Contest? Answered

So where is the total of votes for our projects? Sorry this is my first contest here so I do not know these things. I see page views and favorite but how do we know how many votes we have? Someone said that winning is not by votes alone, so does this mean we could have a low number of votes and still win a contest? I am confused, lol

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How are finalists being chosen?

I am pretty new to the site, but I have tried entering a few contests in the past few months. I was wandering, if the finalists are chosen based on the votes, then clearly people who have many followers / a blog or a YouTube channel will have more votes going against people with none of those. So if there is a great project with not many votes (due to the reasons i just stated) does it even have a chance of winning? thanks in advance

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How where the first days of winter and summer chosen ?

I was just wondering, was it randomly chosen or...

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Google Earth: How to open facing a chosen destination? Answered

Google earth opens with the globe turning to face the USA. I would prefer changing this to Europe, or when on vacation, to face my temporary location.  Is this possible?

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I need help with selecting right crossovers for chosen drivers?

Attention Audiophiles What Crossover will suit for these components in a 2way bookshelf speaker? Also if someone can calculate a good volume for cabenit (without going out yer way) would be Amazing. Its my first speaker design im taking it slowly but days n days of research hasn't answered all my questions. (i learn better from doing, unfortunately not reading, and iv'e read myself stupid on the matter Help!) Thanks 

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My Chosen Keywords Don't Bring My Project Up After Search

I'm not sure anyone is seeing or finding it. Thanx

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What is the meaning of life. Is there a God, a higer being, life after death.Why were we put here and how.Is science a closer gap to god then religion and the "chosen ones" feel free to answer with any of your own opinions, just curious to see what others think. IS CARTMAN CHOSEN BY A HIGHER POWER?

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no reply to best answer

In answers when answer is chosen as best answer there is no longer reply link in it

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How to chose between auto run or manual control of blink and fade of an LED?

Dear sir,my name is ahmed darwishi'm a teacheri'd like to make a project for students to show them the capabilities of the UNOmy project is as follows first board: LED in this board i have several mode: mode one chosen by PB1 to blink of the LED automaticallymode two chosen by PB2 to PWM of the an LED automatically mode three chosen by PB3 to switch on and off the LED manually by PBmode four chosen by PB4 to control the delay of blink of the LED manually by variable resistormode five chosen by PB5 to control the PWM value of the LED manually by variable resistorI though i can assign an integer that takes the number assigned to each PB and upon the value of that integer the loop shall perform a certain routine and ignores the others.can you help me with that please? have many are welcome to contact me directly on my mail: or my cell phone: 0096551105252

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How do you get an instructable featured? Answered

To got one do you apply for it, pay for it, or is it chosen.

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Contest question Answered

In the  info/rules for contests,  it appears to me that it is saying that votes from the "Instructable's community" do NOT count towards who is chosen as the winner. Is that correct?

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Are Instructables advertisments random ?

I always thought it would be awesome to see one of my Intructables  at the home page. Are these chosen by ratings or added by the creators ?

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My Shirt is Design of the Month

So the shirt I designed for Star was chosen as the design of the month over at! design of the month - October

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trouble publishing ible

Thought everything was in order.  But no success publishing.  At first, it said that none of my 3 pics was chosen as "cover pic" or somethin to that effect. But now, it just says nothin about why no publishy.

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Transition between two Steppers with independently assigned cues

Hello. I am going to use two step motors, two easy-drivers, one arduino uno. Each step motors have gear to rotate, front and back. First, I'd like to assign multiple rotation cues for each steppers. such as, int step1cue1 = 329 int step1cue2 = 582 int step1cue3 = 1038 int step1 cue4 = 1790 ... int step2cue1 = 568 int step2cue2 = 1004 int step2cue3 = 1928 int step2cue4 = 3592 ... and each stepper needs minimum 0 and maximum value, such as, int step1maxcue = 8372 int step2maxcue = 8421 each rotation speed and acceleration need to be set and controllable as well. I would like to use rotation speed = 0 to make the stepper stopped at the cue. ** Operation Both steppers start from 0, First, stepper1 rotates to randomly chosen cue from its step1cues, when it almost reaches to the chosen cue, stepper2 starts to rotate to randomly chosen cue from step2cues.(stepper1 stopped at the cue with speed=0), when step2 almost reaches to its cue, stepper1 starts to rotate to another randomly chosen step1cue (not the current cue).. (stepper2 stops with speed=0).. and repeat this transition between two steppers. I would like to use the code from this, 'Example 4: Running multiple stepper motors'

