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Arduino clone

I'm looking for a cheap arduino clone. I've been looking at uduino, but it looks a lot different then all the other arduino clones. It has next to no components, and I'm not sure if its good for me as I have almost no programming skills ( I programmed a bit for my psp). What's the cheapest? So far the cheapest I found is boarduino for 15 dollars and a programming cable for 20 dollars. If someone can explain uduino a bit better I might try that

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Clone comments

Recently, when replying to multiple comments on the same page, it started copying my first comment into my second, for example: First comment "Yes, I recently became Pro" Second Comment Should say: "Hi, how are you doing today?" Instead says: "Yes, I recently became Pro" ______________________ That was the best way I could explain it, although it doesn't happen with the sampled comments, it happens with all the comments on a page. It says what I intended when I type it up, but changes only after posted. It doesn't behave this way if I refresh the page after my first comment. I don't think it's related to my Specs, but here they are... FireFox 3.6.3, Windows 7

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arduino Clones?

Are they really as good as arduino's?

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Cloning Ethics

I'm just curious as to how people view cloning. Base your response around these questions. Should it be legal in the U.S.? (if you live in another countries please post about your laws) Is it natural? Should it be done at all? What are the pros and cons? Also please be respectful and open minded toward other peoples views.

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I have a clone!

If you get a OB post by "Axiys."(see the dot) My name has no dot. He is a clone!! I'm not leaving! I think it's someone  I know (I don't think anyone else knows I have 120LBS of knex). Well I'm not leaving! And a side note to everyone who gets a comment from this clone: DELETE IT!! Axiys Grand Ultimaytum Of Everiyan.

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Cell Phone Clone?

I've always thought that it would be cool to have more than one cell device on my specific account.   (no, not like a family sharing plan).   Let's say, I want to keep a spare phone in my glove box, on a trickle charger, so that I always have a working phone in an emergency.    Let's say you use your cell phone a lot..  Instead of swapping out exhausted batteries, what if you had a second phone on the charger that you can switch to whenever needed. Is it possible to clone your telephone, so that you can have a spare device.      If you are paying for the service, and you can only use one of the phones at a specific time, why would the phone company care?   I have 6 old phones from which I upgraded.  They all work fine, and could make great spares if there was a way of programming them to work on my account.   Can the MAC address / serial number be cloned to an old phone? J.

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I have A clone!

I have just found out that I have a clone.find my clone here: This was just a joke by my friend, he has been punished accordingly.

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Best DIY Arduino Clone

Hi everyone. I live in Mexico, and getting an Arduino is hard, not to mention way more expensive than the $30 US version. I was looking for some Arduino clones that you can do yourself (Open source, no kits) but since I've never used an Arduino I don't know how to compare them and decide wich is the best. I hope someone experienced on Arduino and Arduino clones can help me out. Thanks in advance. Cheers!

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How to clone yourself in GIMP?

I've seen all the instructables on how to clone yourself in photoshop so I downloaded a trial version of it but... is there any way i can do this in GIMP? Like a history brush in GIMP? Thanks, joespicnictables

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Candy clone E pub broken


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What's the best DIY Arduino clone? Answered

Hi everyone. I live in Mexico, and getting an Arduino is hard, not to mention way more expensive than the $30 US version. I was looking for some Arduino clones that you can do yourself (Open source, no kits) but since I've never used an Arduino I don't know how to compare them and decide wich is the best. I hope someone experienced on Arduino and Arduino clones can help me out. Thanks in advance. Cheers!

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Kinzo (Dremel clone tool chuck)

Hi you all, Firstly, English is not my natural language, so please bear with me I bought some time ago a Dremel clone, Kinzo X-power mini grinder, (image atached below), and I am wondering if someone have this tool, or if you know if the original Dremel chuck will fit on this one These are the chucks I've seen;_rvr_id=707068506358&mfe;=search and this is my dremel clone Thanks in advance

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A site pretty much cloning Instructables

So I googled the word 'zorgenflarg'. One of the results was a Russian site that pretty much clones Ibles: As far as I know, these sort of things are illegal, so I reported it here.

