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Cigarette Odor

Hi, I need help in getting rid of the cigarette odor from my room. Thank you for reading this. Elearner

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Is this an electronic cigarette ?

A friend of mine found this object in her son's room, he's 16 years old. She think it is a smoking device or something (electronic cigarette). Thank you for any help.

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Repurposed Cigarette Case

Kick your bad habit by re-purposing your cigarette case.  Create a sleek customized wallet that fits your money and credit cards. This was posted on Just Something I Made another cool DIY website.

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Cigarette Butts into Clothing

Uh. . . Yes. Chilean designer Alexandra Guerrero has topped my gross chart (and my hero chart too, I think) with her upcycled cigarette butt fashion. Started as a thesis project, Guerrero's goal was to transform the massive amounts of cigarette butts littering the beaches Chile into clean, useable material.Hear her story and see the process at TreeHugger.

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How to make a cigarette smoke detector

I have searched for a cigarette smoke detector circuit. But  can't find one. I need it for my research project.. Pls. help me.thanks! :)

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E-Cigarette to fuel injector

I was just browsing the information on e-cigarettes when the thought hit me. Here we have a small electronically controlled atomizer, what better use can we use it for. One of the first ideas came up was to use it as a fuel injector for small model airplanes. Anyone have any ideas or remarks? Btw theres plenty of companies wanting to give them away because it creates a "bond" where you need to buy the refills from them. Little do they know that I like to re purpose "free" things

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I have my ashtray sitting right beside my computer intake fan, is this safe? Answered

I hate having smoke in my face, even though I DO smoke, I just decide to put the ashtray by my computer fan intake. It isn't hot, nor does it seem to affect my computer performance. Keyword is SEEM....does it do anything to the circuitry??

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The Coronet Midget - 'Not as long as a cigarette'

The last few weeks I've been helping my colleague sell some items before he retires. Yesterday he gave me this as a thank you.This tiny film camera is from the 1930's, its a great example of early plastics (Bakelite). At the time they came in 7 different colours, its just like the iPod all over again! You can see how small the item is from the photographs (usb/penny to show size).The main sales line for the camera was,Its not as long as a cigarette Which at the time was the main pocket sized item you would compare something to.The camera itself took a 16mm photographic paper, and its lens could focus from anything from 5ft - infinity. Included in the images is one of the original leaflets selling the camera in the US (points to whom can pick out the physical impossability).Also included is a PDF of the original manual that I found images for on the internet then cleaned up and pushed through quark.Now, you might be asking yourself, what is gmjhowe going to do with it? Well, I intend to use it as its meant to be used. So Ive ordered myself some 120 camera paper (which can be cut down to the 16mm paper I need.) along with some chemicals.No doubt I will put up an instructable for it! My aim is to carry it around everywhere, so as to catch that artistic photo. Of course I will make it a nice little leather case to protect it, the item itself is valued at about £70!Anyone got any suggestions? Or, is anyone else into B&W; photography and want to share there thought/advice?

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Cigarette Display Stand - What could I make it into?

Hi guys! This is my first post.  I'm wondering if any of you have any crazy ideas for this cigarette display stand? (see photo)  I bought it off of ebay for 55p! Yes, 55 whole pence! I could of course use it for general purpose shelving in the garage for screws etc, or perhaps as a key cabinet with some hooks? Any ideas? Maybe I could transform it into an advertising box light? Hit me!

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Building A 12 V Table Cigar lighter For My Birthday

I would like to build a distinctive 12 V electric table lighter. I have a really nice cigar box to hold the works, what should I use to power the car cigar lighter assembly I'm using? I have a leftover 120 V AC to 12 V 1 A converter, or should I just use a 120 V to 12 V transformer? I'm pretty sure that the lighter would work with AC and don't know if the 1 A from the converter would be enough. Usually in a car you get more than 12 V, more like 13 to 14 V

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Why isn't my new cigarette plug car adapter working? Answered

I just got an Enercell 12V 2A car adapter. However, it wasn't powering the device I wanted to use it for. I got out my multimeter and did some testing: the socket itself produces power, but the plugged in adapter does not. The weird thing is that I tested it before with the car running and it worked. Is there some special way to plug this thing in that I'm not aware of? Any help would be appreciated.