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Tinkercad Judges' Prizes

So I was just wondering, how are the Tinkercad Prize winners selected? Are they chosen before, after, or at the same time as the other finalists? Are they chosen the same way? Let's say I entered a project that uses Tinkercad and I end up being selected as a finalist and end as a finalist, recieving an Instructables Prize Pack as a reward. But technically speaking, as long as I qualified, if I had been selected for the Tinkercad Judges' Prize instead, I could've gotten something much better. Or let's say I made an outstanding Tinkercad project and could potentially win the Grand Prize, but instead get chosen for the Judges' prize because I was one of the best Tinkercad entries. Still awesome, but not nearly as awesome as the Grand Prize.If a project excels in both the contest's category and does a great job using Tinkercad, what decides where they end up being put?Is it possible that using Tinkercad could actually limit your chances at the Grand Prize?How's this work? Anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance,A befuddled idiot =P

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Put That Down!

"They" have chosen the top 25 "put downs" from American and British TV of the last 40 years.The list is hereHave you any of your own to add to the list?This class is from the shallow end of the gene pool, and somebody' peed in it.

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Can I have movie ideas please .?

Hi I am Liz and I am trying to get move ideas,. The movie has to be about " Family Business" and I have gone blank. I promise that if your idea is chosen that you will get credit.

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What Should I Do Next? (Contest CLOSED)

This contest is now closed. I have chosen Monesterlego as the winner. (design below.) Thank you all for entering and I will do this again! (Maybe for more prizes!!!) NEW CONTEST HERE!!! (Ends: August 10,2012.)  

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How many subscribers are there currently to

How many subscribers are there currently to I am interested in both people who have signed up for the newsletter, and those who have chosen to upgrade to a paid account. This is for school, i'm not just nosy, promise!!

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Instructables Newsletter Problems...

Am I the only one that has been getting the Instructables Newsletter only once-to-twice a week? I used to receive it everyday... I think it has been like this for the past ~2 weeks My other question is: Is the newsletter chosen automatically, By robot? Or by the Staff?

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Ok guys, i'm doing an essay on the Merchant Of Venice, by William Shakespeare and my topic is: NOTHING CAN BE GAINED WITHOUT RISK. . i have chosen 3 characters (ANTONIO, BASSANIO & SHYLOCK) to demonstrate this. . Can Anyone Help Me Out With Some Risks They Took Or Some Ideas Please? Thanks

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Voting has begun for Homemade Holidays Contests!

We've gotten some great entries for both the Homemade Holidays Contest and the Homemade Holidays Food Contest, and now it's up to YOU to choose the finalists! Vote for your favorite entries by visiting the contest pages above and clicking on the VOTE button next to your favorite picks right from that page, or on top of the Instructable page.  You can vote for as many entries as you want. When voting closes on January 3rd, your votes will help to determine the finalists. The top 15 entries in terms of votes will become finalists. In addition, another 15 finalists will be chosen by Instructables staff for a total of 30 finalists. When the finalists are chosen, they will be judged until January 11th, and winners will be announced shortly afterwards. The future is in your hands - go vote today!

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Contest Ideas

I have a contest idea.  Why dont we have a "Instructable of the Year" Contest?  It could go on ALL year until January 1.  Then all the votes get counted and the Instructable of the year is chosen?  the instructable could be any genre, the prizes would be a sword with the instructables robot on the blade and the Username of the winner.  Also the instructables "pack" (Shirt, stickers, etc).

Topic by yofortune 9 years ago

Preview thumbnail image not displaying properly

The preview thumbnail image of my new Instructable is all distorted and it isn't possible to make out what the image shows. Also, I can't find a way of changing the thumbnail image once it is published. It's chosen the first, yellow image, not the second clear image. Any help appreciated! Thanks, theRedBryophyte

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Design The Robot Contest - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Well the time has come, thanks for all the fantastic entries, they were hilarious, really they should all win but i have chosen the top three and i will award the patches1st Place -amakerguy2nd Place -bounty10123rd Place -originalwynneCongratz to all who entered, im sure the robot loved his makeover :D