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peculiar issue with arduino clones; thoughts?

So a little while back, I bought about 10 arduino nano clones. I'd used the nanos before, and really like the form factor, so i got some off of ebay. they worked great, and you'd know no difference in performance compared to other boards, these new ones seemed to boot faster even. unlike most, the ones i got dont use an FTDI chip, but rather a chip labeled as "CH340G". these boards were working perfectly until i was trying to test some code that was very close to the maximum size you can fit in an atmega328. it was 30,000 bytes, and mostly because of the included libraries. when i hit upload, it compiled fine, but once it got to the "uploading" phase nothing happened on the arduino board and after a while it threw an error claiming a response of 0x00, if memory serves. it didnt seem like the atmega was resetting, so i probed it with my oscilloscope, but it certainly was resetting. i thought maybe the capacitor on the reset line had issues, so i replaced it to no avail. everything seems fine in windows and i can still talk to the program previously on the chip via the serial terminal. the only way i can seem to upload code now is via the icsp header. so im wondering if anyone knows what is going on here, or how i can fix the issue?

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How do you make an iPad clone?

Can you describe the process how to build an iPad clone using video and images. Please describe the process to an audience without prior knowledge of Computer Science? And how much is the hardware and equipment required to build it?

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How to clone tomatoes, sweet basil, and mint?

I live in a small town and I am a newbie to cloning and I don't know if weather or area make a difference but I've tried a couple of times with the mint but, no luck. my product is Brand: gardentech Product: RootOne rooting hormone with fungicide. please help im lost.            oh and by the way my basil is starting to blooming.

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Cloned animals for human consumption : what's the point ?

This evening, at the TV News, they announced that cloned animals are going to be authorized for human consumption in USA, and that the EU may also authorize that since they did not find any difference with meat from non cloned animals ...Here is an article on New York Times :, if it's safe, why not ... But what's the point about cloning them anyway ???We breed them, there is not problem, they make baby, we eat them all ... everything works perfectly since the beginning of times ... So, what's the point ?!Any idea ?

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How do I clone a USB flash drive to another one?

The premise- The school gave us USB flash drives that have special software in them as a test drive. The software will automatically open when plugged into a computer. I want to transfer all the files in that drive to an Ativia flash drive for 2 reasons: 1- The Ativia drive has more memory2- I will have to give the flash drive back later onI have tried simply dragging and dropping all the files, but this does not work. One thing I have noticed is that the USB drive the school gave us was read as 2 separate drives: Drives J and K. That should help some. In case you are wondering, the flash drives the school gave us are the blue and green bracelets in that picture.Thanks for your help!

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Phase 2 Clone Trooper Helmet Pepakura

So i found a pdo file for the phase 2 clone trooper pep. But i have not been able to find a pdf version of the file so that i can craft it with my niece and nephew... CAN ANYBODY HELP? I don't want to let them down

Question by mindfreak66692  

Help me cloning my broken card :(

(Check my pictures) My card is broken and i want to make a new one myself cuz its fun, but i have some questions. 1) The picture i uploaded here shows what i could see when i aproached light behind the card, i saw part of the PCB, how can i see the complete PCB? Melting the plastic is safe? Or the circuit can be affected too? How do i melt is? 2) The orange/brown card in the middle, how can i read its info to rewrite it again in my new card? 3) What kind of wire should i use in this electric card to make it as good as the real one?

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Arduino DIY clone, single sided, shield compatible EAGLE files (Besides Minimalduino and Severino v3) ?

Hlello, From the title of my question, do I ask a lot? I have made Severinos and Minimalduinos. Severino has too many components to be really minimal, and the Minimalduino 107 has difficult PCB (The one with the curving-lines PCB). Ideally I looked for something exactly like Diavolino in Eagle form, but I couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance.

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Is there a portable device you can get or make to clone a USB memory stick without using a computer, tablet or phone?

