Collaborators? Answered

How do you know if somebody selects you as a collaborator for an instructable?

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Collaborations? Answered

Is there a limit to how many people you can collaborate with on ibles?

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I was wondering if anybody would consider collaborating with me over the Internet on an Instructable??? It could be anything, I would just like a partner to work with...

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The collaboration option doesn't seem to get much use anymore; Does anyone want to see if it still works? ;)

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I have stumbled across this website years ago, and always found lots of fascinating projects here Since then ive also noticed that while its a community and people love to collaborate here, the design and layout of the website doesn't seem to lend itself so well to the task of collaborative projects we really are not making the best of the brain power that's here, wouldn't  it be great if people could search for projects to get involved in,, and published projects could list people and skills needed to make it happen. for example if i want to design a low cost wind turbine, to help bring power to remote places, im looking for engineers, aerodynamic specialists. and 3d designers to help develop it. Can we have a way to help these people to find each other?  and then an area where work can be set out and people can jump in and fill in the blanks. With the way the world and consumption of its resources is going, websites like this one, and the power the internet gives us to put our heads and efforts together to solve common problems is going to be vital Thoughts?

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Collaboration Instructable

I was wondering, when you collaborate with another author, when someone views your profile, does the Instructable you collaborated on show up in your Instructables as well? I've noticed this to only be true if you were the one to invite someone to collaborate, not if you were invited to collaborate. For right now, it only shows up under the "Collaborate" tab, but people don't see that when they view my profile. I also use my Instructables account as a personal portfolio so this would be helpful to know. Thanks. 

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collaborations bug?

Im in a few collaborations right now and i cant add image notes when i use to be able to

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Collaboration Credit

I’ve recently collaborated on a few projects. Although the function works, it doesn't allow the co-author to get any credit. It seems like a simple solution would be to place the project on both author's pages. I see the question has been asked before without a decent response.

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Collaboration question

When you set someone as a collaboration, why doesnt it add that instructable in that member's member page? They helped with making it, so shouldnt they be seen as a co-author and show up as one of their instructables as well? If not, can we get a co-author option for this sort of thing?

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Collaboration experiment

Does anyone want to try the collaboration experiment again? I forget why it stopped the first time but I thought it was fun. It would essentially be the same except for a few things that I think would improve it

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Pivot Collaboration

Many people enjoy keith-kid's instructable on pivot, but because he no longer "pivots", the instructable has been discontinued. I'd like some collaborators, along with me, to produce an other instructable which covers more topics and covers them in greater detail. If I get enough acceptance, I'll make a start, but only if people are happy to collaborate. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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True collaboration

I had a crazy idea - a few people will each build a component of an electric bass guitar from scratch, and post an instructable of it. Then, once they have built it, they will send it to instructables hq, where an instructables team member will assemble it. These components are: 1. body - I am volunteering to construct a body out of plastic 2. bass pickups + electronics 3. Neck 4. steinberger style tuning system

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Collaboration, Innovation

I have a nice, (almost!) ready to use house in sub-urban Tampa close to everything! with a huge yard, garage, roof, EMPTY that I have tried to offer to a few small groups of semi-makers, who immediately put a contract under my nose limiting access to all others for 5 years while they make money there. NO NO NO     Where are all the woodworking, electronic robotic/arduino contolling aqua/permaculturist  hackers with great organizational skills that want to collaborate, innovate, grow their own food while mentoring their own and others' kids in S T E A M and maybe incubating new businesses like rainwater diverting, alternative energy material, exploring new and old skills and practices that make sense and keep our money home.? My son and I attended a conference put on by the extension service of the U of FL which basically told of so many opportunities available right now for back yard businesses to be allowed under the Best Management Practices umbrella. But noone is telling the citizens about this. We have to seek and find ourselves. I'm ready. Any farmers or fisherman out there that want to try something different for a season?

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The collaboration experiment

For my, or should I say our next Instructable I want to do a little experiment. The goal is to make a colaborated Instructable with the following rules in place: We each do a single step in the Instructable (excluding the materials step). Materials needed for each single step cost less then € 10 / $ 10. Tools needed for each step should be in most peoples shed (or their neighbours shed), you get the point: no big cnc'ing, lasercutting, wood milling, ...  Quality of step description, photo-work, ... should be feature worthy.  You get 1 week for each step, allowing for some trial and error, time for personal life, ... If technical constraints require more time, exceptions are possible after clear communication.  The concept is to do both the build, and collaborate further on the previous step, back and forth. No communication about the end goal. The project can go in all directions. Iterations continue until we both think that the end point is reached. At that point the Ible will be finished, an introduction and conclusions written and published.   I'm open for suggestions on improving the rules of the collaboration experiment, but I'm very keen on trying out this kind of experiment. I am only able to do one experiment at a time in this point in time. So if multiple people are interested, I suggest we make multiple couples and see where we go from there.  Who is willing to commit to this kind of experiment across time-zones, boundaries, crafts and expertises? It will be a challenge to get out of your comfort zone, explore new techniques and who knows what else? On spot left to join the experiment, please fill in this registration form. 5 of us already started the discussion on the rules and timing. The general concept is to start November 1th and finish by December 20th, in time for winter holidays.

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Project Collaboration?