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Title in Primary Images

Dear Instructables Authors, Does anyone find the current trend of putting the title of an ible in the primary image as visually offending as I do? The format of the site puts the title right below the image in a concise and legible manner that doesn't interfere with the image of the project. Why clutter your image with unnecessary (often poorly chosen) typography? Please stop. Sincerely, Aesthetically Repulsed

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Peer Recognition: jessyratfink

Congratulations Jessy! Autodesk takes the time to recognize those who have gone above and beyond their duties and done what they can to make everyone's job easier.  Jessy was recently chosen as one of those to be recognized! Check out her profile and the 269 projects she currently has! (also, she is at over 12 Million views now)

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Can anyone tell me as much as they know about the dalton brothers? Answered

I'm doing an English assignment, and I've chosen to do it on my great-great-great-uncles, the Dalton Brothers, scourge of the Wild West. But all the views are biased to them being the bad guys, and I need to prove everyone wrong, so can someone please supply some information about them? Thanks!

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TKCC - 2 contestants needed!!!

The TKCC (the knex class championship) is a contest with 15 entrants, including me, and three impartial Judges to judge every one of the 5 rounds to see who is the greatest knex builder. The 5 round elimination process is as follows: Round 1 - 3 people off 2 - 3 people off 3 - 3 people off 4 - 3 people off 5 - 2 people off, final winner! The first 14 people that enter will be contestants, and anyone can enter for judging too. ENTRANTS 1.The Jamalam 2.Snipercrazed 3.I_am_Canadian 4.yannyboy 5.Benfoxg 6.Barrax 7.rofl495 8.dsman 195276 (I hope that's right!) 9.loyamann123 10.Dj Radio 11.Knexgunner 12.Knexguy 13.Ajleece 14.--- 15.--- JUDGES 1.(head judge)Bartboy 2.King_Banana 3.Darth Gecko Man When all contestants are chosen, Round one shall be chosen by our head judge Bartboy!

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Transparant PNG creates strange artifacts

If a transparant PNG image is uploaded, it creates strange artifacts after the instructable website changes it's size. A nice platter of weird colors in the Transparent areas. Strangely enough if a ridiculous high resolution is chosen while uploading, 1024px wide or more it creates a correct image. (my best guest is that the image converter crokes on the image size, and does the conversion in the background later on).

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Bug in Answers information with new profile tabs

I like the structured layout of the new user profile (except for not having access to direct URLs :-( ). However, there's a minor bug in the information related to Questions and Answers. On my summary page (first image) it says correctly that I have 14 Best Answers. But on the Discussions/Questions tab (second image) it claims that I have not had any Best Answers chosen.

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Swords and Souls

I was wondering how many people believe in swords having souls. I am a huge fan of Bleach, which refers to the Zanpakuto as being spirit beings, and I was reading a forum post somewhere that swords have personalities outside of their wielder's skill and the naming of a sword was based on the sword's personality. So, from this, I have chosen to believe that swords have souls and that one can communicate with their sword. So does anyone agree?

Topic by timmycutts 8 years ago

Front Page Feature Never Showed Up

I got an email stating that my latest instructable was featured on the front page, but I never saw it there. Did anyone else? I got the email around 5:30 am, does that mean it was featured for a bit in the early morning and then disappeared into the tech category? Is there a significant delay between the time something is chosen to be featured and the time it appears on the front page? Thanks! Xellers

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Instructables Book

We've published a book of Instructables!Order your copy of The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here!See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.I just got the contract worked out with O'Reilly Media/MAKE, who is publishing the book. Details are still being finalized, but the book will look something like this: 75 (maybe?) full Instructables and 50 (maybe?) mentions (author, intro image and text maybe?) of Instructables in a community-choice section. The Instructables in the community-choice section will be chosen by a month-long contest open to Instructables published at any point in the past. The top Instructables by votes in the contest will be included. The full Instructables will be chosen by the people at Instructables, the O'Reilly and MAKE editors, and using the results of the book contest. If your project is selected, we'll ask for your permission and give you a free copy of the book. We're hoping to have it out in time for the Austin Maker Faire in October.These details are likely to change, but I'm so excited that I wanted to share them even at this early stage. We'll do a formal announcement when we know more, so consider this your sneak-preview. Updated: Number of full Instructables from 100 to 75. 2008-07-03 Update: Right now, it looks like we'll be including approximately 50 Instructables in the community choice section of the book as chosen by our Instructables Book Contest. This section will have 8-10 Instructables per page and each Instructable will have the author, title, intro text and image. Everyone mentioned will receive a free copy. As usual we'll be eliminating fraudulent votes.75 full Instructables will be included as chosen by editors at Instructables, MAKE, and O'Reilly. Obviously, we'll be watching the results of the contest closely to make sure we didn't miss anything!Since print and internet are such different mediums, part of the selection process is finding Instructables will exceptional images and well-written text. Since any Instructable can be included, now is a great time to make sure your images are top-notch and maybe add a few more, if you can. 2008-09-01 Update: If your Instructable is in the top 50 sorted by user votes, you are definitely in the community choice section. Depending on how many of those 50 are included as full Instructables in the book, the community choice section may include more Instructables. We are working hard at getting everything organized and ready for the book launch in October.

