Turkish Coffee

Can you make an instructable on how to make Turkish Coffee??

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coffee creamer?

How do I make my own coffee creamer and not the kind with evaporated milk or heavy cream

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Coffee challenge

On Sunday the 12th after hours of collaboration, I submitted my entry, Coffee Orange Coffee Cake, to the Coffee Challenge; and the notes said that it would take a business day for it to be reviewed prior to actually being posted.  Yesterday I patiently waited; and first thing this morning I checked for its appearance in the Challenge; however, it was not there, and I don't want to miss out on the action.  Could you please check the status of my entry.  Other people helped me to put it together, and I really wouldn't want to disappoint them especially in view of all the hard work that was undertaken on my behalf. Please let me know. Best regards, Chef Sea

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Coffee substitutes

I wonder if anyone, with experience, can make Instructables explaining how to make coffee substitutes. I understand that coffee substitutes have been made from different sources: chicory, dandelion roots, coffeeweeds, garbanzo beans and, grains. Cassia occidentalis is known as Coffeeweed in some parts of the United States and as Hedionda in Puerto Rico. The Cassia occidentalis and Senna occidentalis produce a very aromatic brew. It was used once during a coffee shortage. 

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Error in Coffee Contest

I just wanted to let you know that the prize pictures for the Coffee Contest were swapped for the Grand prize and the Second place. Just wanted to let you know because it can be deceiving.

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Instant coffee at home?

So, my sister asked me the other day, can you evaporate water from black coffee, to get crystallized  coffee, i figured she meant something like instant coffee, but more like candy....so how can it be done at home?

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Coffee Filter Dispenser

Awhile back I bought a box of basket coffee filters that the top had a tab with some kind of sticky tape on it that when you pushed it against the filters it would pull one filter out at a time.  Cannot find these boxed filters anymore and mine has worn out.  Anyone have an idea on how to make one of these or something like it. Thanks

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Latte coffee printer

Hi everyone i  just saw this  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X9ZT0iLcOM and was wondering if anyone could help me make one  i think its a easy for 3d makers here ,i just need to know the names of the parts and the program to make it work , thanks guys  ,

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Folding coffee table?

Hi instructable community. I am currently graduating, and I own a 484sq. feet (45m^2) apartment. I have the basics and am quite grateful for what I have. however, I belive that a coffee table is almost a necessity. The problem is that if the table isn't wide enough, it won't be of much use, and if it's too wide, it will occupy too much space and will be in the way. That's (hopefully) where you brilliant minded people come in. I was thinking about a folding coffee table that will be thin, and when I have company over, I pull on it or something and it widens up so it can comfortably hold a few glasses and maybe a book or too. I have added a few images of the area that the table will go. The couch is 2m in length (6.56167979 feet) so you can get a generall image of the room. The couch is on a slight angle, so the small plant can fit behind it (it's on a chair so it can get sunlight),  so I can move the couch around a little for a bit more room. Please keep in mind that I do not have many tools, but I know how to work with raw materials, It will just take a little more time (instead of an electrical saw, I have a hand saw. Same job, takes longer). Also I don't have alot of spare money and I can't find "special" items (for example, ball bearings, and pivot and swirlly stuff are out of the picture). I know it sounds quite bizzare but I would like some help. It doesn't HAVE to be a foldable table, but I would prefer it to be, because the couch is also a bed, so if someone comes over for a couple days, I need to be able to "hide" the table to open up some space.  Worst case scenario, I'll make a small(ish) chest that will double as the table. Thank you for your time reading this message. I will be glad to hear from any of you!

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Uses for coffee "cans"

As my depression era ancestors would say, those plastic containers that coffee comes in are "just too good to throw away." Other than the obvious uses as a bailing bucket or a scoop, does anybody have a really inventive application? Maybe this could be an "ible" contest.

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re-usable coffee filter

Men's socks (the  long black ones they wear to the office) make good reusable coffee filters and a good cup of coffee. Just be sure to wash them in plain water or something that isn't made with detergent or soap.

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Has anyone tried making a centrifuge coffee maker?

Has anyone tried making a centrifuge coffee maker?  Coffee from a French Press is some of the finest you can brew, but it takes too long for the grounds to settle out.  A coffee centrifuge would (in principle) give you the French Press taste, with the clarity and smoothness of a filter machine.  It's just a question of how you'd go about making one!?

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How much coffee can you drink before you die? Answered

I was just wondering how much strong, black coffee you would need to drink before you die. I think that weight is somewhat relative to the answer so if it helps I am about 9 stone heavy. Anyone got an answer?

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How can I stop the soy milk in my coffee from separating?

