sun circle

Has anyone seen the circle around the sun today on may 13th its cool

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Chasing circle of LEDS...?

I'm in the process of making a UFO model for the local Railroad museum's model trainset.  What I want to do is have the standard disc shaped UFO with embedded LEDs on the edge.  I would like the LEDs to chase around the edge repeatedly while the display is on.  I've looked into using Arduino, but size is a factor.  The UFO is going to be about 6" across.  As far as I can tell, I can use a 555 and 4017 to work it out, as but that limits me to 10 leds, right?   If it can be worked out, having counter rotating circles would be great... But that would be duplicating the circuit and reversing the 4017 pin outs... AND...where is a good place to buy small quantities of LEDs and ICs?  My local Radio Shack has nothing in stock

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Monster Jellyfish Crop Circle

Check out this giant crop circle that was made/created on farmland in Oxfordshire.This jelly fish is about 600 feet (or 250m) check it out!link to vid:

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Best way to carve circles?

I’m carving a walking stick into a snake I need to carve the scales of the snake (6mm) I have bought many attachments now but they don’t fit onto my dremel or drill I can only find bits that will make a complete hole which I don’t want Can anyone help?

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when making the knex circle ball machine by i_am_canadian, what does he mean by "hinges" in the parts list?

On the second step he sais you need hinges in misc, but i dont know what piece hes talking about. please, please, please help

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How do I split a circle in Illustrator?

I'm new to Ai and I am trying to make a "radiation hazard" sign, but I have been unable to split a circle into individual segments that I can color. Any help is appreciated

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How I put an image around a circle? Answered

Hello! Well, my problem is this:I have done an ambigram (loop, in this case) and I don't know how to put it around a circle, as in this picture: you any idea how to do it? and what program should I use?Thanks!

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What's the right dremel bit for a circle jig cutter? I had problems with this.

Hi, i just made a circle jig cutter for my dremel. I used the included dremel that you can see in the picture below, it basically looks like a drill bit, but it's sharp in the edges, so it can cut to the sides, thing that drill bits cannot do. I tried to cut 3/4 MDF, but it was very hard to do it, I simply had to stop the process after concluding that that's not the right bit for that job. I think I had problems because this bit is for cutting to drywall sheets instead. What do you think? does anybody know what dremel bit should I use to cut circles through 3/4 MDF? thanks.

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I want do ipad controller, but there have have somtehing wrong?

I want do ipad controller, but there have have somtehing wrong after i saw and i use ipod touch to test , there have have somtehing wrong . when i connect podbreakout my ipod touch, after took off it have sound normally. and i want to  ask   how to use podbreakout charging iPad? not charging all the time. I want use button to turn on/off charging iPad. who can help me? Here is my new  red circle is 500 ohm , blue A contro Play/Pause, blue B contro Next music , blue C contro volUp , blue d contro volDown

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The world has come full circle

Every once in a while I'll come across some piece of furniture in the store that's modern. I'll look at it and say: "Hey, that's kinda like the sixties." Well... I wnet to Houston TX a while back and saw a neighborhood of modern homes. I looked at them and thought: "Hey those remind me of old" I Got to thinking about and realized "Oh my gosh! We're living the sixties all over again!" I mean seriously! Take a look around! All these "Modern" things aren't modern at all. They've all been thought up before, but it was 40 years ago so the newer generations thinking it up don't realize it. Below I've put some pictures. The first 3 of 1960s homes and the last 3 of Modern homes. See the similarities?

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The knex Miter Saw.

Hey Guys check out my new miter saw After i saw Shadowman39's miter saw i was like: i can build such a thing to, and here it is my knex miter saw. It looks a lot like Shadowman's miter saw only it is smaller and it takes up less pieces. I am pretty proud of it and i hope you guys like it. If you want to build it click here and the parts list will also be on that. Further more: it also works the same as Shadowman's saw. Click Here for a video Please leave a comment of what think about it.

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Vote For my Video: How to draw a circle without at a compass or string


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How do I use circle beads? Answered

I just started getting into beading and I bought some beads on sale. In the pack were "circle" beads. I'm not sure what to do with them. I could always paint them and tie them onto a string of leather or something, I guess. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Why do humans walk in circles when blindfolded?

A Mystery: Why Can't We Walk Straight? from NPR on Vimeo. Try as you might, you can't walk in a straight line without a visible guide point, like the Sun or a star. You might think you're walking straight, but as NPR's Robert Krulwich reports, a map of your route would reveal you are doomed to walk in circles.