My friend at uni is always giving me one of her flashdrives with notes on it. Instead of taking it home, having to transfer the files onto my computer and remembering to bring it back the next day (which I invariably forget to), is there some kind of portable device I can take to stick the memory stick into, which will just clone it on the spot. I have never seen anything similar to purchase, but if someone has done it before, I would love to know how.

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Can you grow plant cuttings in clay balls?

I'm going to be taking some cuttings from orange trees and veggies. Will I be able to put them straight into expanded clay pellets, or do I need to start with something like potting soil? Thanks!

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how do I copy my hard drive so when I have a crash I can put in the copy and go back to a time when it was working?

I have a number of family members that seem to have a knack for doing things to computers that make them unhappy. I just spent a lot of time trying to reinstall XP on a machine that was not cooperating and then more time installing some of the programs I need. What is a easy (idiot proof) way to make a copy of the hard disk so when I have a system crash I can just replace the hard disk with the back up and not have to struggle with reinstalling windows?

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Cloning the famous ARA-2000 antenna for SDR use

Several years ago the company behind the original ARA-2000 antenna, Dressler Hochfrequenztechnik, closed.The ARA series of antennas, like many other products by this company never got a patent, instead it was trusted that no one would bother to replicate it.A bit like the Swiss Army knife, many tried to copy it, none really managed to match the original quality.There is quite a bit of hacking still going on for this antenna, most projects though seem to be abandoned at the time of writing this.I am currently trying to figure out how to create an entire clone that everyone who knows how to properly use a soldering iron can build.There is a lot to consider here...The active element is of quite unusual shape and needs to be wound around a cylinder of a pretty accurate diameter.My initial tests showed that for example aluminium foil with some unavoidable wrinkles already has a negative effect.And a change in diameter of just 2mm means the entire antenna only performs badly for the entire band.This part is thankfully already solved to my satisfaction using thin copper sheets and some stiff plastic sheet.Quite a pain though is the MMIC part - the amplifier that makes the antenna active.There is a ton of MMIC blobs available, either solo or as a ready to go amplifier.Downside is that without really knowing any characteristics of the original is comes down to guesswork.And as most of the cheap SDR dongles won't provide a BIAS TEE I will opt for an external power supply for the amp.I might provide the option for a inline use a bit later though.Why clone the ARA-2000 antenna?For starters you need to forget the mythical stories you might have heard about this antenna."Picks up even the weakest signals!", "Totally linear over the entire bandwidth" and so on...Without the amplifier the antenna is actually not even average in therms of reception performance.My initial tests with a network analyser showed that the anteanna actually is behaving really weird (without the amp!).Although this first bit needs further testing, it seems that most, if not all of the work in the 1.5-2GHz range is done by just the straight connecting strup going from the amp, or in my test case the coax, to the wrapped antenna part.For anything in the more interesting frequency bands it seems that the antenna is not using anything like a discone, whip or ground plane antenna.Instead the 3rd harmonics of a given frequency provide the max power output from the antenna but it arrives at the cable at the right frequency.Especially in the lower frequencies, below 200MHz there is also quite some phase shifting happening.As a passive antenna it seems to be almost impossible to find a frequency to transmit on without using some matching trickery first.But when it comes to size or looks, the ARA outperforms everything you can think of unless you want to constantly adjust the length of your whip antenna.And if you check what is available in real (user) data in terms of noise and signal quality than most other antenna types are far worse.The design provides a wide frequency range with very little noise, almost like a build in filter.Considering that mostly harmonic frequencies are used not that surprising.Getting hooked on SDR means you start little and then you want more and more.Unless you really need the low frequency HAM bands below 50MHz the ARA is a good choice that just makes sense.What is quite surprising in the original is the total lack of protection for strong signals.Sure, we might never need a lightning arrestor because all is enclosed in