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Choosing IC

I recently came up with the brilliant idea (read: scheme) of constructing gloves with built in  RGB LEDs that fade through colors randomly. I plan to sell these to ravers as they are usually spoiled rich kids (no offense) and I can fund my new found interest in electronics. My question is if anyone knows of any ICs that can control this without having to program it, like the LM3914 can work as a VU meter. If no such thing exists, then the cheapest alternative.

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Choosing a Transistor ? Answered

Hello All.. I wan't to power up a 10A (12v)  loads with a Arduino .. What is best transistor for this job ? Also what is the resistor value to use between Arduino ? Thanks all..

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Choosing a relay?

I was about to make a project, I was all set then I realized that I hadn't chosen a relay yet. (Circuit As I didn't know anything about relays or AC voltage I started studying. At the end I came to this. As I will be controlling lamps with either incandescent bulbs or led bulbs and phone chargers a 5v, 220v 1a relay will be enough, since Bulb 0.27 A, LED 100 MiliAmps and Phone Charger a few watts. So the question is that are my calculations right and what else should I know about relays e.g operating voltage resistance and other stuff. Oh and is there a 0.5a relay and if there is will that be enough? Thanks in advance. -Prickly Potato 

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want to choose collage but not sure were to go!!!!!??!!!?

Want a place that will teach me how to design cars and stuff write computer code and build/design engineering/archetechture type things

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Which one should i build ? Answered

i cant choose between seleziona's xm8 or brammetje's m4a1 casv.

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"The 'Ible Awards"

Ok, i got this idea whilst in the chat room. The Instructables Staff, should look out throughout the month for outstanding behavior shown by members of the community, and at the end of the month they choose someone to be the "-Ible member of the month" or have at the end of the year "The -Ible Awards" with multiple categories and the community votes on a winner, and they receive like a trophy or a badge. Just throwing it out there, feel free to comment/debate.this goes along with Keith-kid's idea from about a month ago (which he pointed out to me): idea was mostly a group thought, so credit goes to myself, Keith-Kid, Killerjackalope, and Adrian Monk

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Well, I think its safe to say.....

That chooseausername is dead. On ibles at least. His last posted comment was october 30, 2008, and he has done nothing since. He was a noble friend and all around cool guy (in a weird way). I like to congratulate him on how much he protected his privacy too. we only know he lives in Europe. we hope you come back, or if not, have a nice life. - DJ radio.

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Choosing a transistor (NPN)? Answered

Hey Guys, Recently I was ordering electrical components online and when I reached transistors I couldn't choose any. I was wondering that can I order any transistor or will it ave to be specific one? I need one for projects like wireless induction, laser tripwires etc. I would really appreciate it if you could help. Thanks in advance -Prickly Potato

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Choosing Arduino for begginer Answered

I would like to get into using Arduino and i have very little background knowledge on it. I would like a basic view of it and what should i buy to get started?

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how to choose a mandolin?

Hi i've been playing guitar for about 4 years and ive been thinking that i should learn something new so ive decided for a mandolin but i dont know how to choose 1 but i like the F model and i dont really like the A model but if it sounds good i dont care but i would like some advices

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How to choose a transitor?

How do you choose (and use) a transistor to make led lights blink to music? I am making a speaker system and thought it would be cool to add a led light system. Also where would i add the transistor, to the audio in line? or to the output line (its a 12w output)? i have looked around a bit but still cannot figure out how to connect and use a transistor... HELP! :) Thanks :)

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Which microcontroller to choose?

Hi all, I need to use a microcontroller for my project and am thinking of getting the arduino UNO R3 development board which composes of the ATmega328 microcontroller. I have to connect a small motor, a 16x2 LCD display and a miniature heating element to the arduino. I would like to know if the UNO R3 is suitable for my project. PS: I am very new and noob regarding microcontrollers

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Choosing the Right Amplifier?