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how to repair cigarette burns in carpet?

I burnt my carpet and need instruction as to how to repair it.

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car cigarette lighter power supply? Answered

I desperately want to install a electric car lighter into my coffee table, but am having trouble figuring out a proper power supply. I am a complete dummy when it comes to anything involving electricity, and would very much appreciate some ideas

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Repurposing a cell phone Li-Ion battery for a project?

I have a quick question. I made myself an electronic cigarette that runs off of AAA batteries. It works quite well, it has a heavier hit than those commercial e-cigs like Blu. The only problem is, probably because I keep smoking it like a regular cigarette, the batteries don't last long. There may be another underlying reason, but I'll deal with that later. I have three 3.7v Li-Ion batteries laying around that I used to use with my HTC G2. My question is: could I repurpose these batteries as a power source for my e-cig? I've seen some articles on repurposing them, but they don't exactly explain the method. Does it only require making the positive and negative contact as noted on the battery? So...out of four contacts, I'd only be using the two?

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how to make tobacco pouch for rolling cigarettes?

 For any smokers who roll their own ciaretes. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to makes a pouch to hold tobacco, complete with a pocket to hold papers and possibly filters. I've seen these made with laminated magazines and stuff but the logistics are way over my heard...thanks!HOw do I do this??? HI

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Can cigarette lighters be used for a mini spud gun instead of the long nosed, or grill lighters? Answered

I've been trying to make a mini spud gun, but all the instructables say that you need a long nosed lighter or grill lighter. Can the piezo electric ignitor be found in a cigarette lighter. I have no experience whatsoever in these type of things, so an explanation would be helpful. Thanks.

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Help! -I need a timed cigarette dispenser - seriously

Have tried everything to give up smoking and failed, so a neighbor offered to give me 1 cigarette every 4 hours so I can cut back. Now she is going out of town and I really need a machine to do this job. Can anyone come up with a relatively inexpensive machine that can be built by an amateur like me? I would be grateful for any help.

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in movies, when an actor smokes, what do they use to substitute cigarettes/cigars? Answered

Like I've stated in the title, I'm wondering what movies use in place of actual cigarettes or cigars during a scene when an actor smokes.

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Smoke your daily dose of Caffeine? Answered

These electronic cigarettes ( are becoming quite a rage and I just wondered, when (if possible) will they make them for caffeine and not nicoteine? I don't smoke now but would definetley consider smoking a caffeine cigarette.

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how do I convert a cooling fan powered by a 'vehicle cigarette lighter'.

It's a simple cooling fan to used in my car - driven by plugging it into the cigarette lighter fitting of my car. 12 volt I assume. And I'd like to use it my home office as a cooling method for a server hard drives.

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Would like to "hard wire" electric seat heaters into cars electrical system without plugging into the cigarette lighter.

My wife has some seat heaters for our 2006 Honda Element but they plug into the cigarette lighter and there is only one lighter jack. The heat build up is significant and a direct wiring would have been better for this. Do you have some instructions on how to do this task?

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Will this damage my phone?? (my electric lighter idea)?

I have an idea here that i want to make an electric lighter (for cigarette) . <--- image here plug the audio jack to my phone, play some music then the fine wire will glow (hot) to ignites the cigarette . Is this will work ? will it damage my phone ? Sorry if my english is bad .

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connecting peltier element to 12v car socket? Answered

I have 150W peltier element, and I plan to build a mini  fridge for my car, so I was wondering if its safe to just directly connect peltier element to 12v car cigarette socket with 2 in parallel attached cpu cooling fans (12v 0.15A). Can it be done, or any other sugesstions?

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Birds use cigs to kill bugs - Crow week!

