slow, I might as well dig out my netbook.

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A Level choices

 I'm not after anything in particular here just want some opinions. After recently applying to my local sixth form college I'm curious as to...well I just want to talk really. My options are: 1.Chemistry 2.Physics 3.Mathematics 4.DT: Product design - Materials Reserve:Computing GCSE: P= predicted grade, C = current grade (Or already gained GCSE), L/10 = how much I enjoy, G/10 = how capable I am. Maths: P= A*, C=V. high A, L8/10, G7/10 Physics: P=A*, C=A*, L9/10, G9/10 ICT: P=D(distinction), C=D, L7/10, G10/10 BPE: P=A*, C=A/A*, L6/10, G8/10 Chemistry: P=A*, C=A*, L9/10, G9/10 DT (Electronics):P=A*, C=A*, L9/10, G9/10 Catering: P=A*, C=A, L5/10, G8/10 Music: P=A/A* , C=B/A, L5/10, G7/10 Biology: P=A/A*, C=A/A*, L8/10, G7/10 English Lit.: P=A*, C=A, L6/10, G6/10 English Lang.: P=A/A*, C= B/A, L6/10, G6/10 PE: No GCSE Anyone else recently applied for sixth form? Currently at sixth form college or university? Any advice? I reckon I am going to end up (sounds so negative) in Engineering or Science, whether I choose University or an apprenticeship etc. ANY advice appreciated.

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help with software choice? Answered

Hi i am entering a competition where we have to make a small presentation, but i want it to standout over the others. We are doing this competition in groups of 3 and one of us is good at computers and i can learn software quickly. So can somebody tell me what software is use to make this video presentation or some similar programs that can help me make a presentation similar to this, Thanks.  there is a picture of the editor editing the program and this is the webpage that tells you about how the webpage is made the channel this program is shown on is ABC australia. Thank you for helping.

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Motor and circuit choice

Hi folks, I'm a first time poster on here but I have been browsing the site for years.  Finally taking the plunge and starting my own project. I have a mechanical setup to turn a motor and charge up some devices.  I want to keep it simple for starters and charge up something like a smart phone.  I'm a complete noob when its comes to electronics so I'm looking for some help. What I am wondering is, what motor (or stepper motor) would be best suited to generating enough volts to charge a smart phone, and what would I need to do to be able to hook up the phone to charge? I have had a look around the site and have found lots of stuff but since i'm not really sure what I'm looking at, and I dont want to go purchasing anything till I know what I need to purchase, I thought it safer to ask first. Thanks in advance for your time and your help. Paddy

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Random explore choice not working...

I've cleared my browser and emptied the cache and when I choose Explore->Random off of the menu it tells me it can't find any instructables. Is this temporary?

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Motherboard limits your choice? Answered

Does your Motherboard choose the type of Graphics card you need or can you use any brand of graphics card for any motherboard?

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New Laptop or Notebook choice? Answered

I am a n00b when it comes to buying laptops. Ive worked off of a PC workstation until now. I have a budget of under $900 and DO NOT WANT an HP. I have a preference for a good graphics card, at least 2 gigs of RAM and XP pre installed as the main OS. Any suggestions or tips, in fact which notebook or macbook do you use?

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What choice of motor for a robot

Hello, I'm making researches about electric motors, I know very little about them and it seems to be a vast world. I don't have any detailled project yet, but I'd like to make a small robot that would be capable to move, that implies using electric motors. Forums have many useful data about them, but what it lacks is precise user reviews: what type of motor would you use the most, and why? Is it simpler to use servomotors over DC, or brushless? Prics must be a criteria of choice, but can I found cheap motors with good performance? Thank you very much for your help

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What do you regret the most? Answered

If you could have another go at life, what would you do differently?

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gotta admit, kinda bummed by contest results

I recently entered a contest with what I thought was a good project. I'm no wizz and surely expect there to be strong competitors out there all with different projects. I have no idea what criteria is used in judging but to have several versions of the same thing (a bluetooth speaker) win several slots in the contest left me both bummed and scratching my head. What's done is done but I feel like this is akin to running a contest of car repair and having 3 entries on How to Change a Tire win.

