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post in the comments your coilgun, capacitor bank, and how your coilgun works. I want to know everything about it. EX: how long your coil is, how many layers your coil is, how you built it, etc. The more you put the better. I also would like some advice on my new coilgun I'm building. I want to use flash-capacitors and 26-gauge wire. I don't want to use a lethal amount of electricity if at all possible. Thanks!

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Coilgun's Barrel

If im building a coilgun could I use a aluminum barrel instead of a plastic one? or would it not work?

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Transformer coilgun

Hey i use a camera circuit for my coil gun and the circuit would always burn out so i was wondering if it is possible to just use a audio transformer and if so how please.

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Help with a coilgun

I recently found four 500v,37,5uf, 10%mkp capacitors, and need help in making them into a coil'railgun. I have done complex electronics before,but never a rail/coil gun. Help?

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Coilgun Help

Could someone please help me with a Coilgun project- I can't get a camera flash circuit of any description where I live, so could someone either post an i'ble on how to make one, or send me/post one of those technical drawings and parts list. Help would be greatly appreciated

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Coilgun or Railgun? Answered

               I want to build either a coilgun or a railgun, using a bank of camera capacitors as the power source.  Experimenting with small coilguns, I've found that the efficiency is very lacking.  I haven't done the math, but five camera capacitors in parallel with a medium-sized coil will barely move a half-inch screw.  So which should I go for for better use of available capacitors--coilgun or railgun? P.S.  I've found places on the internet that give tutorials on making capacitors, which I would also consider doing.  If I'm able to make large-capacity capacitors myself and use those, should I build something other than what I should make if I only have access to camera flash capacitors? P.P.S.  I heard the following rule somewhere here on this site:  "The more amps in a coil, the more powerful its magnetic field, the more voltage in a coil, the larger the magnetic field."  Is this true?

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Coilgun stages? Answered

I want to make a coilgun, but i didn't know if I should use 1 or 2 stages. I want to use capacitors  rated 450v, 1000uf, I have ten of this capacitors. Thanks AMD

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Multistage coilgun

How do you connect multistage coils on a guil gun. Also what matters for a coilgun the ufs or volts.  

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switch for a coilgun Answered

What is the minimum amperage rating needed for the fire switch and what will happen if u use something lower, like a 20a light switch? also how much one would cost would be nice to. i have heard that 40 or 50 A will work, but i would like to use something smaller, easyer to find, and more affordable. any help would be nice.

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convert coilgun to railgun? Answered

Can I convert the coilgun into a railgun by replacing the firing tube with two rails? Should the current pass through the rails only for a moment (as in the coilgun)? Which can accelerate a projectile to a higher velocity? 

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Coilgun Capacitor Bank? Answered

I am building a coilgun for a high school project. The capacitors for the original design call for 2200uf 400v capacitors, but these are too expensive. I found some 1000uf 200v capacitors, would these still be powerful enough if I run 5 of them in parallel. Does the voltage make the coil stronger or is it the capacitance. My coil specifications are; 16 AWG 4 layers and 25 turns on each layer

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Aluminum Slugs for coilguns?

Throwing around the Idea of a Coilgun , can I cast some aluminum slugs to use with it ?

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CoilGun science project

Ok, i'm doing a science project and I chose to use the Coilgun-Handgun Instructable to build a coilgun and test its damage and lethality on human flesh using a piece of ballastic gelatin. Does anybody know if there is a way to measure the damage against the gelatin or another experiment i could do with the gun?

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12kj coilgun help Answered

I have 15 10000 uf 400v 17200 ma capacitors I was wondering what the best way to charge them would be each stage will be ran from 3 caps making 2400j each stage for 5 stages. If there is no efficient way to charge all at once I would like to be able to charge each stage separately.

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6 Farad Coilgun

I recently came across 4 1.5Farad capacitors and made them into a capacitor bank, but I just want to get a general idea what would happen if I made a 6 farad coilgun...would it go through walls or anything?

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What excactly is a Coilgun? Answered

Title says it all. I heard some guys in the Tech catagory talking about this.

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Coilgun Capacitor Question?