plastic and has little attraction lightning, but someone hittiing the transmit button close by....I will have to do some more checks to determine whether or not more protection is required.What is the problem with amplifier?For starters, no one really knows what was used in the original - they all just guess based on how well the real design matches some datasheet.Means whatever was used might as well be a custom made solution.I checked a few datasheets for MMIC amps but could not find any useful reference to the handling of things like negative gain, phase shift or a constantly changing impedance.Some however state that a 50 or 75Ohm signal is provided at the output.If I interpret that correctly than those MMIC's not only amplify but also do some matching.In most cases you won't need an amp that works outside what the antenna can provide.Problem is that I don't like regretting things later on ;)So IMHO it would be best to use a wideband MMIC covering all from about 1MHz to a few GHz.Additional filters can then cut off what is not required or where the antenna starts to fail.What is clear by the original design is that the cable shield acts as a ground and most likely also has a balancing function.It would make sense to add a ferrite trap close the the receiver to filter out what the cable might otherwise mess up.Can the frequency range be lowered to get even the low HAM bands?The answer is YES and NO.It is not a big problem to extend the cone shape and then hope to come much lower.Issue with this is the helical, long periodic design.As basically only the 3rd harmonics are used for all interesting frequencies any ARA type antenna going much lower would end to be really long.You can't just make it longer!One thing is to have a full and even number of turns.The original only had two, three turns is bad, four means the entire antenna is slightly longer than your average downpipe for your roof gutters....Other, seemingly logical alternative would be to stick to two turns and to increase the diameter.Apart from the size problem here we would also change the shape of the foil quite a bit and I have not done enough tests with that to provide a conclusion.Are there alternative design options?As it turns out copper pipe is available in 80mm diameters for the use in chimneys as well as downpipes.With a proper machine it would be pretty straight forward to remove what is not used as the active element.Milling a pipe or rod is these days a common thing in many good workshops.But on a hobby level and low budget....One of the best options for cheap test antennas of this design is to use tinting foil - the cheapest you can find ;)Just read the lable and make sure it does not use a metalised film.If it has no UV protection and no tinit at all it is best but hard to find.A little less stiff is the stuff to cover school books or cupboards.Vinyl is bad though!If you look for copper foil in the cheap online places you mostly find the suff used for shielding in rolls of 200x1000mm.Unless you have a really sharp knife or really suitable sissors this stuff is a pain to cut as the glue tends to stick very good to whatever you use to cut through.Don't ever try one of these blade type cutters for paper and pictures unless you put a slight oil film on all cutting surfaces first....In some hobby shops you can get copper foil without any glue in different thicknesses - this stuff is the prefered option.Not only cheaper than the China rolls with glue but you invest a bit more and get a thickness that does not wrinkle right away when working with it ;)Cheap, steel downpipe and cutters or nibblers?I though about and I tried - and I failed LOLUnless you use a pin type nibbler and custom made rig the result is quite bad - at least mine was.What works though is to use thin aluminium sheets, cut them and then bend them around a suitable template.But I ran out of old laminated sings to salvage and the duble sided ones I have left are too much work.What comes next?Well, I have a few rolls of copper sheets coming next month, the cheap glue covered type.This time however I will leave the plastic cover on and use tape to secure the foil to the pipe.A two-stage amp with external power supply is coming too so I can do some more tests in this area.For the time being I will opt for some 3D printed end caps but with a bit of luck can find something easier next time I have time to waste in the hardware store.Excluding cable and a cheap USB or 12V power supply, the current costs of building the anteanna are around $40US.About half of that if you don't cennectors and attach the coax directly.Another experiement I am working on is to use copper tape, 12mm wide, to create the antenna in a semi-fractal style.I am hoping this will provide a high enough gain so the antenna is usable without an amplifier.Right now the biggest issue is to find a really SDR suitable way to deal with strong signal close by.I will keep you update here when I start with the new antenna and upload some pics along the was of building it.

