coaster request?

I have 1 ss coaster and a ton of parts im new to the ss coasters and can somone make a small one for me?

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Knex coaster car

hey all, im in need of a coaster car for the screamin serpent, mine was unfortunatly damaged somehow :( if you know of one or have one for sale yourself please get in touch. thank you.

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knex coaster sets?

 any one willing to see cross ties and tubing for the following sets: screamin serpent,storm moutian,rippin rocket,shark run,etc(no new coasters)

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Knex coaster, The Avenger.

This is my first knex roller coaster I am currently working on, I will make a slide show of it when it is completed. Please tell me what you think! Oh yeah and, can you guys help me with the name, it must be the best you can think of?

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Nightmare coaster finished

This way over due. This coaster has been built and taken apart all ready. Here is it's video.

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what roller coaster is this? Answered

I just bought a knex roller coaster from the thrift store and i dont know what it is

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Compact DIsk Coasters

Well, I have some cork place mats that are lounging around and also have tons of useless old CDs, so I was wondering about making an instructable for CD coasters. I know that Im going to cut out circles of the cork and put the CDs on them then....but what should I do the CDs before I glue them on? Should I microwave them? Should I paint them? Should I shatter the CDs and then glue them on? How good are CDs at absorbing heat? Just some of my burning questions.

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Spiral Scented Coasters

So recently at a garage sale, I found this really cool coaster.  It is shaped to a spiral, smells like vanilla, and is "activated" by heat.    I just really like the idea and I haven't been able to find anything anywhere on how to make them. I have found a couple instructables on how to make scented drink coasters, but not like the one I have.  I don't know if it would be the same general idea, just a different method of construction. I have found a couple places  selling the same thing that I have, but I'm sure you understand when I say, I'd rather make it myself if I can. The website I found, so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about: Thanks in advance!

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need help with knex roller coaster

Can a knex coaster expert make an 'ible on making custom coasters plz the guillotine

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Lempomo the knex roller coaster

This is my progress on my contest coaster formally known as side project.

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Knex Roller Coaster Booster

Hey guys, I made a roller coaster booster.Instructions are here.;=

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knex coaster "Iron Eye"

Iron eye pictures.1.this is a brake.2.this is what will hold the rubber bands back and I can shoot the car when ever I want.Its a seer system! new ok now you can see the latest pictures

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Can someone give me a piece list for the rippen rocket roller coaster? Answered

Knex Rippin rocket coaster: I am thinking of buying one on craigslist :)

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how do you make a knex micro coaster?

Knex coaster question

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how do you make good pipe supports for knex roller coasters?

I don't know how to create the realistic, strong pipe supports I've seen in videos. will someone please help teach how to make them?

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Is the roller coaster is a chaos machine..???

Is the roller coaster is a chaos machine..???

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How can I make a good inverted knex coaster with pipe supports? Answered

I'm building a coaster that is inverted and don't really know how to make good pipe supports. Can some one please help?

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how many micro knex roller coasters are there on instructables? Answered

How many micro knex roller coasters are there on

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Chain lift for K'nex roller coaster?

Hi, can some one give me instructions on how to make a K'nex roller coaster chain lift?  That would be great! :D  thanks in advance! :D

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Hey, I can't find something....

I have been searching for an instructable for a Coaster Station, but I can't seem to find it. I know it's on the site because I've seen it before. It had pictures of book instructions I think. Any help?

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i'm planning to build a coaster in summer.

I'm planning to build a coaster in the summer. but are there instructions for parts likes loops, turn, cobra rolls, ... also iv'e got only one set of a coaster right now the rippin rocket (not the micro one) and a lot of parts

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How to make a lift for a marble roller coaster?

What's the absolute cheapest way I can make a lift for a marble roller coaster project? I'm estimating my roller coaster at 4 ft high. I was thinking of using a Archimedes screw, but how would I go about doing this? What's a household product that would have a motor/gear that I can use to save some money? (I don't have any toy cars) I will be using polytubing and wood base/support for my roller coaster if that matters.

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where do i get the screamin serpent knex coaster other than online???

I really want the knex screamin serpent knex coaster but i cant find it anywhere (i live in london, ontario)

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How should I straighten my roller coaster tubing? Answered

About 3 or 4 years ago I got the rippen rocket coaster. After I was done I took it apart and rolled the tubing into a small ball. Now that I got some more tubing and decided to build a coaster. I got out my old tubing and found it to be all twisted out of shape (as in it won’t coil properly). Will this affect the coaster?? And if so, how should I fix the tubing?? Thank you

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Anyone selling the old roller coaster car?

Even if it is just the front (i dont know why anyone would just have the front but anyway) i will buy.

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what kind of lube would use use on ss and vv coaster cars?

What kind of lube would use use on ss and vv coaster cars?

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what roller coaster should i biuld out of micro knex ? Answered

or what elements should a custom one have?? i dont have many pieces but i have at least 5

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where can i get a orignal knex coaster/ big gray motor?

