Hey guys. It's me again! Im bored, I want to do a collab with someone... I want the thing to be good. Not crap. Good. I will do anything. ANYTHING! Lolz. Anyway, back to reality. I want to do a collab with someone, I dion't know what about, it could be a gun, a random cool thing, anything. But I just want to do a collab. Now Im terribly sorry but I don't want any noobish knexers looking to do a collab with me, it just won't happen. So, you want ot do a collab with me? Then just post me a comment below, saying that you do. Also, within that comment, write what you think we should do. Obviously there might be quite a few people looking to do a collab, so make sure your idea is good, so I choose it. Thanks, Hiyadudez! :-)

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looking for a collab partner

Lookin for a collab partner to help me on my secret project a knex powerful semiauto non slingshot mauser c96. just looking for some to help me make a working mech.

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Knex War Collab?

UPDATE, I now have everyone needed to start the 'ible, for those who can't find it go to: you->instrucables->collaborations. UPDATE: I  have decided to start this abit early as I would like to have this out for christmas, failing that, new years. to all those participating, please remain impartial. Hey guys! I have had this idea for awhile now, what I want to do is a collaboration ible for a realistic knex war. I know jammy already did one, but I find his rules a bit unrealistic. What I want from you guys is anything related to a knex war, things like: -choosing weapons -rules (must be usable, like the KI ones) -different gametypes or even little topics like -Tr vs Rectangle Let me know if you are Interested. People so far Killer~SafeCracker - rules Dj Radio - Types of guns (only if he is impartial) logic boy (Me)- General tactics and the intro Silent Assasin21 - types of guns for different environments TheDunkis - sidearms Hiyadudez - assault weapons shadowninja31 - snipers and sniping jollex - just stuff knex gun builder - game types The Jamalam - game specific tatics If you want to ask me anything, feel free.

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looking for a collab partner

 i would love to do a collab with some one if any one does please send me a pm of wat u would to like make thanks 

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How do I start a collab?

Just wondering

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The collaboration option doesn't seem to get much use anymore; Does anyone want to see if it still works? ;)

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How do I collab? Answered

How do I collaborate with someone and help them with an instructable? I need to know! D:) -J.R.

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Want to Collab on a wallet, anyone??

Hi everyone. I don't have any time to finish my wallet, so I was wondering if anyone that has any old film (the kind that you find on reels) would like to make one. My idea was to make a kind of fabric out of the film, mesh it together, and then tape the ends so that they don't fringe and fall apart. I'd like to see it done, so it would be cool if someone took my ideas. You don't have to make it a collab if you want, I just want to see it done. Thanks, -Josh

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How do I make a collab with someone? Answered

I want to make a collab with someone about black ops and I don't know how it works.

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Home brew game system collab.

Design wouldI am sorry for how disorganised my ideas are but please bear in mind that it was at about 1:35 a.m that I typed this. I have an idea for a hahandledame system that would use sd memory cards as cartridges and would use two screens one would be a touch screen while the other would be a normal screen. For inter system communication I think that an ad-hock wireless web could be used like ninintendoid for the DS system. It would of course have onboard speakers but it would also have an onboard microphone for audio input, It would also have the apappropriateacks for external speakers and microphones on it. The handhandledld also have a mini usb port for charging and communications purppurposeswell as a female usb port for similar reasons though It would also be used as an input for external gamepads and usb flash drives. for the internal memory it would use compact flash memory cards to hold it's operating system and inernainternalare like a chat system and a simple non tabed web browser. for the operating system I thought that it could use linux since it is such a small compact operating system and doesn't need a whole lot to run. Now as far as external design goes I was thinking that a clamshell clamshellld probably be best for it. please tell me if any of this sounds improbable or downright impossible but please keep it clean.

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looking for a collcab partner? Answered

I need a collab partner for a secret project.

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I want to start a collaboration but need help.

I need an idea, and/or would like to help with an already started i'ble.