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Premium features and not enough choices for paying

Why not also offer one-time payments for downloads? I would've spent the money for one; maybe others would too. And then you'd make more money, I'd have my download, and happiness would abound.

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Best choice of a scooter for elderly parent? Answered

Does anyone know of best scooters in the market for parents too sick or too old to move freely by themselves. Thank you very much for your help.

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Laser cutting a spring - choice of material? Answered

I have a scheme that requires a flat, non-conducting spring. Acrylic it too brittle for my needs, but I know that some plastics can, when cut with a laser, give off fumes and gases that will damage the laser cutter (eg PVC gives off gases that will cloud the mirrors). What materials would you recommend? (I've attached a quick sketch of the general shape of the planned spring.) EDIT: I've added a rough sketch of the project - a torch, cut from acrylic. The four projections are to bind it together with an elastic band.  The switch operates like a syringe.

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Can't decide... EDIT: Choice made!

I'm buying a new multi-tool. I have been using a Leatherman Juice for almost seven years, and it's starting to show its miles.  I know I could replace it under Leatherman's guarantee, but it's one I won from Instructables, and it's engraved. So, I'm trying to choose a replacement, which will be part of my EDC. At the moment, I'm havering between the Gerber Crucial and the Leatherman Sidekick. I like the Crucial. My youngest has one for scouting, and I've used it a few times. It's quite comfortable in the hand, and feels strong. However, it lacks tools I have used quite a bit in the past. It's proving a hard choice, online reviews vary between useless and contradictory, so I thought I'd see what you folks think. What are you carrying as DIY EDC, what do you wish you were carrying? CHOICE MADE! I have a Leatherman Wave on it's way in the post!

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Your best choice of VoIP equipment

Shenzhen LEAD Technology Development Ltd. is the profession one of developing, manufacturing and selling in VoIP field Now, our products is on sales. Main products is USB Phone, Gateway and IP Phone USB Phone have many styles, with LCD, without LCD, with USB disk. Gateway use the SIP as the main protocol, they have the compatibily with other SIP equipments IP Phone are very simple, similar with the normal phone, but have more functions?£ All the equipments is easily set up, has many styles And we also offer the SIP service The price isn't changeless, the bigger quantity, the cheaper price TEL: 86-755-27918959 MSN & E-mail: Skype: cobbyzhou Cobby Zhou

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Building a cantenna - choice of coaxial cables?

------------ My goal is to build a cantenna to receive WiFi signal, and transmit it via the coaxial cable to bypass a thick wall in my house, and broadcast it through an antenna in the destination room. ------------ For those who don't know what a cantenna is, take a look here: I read a few other tutorials like the one above, and the only thing I'm not sure is what kind of coaxial cable I should use. For example, I found this one on ebay:;&hash;=item56561dfe5c&_uhb=1 Would this RP-SMA type work for my application?  Also if I attach an antenna at the end of the coaxial cable, assume I have good impedance matching, how good would the signal be when I broadcast it in the room? Thanks for your response! 

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Create awareness of a particular diet choice...