I have a big capacitor that I found in my old xbox. It's 250 volts and 470uF. Would this be better than using a bank of 8 camera capacitors?

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12kj coilgun project

Hello I am working on a new coilgun using 15 10000 uf 400v 17200 ma capacitors. The accelerator is 5 stage, while using 3 caps per stage each stage will have 2400j of energy. I will be posting updates on this forum every month or so. my current setback on the project is charging what I am wondering is what input current and voltage and output current would I need to charge 3 caps decently fast. once that is solved I will line up 5 in parallel to charge all (1 per stage) if I need to line up a greater amount of a lower rated circuits I will.

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Power source for coilgun? Answered

I have built 2 coilguns already using a camera circuit for charging the capacitor bank, but because it is a disposable camera, the quality of the circuit wasnt very good so it stopped working like in a week or so,, so i was wondering if i could build a circuit for charging a capacitor bank (so i wont need to buy any more cameras), but i've already looked in a lot of pages for a schematic but i've got no luck anyone knows how to build a circuit for this purpose? i do not have a lot of experience in building circuits, thats why i dont figure it out myself thnks

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Coilgun/Railgun idea

So i have been researching and thinking about this project sence the magnet contest. basicily i was thinking hey why not combine the 2 with the coilgun i would get a ton of good acceleration. then it would hit the rails and be jolted forward . it would minimize the time the round was in the rails and give them the best chance to do there job. So i would be using a ferrious round with aliminum at the rear to act as the armiture. To get better flight path out of the gun i would take a copper pipe for both the coil and the rails but for you cant have the 2 touching so ill space it with somthing like pvc. correct me if i'm wrong but i heard plating copper with silver would give a better result for rails the final keystone will be the capacitorbanks and controllers (i don't know much about microcontrollers so any help there...or anyware would be great) my idea was to stage a bank per coil and rail that way each would fire it's full load when the round got to there what do you guys think? info please. this is a new project so if anyone has the time and wants to try my idea let me know what your results turn out to be

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Need advice in making a coilgun :)

I'm gonna make a 800v coilgun but i need some help on some things: I wanna put a Voltage meter on my coilgun so i can see the amount of voltage stored on the capacitors, how do i put the voltage meter there? when the coilgun is charging and at the same time i shoot something then will anything bad happen?

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Connecting the coil and circuit in coilgun

When i connect the coil with the circuit, there spark in the switch. Is it because the switch doesn't strong enough ? The projectile didn't fly.

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Coilgun? Induction? Or something else? Answered

Hi, There video above shows a simple coilgun like device that shoot coins. In my understanding, it looks like a simple induction Coilgun design, since it repel coin away from the coil instead shoot the coin through the middle. However I have a hard time replicate the result. I use the same camera with the same capacitor (350V), and also use penny for the non magnetic projectile. Its the coil part I'm not sure about. In the video, it looks like a relevantly messy and small coil. Can anyone suggest me on the coil design for the same result? Most resources I found are either on reduction design or base on coilgun design instead this simple shooting mechanism. Thanks   

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The making of a multi-staged coilgun

I want to make a coilgun with 2 or 4 stages; however, I don't have much experience with capacitors, magnetic fields, etc.. I am not really making it now, but its more of preparing the steps so when I do start, I will be able to complete it and be aware of problems that may occur. 1) when the coil is fed with electricity, what is stopping it from shooting right back at you? 2) how much voltage should the coils be using (aka what type of capacitor should I use) 3) I have heard that capacitors will sometimes have left over charge in them, how would I "dump" the excess. 4) Using multiple stages, should all the coils be turned on at once or in succession 5) should the wire coiling the tube be uninsulated? Here is a diagram of my current understanding of a coilgun. Let me know if it is not correct. Power Supply (battery) --> switch --> capacitor -->wire that wraps around the pipe, creating a magnetic field --> magnetic field pulls projectile into the tube and launches it.

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Alternative power sources for a coilgun?