ODDBALL birds are surprising British experts by using smouldering cigarette to kill parasites on their wings.The rooks are swooping on to the tracks at a Devon railway station and placing their wings over the smoke to fumigate them.Commuter Jeff Jones said told Britain's The Telegraph: "I noticed the rooks because they are not usually found in towns. They were generally flapping about when a chap flicked a cigarette butt on to the track."It was still all right and one of the rooks swooped down and picked up the butt with its beak. It then flew around and landed on the platform, dancing around with this smoking cigarette in its beak."It looked quite comical. But then it dropped the butt on the platform and pulled its wings over it, collecting the smoke. It seemed as if it were using the smoke to rid itself of perhaps ants or something similar."Five minutes later another rook, or perhaps the same one, swooped in when another cigarette was flicked away and repeated the whole thing."Royal Society for the Protection of Birds spokesman Richard Archer said the birds must have learned cigarettes can be used to kill parasites."You have to be careful attributing behaviour but it would seem fumigation is the most likely conclusion. Rooks are very intelligent," he said.It's crow week on Instructables! Post as many forum topics about crows as you can! Main image from [ Wikipedia].

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Ac invertor for car?

Anyone know how to build a ac power inverter that plugs into a cigarette lighter in a car so you can use it to run laptops,dvd players,etc?

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Hello, I have an e-cigarette pushed into the cushion of a Whoopee cushion, and taped to tubing that runs under a black matt. A whole in the matt allows smoke to rise from the matt when I step on Whoopee Cushion. Problem Whoopee Cushion pops and doesn't give enough smoke to be impressive. Would you know of a solution like some kind of mini smoke machine that will give the smoke we need? Below attached is photo of Whoopee Cushion, e-cigarette, and tubing running under matt. Thank you, Alexander

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can a smoke detector be modified to be so accurate to detect cigarette smoke in a small room?

In my small 12qm room i wanted a kind of smoke detector to say when the smoke is too much and i should open the window, like when it stinks.. cuz smokers in a smoker room dont smell it anymore.. guess few of u still know that =)would love to hear some answers or suggestions(and no im not looking to modify a already there smoke detector.. ill buy a new one..dont worry)

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Some Health Myths, and why they are mythical....

Cell phones and cancer, the LOW TAR cigarette myth, and the "I'll be healthy LATER" myth - any others anyone wants to mention / discuss ?

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how do i install a covert cigarrette ligthter in a car?

I'm looking to install a cigarette lighter in a truck for constant power source for a covert gps. I don't want it to be visible, therefore i don't want it to be connected directly to the car battery or anywhere it can be seen under the hood. Is there a way to connect it maybe to a brake light without interfereing with it's operation, of course. Or any other way is fine. Incase anyone is wondering, it is my car, but other people drive it besides myself. Thanks.

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need air compressor help Answered

I have a air compressor that uses a car cigarette lighter for power is there any way i can convert it to use a house plug?

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Seal a leaking E-Cig reservoir window?

Hi guys, I have a 7's Electronic Cigarette with a reservoir window to check how much juice you have left. I absolutely love it however I've noticed over time that they start leaking from the window as if they weren't sealed very well. What I would like to do is seal up any holes in mine because the replacements are $15 and it can add up. The outer casing feels like aluminum, and the window is just some type of plastic. Ideally I'd like to still be able to see through the window. Any suggestions? Here's a link to the product:

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Flag for duplicate comments?

Can a flag be added for handling duplicate comments? I bet this is happening because of the delay you get when submitting comments from certain browsers and people get click happy. Thanks in advance MRB

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12 volt soildering iron? Answered

I am looking for a cheap dependable way to make a no more than 13.8 volt D/C soildering iron that can be powered by the common cigeratte lighter plug or with clips on to the battery terminals any ideas?

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How can I power walkie talkies (3 AAs each) using my vehicle cigarette lighter?

Motorola Talkabout T5200, 4.5V, uses 3 AA batteries.  I would like to build a power unit that would plug into the vehicle dc outlet / cigarette lighter and continuously power a single unit.  We use these on trips when we are follow one another or when we have multiple vehicles in a convoy but storing them with batteries in the vehicle for random use is problematic at best. This seems very doable but I sure don't know how and haven't been able to find directions online.  Thanks for the help!!

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Help modding an electric lawn mower to run from a car battery?

Hi - I have an electric lawn mower that uses US standard 110v wall current. I'd like to create a battery power conversion "harness" so I can power the mower from a deep cycle car/marine battery instead of wall power. I have a converter that's intended to convert from car cigarette lighter socket power to 110v for powering things like laptops while inside a car; would it be possible to simply connect leads from the cigarette socket converter to the car battery, then plug the mower into the converter? is there another type of inverter/converter device that would more usefully work to convert battery power to 110v AC? Thanks in advance for any suggestions... Kern

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How do I go about making a Lutron 120vac 60hz household dimmer light switch capable to use for 12vdc??