What would make the world a better place...depends how you define world, and your benchmark for what distinguishes better place.  This contest suggests things that would improve home, neighborhood, society, and planet.  I have an idea that would improve all of the above! Health: Personal back story:  Growing up I drank a lot of pop.  It was not uncommon to polish of a 12 pack of soda in a day or two, and this would happen regularly.  For the last fifteen years I've consumed at least 2-4 liters of cola per week, if you average it out (probably closer to ten).  Thats a conservative 2000 litres of cola.  At ~120 grams of sugar per Liter, that works out to a whopping 240 KILOGRAMS of sugar.  Now, were my parents terrible?  I don't think so - the knowledge wasnt out there that us kids were being fed a high sugar highly addictive substance that really messed with our bodies.   I can personally account that I had a terrible sleep schedule growing up, and I can directly attribute it to sugar/caffeine.  Unlike many friends I know I managed to stay skinny and somewhat 'in shape' through hyperactivity.  The artificial insomnia destroyed my school scores - as I spent a lot of time very tired in class, not paying attention - and was even suggested to go on medications to 'fix' how 'weird' I acted.  Most all of my child teeth and adult teeth are full of fillings where I had cavities - and I can't have cold food touch my teeth because I have almost no enamel left.  Consider now the direct economic cost of this:  At an average of a dollar per liter - multiply by the number of 'addicted' heavy user kids out there, and you have yourself a staggering amount.  I'm not alone.  I know lots of friends with similar stories - some less fortunate with serious health problems like diabetes and bariatric problems.  Economy: The high fructose corn syrup industry has halfway destroyed the cane sugar market in many third world countries.  Soda machines all over, often in schools, rape the pocketbooks of young persons for a product they don't need.  Pretend for a moment you are a drug dealer gang boss.  Now imagine you can put a legal salesman in most every school, "free".  I don't need to explain the rest of the story. Society:  Soft drinks are not 'evil' - they are an enjoyable vice that when taken in reasonable quantity aren't that harmful.  Therein lies the problem - they are marketed as the be-all and end-all to be happy, thirst quenched, and popular.  Couple this with the fact that they contain high levels of two of the most addictive legal substances out there:  Caffeine and glucose.  Our nervous systems don't stand a chance. Environment:  Frankly you'd be surprised how much carbon dioxide comes from the soda industry - that fizz goes somewhere after you *kssshk* open the can.  High fructose corn syrup is bad not just for your body but for the environment.  Some areas are very good at recycling, but still others are brutally abysmal at their three R's.  Many COUNTRIES in fact don't recycle at all.  That's a LOT of plastic and aluminum ending up in the environment, to be there long after we are gone. My proposal:  What I want to see is awareness campaigns of the health risks of being a heavy user - in conjunction with warning labels similar to what the tobacco industry has on their products.  I want to see their huge profits going into the community (like in this contest - more of it!).  Make companies accountable for their products. photo courtesy

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Engineering Career Choice ??? Renewable Energy/ Electronic Answered

Hello I have a big choice with my career. I am not sure what to choose between electronic and renewable energy engineering. Could you please help me if you can. Thanks

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Choice command works in CMD but not in a batch file

I was trying to use the Choice command in Windows7 and when I tested it in CMD it worked fine, but when I try to use it in a batch nothing shows up it just stops the batch from doing anything on a blank line. So lets say my batch file was... @echo off echo Hi echo Person choice /c YN /m Will you be my friend? if ERRORLEVEL==2 goto :end if ERRORLEVEL==1 goto :a echo If you see this it failed... :a echo YAY! Pause>nul :end exit Then I would see Hi Person Then nothing after that. It would just be blinking like you have to type in something on a blank line. Any Ideas?

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VOTE for Instructables! (In the SXSW People's Choice Awards)

Instructables is a finalist in the SXSW Web Awards "Classic" category, for websites over a year old. We're up a against some big sites, so wish us luck!Of course, that means we're also eligible for the People's Choice Award, so go vote for us! I just did it, and the process is dead easy - you can vote once/day until March 6th.

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Would a microwave capacitor be a good choice for a coilgun design?

If not that what about: If neither is good then can you recommend some that would be ideal?  I already know hat disposable camera capacitors can be good.

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Insert "Village People" related pun of your choice ...

I've just come across probably our best-funded new member: the United States Navy.Really. I checked.So, aside from the fitness videos, what Instructables do we want to see from the USN?Here's my starter list:How to shoot down a satelliteHow to make a torpedoHow to operate a steam catapultWhat do you want to add to the list?

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Best Platform Choice For Computer Science/Robotics Class?