Halo everyone again! This time around, I am planning to build a dedicated modern jukebox/ music kiosk. It will have touchscreen and all the good stuff. HOWEVER, I am not sure of the what amp to use for the speakers. I am planning to drive 6 coaxial speakers on this thing, 3 for each channel. The coaxes have a spec of 35watt continuous and 140watt peak. First off, will 6 of these be powerful enough to get a large living room thumping for parties, and if yes, what power amp would i need? I am planning ot buy the Sure Electronics amp boards, but ont know if i should get the 2 channel 100watt or invest in the 2 channel 300watt. These coaxes are 4ohms each, and i will probably hook them up in series. (unless there's a better way you guys can recommend). Would appreciate any and all help!

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I am going to buy a new high powered tactical flashlight. What is the best light you know of. I dont really care about price within some reason. I will use it for search and rescue (scouts), camping, general use, and possibly swimming/diving. Can you recommend a good one.

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Choose Your Favorite Picture For My Instructable?

I'm working right now on a HUGE project And, I need your help for choosing the best picture for my Instructable If you're interested, This Instructable is going to be on how-to-make a: 200 WATT Variable Spectrum LED Light Panel, Which I will use for taking pictures for my 'Ibles. And for some reason the pictures are on there side, Is there any way to fix this?

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Is it possible to choose/customize the Instructables that are shown in my overview?

Is it possible to customize the Instructables that are shown in my overview? If you go to any Instructables users page and choose the "Overview", 6 Instructables show up, Is it possible to choose which ones will be there? I already asked this question here: Kiteman told me "No, but it's a nice idea - you could start a Feedback forum topic, or email to suggest it." This is what I'm doing now, Is there anything else I need to do?

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Is it possible to customize the Instructables that are shown in my overview? Answered

Is it possible to customize the Instructables that are shown in my overview? If you go to any Instructables users page and choose the "Overview", 6 Instructables show up, Is it possible to choose which ones will be there?

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How do I vote for different contests? Answered

I know some people entered multiple contests. Can I chose which contest I want to vote in for someone's instructable? Thanks

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How do I shop for high powered microscopes on a budget without getting a bad quality one?

I don't want to spend tons, (I'm thinking I can do about $250 max) and want a high-powered microscope. I would really like it to be bifocal (not stereo). I'd prefer at least a max of 1000x, if not 1600x. I want the microscope so that I can explore the world around me. Oh, and I'm considering certain biological fields for my career. Thanks guys!

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Click to Scroll through Options (Yonatan24)

If you came here, you're probably** one of my followers. If you're one of my followers, you're probably interested in my Instructables. If you're interested in my Instructables, well... You get the point... If you're interested in seeing my projects in action, and more, Subscribe to my new YouTube Channel! Maybe these (deleted) embed links might decide to work one day... If you are on mobile or want to watch my channel trailer, Click here) Have an idea for a project that you think I can make? Post it here, or send it in a Private Message! If I win in an Instructables contest with your idea, I'll send you a FREE 1 YEAR PRO Membership! You can always contact me by Private message, though for something that's really important, you can send me an email using common sense and the period of this sentence, which contains my email address.   More links: Free PRO Membership Membership Giveaways My collection of my favorite projects My first I'ble My first featured I'ble My Twitter (haven't decided what I want to do there...) **(If you came here through the forums, this Forum Topic has been linked from My Instructables Page. Since I now have no Orangeboard, and have several different sites that I want to link through my profile page, I thought that I would do it like this...)

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Choosing a good bass amp

I need suggestions for a good bass guitar amp. One I have in mind is a Behringer Ultrabass BA115 600 Watt 1x15 Bass Cabinet. I'm looking for something good at around $150 USD. Any advice for choosing one would be nice too.

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Choosing the right zener diode? Answered

Hi Guys, I want to make a power bank kind of thing that can charge my laptop. Its not at all efficient and a powerbank or rechargable batteries would be better but its a challenge kinda thing. Due to my research I found out that zener diodes can not only prevent backflow but also limit the current. So I was wondering if you guys could help me choose a zener diode. I have attached a picture of the schematics. Please don't comment saying that its not efficient and stuff, I know that. ( Extra info: laptop requires 20 volts 2 amps) Thanks in advance :). -Prickly Potato

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Need Help in Choosing a Microphone?