I was wondering if there was any other method to power the firing coil of a single stage coilgun without using capacitors.  My main reasoning is to try to reduce recharge time, and to also avoid making massive groups of capacitors and finding a place to put them. It needs to be able to be powered by some form of battery, meaning I could connect voltage to this circuit (1.2 volts up to 12 volts.  I'm not picky) and shouldn't consist of hard to find components. I'm not looking for the greatest efficiency in the world, just making a step (okay, maybe a stomp) toward building a 'capless coilgun'.

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Multistage coilgun need help

I need help.  I was able to make a single stage coilgun, Now I have a few questions regarding extra phases. The coilgun i have has four 300+ Volt capacitors with capacity of 470 uf.  1)How do i activate them? Would it be possible to use a sensor switch like this? ( If not, what would you recomend? 2)Would it be possible to make it so that after projectile passes a secondary phase, the phase starts to recharge automaticaly?  Please help, and thank you!

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Coilgun does not work with capacitor?

I have a coil of 8 layers of 50 loops, so 400 loops. which has a resistance of 0,91 ohm. To power this I use 3 450V 220μF in series charged to about 1000V and when I connect my coil it gives a small spark and the Iron projectile doesn't move. I know the coil works because when I connected it to my welding transformer of 70V It did work. what am I doing wrong?

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Building a full auto coilgun

I've been working on this project for about a year now, the first stages of the design started like 5 or 6 years ago. It is a full auto 19 stage no-capacitor coilgun. The accelerator is 3ft long! It will use an advanced coil timing system that should allow more efficient acceleration. The custom 3d printed magazines will hold about 90 shots, maybe a little more. It should be capable of firing at a rate of several thousand rpm but I might tune it down to ~500 rpm to keep it cooler running and make the ammo last. If you want to read more about this design you can see the page on my website:!em-guns/cwjy Here is a video showing the current progress on the coilgun:

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How to connect an scr to a coilgun?

I make the rwilsford07 boost converter and it charges my capacitor fine, but when I turn on the scr the 6v voltage regulator stop working(7806). What can be happening?

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Coilgun, Mosfet problem and joules?

I have two questions: when a mosfet is damaged, it conducts electricity without putting energy to the gate? I have the 75N75 mosfet and I want to use it on the rwilsford07 boost converter, but the mosfet didn't work and I don't know why it conducts energy without putting energy to the gate. I read that the mosfet can be damaged with static electricity, but I use always an anti-static wrap. The formula to get the joules from a coilgun is this?: 0.000005 * C * V * V C= uf V= voltage

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High efficiency coilgun design

Hello there I need some (a lot of) help with my project. I've started to design a high efficiency multistage coilgun. The main feature of the design is using the self-inductance formed in coils that were shut down for accelerating the following coils. To perform this, we can divide each coil into 3 segments (lets call them subcoils), connected with a wire and power all them 3 with a single capacitor. At first, the current from the capacitor is flowing through all 3 segments and a projectile is being pushed through the first segment. Than the first sensor is being activated with the projectile and it switches the power flow to only second and third subcolis As the current in the first subcoil is changed, the self-inductance directed in the opposite direction is appearing. In theory, we can use this power to increase the current in the following segments. The same thing is happening between second and third segments. And I want to place 3 of this stages (9 subcoils in total) I will use 8mm caliber projectiles, 40mm or 50mm length. I chose 5200mkF 450V or 6800mkF 400V capacitors, 2 of them in parallel for every stage (6 capacitors in total) Yes, I know it sounds way too powerful, but that's my actual goal. It's not my own idea. I have learned it from here (русские вперёд). So, some problems had appeared. I can't figure out how to properly calculate the required inductance of the coils. In the source it is said that the inductance of the first subcoil should be equal to two of the second and the third subcoils (L1=2*L2=2*L3) to achieve the best performance. Also, my rough estimates show that peak current through the coil will be about 1,5-2,0kA for 3,0-4,5ms. This is quite a lot! I'll have to manage this energy and choose the power switches rightly. To sum up, I will be glad to hear your opinions about this idea. It's kind of controversial, but I hope it's not a certain failure.

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Quick coilgun Capacitor question

Im using chargers to rank 330V or even 370V. Heres my options. 400V 330uF Capacitor 450V 150uF Capacitor Im guessing the 330uF, But what's better for a coilgun? (using 4 of them in parallel, yet buying 10.)