Ive seen the ibles but they use the big gray motor i was wordin if some one could give me a link? also i was wordin bout where i can get a orginal knex coaster

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computer controlled rc car roller coaster

A new idea i recently came up with was to use the ir feature in the wiimote as a gps tracker for line of sight communication... basically, the idea is to build a framework (knex pieces maybe) and then make a track out of something else with lots of turns, ups/downs, a jump or 2, and a stunt track (kind of like a skiing terrain park) on the roof... also an elevator in a corner to take the car up, and finally 2 spiral tracks to also help the car get up easier. i will eventually make a sketchup version of this track and post it, right now its just on paper but still, the layout idea is almost done.the idea is to mount an led throwie thingy using an ir led an a locking push switch (push on, push off to conserve battery life) on the top of an rc car such as a mini cooper (pic 1). i will mount the wiimote at an angle on the top in a way so that the whole track is visible (or as much as possible).heres the idea: the car remote should be hooked up to the computer, and there is a way to do that if u google it an/or look at thisthe wiimote will track the car using the ir, and the computer will then steer the car accordingly. Advantages to that are : 1. the car can start anywhere on the track; 2. there is no need for borders like those "ai" cars which use ir sensors to drive their way around, which i happened to mention in another forum of mine so refer there for pics + description; and 3. it actually tracks the car's location, instead of just avoiding obstacles like those ai cars. this would allow realtime tracking, so it knows to stop the car when it eg. gets to the elevator, ect... now - naturally, this design will have some "blind spots", so there will be laser "tripwires" in those more major areas and have those signals routed through a microcontroller, which will then send out a # respective to the tripped area then routed to the computer, just like an advanced alarm system. for the controller (hooked up to computer), it would be nice to have the whole thing routed through and powered by a single usb port, so instead of integrating a hub, is there a microcontroller that is designed to directly interface with a computer, not just for programming, but for actual realtime commands and stuff like that..?as far as the forum goes, this is just a huge idea now and we each have our areas of expertise... so m asking for ideas about harware, materials, coding, and especially how to directly interface the program to the wiimote...also, comments, questions, and anything else u got is welcome and greatly appreciated.Thanks to all, rak

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My favorite use for CD coasters - making groovy records!

Although I haven't perfected it yet (Edison did long ago), you can see how I do it.Coaster Records

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How much tubing is included in the screamin serpant?

 I own 1, and i am thinking of buying the instructions for a roller coaster on ebay, and the seller says i need 60 ft. How much is included with the SS ?

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Help! My concrete is cracking!

I constructed 4" triangular molds out of cardboard (I am making coasters).I poured quikrete mortar mix into a cup, mixed with some water and poured into the molds until the depth was roughly .5".About 1 hour into drying I realized that huge cracks were forming!How do I eliminate or reduce cracking?

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can someone please give me a parts list for the ,original knex rollercoaster-loop version? Answered

Hello , im tring to find out if i can build IAC'S heavy cannon , but im not sure exactly how many pieces i have , all my other sets have parts lists  but this one doesnt , i will sub whoever gives the best answer -littleebay

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Another K'nex Piece List - Original K'nex Roller Coaster? Answered

I am in needing of a piece list for this mammoth roller coaster.

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Goliath walabi world

New knex coaster in construction. Goliath.

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K'nex replacements? Answered

Could you replace the tubing on the Big Ball Factory with roller coaster tubing?

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Small model roller coaster - how to build the lift?

Hello, I've accepted the challenge of building a small-scale (no riders) roller coaster model for use as a prop in my church's vacation bible school next summer.  The vehicles are based on skateboard trucks, and the track is made from 1.5" PVC cut in half lengthwise, secured to a wood frame.  Motion is all gravity-based except of course for the lift hill, and that's where I'm stuck looking for a good design.  The vehicle is expected to remain in motion without intervention for a few hours a day, so the lift needs to engage the vehicle at the bottom, lift it to the top, and release it reliably.  The frame is still a work-in-progress and is easily modified, but for reference it's about 30' wide by 8' deep.  The height of the hill top is also still undefined but I'd expect about 6 feet or so, with any reasonable slope.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for any ideas.

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Do all the K'nex Roller Coaster sets work together? Answered

Does the screamin serpent cars work on rippin rocket track for example

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Buying Knex

I'm buying the tubing, green roller coaster connecters and a couple of the car things so if anyone wants to sell then leave a comment and we can sort something out. Also i live in the UK which might be a problem.

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On a roller coaster, how many track connectors should be on a gray rod?? Answered

I have been working on a roller coaster recently and I have gotten to where I need to put on the track. I am not sure how many track connectors I need on a gray rod to keep everything smooth and stable. I want to use a few as possible. Therefore, what is the least amount you can have on a gray rod?? Thanks

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Micro K'nex Killer Kobra roller coaster

This is Killer Kobra, my first tube-supported coaster, and I want you (the people of instructables) to help me with the layout. So far I have made the lift and a drop. Now I need you to choose what I should do next out of the options below: option 1:Loop option 2:Zero-G roll The last two pictures show a loop and a Zero-G roll. After the first 7 comments are posted the element with the most votes will be added to the roller coaster. Check back for Updates on what I should do next.

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K'nex Roller Coaster Splicers! (homade and yummy XD)

Ok, i was going to make this a ible, but it was'nt that great. so anyways. When i got my first roller coaster pack off of ebay, it didn't have any splicers! =O So i decided to make my's what you need!1 Pack of dum-dums A K'nex roller coaster set that uses tubingthen, eat, eat, EAT!!! teh dum-dums, then get a moist towelette, and rub them until their clean.Then put them inside of the tubing (duh) and then BAM you have new splicers! :D

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Does the new K'nex Roller Coaster Cars work with the old track (tubing)? Answered

I can buy the cross ties and tubing but i dont have any of the old cars but i do have the new ones and was just wondering if they work with the tubing?

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how do you rebuild a rear wheel hub with coaster brake on a schwinn beach cruiser ?

I have all the parts but i'm unable to assemble the hub

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What's the best method of creating a transparent, protective coating for custom aluminum coasters?

I have 4x4 inch metal coasters (for placing drinks on) which are made of aluminum and I don't want them to get scratched.  What's the best type of protective coating I can place on top of the metal to prevent scratching?  The coating would preferably be less than 2mm thick, be smooth, and dry very hard.

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top thrill dragster

Here is my newest roller coaster top thrill dragster I'm making it as close to the real thing as possible meaning I'm doing the theming just like the real one that includes making the supports tubular.the test vid!!!

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