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Make way OLPC, here comes the $12 NES clone (not Apple II)

Correction:The project is modeled not on an Apple II, but rather on an existing $12 NES game machine clone, called the "Victor."It's likely based on the rather infamous NES-on-a-chip based clones that have appeared in millions of joystick-based games and other knock-offs....ComputerWorld ArticleMIT: From the Boston Herald:"Derek Lomas, Jesse Austin-Breneman and other designers want to create a computer that Third World residents can buy for less than you probably spend on lunch."Yes, the same school that developed the famous OLPC (One Laptop Per Child project) is creating a clone of the venerable Apple II computer. Projected cost is $12 per computer.Designers plan rudimentary web access, games, and it will undoubtedly use some existing Apple II software. Immediately, the old Contiki operating system comes to mind....Original story, the Boston Herald website

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Clone Trooper Pops, Keyboard Wallet, Dorm Decor

Clone Trooper Pops Keyboard Wallet Dorm Decor EL Wire Guide Camping Crescent Rolls Natural Playdough Dye Evaporative Drink Cooler DIY Air Ionizer EL Wire Spiderweb Slow Baked Bread Money for Old Rope Micro TV-B-Gone CD Pendant Charm USB Laser Duck Desktop String Art

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Does anyone know what I've done wrong here? Answered

I used the green screen setting in iMovie and cropped in an additional clip to give this clone effect, but the cropped in image doesn't appear as it should. Does anyone know what I did wrong?

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Im interested in working with arduino. i made plans for many projects with arduino. i cant buy an arduino because its too costly. When i searched about arduino i got results about low cost arduino duemilanove  clone made in india called induino. When i searched i found that induino has more features when compared to arduino like inbuilt IR LED, TSOP, LDR etc. I dont know induino can be used for all arduino uno projects. I want to know   can induino x be used in place of arduino uno in various projects?

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Ice Cream Sandwiches, Paper Clone, Make a Mermaid Tale

Ice Cream Sandwiches Paper Clone Make a Mermaid Tail Easy Water Guns Ninja vs Zombie Shadow Cast Baked Potato Chips Make Your Eyes Larger 5 Minute Camera Case Ink Blot T-Shirt Easy Stomp Rocket Button Down Shirt Dress Personal Applause Sign Biofuel Briquettes Ping-Pong Ball Gun Simplify Dish Washing

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How can I make clone of a normal mobile phone SIM Card?

How SIM Cards can be cloned to be used in parallel?

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Ceramic resonator vs. Quartz crystal for arduino? Answered

Hey- I'm going to build some Arduino clones (as posted from ) and was wondering if it would be better to use a crystal or a ceramic resonator. i will be ordering from Tayda Electronics (Ive ordered before, 10 days shipping for rock bottom prices, I'm ok with that) and the resonators and crystals are +-5c. difference, so I was wondering if I could use resonators, since they are a bit cheaper and I'm ordering a few (around 8). Which ones would be better? Also, does anyone know for the circuit from the above link would work with a 4.5v supply if I just left out the 5v regulator? Many thanks- Astroboy907

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i had a thought for making a light saber the other day. if you took a florescent tube light and put it in a tight fiting transparent tube for stregnth and added a handle on one side with a this copper wire runing to the other end then you could make a light saber. no leds just a florecent tubelight. it would glow like a real one and could be wrapped in colored cellophane to produce different colors. it is a totally workable idea and a good one. only problem is that it won't shrink but it still would be pretty cool. the handle could house the tube driver circuit and the batters with a small switch for lighting it up.

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is there a decent-ish nintendo64 clone i could use for portability conversion? Answered

Been looking for a Nintendo 64 (first pic, quite obviously) for a conversion project, but i don't want to use an official system for it, cus they are what they are. so i remembered when i was shopping for a new NES ( i got mine from my grandma, and it almost never works. no reflection on her, but more a reflection on the connectors used in the system) and i saw a few that were not made by Nintendo, one specifically that i saw, was the Retro-Duo (Second Pic) which can hookup super-Nintendo cartridges, and NES carts. so after i remembered that, i thought that an N64 clone would be good for a conversion experiment. anyone got an idea as to where to find them? i searched eBay, but nothing came up but clone-wars stuff