I am a  conference speaker that needs to have his own microphone. Had to cope with crappy mics, I need a recommendation for a good wireless microphone ( handheld and lavalier combo). Am  looking at Shure BLX 1288/CVL. Need advice and recommendation. 

Question by JacksonA2  

Choosing Resonator for AtMega328P design?

The ATMega328P datasheet specifies a load capacitance for a resonator from 12-22pF but the only 2 Resonators that will fit in my design (from Digikey) have 10pF and 33pF internal capacitors. Which one should I use, the 10pF or the 33pF, and what are the tradeoffs? Here is the atmega328p datesheet

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Howto choose RGB leds ?

Hi, I need to buy some nice looking RGB leds. What I want is a led that can be turned pink, yellow, green, cyan, magenta... whatever. What I have received are leds that project three different beams, one red, one red, one blue, making three different colored spot, but do not look like one homogenly colored led. So my question is : -How to now from the spec if the led will look nice or will look like the one I already have ? -Where to buy 25-50 nive rgb leds for a fair price ? Regards, tReg.

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Choosing an Arduino compatible board

Hey everyone. I'm very new to microcontrollers. I've never dealt with them but I do know how to program. I'm interested in creating a wall-avoiding RC truck on a tight budget. I'm mostly going to be following this instructable as well as this one I'm thinking about getting this arduino-compatible board.;=item4d0e0629e4 This is a motor module I'm looking at.;=item565f5299e3 I'm wondering if anyone has experience with arduino-compatible boards or maybe even tosduino specifically. Are they fairly reliable? Is this motor module something that could work? Why is it only $4 while the motor shield for arduino is $20 - $30. I really have no idea as I would just be following tutorials to get my feet wet in the arduino world. Thanks, BlueShorts

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Choosing paint ball gun

When choosing a paint ball gun you need to first look at your budget. how much are you willing to pay. remember you also need a tank ($20 to $300) and a hopper ($5-$150) and a mask ($30 to $200)you you want a cheap gun to shoot in you back yard and do not need reliability accuracy or quality Get a spader if you want to play paint ball don't get a spyder. The first guns you will probably look at will be Tippmanns, they are extremely durable and reliable. How ever you can not play speed ball with a tippmannn your limited to woods ball. The only real reason to get a tippman is the flat line barrel system.There is no reason why you cant get an electro-pneumatic gun and play woods ball. A proto slg or pmr weighs 3-8 pounds less than a tippmann. Woods ball games last for 30+ min a person with a 1.5pound gun a 2 pound tank and a half pound hopper is going to Own over a person with a 5 pound gun a 4 pound tank a half pound hopper. elect-pneumatic guns are lighter and are multi-purpose a with a tippmann you can only play woodsballSo which gun should i getfor a cheap woodsball gun get a Tippmann 98 custom pro or a tippmann A5For a great multi roll gun look into a Proto Matrix rail (pmr) or Proto slg (super light gun) at my local store the pmr cost $10 more than the slg ($250) but it comes with a locking feed neck (worth $20+ and older more reliable internals) For a little bit more performance at a higher price the invert mini is a great little unique gun its not the most reliable but you get a great gun for $350BTW never buy smart parts guns. I think the best gun for mid level players is the Dangerous power threshold $500 its sweetwhat i originally said I have been playing paintball casually for 3 years or so, and i dont have my own gun (iv been using my friends 98custom). I want a relatively cheap C02 marker with no complicated stuff (I.E electronic triggers) The Tippmann A5 seems perfect to me (cheap, High Bps, accurate, plenty of upgrades). If you have one i would love to here about its pros/cons or if you have something thats better for $150-250 let me know. or if you know any good reliable paint/have any upgrades (im looking at a longer barrel and a response trigger) please let me know.Some vids from Mike (thanks love your channel)The woods ball/tornament The tippmann show slg review pmr review Invert Mini review tanks gear bag

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Motherboard limits your choice? Answered

Does your Motherboard choose the type of Graphics card you need or can you use any brand of graphics card for any motherboard?

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How to choose a GPS for long trips

Hi, I like to travel a lot and need a GPS, but I am confused to choose a suitable character. is there any tips for choosing a GPS sesai needs? Thanks!

