Mac Classic

Hey ! Today im getting given to broken macs They look good on the exterier but are broken inside ! ones a g4 quicksilver BUT im also getting a mac classic which if i cannot get working Im going to take the guts out and fit a tv inside with a radio ! Anyone got any ideas for the g4 quicksilver??

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Unimat Classic

Hello there, I am a new member to Instrucables although I have been looking through some of the wonderful creations on the site for some time now.  I’ve noticed a few members have used a Unimat Classic to produce their creations.  I am thinking of investing in one.  I have had a look on Google for some decent reviews, but I haven't been able to find many.  It seems the feedback ranges from “it's the best thing in the world for hobbyists” to “it's nothing more than a glorified child’s toy”!  I'm after some sensible feedback from members who own one or have had experience of using one.  I'm particularly interested in knowing how well the table saw handles metal and how well the lathes (both wood and metal) operate.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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Classic tracks played on classic hardware

I saw this version of House of the Rising Sun blogged on Laughing Squid, and thought of you (all)... A couple of years ago, the same chap created Bohemian Rhapsody:

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classic car parts

I'm looking for old car parts. Grills, fenders, hoods, headlights, anything external. Not wanting to pay to much, but reasonable.  tell me what you have and send me a few pictures!  I live in the southwest Michigan area.  Thanks!

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Silent classics - Recommendations?

OK, it's time to introduce Conker-X to silent comedies. Where do I start?  I'm torn between Chaplin, Keaton and Laurel & Hardy. Remember he's an intelligent 11 year-old. There are a lot of slightly-similar compilation DVDs out there, so I'd appreciate a link to your recommendations as well.

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classic game controller buttons

So, I have a bunch of old game controller buttons form sega, gamecube, n64, xbox, and snes controllers, and really want to make use of them but dont know what to do with them. Any ideas? I have already made some into pushpins

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If anyone owns the iPod Classic....

Could you measure the click wheel? I'm working on a project that involves it, and want my proportions to be correct. The measurement can be in any format (inches, millimeters); I'll just convert it over to inches anyway. Thanks!

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Rock Music on Classical Instruments?

For our spring orchestra concert at my school, I convinced my teacher to pick an arrangement of 21 Guns by Green Day as one of our pieces. Why pick 21 Guns over Don't Stop Believing? Because I like it better. THAT's why :P So...I was wondering. Has anyone else played an EPIC rock/punk/alternative or just something totally UN-CLASSICAL on a classical insturment? Perhaps something as awesome as a Green Day song? I play violin btw xD

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ipod classic pin out? Answered

I saw a link for the i-pod plug pin out but didn't copy the link (duh). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Subtitles on a 120gb ipod classic?

I want to have subtitles when i watch movies.  i changed the settings on my ipod to play subtitles, but there are NO subtitles. how can i fix it to where i have subtitles?

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Knex Classic Pirate pistol

This is my new gun, it's a ratchet operated pistol similar to DSman's crossbow, I haven't came out with the averages but it shoots pretty far and hurts like hell. What do y'all think? (I currently have 4 rubberbands on it)

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Classic Gadgets Turned into Felt

A variety of iconic items from the past are turned into lovely felted and embroidered items by blublythemonster on Flickr. There's some amazing work here and I'd love to see them all in person. Just so that I could briefly touch them to make sure they're real. Flickr setvia bbgadgets

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What is your favourite classic rock song? Answered

I am making instructables for how to play some on guitar and i would like the community to decide the songs. Any suggestions

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Is there a way to bring to add GBs to a Ipod classic? Answered

For christmas, i got a Ipod Classic 160 GB. But, when i checked the settings, there was only 148. There was pretty much nothing on there, so was that a design flaw, or what?

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Classic bang gun from the old batman show

Hello, im making a costume for Halloween and ive been trying to build the classic bang gun,its the gun with the red flag that pops out and it says bang.i cant wrap my mind around how to make it,either through it pops out of the gun or that it slides from the side of the pipe,i dont know im not a hands on kinda guy.can any one please help me. thank you Jager

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Thompson Classic/Euro Classic electric bike headlamp & mainboard wiring.?

Hi Folks. I have a bit of a dilemma I hope one of you good people can help me with. Nostalgic Girl asked me to get her old electric bike back on the road for her & all is going well apart from one small problem. Someone had a go at it a couple of years ago & managed to unplug most of the wiring in the headlamp where all the clever stuff is controlled like the horn lights & most importantly the speed. Normally this wouldn't be a problem as in a sensible world if you have six things to plug in you would use six plugs & sockets to wire it up, unfortunately on this there are six plugs but they have only used two different plug & socket sets one two pin type & one three pin type. Just to add insult to injury there are two three pin with Red, Green, Black and one with Red, Green, Yellow & the Two pin ones have two Black, Red one for the horn & another for the front light & another Blue, Brown which I believe is for the brake light. I would try a bit of trial & error work but I am just a little bit worried that the error bit may end up in my having to buy a new board. Can anyone tell me where I can get a wiring diagram from? Or know which plug goes where on the board? Thanks in advance for your help you clever people. Kev.

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XP "Classic" search in Windows 7? Answered

It took a lot to make me change from XP, but I do like Windows 7 which I'm now running on a couple of machines.   However . . . The thing I miss is the 'classic' explorer search function which gave a no-nonsense way of finding any set of files on your computer (indexed or not) with proper wildcarding and various other settable criteria. OK, Microsoft search V4 (or whatever it's called) has all sorts of bells and whistles, but I'm finding it unwieldy to use and find myself opening a DOS box for speed. Google finds a lot of posts from other people who liked the old search, but no answers. Has anyone here found a utility which replicates the old search functionality?

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My files wont transfer from itunes to my ipod classic. What can i do to fix this?

I recently broke my ipod classic. I went and had it replaced with a refrurbished. I registered it and synced my library with it. I noticed a 10 pack of chappelle show that i purchased only having 5 shows come up and into my ipod during the sync even though all were checked. How can i get them all onto it? No matter what i have tried, it just wont upload.

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NOT Ratfink, but Batfink. Has anybody ever seen this show? You know, with Batfink's super sonic sonar radar, his wings of steel that cannot be harmed, evil genius Hugo-a-go-go, his sidekick Karate, the Battillac that looks like a VW-bug and always makes Batfink glad that it has a thermo-nuclear plutonium insulated something, the announcer that always stops right before something horrible will happen to Batfink and asks us what will happen, and the chief. I used to watch it on Boomerang, but they stopped airing it. It's a funny and cool show, made by Hal Seeger.


Can anyone give me a glovepie script to control the mouse cursor via wii classic controller?

I have searched many sites but there is nowhere. I want to control my pc and my mouse cursor like I do in fifa 2010 for wii

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Can I make USB memory stick from iPod 5th gen..?

My comp is going to run out of memory, and the most of it is filled with large photos and video, about 40gb. my brother suggested to keep them on big usb flash cards, but they are quite expensive.. And I have dead iPod classic 60gb. Is there any way to make a kind of memory card and save all photos on it..?

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How to age a book

I have a replica of a book made in the early 1800's. It's really cool to have, but it would be even more fantasticle to make it look it's age. Does anyone here know how to do this? Let me know what you think if you have any ideas.

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Best classic sega sonic game?

I have basically EVERY Sonic the hedgehog classic 1990's game,but what is better,Sonic & Knuckles Lava Reef Zone Act 1 or Sonic & Knuckles Death Egg zone? I'd say Death Egg.

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Star Wars goes all classical

Digital imagery website worth1000 is running a Star Wars contest where entries must start as classical works of art, with a Star Wars theme edited in.It's well worth a look.(As an aside, I am still suffering the bug that won't let me post threads in the normal way - I had to post this in the feedback forums, then edit the classifications)

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Mega Man 9 - Going Classic

Mega Man 9 is back! A classic nintendo game is back on the wii. This great game has been going through some rough times with newer versions going 3D and ruining the game play. What ever happened to side scrolling video games? These platform games may be something that many people haven't seen in years, but it's hard to deny their appeal with The original Mario leading the way in game sales with over 40 million sold. If you haven't seen it yet check out this trailer for this awesome game yet, here it is: `-fan tattoo via: mega tattoo

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4th gen iPod classic hack?

I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this flash memory hack ... I've successfully converted my old 4th gen over, and have a nice library of music on there now, except every time I listen to music it freezes after the first song, and I have to do a hard reset to bring me back to ethe menu. Anyone else experience this issue or have any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks!

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my flip camera won't work, and I need some files.? Answered

I got a non-working flip camera from my parent's friends. it just turns on, then back off. I'm thinking maybe one of the files is corrupted. if this is so, then replacing it should fix it. but I can't find anywhere to download them. so if anybody has a flip classic camera, then I would like the system files off of it. just plug it in and copy and paste the root to another folder and email it or upload it or something. just some way to get it to me. or, if you know a different way to fix it, that works too.

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Looking for BROKEN Ipods

Hey im looking for some broken ipods preferably nano or classic any gen I am working on my ipod repair skills as well as how to make cool/funky jewlery out of parts that are too far gone (fried/wet motherboards, shattered LED's ect"  Id like to get them for free if possible. Ill pay for shipping and throw in 5$ or something for your trouble. If its in pretty good condition ill pay a bit more for it. Im a college kid just trying to build up some repair skills before classes start in the fall so please not redic numbers price wise please? iv got to feed myself too.  :)

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Do turbos make a car have a whine sound to them? or is it just the rice burner?

Or is it just the rice burner's mufflers i'm hearing? I wanted to know because i wanted to put a turbocharger on a '51 Pontiac Chieftain. Obviously, i don't want it to sound like an asian car.

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Old Apple Computer such as imac g3 (read whole post)

I am looking for a broken, used, or just the shell of an imac g3. Also, a broken used or shell of the original all in one macs. give me a price. I'm going to make a macquarium and make an instructable, so if you can give me it free, i'll pay for shipping!

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HOW do you hack the IPOD CLASSIC?

My kids have the IPOD CLASSIC how can I hack it , to change a few things

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how can i build a knex model with 2 classic motors? Answered

How can i build a knex model with 2 classic motors?

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4th Generation Ipod Flash Hack

I am attempting to hack my 4th generation Ipod classic following this instructable. I have assembled everything and when I connect the ipod to the computer the ipod cycles betwen the apple logo (booting), corrupt file logo, and disk mode. Neither my computer or Itunes will recognize the ipod. I am using a DealExtreme 1.8 to cf adapter and a Kingston 512mb cf card (decided to test with it before I invest in a larger one) How can I solve this problem? Is the CF card I am using too small to work on the ipod (it was originally a 20gb)

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how do i open the case on an 80gb ipod classic? Answered

I have an ipod classic that is 80 gigs and it has suffered hard drive failiure. i want to open the case to change the drive but the case is aluminum and i don't have ipod opening tools. the clips on the case are aluminum

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Which is the price of a 30 GB Ipod classic($)?

I want to buy one please helpppppp.xD

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Ipod Classic is frozen on "Do Not Disconnect" screen

My 120 gb ipod classic 6th generation goes on but goes straight to the "okay to disconnect" screen even when its not plugged in. I cant get it to do any more than that. I tried resetting it by sliding hold/unhold button and then holding both the menu button and middle button at the same time until the apple appears but then soon after it goes right back to the "okay to Disconnect" screen. itunes wont even detect it. My computer detects it for a second bbut then it disapears. i put my ear to it to see if its spinning and im hearing a faint clicking sound. Is it a goner?

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Help with iPod Classic USB Portable Charger? Answered

I've seen so many portable iPod chargers out there but I'm not that experienced to handle the electronics. So, what I wanted to do was to take apart old adapters and connect it with a 9V battery (with the battery slot from an old alarm clock) A couple of questions I have are.. -Does the adapter have a regulator to bring the 9V battery down to the proper amount of volts needed to charge the iPod? -How much power is needed to charge the iPod? -On the battery wire thing, which wire is negative, which is positive? -Which wire (on the battery slot) is supposed to connect to which wire on the circuit? -On the circuit board, which is negative, which is positive? Specs: -(Relying on the informational sticker on the adapter) Circuit board input: AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz -(Relying on the informational sticker on the adapter) Circuit board output: DC5V = 200mA -More specs in pictures Hopefully, the circuit board already has a regulator, to bring the 9V down to a 5V, so I wanted to post this to ask the experts on 'ibles to see if it probably has a regulator or by using the pictures.. thanks so much! If you need more pictures of anything, just ask; thanks again for helping :D

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Instructables Should DO a Classic Car Make-Over Contest

I love cars and I like to learn about cars and their features. I love classic cars and I think Inscrutable should make a contest where people get to re-do their rust buckets!

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Classic Video Game Quilts - Zelda and Galaga

Check out the amazing Zelda: The Quilt of Power and Galaga Retro Arcade Quilt from Carolina Patchworks.I've had the Zelda tune running through my head for weeks now. Now up on Etsy.The Legend of Zelda may have introduced an entire generation to the joy of colorful worlds of monsters and heroes filled with melodies of bleeps and bloops, all contained in a little plastic box connected with wires to the TV.Bosses and Triforces, dungeons and new swords, secret doors and endless maps; these inspired fear and joy beyond anything a 256x224 set of pixels wavering on an ancient CRT had any right to do. Return to that world by way of a 64-by-64 grid of pixels emblazoned in all their low-resolution glory across a 100% cotton quilt. Octorok and Leever threaten Link amidst the rocky Overworld's bushes and water, as a Darknut patrols in his Underworld dungeon.- Approximately 64" square.- Made from 100% cotton fabric and batting.- Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.- Pieced and quilted by machine in smoke-free, pet-free, and geek-friendly home.via Evil Mad Scientist.

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What is the name of this music? Answered

It's classical and I'd like to know the name of it.  It starts at 2:25 in this clip of "New Tricks".

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Does someone have a flexdex longboard? i am getting the classic 29. has any one ridden the classic 29?Also my bro has the pro 40. the pro 40 is amazing! please tell me if you have ridden the flexdex classic 29

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Older Movies

I've started watching some older movies that I sorta missed because I was the wrong age when they came out. Right now I'm watching Good Will Hunting again. It's one of my favorite movies. Elliott Smith owned on the soundtrack. Does anyone else have older movies that they liked a lot?

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RePurposing ex-expensive HiTech Stuff

, OK, this may now look really messed up, but here's the body: Hi, I have a few things I've loved and cherished over time that are our of service for one reason or another, and I'd really like to find some repurposing ideas for these wonderful techonolgies.  I have an ipod classic 80gb (broken internal ribbon cable, maybe hdd,; ipod touch 8gb (fried ..water damage), BB pearl 8100 Same: water damage and just old, used the hell out of it...: Epson inkjet printers, basic modern freeby printers that I never use because ink is too expensive.... So I love this site, and thought there would be a place somewhere for some dedicated repurposing of things such as these. If anyone can point me to this area of the site, if it exists, I'd be super happy and thnakful, and apologize for this messy post.. OK sorry, this may not come out well. Using google chrome. Can't see anything I'm typing into the message body!!. Hi allHi allHi alls 

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Does anyone know the disk name for MechCommander? Answered

I have been feeling pangs to play an old favorite, MechCommander. However, I lost the disk, but I backed up said disk on file (exact copy) so I can reburn the disk. In order to do this, I need to know how Windows references the disk, so if you have this wonderful gem of a game, could you please insert the disk and give me the exact name that comes up in "My Computer"? Thanks in advance!

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how do you make a sega genisis portable?

Using the classic ps1 screen and a classic sega genisis. with batteries and speakers

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does anyone know how to make fire in minecraft CLASSIC ?

P.S. I DID Google and I cant find it on the wiki.

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Hi, Does this video firmware upgrade enable the video to handle the classic 80GB hard drives? Thanks in advance.?

I am referring to the video upgrade to classic firmware. Thanks.

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