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I'm very new world microcontroller. I am very interested with microcontroller because I thought, I'll be able to do something big with a very small and affordable prices. I had a problem with my knowledge of how to enter the program to the microcontroller. I am very interested in creating a tool to set up the system to light up a stage and I discovered a site through google ( I plan to create a dmx driver by using ftdi breakout and some components are simple and easy to come by (from dfrrobot + max485 ftdibreakout + resistor 100 ohms) and the tool may suggest I make. Then I was stringing a series of electronics like the one in with the main components of an atmega 8515-16 PU as his driver. Maybe anyone can give me a clue in full, how do I get into the program to enter the mine by using atmega8515 avrstudio 4.18 and avrisp mk II. A tool that has been in my possession:   1. dmx Series with atmega 8515 ( which I will use as the recipient of your dmx signal dmx-made me. 2. AVRISPMKII (USB) CLONE with reference to NUE-125 programmers. 3. PC Windows XP who have already installed the avrstudio 4.18 therein. 4. a laptop windows 7 64 bits.   Thank you for any help from you.

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anyone know how to change the sayings on the optimus prime/clone trooper helmet?

Just want to know it is possible to change these sayings or if there is a device that can record on the diode.

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issue installing ch341 usb-serial driver for Arduino nano cheap clones

There are very cheap Arduino nano chinese clones there. The PROBLEM, they use CH341 chips not the Arduino standard FDDI ones and you need to install a driver: 1. no issue should be simple IF the manufacturer of the chips  would provide a driver, they did      (GOOD PEOPLE) 2. and they would provide instructions (they did)     (GOOD PEOPLE) 3. in Chinese     (BAD PEOPLE) But, we are geeks: one would execute  ch341ser.exe and expect the driver setup will do the job. It copies some ch341***.*** files in ***/system32/drivers and displays proudly "The drive is successfully Pre-installed in advance!". The device manager keeps silent. I like this "preinstalled" and "in advance" part though. By whom, the Venusians? 4. Let's try something else, maybe they are not bad people. There is another file called -ú+ÚÁ¸-È.EXE in the INSTALL directory. That's it, silly me, let's give it a try: it produces a nice interface filled with probably lawful chinese options. Now, that's VERY BAD PEOPLE.   5. Wait dumbo, give them a chance, read the README.TEXT. Ok, it works, IF you are Chinese. 6. Any *#@#%^.HLP, if you don't know what it means, learn Martianese.       By Great Pluto, Thank you.      

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brain wash Answered

Is i possable to program a human i look at cloneing and fans have dna samples so could i bring back the dead and acelate there age with cloneing and add there meroys by getting personel items and familes just a thought

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line of knex star wars vehicles should i post?

So far only a y-wing and a halfway built clone jauggernaut but i will have more im already designing an att and mtt.

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Can you put ipod touch firmware into a ipod touch clone such as ''Sylvania 8GB Touchscreen Audio/Video MP3 Player''?

I can get a ipod clone at Future Shop, but I want to try putting ipod firmware into it instead so I can do more with it. Anyone that can help?

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Live mice grown from stem cells (iPS)

According to a news article on Nature's Web site, two different research groups have grown live mouse clones using "induced pluripotent stem cells" (iPS). These are initially normal adult cells which are treated such that they revert to the same state as embryonic cells.

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How can I use a guitar hero Xplorer guitar to play frets on fire? Answered

I have downloaded drivers, but nothing happens. I'm pretty sure that its not the controller and I need help in configuring it as a joystick.

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sureelectronics PICKIT 2 & MCU Universal ZIF socket for PICkit 2 or 3?

Sureelectronics PICKIT 2 & MCU Universal ZIF socket for PICkit 2? anyone using this pickit clone ? if so; does it work well with microchips software? Almost seems to good to be true @ 50% less than straight from microchip! Thanks for your time slvrback

Topic by slvrback  

What do you want in an arduino?