I want to use this switch for examle in my car connect by the accessory or cigarette lighter plug and it will run a 12vdc fan motor i can control cfm/speed.

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Spam flagging not working or reporting to mods

Apparently, the moderators aren't being notified of spamming 'instructables' when the users flag them due to some bug. As I type this, there are two obvious spam instructables that have been flagged by several members and are still there 4 days later. These are:

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Build a Remote Controlled Car Heater?

Hello I have a car that I want to warm up in the winter. However, installing a remote starter is expensive and complicated since its a VW. Is there a way I could rig up a remote controlled heater inside of it that runs from the cigarette lighter? If I am posting in the wrong place, please tell me.

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Does a 600w invertor draws more current even w/out using full capacity? Answered

IS it better to buy a lower Watt version if we are not going to use full capacity to conserve battery? SLA 7amp, 600w 110v inverter with a 9w light load = operation time? is it better to charge a netbook with a cigarette adapter say 9v VS an inverter and Netbooks Brick?

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Kids and Tobacco? Answered

How do I deal with teens that want to try tobacco? I don't want them addicted, but I don't want to inspire disobedience and rebellion. It's not a moral issue with me, but it is an health issue. Ocassional tobacco use doesn't bother me at all, but addiction is unhealthy. So what to do... Forbid them? Let them try it? Yell at them? Ignore it?

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Can you give me ideas for making battery powered, momentary switch - cigarette lighter for a quadriplegic? Answered

I'm a metal worker, and a wood worker, but an electronics nab. I have spent about $200 and a lot of time over the past few months trying to come up with a way to make a cigarette lighter that my quadriplegic brother can use. (Please save your nonsmoking stuff, we know the facts, he is a 32 year old adult who is capable of making his own decisions). With all the research and money I have spent trying to come up with a solution, I have nothing to show for it.  I have been able to make a one time use lighter, using 2 or 4 AA batteries hooked up to a momentary switch with Nichrome wire as the heating element. The problem is the Nichrome is oxidized after 1 or 2 lights. I have racked my brain trying to come up with a semi-permanent solution, and I am at whits end. I can't find any information on this subject, I was thinking of using a car cigarette lighter somehow, but I have no idea how it would be powered. I'm open for ideas, AC power is even fine as long as it's safe. It just would need to be flameless, and have the momentary switch as the only activator. ( He can move his arms, but can't move his fingers, and he can only lift about 2 ounces). Once I get the electronics figured out, I can build a metal holder for it with no problems. Any ideas, knowledge or help is greatly appreciated.

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How to convert solar car trickle charger to usb/battery charger?

I would like to know how I could convert one of these solar car battery trickle chargers to a charger that could charge ideally AA and/or AAA batteries but have a female usb port to charge usb powered devices. The point of storing the power in portable batteries would be that it would then double up to charge those batteries if I ever needed to charge them. I do want to spend as little as possible and buy as few parts to do this as possible. I understand that larger batteries would be able to store more power but it would then mean it would not charge AA or AAA batteries and make the whole thing a lot bulkier and expensive. I have a choice of solar trickle chargers being 12V/12W, 12V/4W, 12V/2.4W and 12V/1.5W. They come with crocodile clips and a cigarette lighter plugin. I also have an unrelated usb charger (with female usb port) that can plug into a cars cigarette lighter so Im not sure if it would be possible to attach the usb section to the solar panels cigarette lighter plugin. I also have a usb charger that plugs into the mains. I know almost nothing about circuits. The general point is to be able to make the charger as multi-purpose as possible, like being able to charge batteries or usb powered devices but without making it awkward to use or un-portable. I have looked at the related instructables but im unsure how you could change the voltage to make it safe for the batteries/usb port etc. thanks

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12 volt charger for dvd screen

I am using a small screen from a car dvd player as a monitor for my digital movie cam rig. it works fine except that i need to power it with some kind of rechargable battery pack. i am using the car battery at the moment. not very efficient. any ideas how i can do this. it was built to be pwered by the cigarette lighter. thanks guys

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