The teacher of my computer science class (which has focused mostly on programming) wants to completely redo the curriculum to be more robotics centered, and he wants me to help. So, I need to try and find the best kit/components to start building and programming robots. If anyone here knows where we should start, I would really appreciate some help. I was looking at Nerdkits, and since my teacher wants the projects to be expandable into anything we want to do, this seems like a good solution. I have one, I haven't used it much, but one of the things I noticed is that it might be a little intimidating for students just starting out in the class.     Another choice that I want to look into is Arduino. I really haven't looked into this at all, but I've heard of many projects that use it, and it sounds like an easier platform to learn, but still flexible to any project.     The third choice I was looking at was Lego NXT. I know this is completely different from the other two mentioned so far, but I'm thinking this may be a better way for students to start out and then move onto the Arduino or Nerdkits. There is also a firmware that will let you upload Java code onto it, which would work out well since my teacher already knows Java. Since I have one of these, I could also donate/sell it to the school, which would reduce the cost for the school.     I will keep researching these and looking for better options, but I would also appreciate input from you guys! So if you know anything about this, or of a forum where I should ask for help, please let me know. Thank you for any help!

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Hypothesis (VERY HYPOTHETICAL) about choice of jobs/interests

Recently, I was reviewing things that I like and do not like and noticed something that seemed constant throughout them, and may even dictate whether I like something or not. Before I jump in, I would like to say that there should be no conclusions drawn from what I am writing, and we can only really hypothesize. To give an idea of what I like and don't like, here is a short list of things I do and do not like on a scale from 1-10. (I just don't enjoy "doing" these things, but don't necessarily think that they are "bad")1- Not enjoyable 10-Very exciting1- Playing an instrument2- Playing a sport3- Editing an essay with my mom (AKA a two-sided argument, but one of the sides can't say anything)4- Drawing (used to be a 9)5- Eating6- Youtube7- Writing an essay8- Talking9- Reading10- Making, creating projectsThe thing that I noticed that is pretty constant within my interests is information. I mainly enjoy things when they can easily communicate useful information, and dislike things that seem to not give me any straightforward knowledge. I play the Piano and the Trumpet, the Trumpet because I have to, and the Piano because I get things from it (~$50 every 4-5 months so far and some things to take apart.) I do understand the benefits of playing an instrument, but to be honest, I HATE it. (That'd not to say that I hate the instrument itself, as I know it is benefitting me and that many people enjoy playing them.) I think that the reason why I hate it is that there is no information being communicated to me, except that I have to play this note in this way. Playing a sport is a similar situation. I am not learning much "useful information," and do not like the fact that I know that "I could be doing this right now instead of playing this sport"! Though, I do not hate sports in general. There is one sport that I really love, almost as much as I love making. (to give an idea of this, I dream of microwave transformers). That sport is called ly fishing, and when fly fishing there is a ton to learn about the environment, and I have learned some very useful things from it.Editing an essay with my mom. This one seems to contradict my theory but really doesn't. Allow me to explain with an example. Often times, including the day I am writing this, there is a maximum amount of time that I am supposed to spend on an assignment unless I really want to spend more time on it. But because my work isn't complete, meaning that if it were an essay that I had four weeks to work on, I would change a few things around, she makes me work on it until it is that way, even though many of the edits, in my opinion, are unnecessary. This still contradicts my theory though, because there is being information communicated, so allow me to further explain: It is a one-sided argument, as I cannot express what I think is right with having my mini-workshop being taken away for a certain amount of time and my expressing of my opinion still wouldn't change the paper, as she would just reject it. Even when I do get her to "listen" she is not being open-minded. (Just to "remind" you, I am simply explaining why this does not contradict my theory, I am not trying to throw shade at my mom, and apologize to her if that is the unintentional impact of my actions.) And I cannot communicate information.I used to love drawing before I discovered my love for making. In my opinion, it is an average method of communication, but I rated it a 4 because it is very "inefficient" in communicating the information, and can often communicate the wrong message. Once again, I would like to remind everyone that these are just my preferences, I do not enjoy "performing" these, but do not necessarily not respect that people do like these things. Eating. Eating is a necessary part of life, and is enjoyable b instinct, but doesn't really relate to my hypothesis, so I will skip this one.Youtube- Youtube is hard to categorize, but it can be great in the sense that people can communicate their own information to anyone (sort of like Instructables, but Instructables is less corrupt), but I rated it a 6 because it is very corrupt and there are scams everywhere on this platform (THERE IS NO FREE ENERGY!)Writing an essay. I really enjoy writing, as I am doing right now. It is a great way to document and share information without having to repeat what I am saying over and over again because I am not saying it properly. Not much else to say here. The only disadvantage of writing is that it is limited and that it can be misinterpreted. (meaning that I can sound like I am screaming at someone when I am not)Talking-I LOVE to talk, as it is such a fast and good way to communicate information. (in case you didn't know that). The only disadvantage of talking is that it can be hard to understand. The only reason why talking is not higher on the list is because it is quite simply not a hobby.The only reason why writing is not higher on the list is that it takes too long and doesn't;t actually get any physical part of a structure completed.Reading- thought reading is technically a part of writing, it is a piece of writing that is read over and over again to convey a message(s) that the reader cannot simply be told, and has to understand the importance of. Reading a book is in my opinion, "opening up someone else's mind" (I came up with that). This makes it very efficient in communicating information and at emphasizing certain messages better than most of everything else. the only disadvantage of reading is that it doesn't get any work done if you know what I meanFinally, the thing that I enjoy most is making my projects. This not only forces me to learn things (Thank you Instructables community!) but also gives me the knowledge that I can pass on to others, and also allows me to apply that knowledge, and use it to make something. In conclusion, or rather, this is the explanation of my hypothesis. Please comment down below and say whether you identify with this data, meaning that your interests are at a certain efficiency of communication of information, or not, and if I am completely wrongFinal note: Everything said in here is not to say that some things are inherently bad, just that I do not enjoy the "doing" of it on my part, but appreciate that other people can enjoy it.