I dont think the fairy vomit is detrimental to said morning beverage, just unsightly

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Does anyone know where I can find plans for a vacuum coffee pot? Answered

I'm looking for a modern design that can be used for camping or working on a site away from a shop. It cannot be made from glass nor have exotic metals. I'm looking for something that can be easily made for low cost. I had thought about modifying a percolator type coffee pot but I'm not sure if it were to work. If anyone has a instructable or a link, that would be great. I've already done a ton of internet searching but it always sends me to the 18th/19th century stuff or out- of -stock models made 20 years ago.

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coffee cup coffee table Answered

I just thought of a cool idea-what about a coffee tabe that had a base that was a big cup with  fake coffee in it? Glass could rest on the top for the "table" part.  What do all of you think?

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Do You Enjoy Coffee?

Just wonderin'. How many of you folks enjoy drinkin' coffee?

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leather inlay coffee table

I have a wood coffee table with a leather inlay in the top.  how do i clean it and/or polish it without damaging the leather?

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malita cg4 coffee grinder?

Messy and since I don't have the manuals no idea what the contol on the front is for thought it was cups but filled the machine and it grinded till it was empty preety much coffee grounds everywhere help

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keurig coffee maker quit?

My keurig coffee maker has quit working, for the most part. it will heat water and the blue flashing lights come on but nothing comes out.

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Coffee pot space heater

Ok, so this is my first post. I love this site! Anyway, I have a couple of old coffee pots that still heat the water, they just dont make coffee anymore. Im wondering if maybe i could make a very small and very low energy use space heater out of the parts. any ideas on how this might be accomplished would be great.

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spong no. 2 coffee grinder

Where can I get the replacement catcher cup? I just got one and it needs cleaning ok just dishwashing soap? how long will I leave it outside to dry? any recommendations on what to spray it with? the paint is good, i just want a spray to prevent rust and would like to use it for my french press coffee in am. thank you

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Car hood Coffee Tables

Texas artist Joel Hester turns old junk metal into very sturdy functional pieces of furniture, like these awesome coffee tables made from car hoods:I gotta say, I love the idea of a coffee table that not only won't be damaged by pets, small children or flying objects, but could actually fend off such things. Want one yourself? Well, it'll run you at least $ 700. Ugh...think I might pull out the welder and learn to make them myself...Link via Treehugger

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Fixing the Mellita coffee grinder?

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Tech-tastic Coffee Tables

Coffee tables can really bring a room together, especially if they're high-tech and provide their own entertainment. They're expensive, as the site suggests, but just the ideas warrant personal kudos. Of course, as with any coffee table, you'll need to have a coffee table book about coffee tables.Link via Neatorama

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Wanted: Coffee Cup Art

I'm launching a new site next week called Cup Zombie am looking for folks to participate with me. It's a little off beat but my idea is to get people to start thinking differently about what is trash and what can be saved - and to have fun with it :)! The url is www.cupzombie.com Thank you!!!! Hannah

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Advice on building a coffee table?

I am in the process of building a coffee table out of Tassie oak wood and I am wondering if I will need to put the table top through a thicknesser after I biscuit  join the top together. The only problem the max width the thicknesser can handle is 600mm wide and I want to make the top wider but then I won't be able to put it through the thicknesser so can I just sand the top to make it nice and even since it is hardwood or thickenesser it in two sections . Open for suggestions thanks for your help.

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Automatic Coffee Cup Warmer

I was given a coffee cup warmer many years ago. What made it so great was that it only turns on when there is a cup sitting on the plate; remove the cup and the warmer turns off. The other great feature about it, is that it has a higher temperature than any I have purchased since. There is no name thereon so cannot check to see if they exist anymore - no luck with Google so far.   What I would like to do is either be able to safely adjust a current model so it is somewhat hotter or, preferably, also make it automatic. Making it hotter is the first priority. jackew@earthlink.net

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has there ever been a coffee contest? Answered

Just curious has there ever been a coffee contest on instructables?  I have something crazy being made, was wondering if i should hold off publishing

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Looking for Seville Orange Flavoured Coffee or the receipe?

I used to buy this coffee at Rafal's in Detroit (Leading spice importer) but it closed down and none of the local specialty grocery stores sell the coffee, Amazon lists the coffee but it is unobtainable at this time. I tried adding Kroger orange essence to generic run 'o' the mill coffee but it was weak (Even after adding the entire little bottle) and it had a "Candy" like flavour that was actually slightly sweet and not like the coffee which is slightly bitter. I have my trusty Ronco dehydrator and have considered looking for tart Florida oranges to dry and cut for use in the mix. I came up empty on a Yahoo and Google search and so hopefully someone has the smarts and knowledge to replicate the coffee. I prefer to make things myself over buying them but desperation is setting in and I will break down and buy coffee if I need to.

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my keurig coffee maker stopped working.?

It heats water and the blue lights flash but when I choose cup size nothing comes out.

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How do you make coffee art?