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Open Call : DIY Collab Teams

I'm working on my MFA for Design & Tech at Parsons in New York, and my thesis is on DIY collaboration teams. I propose a set of open source knowledge collaborations. The benefit will show when our innovations make it to the products we use daily. I envision the forum section as a discussion area, with the instruction set side being more of a workspace. I will also create a wiki to act as a collection of the innovations / knowledge gained from these projects. Why is this interesting? This community has a ton of potential, with users that have specialized skills in almost any industrial field. We already modify or create things as we see necessary, and teach each other what we learned in the process. I believe that if we could collaborate on focused topics there is no limit to the innovation we could produce. It doesn't make sense for product users to be left out of the design process. This is not a new idea, some of the best innovations and discoveries were made by users, not corporations. One of the benefits is that nobody would own the rights to any portion of the project, so it leaves open the possibility for further innovation from interested parties. The main theme here is interest; innovation comes from a community like ours where people are actually interested in what they do. The focus of my research is about the nature of participation within these mini-communities, however you probably know that I will not be able to just sit aside and observe. So within the next week I will be jumping in on a topic that I can contribute to. As for other topics that are proposed, I am more than happy to do whatever I can to help, and I will hook up with the teams to observe the collaborations. Anyone interested, and if so, what topic would you like to collaborate on?

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how to survive a nuclear war

Anybodywant to collaborate on this ible im gunna start working on it again

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Instructable: how to make your own Buster! (members collab)

Hey dudes! lets make a collab on how to make a buster!! apport ideas! my idea is making him from an old max steel, action man, etc, burning and crashing him and putting him dummy-like stickers or paint!

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Collaborators? Answered

How do you know if somebody selects you as a collaborator for an instructable?

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Help Needed

I've almost finished my M4 SOPMOD. One problem. I need help making a SOPMOD kit. If you want to help, you can be a collaborator in the 'ible.  Also, for my next project, I would like to make an XM29 OICW. I've included a picture for those of you who don't know what that is. I'd like it to be a collaborative project. Hopefully, The top portion would be a repeating mag fed sling (Pseudo-Semi auto?), and the bottom part would be a mag fed repeater (semi auto?). they would be modular, and be able to fire separately. Also, it would be cool if when connected, they both fired with the same trigger.  If pulled off right, this project could be very innovate, and advance knex considerably. That is, if good range could be achieved. Also, it would be an awesome replica. I'm not sure which part I'll do, but it'd be great if some people wanted to be part of it, and if these people had some good ideas for mechs. 

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Jollex's Innovationist's Tournament [Round 1]

ROUND 1 WILL LAST FROM MONDAY, JULY 26TH TO SUNDAY, AUGUST 8TH This first round is going to be different from normal contests because it will be done in teams of two. There are 24 participants, therefore there will be 12 teams, picked by me. If you do not like your team, you may mail me and I will be willing to change them. The top 6 teams will move on to round two. The criteria for this first round is gun mechanisms. You should try to make the most complex mechanism you can with the most moving parts possible. Range will not be a factor when your entry is being judged, however it will boost your entry. Teams: -Jollex -TheDunkis -Millawi Legend -logic boy -cyborgold1 -lukas rider -Sketch98 -knexfan9182 -~Aeronous~ -Seleziona -sprout_less -rec0n -megametal8 -Killer safe cracker -Zak -Bakenbitz -shadowninja31 -razzlekunai -DAI GURREN DAN -Loose -Ally;=13320#post13320 -DJ Radio -Oblivitus

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ok seriously did seleziona just drop off the face of the earth or something, because i had a good idea for a mech to make a semi auto knex masuer c96 and sent him a message for a collab but its been three days now and no reply someone if you know where he is or are willing to do a collab on my mauser c96 pm me or comment below. Cyborgold1 out

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collaborations bug?