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Questions about Capacitors for a coilgun.

Hey, I am attempting to make a coilgun but I was wondering a few things. First I was planning on using this circuit diagram to make one. I was wondering how would I go about adding more capacitors. Since the diagram calls for 1 1000u 450v capacitor, could I add another in parallel? Would this increase the speed of the projectile? Is there any edits you recommend to make on this diagram?

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is a coilgun (gaussgun) better than a railgun? Answered

I am writing an essay comparing and contrasting a coilgun and a railgun. i know the differences between the two but i am in need of outside opinions on what is a more effective tool.

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What capacitors would be better for a coilgun?

I have two sets of capacitors i could use for my first coilgun, and i was wondering which set would be better and why?(2200uF - 16 volt) <---- Old computer cap.or(120uF - 330 volt) <---- Regular camera cap.

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Specifics of building a multi-stage coilgun?

So I recently decided that I wanted to build a coilgun. I already knew how they function, and after some light research, I've got the main design already laid out. What I'm looking for now is some more detailed input on the exact power requirements, circuitry, etc. Specifically: Firing a standard .177 steel BB, I want to use many small coils in series as opposed to one/few large ones. From my understanding, this will provide better end speed while keeping each coil's power draw relatively lower, and thus safer. (Am I right about this?) How many coils should I use, what would be overkill, etc? Each coil will be triggered sequentially by a IR LED/photocell trigger system rigged through tiny holes drilled across the barrel. Will a simple on/off circuit suffice, or will the projectile pass by too quickly for the full charge to release? If so, I assume I need a system to trigger a full discharge when tripped. Correct or not, and if so, how? I'm also considering fitting an extra gate at the end to trigger a circuit to bleed any remaining charge. Ideas on this? What size of capacitors should I use, and how would I charge them? The only thing Google can seem to turn up is camera flash circuits, but I'd much rather have one tailor-built to the system's exact levels. I'm going to use a press/hold switch to charge them, and would like an automatic shutoff with an LED that comes on when they are charged, but turns off when I release the button. Kind of like a camera flash, actually. I'd like to fit it with a re-chargeable battery. What sort of power is required here? How many firings would I likely get per charge, etc? What sort of muzzle velocity can I expect? I don't want to kill bears with it, but soda cans would be nice. I don't want to waste my time fabricating it only to be able to stop it with my eyeball. Lastly, are there any other points of concern or things I should know? Thanks for any input, and if everything ends up coming together nicely, I'll be sure to properly document the process for everyone's enjoyment. :)

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Coilgun, Marx Generator or Voltage Multiplier

I am building a coilgun and I have constructed a coil with several thousand turns, an ohm meter measures its resistance at 300 ohms, so I am having trouble powering it, I ran 240v through it and got nothing. According to my calculations, I need to run 1000 volts at the minimum through the coil in order for it to work. From my research there are three ways to do that: 1)A really big transformer (sub optimal for many reasons) 2)A Marx Generator 3)or with a Voltage Multiplier. Now I realize that you are supposed to connect the voltage multiplier to the Marx Generator, but wouldn't it be easier to just to make more multiplier stages and remove the Marx Generator entirely? I've seen voltage multipliers go up to 15kv, which is more than enough.

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Capacitor bank for Coilgun help please!

I havetwo 680 uF capacitors, rated for 200 volts.. And I want to use a disposable camera charger to charge them both. The camera charger stops at 300 something volts, and when I wire them up in series, I get 400 volts, right?.. I want to charge them and discharge them into a coil of wire to launch a projectile at a fair velocity. , I can work with up to 10k wraps of wire, and i have only two capacitors and a major one.. First 2: 680 uF 200v 680 uF 200v Major one: 180 uF 400v Now I imagine I'd get more joules with the two smaller ones than the big one because of the microfarads, right? These specific type of capacitors are made from Elite, and are electrolytic I think, and I got the major one from a computer CRT monitor, and the two smaller ones from a computer power supply.... I also have a 3.3uF 50v capacitor. Now the question is: Can someone help me add these together to increase maximum joule output? I want to hook up the two 680 uF 200v capacitors in series to get a maximum voltage of 400. Then I want to add the major capacitor, which is 180 uF in parallel with the two other capacitors to increase microfarads, in this case, it'd be: 680 680   + ------- = 680 (because they are in series) ------- + 180  = 860 I want two capacitors in series, and the major in parallel, increasing voltage to 400 volts, and the major capacitor doing nothing but adding capacitance (IF possible) Sorry, this is alot to ask for you guys to answer, If none of the above can work, What would work better, the two 680 uF's in series, or one big 180 uF 400 volt capacitor? I apologize if I cannnot explain my question properly.... it's very hard to understand capitance and series/parallel blah blah mumbo jumbo. Thank you.

