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Is there a way to reduce a magnetic fields power in a certain direction, while on a tight budget?

I'm going to make a coilgun with roughly 9 flash camera capacitors of varying values. Due to how I have limited resources, I intend to make this coilgun as efficient as possible. I want to know if there is a relatively cheap way to prevent the magnetic field from the coil from reaching to far in one direction, or severely weaken it's power in said direction. I don't know if I saw this somewhere or thought of it, but if the coil has less drag on the projectile once it passes it, it should put into effect a fair boost on the efficiency. Another idea, no idea if it was originally mine or not, is to slot the barrel of the coilgun reducing to force needed to push the air out, and overall reducing friction & drag. Would this have a noticeable effect, do you think?

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