Im in a few collaborations right now and i cant add image notes when i use to be able to

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New Interactive Collaboration Page & UI (Instructabook - social ible)

Bricobart has proposed a collaboration contest, read more: here. I guess it would be great to introduce the less-noticed collaboration feature of instructables.  Problem: I think one of the main reasons why the collaboration feature is ignored is because it's difficult to use. Difficult in a way that two or more ible members are having a hard time exchanging ideas through email. Emails are are slow and bulky compared to social networking. Also one of the problem with collabs is that the people who contributed to the write-up doesn't show-up on the credits. My Experience: My former classmate and I had the same problem. We both did the same thing, e-mailing. It also took us hours to finish a write-up. Months after my first collab another friend of mine encouraged me to do another collab, this time with the help of Facebook. The chat and group feature of FB blended perfectly with instructable's collab feature. Proposal: I think that it would be good to have a new social collaboration feature in ibles without using Facebook as a seperate medium for planning and for discussing ideas. ____________________________________________ Concept: The concept includes a designated page for social ible collaboration. The page has six main parts, the six main parts are the following. 1st.) Proposal Page: Imagine this as the forum page, it's divided into all the possible channel categories. People can post ideas of their dream project (like starting a new thread in forums).  2nd.) Find Partners: The project proposal threads are now being viewed by fellow ible members (members willing to discuss and build the project). The project proposal thread should have a "COUNT ME IN" button. Those who wants to join the project should press the "COUNT ME IN" button. 3rd.) Discussion Page: Now that you have found fellow ible members who are willing to build the proposed project, it's now time to close the thread. The thread's status is switched to "In Progress", the "COUNT ME IN" button is now greyed-out. During the discussion, collab members are redirected to a new page, the private discussion page. This page should look like a private group of Facebook. In this page, you can share photos, videos, ideas with one another. You can post on the group's wall and comment on the posts. Notifications shall be sent automatically to the "you page" once a member posts something on the group page. We need to know if everyone is ready to build the project. Once everyone has checked the "I'm Ready" check box, the project advances to the next step. *The discussion page can be accessed by fellow collab members anytime.  4th.) Write-up/ Editing Stage: This is where the traditional instructable text-editor comes in. This time with the presence of a  live chatbox, similar to FB. The chat box should also have a "upload/ attach an image" feature.  5th.) Add Contest: bricobart's idea comes in here. Collab members can join regular and special contests (collab contests). 6th.) Publish: The collab members can now publish the guide! Credits should be given to the collab members. Ex. Designer:_____, Builder:_____ , Programmer:_____, etc..... ______________________________________ I hope this helps. If the idea is too blurry, just tell me. I'll make a HTML-PHP dummy page of how it looks like. 

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Need suggestions on what to build

All my projects have failed, except for the folding stock. if you want to see that, tell me. What should I build? Guns only, please suggest something. Ill collab with you if you want. 

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Musician - let's collab on I'ble: make your tune mixable-from-phone

I've written a mobile-friendly web-based audio-mixing toy called SynPhonia. You can see a demo at (from computer or phone). In the demo, I used a sample pack by DJ Vadim  that's available under a Creative-Commons license. If you're a musician and you want such a toy for one of your tunes (because it's fun and because it promotes your music) - we can do this together and write an I'ble about it. If you have a web server that can run all the stuff we need (python cgi, sox, lame) - cool. If you don't - we can do it on my server (no charge. I'm only doing this for fun). Anyone interested? Note [This might be obvious to most of you, but just to be on the safe side]: Your samples will be distributed under one of the Creative Commons licenses (I recommend the by-nc-sa variety, but it's your call). One thing you can't do is use any of the *nd* (no derivatives) licenses, since derivatives are exactly what people will be doing with your music :) This means that people will be able to use your samples in their own music, but they'll need to give you credit (usually this is done by a link, and that's good for your SEO).  They should also conform to other conditions depending on the type of licnese you choose (e.g. you can limit this to non-commercial use by choosing one of the *nc* licenses). Bottom line: If you're too attached to your music to afford such conditions (or if your song is already copyrighted to a non-cc record label), this is not for you :)

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Virus alert: trojan.pidief.f

While viewing the instructable "Wall Clip-Hang Video controllers on Walls" I received a virus alert for trojan.pidief.f .  Evidently it was trying to change something in acrobat reader or was from the adobe file I was viewing.  My virus software caught and eliminated the virus but I thought others should be aware of the risk.  This is some information I found on this virus. Trojan.Pidief.F is a trojan the exploits the Adobe Acrobat and Reader Collab 'getIcon()'

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One Year on Instructables FTW!

