555 timer cicuit

Hello guys I have a minor problem, I built a 555 timer circuit and it runs off of 6v. My plan is to use a 9v battery. Will the project be OK or will I need to drop the voltage and how would I go about that? Would I connect a resistor to the positive of the battery then to my project's input? Thanks, 

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Is there and IC that splits input voltages to 8 or 10 output voltages in sequence? Answered

Not sure if that was the right way to ask the question. But, heres what I what I want to do: Using a 9V battey. I would like to light 8, 10, or perhaps more LEDs, not simultaneously but one by one in a sequence. And in asking that, I was going to use a 555 to turn that input signal into a square wave, then perhaps an integrator to make that squarewave spike then dim out. What I am trying to make is a "jar of fireflies" for my daughter. I would build the above circut, maybe two in the same house. So that each LED flares, dims over a moment, goes out, then the next LED starts in sequence. So, is there a IC that does something like that. And secondly, would an integrator (R-C-Ground) work with that DC supply? Thanks in advance for you help and advice.

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PCB design and cicuit simulation software

Hi all first post here could someone recommend a good software package for PCB and circuit design and simulation on a budget preferably compatible with windows vista and 7 and with CNC capability (looking to build one in the future)

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In a simple ir module using ir transmiitter and ir receiver to detect an obstacle , why black bodies are not detected ?

I have observed that black objects are not detected as ir rays are absorbed by the black object also the cicuit does not work when sunlight falls on it?how can i solve this problem?? please help ?

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porter cable 18 volt nicad charger needs new resistor

I need to replace burnt out resistor (R21 0n the cicuit board-the brown/biege resistor behind the heat sink) but i cant read the values due to the explosive destruction on the case.Can anyone give me the ohms & watts value so i can replace it.Thanks in anticipation!

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Minty Boost Help

So, I plugged in the USB to an iPod Mini and the whole cicuit goes blank. I tried it on some person's MINI, but the light shut off right when I switched the switch. HOWEVER, it did work on my iPod Nano and my sister's iPod Mini. It seems like the circuit is shorting out on the MINI and not on the Ipod Nano. I am thinking it is a problem with the noob sauce's MINI, but I do not know why it is shorting out and turning the light out on the charger. Thanks -Brennn10

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Old Computer Parts...

Alright I know this question has been asked a hundred times before, but I've searched and none of them have been close to what I specifically want. I have two old computers with some fans and L.E.D's, and I was just wanting to find something to use these things for. Everything I find is either about restoring the computer or just using the shell of one. I want something like robots lights or something like that. Oh, and sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

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How to install an LED on/off Indicator to Monitor 24v AC line?

I want an LED indicator that will lite when an AC circuit is on. The line/output is 24vAC at .5A. This is an irrigation controller, which sends 24vAC to activate a water/sprinkler controller valve.   I need a basic cicuit design and/or instructions. Googling led me to the 3 pages below, but I am not sure what to do. Any advice appreciated.  Thank you. http://www.boat-project.com/electro/panellight.htm http://www.discovercircuits.com/DJ-Circuits/aclinepilotled1.htm http://www.electro-tech-online.com/datasheets-manuals-parts/41821-1n4004.html

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Replacing the 2N3904 with an SCR

So i made a laser alarm system some time back, it worked good but had one fault, more like a limitation. it made the buzzer ''buzz'' only when the laser was interrupted and the buzzer turned off when the laser was allowed to hit the photo sensor again. i wanted it to stay on until turned off by a switch. someone suggested something called a monostable flip flop but i had no idea what it even meant, then i saw something called silicon controlled rectifier or a thyristor, but i also learned that they have to be made using a pnp and npn transistor, what i cant understand is what transistors should i use to replace the npn transistor on my circuit, the tansistor on my cicuit is 2n3904, input voltage is 5v

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Led fading aquarium? Answered

Hello, I have a fish tank, and it has a TL light above it. I made blue Led's above the fishtank. My idea was: - You get like from 8 AM. - 8 PM. the TL ligth (or some led's i have to make) - From 8PM-10PM the blue Led's - And then it all shuts off. - And then the cycle goes aroud. But the thing is, the TL is 220V and the leds are powered by a 8V AC powersupply, I made a diode bridge, so it all works, But my TL ligth will just shut off, becose it has a timer on it, And i have to turn on/off the blue leds myself. So, does anyone have an idea how to do this? maby some extra white led's so i can power it from 1 cicuit? Greetings. Ingmar (Im from Holland, don't mind my shitty english)

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Power outlet controlled by windows driver (not master/slave circuit)

HI, the idea is to control a power outlet when the OS is booting. And even more important, when the OS shuts down. the outlet should turn off before the PC goes in shutdown.A master/slave socket (which i have) only switches off when the PC goes into OFF modes which results in a big bang on my Active Speaker setup. (behringer B2031A with B2092A).So, in short. i need a circuit thats being controlled ON after a driver has been loaded during BOOT.and that cicuit needs to power down when the Driver is being offloaded during shutdown.AC being controlled by a solid state relayThank you for anyone who can helpbest regardsmarco

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How do i make a capacitor charger circuit? Answered

I am talking about one for in a coilgun. i had a old (very old, 1.3mp) samsung digimax 101 digital camera, I decided that since i have moved on it was time to take it apart for the rich insides. I knew what to look for, so i found it; the transformer for the capacitor charging circuit and the big cap for it. I unsoldered the transformer piece, cut the wires from the cap (it was not mounted on the board), and unsoldered the flash which had not 2 but 3 wires coming from it. one was yellow, one was green, and one was black and was attached to the deflector behind the flash. the black wire was connected to a small black piece that looked a lot like the charger transformer but only had two active pins instead of four. im not sure what it is for, i think it is a self resetting fuse, incase the camera short cicuits, but im not sure. any insight on that would also be helpful. Back onto the subject, i would like to know what i need (other than the yellow transformer piece) to make the charger circuit. I have heard there was a transistor, would it be NPN or PNP? there was also a diode, i am guessing one of the black ones, but is there anything else? i have those three things if that is all i need, but how do i solder it all together? thanks in advance, z247 PS: the yellow transformer has only 4 pins that actually do anything, one is between two on one side and is only for support. either that or i accidentaly broke it.

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