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Is it possible to convert a tablet pc screen into a cintiq?

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Tablet PC Cintiq

I was just wondering if its possible to connect a Tablet PC to a desktop to make it like a cintiq.

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Cintiq/Lcd Tablet

Is it possible to make a replacement screen for a tablet pc to be a cintiq-like external display tablet? I've seen replacement screens available on eBay as well as tablets that are missing components like hdd, keyboard, ram, etc which could be used to obtain said screen. This would not be a stand-alone device like a tablet, but a second display for either a desktop or a laptop that would function as a screen and tablet for input, a cintiq clone. Thanks

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Using a Tablet like a Cintiq

I have done some searching around and can't for the life of me find out if anybody has done this or how to even go about starting. Basically I have a MBP that's super powerful, and an old Motion Computing 12' tablet that's...not.  I'd love to just plug in my tablet to my MBP and use my tablet like I would a Cintiq.  Is this even possible? 

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Anyone know how to make a cable for the Wacom digitizer pads used in Motion Computing tablets? I found them cheap.?

Like this cheap - $70. If you could make a cable for this, and slip it behind your MacBook screen (which should be pretty easy: see my instructable), you'd have yourself a VERY cheap Cintiq.

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What will I need to add bluetooth to a USB Wacom Tablet?

I'll apologize in advance that my knowledge in bluetooth is fairly shallow at the moment. As seen in the recent Intuos4, bluetooth is definately possible. However, I was wondering if there's a way to convert other USB wacom tablets into bluetooth? What would it take to do it?  I'm thinking is there some way to directly convert the USB data wiring to some sort of bluetooth module (while the power source comes from a 5v battery or something)? Or will I have to go through some sort of reverse engineering on the PCB to connect to a bluetooth module? Any information about specific bluetooth modules or even bluetooth in general will also be greatly appreciated!

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Can I turn a HP Pavillion TX2075BR notebook into a "Cintiq tablet" from wacom ?

I have a HP Pavillion TX2075BR notebook, and due to a problem the chipset is gone. I was wondering there is some way to use the screen and touch screen to make a "Cintiq tablet" by Wacom interactive pen display to use on other computer or with other motherboard? It's really sad to see a notebook with no use, some people told me that to repair it(motherboard-chipset) would be too expensive and not worth it. Thanks.

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Led Mini Beamer Overhead Projection As Cheap Wacom Cintiq Alternative?

Hello there! My last english lesson is over ten years ago, so exuse me for my mistakes.  I come from germany and i love to make comics. I juse a wacom bamboo fun for this. But my dream is ( and surely not me alone) to have a wacom cinitq. But its very expensive. To much for me.  I watched the interesting video from roryok,  who find a way with a screen panel via Wii Remote, but it seems very complicated. So i asked me: Is there an easer way for this. So i had an idea about a pen tablet overhead projection with via mini beamer. Take a look to this quickly made scribble : grafiktablett-overhead-projektion/ The most Mini Beamer have an projection space between 15 cm to 1,5 cm . (5.91 to 59.06 inch) . The smallest unit is exatly the widh of an bamboo fun, but is the resolution enough to paint of it in a dark room?  Do you mean that could work and maybe have anybody a minbeamer and an pen tablet for a test? I hope you can help me. For me there is no way to test it. By the way...I have also created a comic painter optimized analog panel ruler. Perhaps that is something for another theme. You can find it on my satire blog under: panel-ruler Best regards sgtroxx

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Can you turn a laptop LCD screen into a standard LCD Monitor / replace another brand laptop screen?

My laptop is a Dell Latitude CPi and is INCREDIBLY old. It was made for Windows NT / 9x systems. The laptop itself no longer powers on for some reason, but the LCD might be useable. Instead of getting a new LCD for $100 or replacing the cracked screen on my acer laptop for $600+, I'm wondering if it's possible to convert the screen into either an LCD screen, a Cintiq-esqe tablet display (where there's probably a USB and monitor cable) or, if it can be used on an acer 5520 laptop (the screen is cracked and using it on the same monitor I need for my PC isn't the easiest thing).

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Tablet PC into a regular tablet/ screen tablet? Is it possible?

I owned a tablet PC - fujitsu T4010D and after a while, I had to stop using it - as I've gotten it USED, and I stepped on it as well (lol I'm a klutz, yeah..) it began being a danger to use.  Between the previous ans current issues, it would spark, etc. etc. A few months later my main tablet, my intuos3 died on me so I have no tablet at all.  So I then thought - would it be possible to convert the digitizer and everything in the tablet PC and simply turn it into either: A:  A screen tablet (like the Cintiq) that would work with another computer or... B: Simply a regular tablet for another computer With option A, I'd assume there would be the annoying process of getting a digitizer (unless it can be utilized from the current laptop) and everything.  I asked that a while back and I was told it's sort of not worth it for making another screen. With option B... I really don't know if there's any way of doing it. Overall, having a screen tablet that uses Wacom's technology is nice, without the $2000 price tag it holds.  In the case of having a general tablet, if it can be done without spending $600-$1000 I'd like to try my hand at it... ...Is this even possible, though?

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How to test computer screen power adaptor for failure? Answered

I haven't used my Wacom Cintiq 24HD screen in a few weeks and it's not working properly. After disconnecting the power supply from the wall socket for a few minutes and re-connecting at most I get some flickers of the screen, followed  quickly by turning off entirely. If the adaptor keeps power connected then the screen won't do anything, and so I figured it should be the power adaptor that could be failing. I'm really not knowledgeable with electricity so I thought I could ask for some help here: - The power supply adapter has a light that is faintly lit while connected; - It reads *Output: 24V =-=-= 5A* on the back - The end terminal is similar to a Mini DIN Connector type connector, round with 4 pins that are arranged in a perfect square, but not as standart I think. How can I check if the power supply is working properly with a multimeter like the one in  the picture?   I did try setting it almost like the photo, one step to the right (20 V, black on COM and red on VΩmA), and when I touch the pins inside the connector I get a spark out of it. Pressing the black tip as well against the outside ring always result in a spark from the red tip and values reading erratic on the multimeter's screen. Can this be used to make any sense of this? I've looked for power supply replacements and they're looking to be very expensive to get directly from Wacom. One final question: if it is failing, could I try to get some alternative solution working here? I don't know, using an universal adaptor and request soldering a more common connector to this Wacom proprietary one's tip? Thank you in advance

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