Hey guys, just letting you know that today is the day I jioned this site one year ago, Ive come along way, just look at the first thing I posted (I should really take it down, but I can't for nostalgia reasons) and now things like the war collab, the logic bow and PP19 well I can't think of anything else so BIYEEEEEEEE 

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How does heating water in a steam engine boiler create steam pressure? Answered

I am thinking of doing an instructable on Model steam engines, how they work etcetera, and I am need of a Physicist to explain how the steam in the boiler builds up pressure. I know how the rest of the engines work, but unfortunately I am a bit lost for knowledge on pressure. I could just look at wikipedia or another such website but that defeats the object of the instructable. The person who explains this best in a way a teenager could understand will get a collab on my Instructable, and subscribe.

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Are you allowed to promote something a friend is selling?

I was wondering if anyone knew if you're allowed to promote selling things on here. For example, I have a friend who sells homemade slime on Instagram. I thought we could do a collab kind of thing. We could make an instructable about making slime with me and I could make something on her Instagram. On my instructable I could mention her account that sells slime and on Instagram she could mention my account that's on here. I just want to make sure its allowed and I wouldn't get in trouble if I did that.

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YOU page bugs

A couple of bugs on the settings pages - first off, clicking on change email>manage alerts just throws you back to "update your profile"...unless I'm missing something, I don't see any place to manage alerts from that. (Clicking on the link up top to manage email alerts does work, however) I could be way off-base, but it seems like the WATCHLIST object (as opposed to, say, EMAIL) is maybe invalid or something like that?Also, I have several collaborations, but my collaborations tab shows 1 collabs (and it only shows that 1 after joining another - it displayed 0 for a while). Oh, and on the way here I noticed that when you go to Submit>Bug, instead of taking you there directly you go to Community>Help. Dunno if that's intentional or not. =]

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Christmas Knex Guns!!!

CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! Okay, so i wanted to make a list of all the knex guns coming out at christmas, so could you tell me them? I would like a list, (i think i already said that) soooo, give me a comment! List: STLR Seleziona's top loading rifle KFSA Knex freek's semi-auto TJASTR2 The jamalam's gun TBBR2 The burrito master's gun  PP19 Logic Boy's gun Silent assassin's secret replica Another Replica by Killer~Safecracker Dutchwarlord's bullpup t.a.r. 21 Raikou-san's new slingshot Mr.muggle's oodammo caliber sniper rifle The Dunkis' oodasault V3.6 (maybe)  Owen mon 82397's gun Ksc and knexfreeks repeating crossbow collab Knex mad's new turret breach loading gun Kinetic's pump action sling gun (maybe) Erikos kostariko's sr-v3 (maybe) Master dude's MAR 2  Which ones are you waiting for? I really want the KFSA, and the TBBR2!

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Ideas for circuit bending/hacking/case modding the Intellivision Plug N' Play system? Answered

After much frustration with the lack of response from the controls and finding only one decent game on the whole console I've decided to take apart my Intellivision Plug N' Play (abbr. PNP) system. I was thinking about circuit bending or complete circuit hacking the system but I've come up with a load of parts and fun gadget-y components, but no ideas. Could someone please give me an idea of what kind of fun I should have at the console's expense? A short list of things I know that may help you are as follows: 1. I have many Radioshack electronic components (resistors, capacitors, reed switches, IC chips etc.) Feel free to suggest these things, if I don't have the component you mention I may just grab it. 2. So far I've found ABSOLUTELY NO data on the PNP system so as far as reprogramming the thing, it's somewhat out of the question. 3. Here's some photos (below) of the circuitry; hopefully something will help. 4. It doesn't really matter what you think up (even if it's just something that warps the colors onscreen or makes odd noises, I will try it) Many thanks in advance! If a collab. of ideas work together then I may post the finished product in an instructable! (Yes, credit will be given. If I missed giving it to you feel free to yell at me.)

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