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Career paths. I'm lost.

Hi, I'm lost, and I was wondering if you could help me. I feel stuck in life, and I've decided that I'm going to put my life into action with as much vigor as possible.  I've decided to start with finances and education.  I've got the finances part figured out, but I have no idea on education.   I'm twenty years old.  I went to a technical college for Information Technology and Communications Systems, and I left after a year because I was no longer interested, I don't believe I was prepared to take the educational leap (I hindered myself), and I left for a relationship. I don't want to make that mistake again.  Being a maker, what types of possibilities are out there for career paths?  What type of education should I pursue?  How do I make sure that what seems like a great choice doesn't turn out to be a passing fad like my past venture?   I feel as if I've wasted too much time.  I haven't been in high school for three years, and I have nothing to show for it.  I need to get this going as soon as possible.

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Feature request: "Sorting" choice in topics lists under Groups

It isn't obvious to me how the page-generator chooses the order in which forum topics are listed on a Group's main page. It would be Really Nice if the section bar include choices for the order in which topics are presented (by date posted, by date of last reply, by number of replies, by author, etc.).

Topic by kelseymh  

flash drive autorun for vista and xp to launch app of choice? Answered

I currently run one app that is launched from a flash drive by an autorun.inf file. It works great for vista because it launches the task menu and I just launch the program. What I am trying to accomplish is create a simplistic program or group of programs using either the autorun inf or a .bat file to give me the option to launch the app of choice, needs to work on both vista and xp any help coding would be greatly appreciated.P.S. this is the code that Im currently using[Autorun]Open=apps\(insert application here).exe

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Translations? Is there a way to tranaslate our comments to our choice of languages?

   One of my favorite "Instructibles"  (By a spanish speaking publisher) mentioned that he uses an automatic translator. I didn't notice an option to translate my post to his page to another language(I speak english). Don't know if you proviode that option or not....Or, if I need to download my own translator to do this.... I might be pushing your "Be Nice" policy, but I thought it would "be nice " to post my comments to him in spanish.................Thank Y'all for providing such a well constructed and emensely useful site....Hope you "Live long and prosper"....

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Making translucent, glowing cubes. Best shell material choice?