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How can I get a higher projectile velocity for my coilgun? Answered

I made a coilgun using 8 capacitors of 50V and 4700uf connected in parallel and powered by 4 batteries of 9V each. The coil is wound around a plastic tube over a length of 2 cm. However the projectile (an iron nail of 1 inch just popps out of the tube). How can I fire it at a higher velocity?   

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I'm building a coilgun. Can I leave the charging circuit on while i fire it or would that damage it?

I've seen videos where the coilgun starts charging immediately after the gun is fired so that makes me think you can just leave the charging circuit on.. But something just doesn't feel right about that. Is it safe to do that or should i turn it off each time before firing it?

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Could i use an ignition coil and breaker points to fire a coil gun?

I've made one of the basic models i've seen around here, but i was wondering if i could skip most of the painstaking soldering that i suck at, and use car parts. I'd still be soldering here and there, but not tiny camera circut boards. I'm not retarded, i am aware of the high volts at work on spark plugs, so spare me me the "you'll shoot your eye out" type lectures, already tasted that flavor. But would the automotive coil even charge if it is shorted across by the barrel coil? i know breaker type ignitions dont fire till the power source is cut by opening the breaker. but a spark plug is an open circut and i'm not sure if a coil pack will charge if that circut is closed.

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which of these 2 wires should i use for a coilgun?

I dont know which one can be better

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coilgun question, could someone explain what an SCR is to me and how to incorporate it in a coilgun circuit?

I am a novice "coilgun maker," and understand all the principals and such involved in it. now that im moving to more advance coilgun design, i need to understand what an SCR is/does. wiki can only teach u so much :D any help or answers to this question will b greatly appreciated!

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Would anyone be able to help me on a Coilgun?

I'm 17 and building a coilgun. I have prototypes but i have so much power going through it so far that i burn up the charging circuits... 

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Spudgun, slingshot, coilgun, paintballgun, airsoft, bow and arrow laws

In Nj, is it legal to own or make a airsoft gun, slingshot, bow and arrow, coilgun, or pneumatic spudgun?

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can I make a coilgun using a relay? Answered

I want to know if i could build coilgun with a relay because i know it is an electromagnet and my coil i was using got tangled up.and giv me an idea of a circuit if i can use a relay.

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What is the purpose of the charger circuits in the coilgun design? Answered

I am a freshman in college interested in constructing a coilgun. I do not yet know enough about electronics to understand the purpose of the charger circuits I see in the designs of most coilguns. I am hoping that someone can enlighten me.

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DIY Coilgun very pretty, not so deadly

Want to scare someone with a pretty frightening looking gun? This DIY coilgun will get that job done. With the projectiles going out at only 100 fps this is far from a deadly weapon, but just look at it! The $130 pricetag is almost enough for the looks alone. Full specs below.Fully semi-automatic, up to 14 shots.Capable of delivering over 18J kinetic energy, and speeds up to 110km/h! (42 gram projectiles).It's a single stage gun, using a 8800uF capacitor bank with max 400v (704J).Max shot efficiency is 2.8% but reaches almost 4% at lower voltages.Charge time for 300v (12J kinetic energy 396J capacitor bank) is 8 seconds for the mains connection, and when using the internal batteries about 90 seconds. It also has a Digital voltage display.Coil overheat after 14 shots at 300v.Total weight: 5 kilogram.Total spend: ~ 100 EuroConstruction time: ~40 Hrs DIY Coilgun via engadget

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