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Why can't I choose a catagory? Answered

 Well look at the picture and show me what you think? thanks -sprout_less

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How do you choose a potentiometer? Answered

I'm trying to use a potentiometer as a variable resistor does, how do I determine the rating for the Pot?

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Which servo should i choose?

I am  planning to make a servo automated nerf gun but i am not sure what type of servo to choose.Is it the 9g series or the bigger ones. I really don't want to choose the wrong one,.The nerf gun is a nerf barricade rv-10 and i'm not sure how much force is required to pull it's trigger.It would be really great if someone could help me out.

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Which smartphone should I choose?

This is my first smartphone. My older mobile phone was used to normal things like SMS, calling. But at my new job I need something with access to mail or browser. Can you give me any advices?

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Choose Your Own News with DailyMe

Check out the new instructable - How to Create a DailyMe Customized News Digest. It's a neat little tutorial that will help you sign up for and become the editor of your own newspaper incorporating content from the world's leading newspapers, blogs, RSS feeds and journals. Registration is free and although the sign up process is easy, use this tutorial so you may maximize your choices. No longer do you need to read the news you are served by the TV, newspaper or even the internet. Choose your own with DailyMe.

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Need help choosing a dc motor!!

 Hi, My students are building model cars our of balsa wood that move b/c of a dc motor.  All of the motors I have are burning out - they can't run long, I used to have a dc motor that started out slow, built up speed and then ran fast and for a looooooong time.  Does anyone know what type of motor i'm talking about?  please help.....i gotta get them asap.  thanks! patti:)

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Head to Head Contest: You Choose.

I've decided to test an idea for some friendly competition. The rules are simple: two volunteer members will be given a week to create an Instructable based on a common subject. Whoever creates the better Instructable (higher quality, cooler, featured, most voted for, etc) will win a patch similar to the images below. Because this is the first run, and I can't think of a subject, the competing members will have to agree on a subject of their choosing. If there is a flood of volunteers, the community will vote on who they want to see face off. In this trial, I will allow up to four separate pairs to compete. If this doesn't make any sense, well, I just woke up! :PThe stats are as follows:Lithium Rain VS. gmjhowe: Card, any kind of card, and it has to plug into a computer. Deadline: to be determined. Matt1497 VS. watermelonhead : Duct tape hoodie. Deadline: 10th of August. _x_VS._x_ :subject. _x_VS._x_ :subject.

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Did I choose the right relay? Answered

I am building a circuit in which a photoresistor triggers a relay which then powers a motor. The motor runs on a max of .75 amps and uses 4.5 VDC, while the photoresistor side must use a max of a few milliamps and can use anywhere from 1.5-6 VDC. This is the relay I am thinking of: . I am pretty sure it's the right one, but I wanted to make sure. Is this the right relay for my purposes, and if not, what's wrong with it?

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Help choosing AC Power Adapter

I just purchased a Samsung DigiMax 301 Digital Camera from a friend and he did not have the AC Power Adapter for it. I've looked for a replacement on line but haven't been able to find one. There are all kinds of cheap priced AC Adapters though but I'm not sure which one will work for this camera. The original Adapter is (3.3V 2.0A). I found one at, that's 3VDC 350ma, would this one work? I have no idea what the 350ma represents so I'm at a stand still on this. Also, would I have to match these specifications, (3.3V 2.0A), exactly? Or could this vary somewhat? Any help would be appreciated!!

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Choosing my 1st 3d printer

So I have been considering to purchaser my own home 3d printer for a while now, but I am not sure which go for as I am happy to spend around about 500Euros or so on a 3D printer but I would prefer one that can use at least 2 colours. I would mainly be using it to create still like little figurines and statues. I have enough skills in 3d modeling that I don't need a store or 3d model assets but that would be nice. tho I am use you can use any 3d model files that you can download online. I came across this one for $100!methods/cjg9 I was using this website to look for affordable 3d printers But I guess what I also want to ask isn't just what are peoples suggest 3d printer to choose from but also what things should I look out for when buying one such as maybe special filament used or poor quality 3d prints noise problems or slow speed?? so any suggestions what ones to go for or what ones to stay away from Many thanks.