I'm making eight, seamless 15 cm3 cubes that will be translucent and have a glossy finish. They will be lit up (with LEDs, etc.) so the entire cube appears to glow, but there is a base side which will always be on the bottom (it doesn't have to be made of this material.) Sturdiness is desired (they will be in transit at some point), as well as low cost. The solutions I have in mind at this point are: Frosted acrylic/perspex glued together Some form of cloudy resin cast into a single-piece shell I imagine that the resin would have a better overall appearance if it goes well, but it sounds expensive and complicated. The perspex solution may have a less appealing end result due to the edges between each face. Please suggest alternate solutions if you can think of some! Thanks for your help. TK.

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How to make product labels? (paper choices, design in adobe, etc.)? Answered

Hey all, I've been lurking around here for the past few weeks and finally got a membership.  Anyway, I had an idea I would like some help with: I'm looking to make a gag/stocking stuffer gift (relabeled product) for a friend.  The idea is to take a can of spam and relabel it as unicorn meat (I saw this in a Think Geek catalogue).   Dark, I know, but he would think it was really funny.  The questions I have are: what kind of paper would work the best for this purpose? (photo paper is too thick to wrap around the can, generic printer paper is too thin and would fall apart, so what would be the "goldy-locks" paper?)  Also, this part may be more complicated as I am a photoshop novice, but what would be the easiest way to design a Hormel Unicorn Meat label in Photoshop? Thanks!

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i entered the kids contest for the singer serger and i can't find my instructable as a choice :( where is it?

I would love to win, but can't if it's not published. help please!

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Is it just me or this doesn't work..batch?

 I tried making a batch and it looks something like this (it is a subsystem)Bold words need paying attention to: :mainmenu echo choose your selection: echo 1 apps echo 2 editor echo 3 phun not done echo 4 sites not done set /p choice= if %choice%==1 goto :apps if %choice%==2 goto editor if %choice%==3 if %choice%==4 echo error wrong choice pause goto mainmenu I would like to KNOW the goto and heading does not work! Please tell, I need it for my subsystem and you will recieve credit for it when I post the 'ible UPDATE Does 3 and 4 have to be filled in?

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grenade launcher or bipod? Answered

I have made tombuckey's crossbow (v1) and have a choice of either putting undermig's grenade launcher or the guns bipod underneath the barrel. which one would you choose and why?

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hi- can i reprogram a musical greeting card to play an mp3 of my choice? (or make a similar tiny 1-song stereo)?

I want to make the smallest and cheapest possible music player for one song that i can fit into a bottle and hook a trigger up to so it will start/stop a song of my choice when a cork is pulled out/ replaced. is this a dream? could it happen? if anyone has any insight, i would be so grateful (i don't know enough about tech hardware to know how to do this myself!) thank you! -piper

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Can you do KipKay's alarmclock blast hack with an NES Zapper instead of a Sega Phaser?

KipKay did his video with his weapon of choice, the Sega Light Phaser. But my weapon of choice is an NES Duck Hunt Zapper. Will it work?

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Kids Robotics

I want to work with my daughter to build a fun robot but it seems like there are some many choices out there for platforms, controllers, software etc. I think I'm leaning towards a platform from DFrobot.;=37_111&product;_id=97#.VaL4sZNVhBc And an Arduino based controller like this,;=35_104&product;_id=1176#.VaL45pNVhBc To control and make it move I'm thinking that Ardublock could be a good choice. I'm curious if this community has any thoughts on my choices... or alternative ideas. Thanks, Phil

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SP vs. Micro

If I had a choice should I get a Gba SP or Gba Micro?

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read and right a text file through batch in python

Ok so I have a - batch file named run.choice.bat  - text file named choice.txt - text file named python.txt - and a python file named The batch file contains this code: @echo off set /p c=<"choice.txt" echo %c% choice /c:%c% echo %errorlevel% echo %errorlevel% > python.txt pause The python file contains this code: def choice(keys="yn"):     """"""     import os     import time     o = open("choice.txt", "wb")     o.write(keys);     time.sleep(1)     os.system("run.choice.bat")     i = open("python.txt", "r+")     errorlevel=int(     return errorlevel choice(raw_input("choice(")) my problem is that the batch file wont read choice.txt while running in python, on its own it runs fine. can somebody help me fix it?