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How to Build a Custom Sound Effect Alarm Clock

Hey, I wanted to build an alarm clock with multiple, customized sound effects that could be chosen instead of randomized. I'm really new to instructables, and electronics in general, but I've thinking about this project for a long time and I'm willing to learn just about anything to get it done. Where can I find an instructable or link that will point me the way? Thanks!

Question by bryanquocle 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How can I connect USB (for computer keyboard) to MIDI piano so, say, the letter z plays the note C1?

 I want to assign the keys of the computer to the notes on a piano keyboard, MIDI or otherwise. How to do it? When I press a piano key, a chosen letter of the keyboard is activated. I have computer keys assigned to play musical notes. I want to drive that software with a piano keyboard.

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Project Idea feedback!

Hello! I am currently doing a project for school in the realm of digital design and tech where we have to create and develop an idea to solve a problem. I have chosen to create a laser cutter and need feedback about the considerations of what it should be like, price range, features, functionality and etc. Any input would be greatly appreciated! So here is my survey Anything other input other from the survey is welcome as well! Thanks!

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Homework question - Philippe Petit's knees Answered

#2 Son is doing a short talk at school on Philippe Petit, the Frenchman that tightrope-walked between the Twin Towers. He has plenty of information, except he has found several references to a move Petit did called "knee salutes".  He would like to do one in front of the class, but we can't find an image or description of the move. Anybody know? (Edit: Best Answer chosen by #2 Son)

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How to live an alternative Life

Econd Life has become the phenomenon of the last year, although it opened his doors in 2003. Controversial by several reasons and with great possibilities, their creators maintain that it counts with more than two million users. The certain thing is that it offers a parallel life to everyone who wants to enter.Second Life has become an alternative reality, a full virtual world of possibilities in which the user can create a character and relate there with the rest of the users who also have chosen to more

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Jury-rig it contest...

Either the requirements for the contest failed to be made clear, or the entries were assessed and chosen on a different set of requirements. It seems to me that a lot of the entries were on the fine line of professional engineering, not a fast solution to an everyday problem. Paracord fishing lure? Of course. Frankenstein laser engraver? Not very 'McGyver-ish,' more 'Einstein-ish.' Sour grapes? Maybe, as I had en entry. But I still say that the automatic TIG feeder was 'engineered' not 'McGyvered'. Maybe the contest itself should have won.

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Craft in America: A Journey to the Artists, Origins, and Techniques of American Craft

Craft in America explores the vitality, history and significance of the craft movement in the United States and its impact on our nation’s rich cultural heritage. Capturing the beauty, creativity and originality of craftsmanship, the film highlights artists and explores the inter-relationship of what they do, how they do it and why they have chosen a life of creating art. Watch the series. Visit the website. Great series.  Moving stories.  A reminder for why crafts are important.

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The K'nex Innovations Challenge (KIC) - Setup Topic