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Choosing the right LED Dimmable Driver...

Hi all, I am hoping someone can clear this up for me. I am building a DIY LED aquarium light and have chosen the following components: - 16 x 3W LED, Cool White - 4 x 3W LED, Royal Blue - 2 x 3W LED, Red I want to run all the LEDs off one dimmable LED driver and I have found this one which I think will work: I also wish to make each colour dimmable by using a potentiometer for each of the 1-10V lines. Therefore, 16 white LEDs will be in series on one channel, 4 blue on the second channel and 2 red on the third channel. What I would like to know is the following: 1) Will I be able to safely run all the LEDs on each channel as described above? 2) What value potentiometer should I use for each of the 1-10V control lines? 3) Do the 1-10v control lines require a seperate power supply or are they regulated internally from the 12-24V DC IN? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!

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Microcontroler Newbie... Which To Choose ?? Anyone help??

Looking to get into microcontrollers. Looking for a line of microcontrollers which is fairly easy to program (newbie), not too hard on the budget (poor grad student) and fairly versitile. Anyone know a good starting point ?? Any help would be greatly appreaciated!

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Need help choosing a good bike lock?

So I have this really nice 2010 specialized mountain bike, and I need a good bike lock for it. I have looked into making a chain lock, but I don't feel so good about it. right now I'm looking at both the Kryptonite evolution mini U lock and the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit mini U lock. both seem to have their ups and downs. the new york is considered the most secure lock in the world, but seems to be heavy and more expensive. the evolution is cheaper, but had been known to be able to break into with a pen. I can't really choose between the two. any suggestions? aslo I would like to hear of other good locks also. preferably sold secure gold. Thanks. *sorry to be picky.

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Need help choosing a case for my ipad4

I just bought an ipad 4 and I don't know what case to get. I'm trying to decide between the griffin survivor or the otterbox defender, but I was thinking about getting a folio case or something else and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or wanted to talk about a case they prefer.

Question by coldpsyco91  

choosing an OS for a linux based arcade cabinet

I'm looking at making an linux based arcade cabinet. The box I'm using has a Pentium 3 coppermine processor and 512MB ram. The game I want to try and run will be Geometry Wars running in VMware or similar. Does anyone have any suggestions for an OS? also, the computer doesn't have access to the internet, so that my make installing packages hard.

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what video camera should i choose?

I've been looking for good a digital video camera but i don't want to spend much more than $220.00 on it, i've been looking at the aiptek 1080p but i'm not shure about it so if you have any suggestions please help. (by the way i want to be able to veiw the video on the camera after i shoot it and be able to put some videos on youtube.) thanks

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Which airsoft gun do I choose? Answered

I have a $100 gift card to dick's sporting goods and I'm thinking of getting an airsoft gun.  The only problem is that I don't want to buy another piece of junk. So I was wondering on what I should buy and something that can be somewhat durable.  What type of gun should I be looking for(AEG, spring, gas)? And if you are able to visit the dick's website, what exact model?

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how do i choose a video card Answered

I want something cheep like 50 bucks. the only reason i want it is for plugging it into the tv and waching movies and playing emulated classic games. will a good video card help with emulation. will a cheep video card have blurry output almost forgot i need pci express or agp video card would this do the job;=1558

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how to choose the proper power supply to ESC? Answered

Hello , it's my first time posting here and i hope i have help i have a brushless motor with ESC rated as 30 A max i tried to connect it to a 12V- 125 A power supply but the ESC was burnt i wonder why did this happen ? i was told that the ESC will take the current it needs from the power supply and there are no problem to connect them together can anyone explain what happened to me?

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IDEA: Choose what shows in the activity feed

I just thought of an idea for making the activity feed a bit less of a mess. Instead of showing a member's activity and other members' activities on the member's page, why not have an option for sorting it? See the image. A.O.H.I. - Activity on his Instructables. I just didn't have enough space... I think there should be options for Most Recent, His Activity, & The Activity on his Instructables. This is somehow similar to the way that here, we can sort I'bles through Recent, Popular, & Most viewed. Recent should probably be the default.

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