Inspired by the Illuminato Arduino clone (can't really say clone because it's so much better!) really wants me to create my own Arduino clone. I've been thinking of making a clone for the Arduino Mega, but it'd need so feature that the original Arduino can't offer (like the boarduino is breadboard compatible, Sanguino has way more pins, Illuminato is the most beautiful PCB I've ever seen and has a lot of I/O's). So, I'm asking you guys! What features would you want in an arduino? If this "new" arduino is so much better than any other existing one I'll make kits (if the majority is through hole) for people to buy (no more than 40 dollars, probably, the 65 dollar price tag is a real turn off for the Mega) or just assembled if the majority is smd. Also instructable :P

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Well, firstly, I would like to start by pointing out that people cloning other Instructable Members shouldnt be done as it may affect the real, original member. Secondly, I have seen quite alot of 'Ibles mebers being cloned. --Example: A person called Dj-Radio had cloned the real Dj Radio. Now I really don't know what this person's intentions were, but I believe that he was doing it to make the real member look bad. Recently or previously cloned members: -DJ Radio -I Am Canadian -Jollex -Dutchwarlord -Dsman -Kipkay -Killerk -Mykhailo -If there is someone please tell me and I will add to the list. On one occasion, I saw a comment that had been made by this 'Dj-Radio' person that included very bad language and it was breaking the 'Be Nice' policy. Fortunately the comment was removed by a community request but his account remained active by the looks of things. Now I believe that any form of bad language or innappropriate behaviour on any account should lead to a temporary ban from the website or even a permanent ban if needed. Anyway, Please keep this in mind in the future. Thanks, Hiyadudez.

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Arduino NANO error uploading sketch. After attempted loading of NANO clone (ELEGOO) the IDE hangs -

The Com port was selected, old bootloader selected. Various error messages (will collect and add to post here). However the very strange thing is that the NANO is sending to the Serial Monitor at 115200 BPS the message"Loaded next response 1" continuously!OS is Win 10 64 bit - current version with all updates.USB Driver is USB Serial CH-340 version 3.5.2019.1 dated 1/30/2019.This appears to be a new issue that appeared after I attempted to run two instances of the IDE with two NANOs attached. One on COM4 and the other on COM11.I have deleted and reinstalled the driver - same issue.Going to try on another PC.Anyone have any ideas?

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Bad Page

I am logged in and have pro status. Do a search (still logged in) Select instructable: Lose login and cannot download or login on that page

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Another Star Wars?!

When I entered the lobby of our movie theater after watching the funny (yet disgusting at times) Zohan movie, I caught a glimpse of this trailer. At first, I thought it was a cartoony parody of starwars (perhaps a joke in that Panda movie, all I saw was Yoda). This could not be serious, the animation looked like something straight out of the Incredibles. After some investigation I discovered it was totally cereal. It is a trailer for a 90 minute long preview of a cartoon network series. Who would pay to go to the movies to watch a 90 minute preview?! This is the description of the youtube video:The 90-minute premiere episode of the CGI animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars will have a limited release in U.S. cinemas starting August 15th.Not only will this be the first 3-D animated movie for the highly-successful saga, but this will also be the first Star Wars movie not released through Twentieth Century Fox. Fox released all six Star Wars movies, plus the original microseries The Clone Wars on home video.But Warner Bros. and Turner Broadcasting will release Star Wars: The Clone Wars this time. The principle reason is that Turner's and W.B.'s subsidiary, The Cartoon Network, managed to snag the rights to the series from creator George Lucas.Star Wars: The Clone Wars on The Cartoon NetworkThe new series will premiere this fall on The Cartoon Network, later airing on TNT."I felt there were a lot more Star Wars stories left to tell," said George Lucas in the press release for Star Wars: The Clone Wars. "I was eager to start telling some of them through animation and, at the same time, push the art of animation forward.""Nothing like this has ever been produced for television," said Stuart Snyder, President/COO Turner Animation,Young Adults & Kids Media. "For 30 years, Star Wars has shown that it appeals to a huge breadth of fans. Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network will be appointment television for everyone in the family. We're thrilled to be working with Lucasfilm again and very excited to be playing a role in bringing this remarkable adventure to viewers."The Star Wars we all know and love has been reduced to a cheap cartoon, made with the sole purpose of trying to squeeze as much money out of the name as possible. Star Wars looks like a cheap joke now, it's just sad, really.

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