I think we all know how slowly things have been going for a while on this site, and I've been thinking, we need to encourage some innovation. So I'm holding a new competition, to see what we can get out of people when they have a bit more motivation. I'll need two impartial judges (to work with me), and a lot of contestants. The way this competition will work is as follows: The judges will mark each entry on a certain set of criteria, depending on the specification and brief for each round. There will be 5 rounds. The first round is free for anybody to enter. The 20 best-performing entries will move through to round two, with a new brief. The second round is only accessible to the top 20 from round one. The top 10 entries will make it through to round three. Round three will host 10 candidates, and the top 5 entries will proceed to round 4. Following round 4, the final three contestants will be chosen, and round five will be the final round/decider, and one winner will be chosen. The winner will recieve a prize (to be agreed upon with the judges), possibly pro membership, and will definitely recieve a dedicated forum topic congratulating them on their victory. Judges I will need a pair of judges who are willing to give up time to build creations, and are able to talk on Skype or MSN about the competition for judging purposes. The judges will be impartial to the competition (i.e. can't enter) and non-biassed. Please contact me here. As soon as the judges have been appointed and the topic and deadlines are chosen, I will post a topic signalling the start of round one. Please do not post any entries until the opening date as the entries will be produced to fit a brief agreed by the judges. Judge 1: The Jamalam Judge 2: DJ Radio Judge 3: Lowney I have nothing else to say, but any requests for briefs and applications for judge-hood are welcome. Round one is now live!

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Big Feast Contest

The awesome folks over at Food52 are hosting a fantastic monthly contest called Big Feast. The idea is that  you plan a huge themed feast and document it all along the way (sound like something we do here?). It's an opportunity for you to spend some quality time planning your dream dinner party, poring over your favorite cookbooks, taking gorgeous food photos, and figuring out just how many of your favorite people you'd like to feed. Once you've got your dream feast all planned, you pitch the idea to the editors at Food52 and wait to see if they're just as excited about your feast as you are. If your pitch is chosen, you get to throw your party and capture the whole day of prepping, cooking and partying and send the story and your best photos in -- and you win $500 worth of beautiful Le Creuset cookware and your party/recipes get shared on the blog. How neat is that? They've already chosen their first winner, arielleclementine. She planned a science-themed party for her best friend's boyfriend and her event will be showcased all this week on the Food52 blog - so you should really check it out!  Great ideas there for our Food Science Challenge here as well!

Topic by scoochmaroo 7 years ago

I'm in the New York Times!! (So are some other people you might know)

I'm in the New York Times magazine! After Randofo posted about their Innovation Contest, I submitted a few of my projects, and my beach-skates got chosen as a judges winner! OK, so they've reduced an entire instructable to two dozen words and and an icon, but I'm still in the second-largest newspaper on the planet! (Oh, and two others of the top four choices are also Instructablers...)

Topic by Kiteman 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Reformatting bugs

I just published an instructable but I'm dismayed to see the autoformatting has made it look pretty rotten. Steps 2 & 3 have wide aspect ratio images and they have been cropped and rendered in very low quality. The autoplay youtube function (where you can make a youtube video look like a gif) no longer works and the aspect ratio chosen seems to be ignored, so you get the black bars even when you do hit play. Any chance this cropping/breaking can be fixed? Thanks.

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Space contest for 14-18 year-olds - nearly $200,000 to spend.

If you are aged 14-18, and interested in satellite technology, there is a competition for you - design an experiment to be flown on a real satellite.Entries chosen will get a budget of £100,000 for development of their project.Relevant links: (this site also has job vacancies for working on designing, building and testing satellites)'t forget to make an Instructable of your entry (and winning projects?).

Topic by Kiteman 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Wanted: Senior Project Mentor/Advisor

Hello, my name is Jason Reed and I am a senior at Soddy-Daisy High School. Circuitry has caught my interest and I have decided to do my senior project on it. However I can not accomplish this without a mentor who is at least 21 years of age and proficient in my chosen subject. I just need someone who can give me advice, some direction, and maybe some information sources. Thank you in advance to anyone how posts any form of help.

Topic by jason the red 9 years ago

Plexiglass Temporary Window

Hi folks.   I'm designing a vent that will vent outside using a vent inside a plexiglass window.  I don't know how to mount the sheet inside my chosen window.  It's a modern window that has a screw type mechanism that takes the window away.  I took the screen out, which just clips in, and expect to do something similar for the plexiglass item. I looked at some of the hardware available at Home Depot and couldn't find anything that would make this thing work.   If anybody has any ideas, that would be great.   Some pics

Topic by BeeRich 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

woodworking help?

In woodworks class we are turning pens and pencils. We are also making boxes to hold them in but I am trying to find an alternate to the style of box the rest of the class is making. I have found another style I like but I am not sure how I would make it. Our shop has a lot of tools so I don't think  finding the right tool should be a problem. Below I have attached pictures of the style I have chosen. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

Question by ginger snaps 8 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago