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circular saw using a guide, need help (solved)

  Ok I'm doing something stupid and I can't figure out what.  I have been cutting a lot of plywood lately with my circular saw.  I have a metal level that I have been clamping down as a guide.  I have also used a board to do the same thing.  For some reason after I get part way through the board the saw starts to stall.  When I pull the saw out I'm off my line and the cut is moving towards the guide.  It's like the saw is going straight but after a while the blade is moving towards the guide.  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I'm using a Ryobi  5-1/2 18V saw. Now that I'm typing this I'm wondering if the piece I'm cutting off is pushing on the blade and pushing it off track.  Thank you for any help

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How to make a "Circular SAW TABLE" from a handheld Circular saw

Hi This is my first Post, so please excuse me (as a Newbie) if I'm posting in the Wrong section.Ive been wanting to cut Plyboard sheets I have for a few weeks now. I have a Jig Saw and a Circular Saw. However the Jig saw is slow in cutting long pieces of Wood and when I use the Circular saw, I always end up cutting the sheet crooked. I recently saw on TV, a Table with a built in Circular Saw where u just position the wood and guide it slowly to produce a perfect straight Cut, However when I prices these, they are Very Expensive.I was wondering if some one can give me a plan or instructions where I can make this table circular saw from with Hand held circular Saw (Inverted and attached).I did a search but havent come up with anything similar to what I described.

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how to convert a portable circular saw into a table saw

Wondering if anyone has any idea how to build a platform that will turn a portable circular saw into a table saw.

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What is the best Miter Saw for $300 - $400? Answered

I would like to buy a miter saw. What is the best product in the 300 - 400 dollar range? I've done research online and know what the reviews say and the "pros" say, but I'm curious if those of us that actually DO things regularly have a difference of opinion. Thanks! All I have now is a drill and a hand-held circular saw. I would like to be able to cut beams accurately and consistently.

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Inclined Circular Column Formwork?

Hi everyone, I would appreciate it if someone can help me with this. I was looking for how to pour inclined circular reinforced concrete columns. When a circular column is straight, its base is a circle but when the column is inclined, its base is more to be oval. How can I place the formwork, how can I estimate the base of the column and how can I pour it. I would appreciate any sources regarding this issue! Thank you fro your attention to my request!  

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DIY Circular knitting needles

I teach a knitting class at a federal penitentiary; while I've been able to get a lot of yarn donated, we still have very few needles (the only ones the inmates can use are wooden circular needles). I've been trying to make some myself from dowels and weed eater cord, but they look like c$?&, and the cord keeps coming out. If anyone has any ideas on how to make some, I would really appreciate it!

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Wiring circular fluorescent bulb Answered

Hello,my first time posting here, hope I don't break any rules.I want to wire up a circular fluorescent bulb for a sculpture.I bought a SODIAL(R) 40W Ring Tube Fluorescent Lamp Electronic Ballast AC 220V 0.19A and a 40W T9 Circular Warm White Tube.Could someone advise me on what other bits I need (e.g what starter) and a guide on how to connect everything up to each other and power? I'm based in the UK if this affects potential suppliers. I have done this with a straight fluorescent before but by cannibalising a bought fitting. Pretty clueless when it comes to electronics and would like to avoid killing myself/ others if possible.Many thanks!

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Knex HD Circular Saw

This Circular Saw that you see here is one of the many knex things i've been working on, but have not shown you guys because of not really wanting to post anything in the past... however long it was. A little more about this saw is: it is the first Circular Saw on this site if i'm not wrong. If this saw was real; it would have a Gasoline engine for power and instead of a motor being in the old motor compartment, it would have a massive spindle brake so that it stopped spinning faster. Some things that is saw lacks is the fuel tank, the blade guard, and an on/off switch. I would have loved to add those things to it, but I ran out of some parts that were vital to their creation. A quick fact about the blade; The blade's diameter is 8 7/8" or roughly 225mm. The blade's thickness is about 7/10" or 17.8mm thereabouts. Overall, I think that it turned out alright but could have been much better. Still something to look at every now and then I suppose. It was fun to make, and was something to do.

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Curved/Circular LED Matrix

Hey everyone,  I've been interested in making a new project using an LED display, however, I have no idea how to go about such a matrix without the proper instructions or guidelines since it is very different from a square or rectangular matrix. I was hoping someone could explain how to wire and go about making such a thing (programming advice would also be appreciated). 

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Why do i solve the sum in this way (mathematics)?

The sum is as given below: "There are two cars A and B.They start from the same point at the same time and travel in a circular path .Car A can complete one round in 18 minutes whereas car B can complete the round in 16 minutes. After how much time will they meet?"   my maths teacher told me to take the LCM(least common multiple) of their respective completion times of a round. Can anybody please explain to me as to why i should take the LCM. Also i would be greatful  if you could explain it simply.Cheerio.

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how to power a circular rail Carriage

Hello. Looking for ideas on how a circular rail carriage could be powered. Here is what i am looking at On a linear rail its common to use 8mm Acme Lead Screw to translate the nema rotation is this done on circular carriage like the links above.  thanks

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plans for Converting a Portable Circular Saw Into a Table Saw?

I'm needing to use a table saw but only have a craftsman circular. I can't afford to buy a true table saw, but I've seen some people make a table and place the circular upside down, using bolts to attach it to the underside of the work surface on these home built tables.

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What can I do with expired circular crackers? Answered

I recently found a box of Ritz biscuits (crackers for those of you who don't know them) but they expired last year. The box contains 24 rolls containing about 15 crackers each, what can I do with them?

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Circular saw boat motor. Need help and suggestions.

I am building a small, plywood boat and looking to power it. I have built many projects made out of wood but never anything mechanical. I am looking for advise from people who have done something similar. In the image I attached there are three problems I face.  1 and 2) To transfer motion from the circular saw to the prop's axial I was thinking using something similar to a bike chain. What parts would you use to do this? 3) How would you secure a prop onto an axial? I am not looking for this to be a fast or anything. Just more of a practice project.  Thanks!

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I want to make a scale with the circular guage and the little red pointer that spins how might this be accomplished?

I want to make a strength machine and need a circular guage for it so i want to make a pull scale with the red pointer thing up to 40 lbs

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How can I clean a 10" circular (skill) saw?

I have a 10" 18V circular saw, never used/brand new, that my kitten decided to urinate all over :-( Is their a way to clean it? I was thinking about submerging it in a bucket of rubbing alcohol to soak for a few hours. Then let it air dry for a few days to a week+ to make sure it drys completely.

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Diagonally cutting across a plywood cylinder?

I want to make a couple of identical circular wedged speaker enclosures by cutting a large drum shell (16in by 16in floor tom) in half diagonally and then capping the open sides with discs, what would be the best/easiest method of holding the shell in place and making an accurate straight diagonal cut?i have access to a maker space but i haven't been in since their recent refit so i'm not sure what cutting machines they now have...

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My Belt Sander Can Beat Your Circular Saw

Has your hobby become mainstream when it's covered by the New York Times? Power Tool Drag Racing gets coverage in My Belt Sander Can Beat Your Circular Saw:TEN feet short of the finish line, Barbie Airplane was stranded.A screaming speedster powered by a whirling circular saw flew from a wooden ramp at the recent Power Tool Drag Racing competition in Seattle.The cheerful contraption -- a Craftsman belt sander crowned with a powder-blue toy plane -- had been careening down the 75-foot racetrack moments earlier. Then the sander's rotating belt came undone, stopping it dead.In the neighboring lane, Heavy Metal Waste, a circular saw souped up with skateboard wheels and flaming antennas, had already rocketed past. Cheers of victory rang from the bleachers.along with a nod to our very own Power Tool Racer Instructable:If this kind of tinkering sounds tricky, there's no need to re-invent the wheel, or the saw blade, for that matter. A detailed tutorial at gives step-by-step directions for converting a circular saw into a racer, courtesy of Jeremy Franklin-Ross, co-founder of the Hazard Factory artists' collective in Seattle.More news and press about Instructables here.

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How to fix 4" circular warp on table made by coffeemaker. Answered

I had my coffeemaker sitting on a painted, MDF window bench which caused 4" raised warped area/bump. The bump occurs on both sides of the bench top which is about 3/8" thick? This cupping/warp/bump occurred over a period of time. Any suggestions on how to repair the bench?

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wind generator ?

Has anyone had experience in using magnets to help propel a horizontal wind mill or vertical wind turbine .what I mean is putting them in a circular series where the north propel against the north creating , forcing or helping the windmill to move in a circular motion?

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Does anyone know the best way to drill into a circular saw blade?

I am making a folding knife and i am using a cut part of a circular saw blade as the blade and i have tried using quite a few drill bits and some other things but it still isn't working, i also really don't want to spend a lot on a new drill bit, but i might spend mabye $10 on one but that would be the most

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To cut a 4X4 post? Answered

Is it better to use a Miter saw or can I just use a Circular saw?

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How are the categories arranged because there is an OFFBEAT in TECH and a TECH in OFFBEAT. Which is it? It's almost as if its a circular category. Confused....

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I have a metal, circular container with a clear plastic circle in the center of the lid. What I should do with it?

I have a metal, circular container about 3.25in diameter (8.5cm) and 1.125in tall (2.8 cm). There is a clear plastic circle in the center of the lid, 1.75in diameter (4.5cm). I am wondering what I should do with it! I am thinking something electronic, possibly usb powered, or something. Please send me interesting ideas! Thank you! (sorry about blurry pictures; they looked fine as thumbnails in the camera!)

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What's the easiest way to make your own table saw out of a common circular saw?

I would love to buy a portable table saw for some upcoming summer projects, but living off unemployment doesn't afford me too many possibilities.  However, I found a bunch of scrap lumber off Craigslist and have a simple 8" circular saw I bought a few years ago.

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How can I connect a thin sheet of metal inside a circular metal container?

Without welding because the container and metal sheet are kind of too small to weld. I'm thinking of soldering them (I'm desperate) but I'm not sure if it will be effective. There will also a process where I will put the container in a boiling water bath so it is not possible to use adhesives that will melt. I know this sounds weird, but it's a school project. Thanks!

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How to build a track with a small electric motor to move something around a circular track?

I'm a college student in charge of building a float for our homecoming parade. The theme for the float is mario kart, and the design has a track with moving carts going around a track. What is the best way to make a track with powered cars moving around the track? A generator with household voltage will be used to power the track/cars. I know I will need to transform from 120V AC to something else, probably 24V DC from what I have read so far. I don't know much about electricity and the other forces at play in designing such a track, so any detailed information or reference material would be appreciated. I have attached two sketches of the float design, one of which is to scale. Any suggestions would be helpful. Diagrams would be very helpful as well.

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ball - on - plate PID controller

Hello everyone I work on a project ball on a plate and have a problem making the ball move a circular motion Please Help Thanks 

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What is this Circuit component? Answered

What is the circuit component covered with a hard black compound? It is circular domed and I think it might be a microcontroller(?). I find it in some cheap toys etc.?

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how do you mask circles on a model plane? Answered

I am making a model tiger moth, and on the camo scheme, it showes that the bottom half of the airplane is yellow, and the top half is a green and brown camo. however, one of the circular decals go half in the yellow and half in the camo scheme, but the circular decal has a yellow brder. ( easier to just look at the pic) anyways, since i did a base coat of yellow, and i masked it off to paint the camo. so how can i mask of a perfect circle?

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device that applies braking force proportional to speed?

Hi, I'm helping a team of students make a brake-assist device for a two-wheeled walker.  We were wondering if there are mechanical brakes out there that apply a force proportional to the speed.  A circular damper, is how we would describe it, I think.  Or something like a gas shock (the things on screen doors and car trunks) but with a circular motion rather than a linear stroke.  Anyone have any ideas?  Anything that's commercially available, small, and somewhat inexpensive is fair game.  Bonus points for things that can be made by hand..  Thanks!

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What to do with a saw motor?

I have an old hand circular saw that has a few broken parts and is really kind of dangerous. I was thinking of adapting the motor to something, but can't find a good use (yet). Any ideas?

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Best way to cut plexiglass without a laser cutter?

I need to cut a 9" diameter circle out of a 12"x12", 1/8" thick piece of clear cast acrylic (making an infinity mirror). I've cut this stuff with laser cutters before but don't currently have access to one. I have a circular glass cutter but I'm not really clear how that does me any good - it scores a circle but the acrylic doesn't seem brittle enough to snap off nicely along a circular line. I have a jigsaw with a wood blade but that just snagged and made the acrylic shatter. I have made rectangular cuts before by scoring a straight line with a utility knife, then lining that cut up with the edge of a table, and hitting the suspended piece of acrylic with a mallet - it snaps right off. I'm just not sure how to make a circular cut. Finer-tooth jigsaw blade? Approximate it using the score-and-snap method for a many-sided polygon with a bunch of straight cuts?

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Under That Umbrella

More innovation from Japan. This looks more like a tent than a house to me, but it's definitely waterproof. Looking at the pictures toward the bottom of the page, it's surprisingly spacious and perfect for all sorts of circular socializing.Link via Make: blog

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If I were building a pottery wheel, what would be the ideal situation in terms of motor specifications? Answered

Would the motor from a belt-drive circular saw be sufficient? Is there a simple way to regulate speed reliably and safely? Thanks for your time!

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Well it won't have wheels but I do need help using a circular saw as a small boat motor.

I am building a small, plywood boat and looking to power it. I have built many projects made out of wood but never anything mechanical. I am looking for advise from people who have done something similar. In the image I attached there are three problems I face. 1 and 2) To transfer motion from the circular saw to the prop's axial I was thinking using something similar to a bike chain. What parts would you use to do this? 3) How would you secure a prop onto an axial? I am not looking for this to be a fast or anything. Just more of a practice project. Thanks!

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How do I make 8 to 16 Red LED lights (that are powered by a battery) chase in a circular pattern?

I want to "tart up" my sons Haloween Transfomer Bumblebee costume. I am going to add some simple blue LED arrays (which I have figured out) but I want to add a circle of red LEDs to the barrel of the gun - the thing I can't figure out is how to make them chase in a cool pattern...?

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Whats the name of

Whats the name of that dial switch thingy found on old ships, you know where someone says "Full steam ahead!" and then they push this lever all the way forward and it makes bell noises as it does it and lights up a little sign on the side.  Its circular, you know what i'm talking about!

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I was cutting down a 4 by 8 sheet of birch faced plywood and both the jigsaw and circular saw cut crooked.  I clamped a 2 by 4 guide and it still cut the other way.  If i was to use another guide on the other side and make a path, would that work?  Why are my brand new blades cutting WAY off???

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Upright wood cutting right at Home Depot? Answered

I've see this upright wood cutting right at home depot.  They put the wood in the rig and then slide a circular saw down and it makes the cut.  Does anyone know what this sort of rig is called?  Has anyone seen a good instructable on how to make one?

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How to clean a concrete hearth?

We're moving into a place with a non-functional fireplace and a stained hearth. I haven't touched it yet and have no idea what the stains are.  A guess for the circular ones is wine or some other dark drink.  Any ideas for a relatively non-toxic clean up? It turns out a lot of it is wax.

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Soldering Copper Round Bar

I plan on making a backdrop (pictured) out of copper. I have a little bit of experience soldering copper pipe. I have an idea of how to build the backdrop but would appreciate some feedback/tips.Dimensions:- 5' W x 7' H x 3' DMaterials: - Diagonal members: 0.1875" round bar- Circular votive holders: 0.125" round bar- Rectangular border, kickers, and base: 1/4" x 1" rectangular barI'm thinking that I will solder the diagonal members at each intersection and where the ends meet the rectangular bar frame. The base will be a 3' rectangular bar on the left and on the right. There will be a kicker on each side, connected to the base and about halfway up the vertical members of the frame.Does this seem feasible? Will the structure be stable? How can I form the circular votive holders?

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Two Questions for Instructables Staff

1.  Any news on Volume 2 of Best of Instructables? 2.  I want a REAL patch - circular with around the edge and the robot in the center - for sewing on my laptop bag - my bag lacks this one!  Please make it or tell me and I'll do it and sell from my website. Thanks, Jim

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RCA converter project

I have an old TV that I want to convert so that it's able to be used as a monitor for my camcorder. The TV however only has an antennae and screws on the back for a circular UHF antenna. It's an old RCA Model EJR 291S black and white tv. If anyone has any ideas let me know.

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Unable to access suspensionmagne's 'ible or author profile

While browsing (from a computer) the tech 'ible's, I navigated to the Circular Lifting Magnet by suspensionmagne. Upon opening the 'ible, the page was blank, just white with no text of any kind. Upon following the link to the author, the error  "ERROR 400: no member: suspensionmagne - ERROR 400: no member: suspensionmagne" is displayed. I have verified that it is not my browser by attempting to open the 'ible's address in other browsers (Internet Explorer 8 (version: 8.0.6001.18702) and Firefox (version: 3.6.26)). The computer I'm browsing from is running Windows XP Pro SP3 and the browser I'm using is Google Chrome Version 27.0.1453.110 m. Here is the link for the 'ible: Here is the link for the author:

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2 stroke motor help?

Hi guys I built something similar to this anyways the coil thingy that the guy cut a circular hole for came off my engine. There's magnets in it. I'm pretty sure that the magnets drive the spark plug as there's a small black piece that hooks to the plug. So am I screwed?

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What can simple yet cool project can I make with a bandsaw, drill, dremel, palm sander, and a circular saw? Answered

I'm interested in woodworking. We were cleaning out our workshop when I noticed a couple of power tools. I was given the ok to use them if i used safety of course. The machines are listed above and I have plenty of plywood to work with. Keep in mind I'm 13 so nothing too difficult :P

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