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how do you mask circles on a model plane? Answered

I am making a model tiger moth, and on the camo scheme, it showes that the bottom half of the airplane is yellow, and the top half is a green and brown camo. however, one of the circular decals go half in the yellow and half in the camo scheme, but the circular decal has a yellow brder. ( easier to just look at the pic) anyways, since i did a base coat of yellow, and i masked it off to paint the camo. so how can i mask of a perfect circle?

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why do dogs sometimes walk around in a circle before they lay down? Answered

I notices that my dogs recently started walking in a circle before they lay down. Why is that?

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Is there any drawing software used to draw circles of any size? Coz for one project I need to make a templet .

Is there any drawing software used to draw circles of any size? Coz for one project I need to make a templet of 4cm radius circle and inside the circle i need to evenly distribute 22 holes with size 2mm?

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What are the nubs on gold knex pieces for? Answered

The half circles with the nubs.. What were they made for?

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Hollow semi circle split into half that needs to open when pulled?

Hi - we need to build a semi circle shaped hollow object that is split in the half vertically. And we plan on sliding the 2 halves of the semicircle on tracks so we can open it to reveal something inside. Kinda like a semi-circle door.. any guidance pls on material we can use? The semi circle needs to be about 2 feet in diameter. Thx

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What is the best way to cut an semi circle at the end of a flat piece of steel? Answered

I have a a 100mm wide piece of flat steel and i want to cut a perfect semi circle at the end of the steel to make it look nice. I dont have a plasma cutter and im wondering how to get the perfect semi circle shape.

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Can we redraw these circles in the remote control circuit board?

Dear Experts, Attached picture is of the Philips home theatre remote control. It actually has 12 buttons but only 8.5 of them are visible clearly on the circuit board. The last row is totally invisible and those buttons doesn't work as well. Can you please help me with some tips to get it fixed. This remote control is not available in the market anywhere and hence this attempt.

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How do I get rid of bags, dark circles under my eyes? Answered

Any home remedies or low cost solution would be great!

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I need like a big light circle (with LEDs). Then, when I hit it (hard) I need the LEDs off. Answered

What's the less complicated way to build it? Please Help! Thanks!

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We cut thin circles from wooden limbs. How can we add scents to them? Answered

We want to use these wooden circles for firestarters. How can we add scents to them to make the house smell nice?

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Is there any easy way to get rid of dark circles under eye? Answered

I didn't have any dark circles, even few months back. I know it's not possible to get rid of it overnight. But, is there any natural and effective way?

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i have a half circle under my eye that is dark i am 11 but it might be herititary?

I have a black have circle under my eyes i cant get to go away i am am eleven years old

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Why do dogs walk around in a circle before lying down? Answered

I just thought it was an odd habit for dogs to do.  

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why does my junkbot go around in circles? PLease help! :( ?

Hey Hi there! I'm a newbie in the field of robotics and electronics, I just finished making my first junkbot.(its the one with 2 9v d.c motors on the side connected to a switch and a battery pack.) It works kinda ok but it gets pulled towards its left and then rotates in that axis. I'm stumped @ this stage now, can any one suggest pointers? Thnx in advance ! :)

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Netting circle - The crafting and DIY crazes are catching on with websites such as Etsy and Instructables

Instructables and Etsy appear in the OttawaSun article Netting Circle.If you're into creating, but you're not into domestic arts, try This subversive site bills itself as "the world's biggest show and tell." Anyone can contribute how-tos and get feedback.The postings are slightly unusual, sometimes even extreme, such as how to build a cheap still to make moonshine, turn a shotgun shell into a USB stick case or make shoelaces from tape.The projects for extreme DIYers are uploaded by users who offer step-by-step guidelines along with photos. "It's a reaction against a mass-produced culture," says founder Eric Wilhelm in the Telegraph.Sounds quite similar to the 18th and 19th century backlash against the advent of mass production which created the arts and crafts movement in the first place.Wilhelm started an earlier version of the site several years ago while a starving student seeking advice on how to make equipment to cheaply support his kite-surfing hobby. More news and press about Instructables here.

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how can i produce a fliping coin like movemnet to a lissajous pattern ( a circle) in oscilloscope?

Is it possible to make a circle like lissajous pattern to move in the oscilloscope screen in a circular fashion along with it, that circle like lissajous pattern should rotates in its own axis like a fliping coin.. how it is possible.. can i do this as a hobby project. Give sugeestions and help me make its circuit... please!!!!!!!!

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how to make an electromagnet thats a circle be positive on one side and negative on the other?

Im basically trying to make an electromagnet that will wrap around a tube of metal and i want to have it magnetize the inside of the metal tube and on the left (as your looking at the tube from the side) its has positive attraction and on the right it has negative push that is my question and if anyone could tell me how i could do this that would be EXTREMELY appreciated... not only that but if i could reverse the polarity so left is negative push and right is positive attraction that would be great to please help its for a science experiment and would be GREATLY appreciated 

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would a 1.5 inch circle be too big for normal beer and coke caps?