Latte ArtWatch the video. Does anyone know if they use milk (% fat) or half & half or heavy / whippinig cream?

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What's the best way to store fresh coffee beans? Answered

I'm typically using the beans for espresso. I have found that freezing them reduces the crema I can get out of them.

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I got a rockstar energy drink in one of those resealable cans and cant get the smell out ?

I have the can so i can get coffee into school but i cant get that fruity smell out of it so when you are trying to drink coffee the smell makes you think that the coffee taste fruity how do i get it out???

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scratches on a glass table top

I have scratches on my glass table top (coffee table).  Some are quite noticeable, but most are normal wear and tear and only show when sunshine hits the table.  I there a way to restore the luster of the top?

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UK hacked car takes speed record off Americans.

Just over a year ago, the BBC had a coffee-powered car built, along the lines of this popular instructable. Now, that same car has been used to set a new speed record for a gasification-powered car, previously set at 47mph by Beaver Energy, using a car run on gasified wood-chips. With his car running coffee grounds, engineer Martin Bacon and his team from County Durham. pushed the record up to 65mph, an official Guinness Record, although it falls short of the team's goal of 80mph. The BBC article is here, but if you're outside the UK, and can't watch the video, the same video is below, but lacks the voices.

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I am trying to mount glass to metal,

 Similar to picture. How is this done and where can I find/buy such pieces of metal?

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BBC runs Instructable-powered car?

Some of you will have seen the Honda that runs on trash. Jimmason built a gasification plant into the back end of the Honda, and ran the car on the gas produced. A classic Make, which the BBC have recreated, in the form of a car that runs on used coffee grounds. The video is here (click and scroll down to the second video) - it won't embed from the BBC. No sign of a credit for the source, but I do know that the chap in the video knows this site exists, since I tried to persuade him to join. What do you reckon - coincidence or plagiarism?

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How can I increase the max serving size of the Keurig B60?

Currently, the Keurig B60 can only make up to a 10oz cup, which is actually 9.5oz. I would like to know if there is anyway to tamper with the settings etc, and increase that amount. I realize that you can simply set it to run again by selecting another cycle, but I would like to avoid that.

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Hotel Coffee. How can you make coffee at home that tastes like the coffee at high-end hotels?

It's strong and robust without being bitter

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project for empty # 10 coffee cans ????

Have saved # 10 coffee cans and would like to know of a project plan for them.

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can I roast columbian coffee further in a popcorn popper?

My brother bought 8 O'clock coffee in the "columbian" variety. he bought it for my espresso machine. I really prefer dark roast for my coffee. is there a way to take the medium roast columbian coffee and roast it to full dark awesomeness?

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Starting next week: Coffee Cup Challenge

Next week we'll be beginning the Coffee Cup Challenge. Make an Instructable that shows a cool reuse of a paper coffee cup and win a solar-powered Voltaic backpack and some gift cards for Starbucks coffee! You can use one cup or a thousand. You can use them on their own or add anything else to it. Just show us a cool use for a cup! UPDATE: Contest will run from 4/12 - 5/9 International entries are accepted

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How to change design of your coffee tumbler?

Was hoping there was an instructable for this, but there isn't! So does anyone know whether it's possible to take apart a Starbucks coffee tumbler so you can change the design insert yourself? I know Starbucks sell a tumbler with a screwed-on bottom so you can do this, but I already have a normal tumbler with a crappy design...

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What's a good project to make with an old coffee maker?

I just had one, so I figured Id ask. I dont know if I still do, but I was just curious.

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Do you have any ideas for a coffee flavour room gift? Answered

I had this idea coming up for a gift: -grounded coffee beans in a can or something like this, which is making the room smelling of fresh coffee. It shouldn't be that the room always smells like coffee, just if you feel like it should. - I thought also of a coffee candle, but candles as gifts are so boring, I want something more exciting ...I am stuck right now, can you help me out with some inspiration? Thanks a lot!!! ps: the person I want to give it to, adores coffee :-)

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Is anyone growing their own coffee, say around the 38th parallel? Answered

I read conflicting reports on the internet (imagine!). Some may actually do it outside. Anyone here know?

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coffe cup challenge: are we allowed to use just normal paper cups? (like dixie?)

I was wondering can you use just normal paper party cups? ( I don't drink coffee)

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Some things to do with pressure sensors

Two projects I'm thinking of will use pressure sensors. The first is a device that would sit under coffee air pots.  There have been countless times when I've gone to get coffee at a self-serve place and there are five pots, but no one tells the counter person they are running dry and I then I have to wait for them to brew.  A pressure plate under the pots would control set of red/yellow/green LEDs to indicate how full the pots are. The second is to use a pressure plate outside the door where your pet comes in and out of the house.  It would trigger a doorbell when your pet wants in before it gets a chance to start scratching up the woodwork.

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