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Merry ... uh....

Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practi[c|s]ed within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2008, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great. Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America in the western Hemisphere . Also, this wish is made without regard to the race, creed, col[o|ou]r, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wishee.

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Makerbot VS RepRap? Answered

I've have been considering making/purchasing a 3D printer. I've slimmed down the choices to the RepRap Mendel, and the Makerbot Cupcake. Both seem like good choices, but I can't really decide. The big factors in my purchase should be performance above all else, price, availability of parts, and the type of plastic it uses. Can anyone please suggest something?  

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What is the best phone out of these four?

The phone choices are: Samsung Impression Samsung Solstice Samsung Mythic LG Arena

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Hp or Toshiba Computer Answered

That would be the best choice between an HP computer and a Toshiba with the same features and a price almost identical?

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bug with website?

I tried to submit a video to the contest, however neither youtube or google video work, it reports unsupported host, but its listed as a choice, Please HELP!

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new knex contest im going to start soon im looking for judges and people who would like to enter

Ok im think of a contest im not tell you what you must make but theres a real prize for thisfirst prize:i will sub and 5* any ibles of there choice and the prizesecond prize:sub and 5* 15 ibles of your choicethird:sub and 10 5*on any ibles of there choicerunners up:sub and 5* any any ibles of there choicerules: 1:you must follow them2:no cheating3:no playing favorites4:if you dont get it in the deadline your out for that round5:if you drop out tell me6:have fun7:the judges can enter but they cant vote for them selves unless it just to ausome8:you may use older ibles but i would rather have new9:it can be a video (it must be on google video) or a slide or even post how to make itjudges:meKiller~SafeCrackerknex_builder_freakdj_radiocontestants:knex mad

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If a movie is ever made about you, which actor would you like to play you?

To start, if a movie is ever made about my life, I would like to have George Clooney as my first choice, Gerard Butler as second choice and Pierce Brosnan third. I share a striking resemblance to these actors (tongue in cheek). My theme song would be Forever Man by Eric Clapton.  

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Help me at "for" command (Batch/CMD)

Can anyone help me? I've got a problem with the "for" command. I can't include decimals (like 0,1). Here's the code: @echo off :Start cls echo. & echo. echo Let's play a game! It's called echo NUMBER! Type in any number echo between 1 and 10: set/p "choice=>" for /L %%G in (1,1,10) do if %choice%==%%G goto Add :Wrong echo. echo Choose a number between 1 and 10! ping localhost -n >nul 2 goto Start :Add if %choice%==10 goto Tie set one=1 set /a result=%choice%+%one% echo I choose %result%! ping localhost -n >nul 3 goto Loser :Tie echo I choose 10, too! ping localhost -n >nul 3 echo. echo -=-=-=-=-=-TIE-=-=-=-=-=- echo. echo Press ENTER pause>nul goto Again :Loser cls echo. & echo. echo %result% is bigger than %choice%. echo Sorry, you lose. echo Press ENTER pause>nul   goto Again :Again cls echo. & echo. echo Wanna play again? (y/n) set/p "choice1=>" if %choice1%==y goto Start if %choice1%==n goto End :Sorry echo. echo Choose y or n! ping localhost -n >nul 3 goto Again :End exit The problem is at line 9: "for /L %%G in (1,1,10) do if %choice%==%%G goto Add" With (1,1,10) the sysem can only recognise Integers. So, if you know any way to solve that problem or to make the code more compact, please tell me :P PS: I'm from Brazil, so I'm sorry if there are any grammar mistakes.

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Starter kits for UAV projects

Starter kits for UAV projects Hello!!! I'm about to make a purchase for either the AVR or PIC package for flowcode 6 but I'm not sure what choice to make. I want the the right software and hardware combination for my ariel projects and dont' want to make a bad choice my first time around so could anybody out there advise me on the right all around package I need to purchase today??? Thank You AO!

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