Alright i am trying to make fallout 3/ fallout new vegas style caps. i already tried with glue but i didnt like the way they came out and i know this sounds like a stupid question but is a 1.5 inch sticker too big? i would like to start making them soon and any help would be appreciated. these are normal beer/soda caps with 21 teeth.?? fast help would be much much much appreciated.

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Bacteria-like projections when shining a laser through a magnifying glass.?

          I was recently shining my new green laser pointer through a magnifying glass, and the beam went through the little circle near the bottom of the lens that magnifies things more than the rest of the lens. The laser dot got very much larger, and there were odd little dark circles surrounded by larger, transparent circles. I also noticed the same thing, but with longer, oval-like projections instead of circles. What are these projections of? I'm guessing dirt, hair, bacteria, etc. Can anyone tell me? I want to know because it's a pretty cool effect and it would be cool to know if I'm looking at bacteria or something like that.

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CNC problem?

Hello all of you, i have a problem with DIY cnc. I guess missing steps? I would ask you to give your opinion? On pictures you can see CNC, and problem. Circle is not closed. I try with backlash in mach and i get a bit bether result but still not perfect circle

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When using a circle loom for knitting, how do you taper the top into a "dome" shape?

Ive never knitted before, but have been recently inspired to knit a condom. It was just a really cute idea! Ive got the main part of the shape, but need help on how to reduce each row in order to taper the top.

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Does the Periodic Table Of LED's schematic work?

Im not going to elaborate on my project, I dont want anyone to steal it. Basically, its a LED Array in the shape of the periodic table. The small black circles are 4 way connections of all wires, if they intersect with no circle, they do not connect.

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Which one of these 2 looks better? Answered

Which one of these 2 looks better with the extra circle or without?

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Can someone post up an instructable to make a cardboard rim cover thing?(You'll see what I mean)

I saw this dude with a cardboard front rim and I was wondering how to do it without messing up. I also don't know how to make the circle. ( Actually a good circle ) I feel stupid for that.. Kinda like this picture.

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I can't find this capacitor. What do I do? Answered

The capacitor circled in red

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Can any one identify this component? Answered

I find it a lot on sound enabled electronics PCBs. It is this black circle on the board.

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What math process is indicated by a symbol of an integral with a circle drawn at near the center of the integral symbol? Answered

I believe that this is has something to do with physics, possibly calculations pertaining to WORK. I know what an integral is but I am not sure what this is telling me to do. Derive an integral in some fashion other than standard? As I said above the symbol is a standard integral symbol from calculus except there is a circle at the center of the symbol.

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Electronics Plastic housing

I have a plastic housing for a VCR with some molded-in markings on the inside. *There is a circle with an arrow inside and two numbers outside. "1207" & "1208" The arrow is pointing to "1207" *There is a circle with an arrow inside and the numbers 0-9 on the outside. The arrow is pointing to "4" *There is a circle with an arrow inside and the numbers 0-3 on the outside. The arrow is pointing to "0" *There is a circle with an arrow inside and the letters A-H on the outside. The arrow is pointing to "B" *There are also two charts that has letters on the left and what looks like names of pigment colors on the right column. Some of the right side fields are blank. *There is another chart with "00", "99", and "98" on the y-axis and the numbers 1-9, 0, and the letters "N" and "D" on the x-axis. There are two markings - one at the intersection of "99" and "1" and another at "99" and "2". Does anybody know what these markings mean? I've seen similar markings on other bits of plastic electronic housing. I imagine that they explain the material that the housing is made of , but what do they mean? Anybody know? Have any ideas?

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How do you fix the error when its both rings on the left side of the circle?

Talking to Xbox support I was told that it's due to my xbox 360 overheating...  Even when the house temperature is at 73 degrees!  I'm about ready to take a hammer to my beloved xbox.  I'm not about to pay 140 bucks (my warranty already expired so I have nothing to lose with a little DIY ;) ) Any advice?

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Help with an SMD circuit

Hello. I am trying to make something on my car that involves putting an array of orange SMD's in a big circle, one on each side of the car. Every circle has about 85 ish SMD's, how should i connect resistors,and which ones? Can i put them in groups of 10, and put a resistor between each? I have to conect them parallel. Thanks for the help

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Does anyone know where I could find a 3-4' tall expandable collapsible "yurt wall-type" fence?

Yurt wall-type3-4 ft tall fence, expandable fence that collapses into a tight circle, portable expandable fence that opens to a 10-15 ft circle built like a yurt wall

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