I'm REALLY bored at work at the moment and need a personal project to distract me. The problem with past projects is I often run into problems or lose interest and they fall by the wayside. I was thinking that if the project was a collaboration I'd be more motivated and could call on people with better skills than me. Anyways I'll propose a few projects, and let me know if you are interested. Or if you've got an idea, post it up. I'd love to do something robotics related, but m programming skills aren't great. I can use "wrapper" environments, like Matlab and Arduino, but raw C++ isn't a strong point. I've got access to all the CAD stuff that would ever be needed, Pro/E, Solidworks, AutoCAD, ANSYS, Strand7. I've got some skills in and access to composite manufacturing, like carbon fibre and glass but no vacuum baggin facilities anymore. My first project idea is a bargraph type watch - kind of like the awesome binary watches here, but the time increments on a bargraph. I think only one bargraph to show the minutes would be necessary - you pretty much know the hour most of the time, and you could work it out using the minutes if it's around the hour. A ten segment display would give resolution of 6 minutes - good enough for most purposes. I could do the hardware layout and manufacturing for this project, but I don't think I could do the programming. how about a homemade SMS device? not the most practical when mobile phones are so small and cheap and would be WAY more fully featured, but I think it would be cool to have a homemade device that could at least send SMSs. Open source, single sided PCB, would be awesome. obviosuly as small as possible but maybe aim for something the size of a blackberry of treo? Not stylish maybe but maximum hacker cred thumb keyboard ---> microcontroller ---> cellular module&LCD GPS based car locator - I know this functionality exists in modern cars but certainly not my 1994 feroza - a box that sits in your car that SMSs you GPS coordinates if your car alarm is activated. I've been looking for this for ages in a commercial product but the prices are outrageous. Other more outlandish projects are a CNC machine and single sided, through-hole, no (or very little) programming MP3 player Any ideas?

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Examples of collaborative instructables

Curious if there are any collaborative instructables out there. I might be interested in collaborating but I don't have any ideas. chris

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Adding Collaborators! Help!

Hey. I'm posting here to get some help on adding collaborators to an Instructable. My friend and I were working on a new project to enter in the green contest and I wanted to add him as a collaborator. I tried going to the little collaboration tab. I clicked "Enable Collaboration." Then it just did this little thing saying Collaborators names. I still can't figure out how to do it! Help! Please!

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Collaboration Feature Error

My partner, who owns the project, added me as a collaborator, but I haven't received any notifications on my inbox. Do you know how I can access the Instructable?

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Website for collaborative design

I'd like a site where people can bounce ideas off each other and work on them together, like a wiki for projects. I thought Instructables was like this, but I guess not. For instance, I posted this idea as a "collaboration": I guess collaborations are more for writing collaboratively and not collaborative design. Anyone know of anything that does fit the bill?

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Collaborations and private instructables?

How do collaborations work with the new editor? Are we still able to publish instructables as "private"?

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Rating allowed by collaborator

I was able to rate a project I collaborated on: shouldn't have tried, but I was curious. My bad.)Originally this topic title indicated "vote" rather than "rate," sorry.

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Instructables collaboration not working

Hi I have a group of students trying to make a Instructable with the collaboration option, we are finding that things are not saving, Posibly the auto save is playing games. students are all using macbooks and chrome, safari, and firefox. photos text and, steps keep disappearing. please help

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Bug in showing collaborations

I've noticed several times that if I go to "View Persona" on myself, sometimes it shows collaborations that I'm not a member of there. Now I believe I've determined that after I look at someone else's profile, it shows their collaborations on my page for at least a little while if I look at my own profile. I'm not sure why this is.

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Collaboration Knex Sniper

I was wondering if anyone would like to build a Bolt Action Knex Sniper rifle with me now that its summer and ill have a lot of free time on my hands.

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What happened to collaborations?

Anyone know? Is the forum the replacement for collaborations? Anyways, I'd like to start a group or something to work on what to do with all these old damaged floppy/IDE cables I've got laying around.... I tried an ipod case, but it didn't turn out right...

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Images in Collaborative Instructables

Hey Instructables! The new editor image features are _great_. Really. Better than I could have imagined. There's one feature I wish existed: Access to collaborator's photos. I wish I could access all the photos associated with an instructable, as though they were my own. When I select photos associated with a particular instructable, I'd like to see theirs. Perhaps even a "Your Collaborators's Library" tab could be useful. I don't want access to any photos that aren't associated with the instructable, but I do want access to all the ones that are. *

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Looking for Creative Collaborators

I just became an Idea Provider to a cool start-up that just launched in New York City. In a nutshell, OpenInvo is a unique online ideas marketplace that connects individuals from the creative fields with innovation seeking companies looking to increase their business value. Check it out:

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What exactly is a collaboration ?

Now I've only been on Instructables a little while and I don't know a whole lot. So I am turning to you people, I need to know what a collaboration is and how to start one. If there is a forum or there is something that answers my question already then I am sorry, I just haven't seen it. So please help me. If you know anything else that I may not know then feel free to say it, everything helps !!! Thanks in advance. 

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collaboration on new group

I am starting a new group aimed at new authors. I have already posted a few Instructables. I did notice that there was not even an Instructable about an Instructable. So basically any authors who are interested contact me. I have very limited free time so I cannot undertake this project by myself. I would like anyone who is interested to already be a contributor.

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XPEDIT - Looking for Collaboration

Https:// For my upcoming adventure journey, i planned to build a handheld device that helps me to monitors temperature, humidity, air pressure, and altitude. Also, an alarm can be set for any of the parameters go beyond a user-defined threshold value. The device is powered with 1000maH lipo battery, with a backup of 72 Hours continues running! Consider this project for sensor contest, if it deserves! For the next version of this project, IAM looking for Collaboration, let me know anyone is interested!Edits : Collaborators welcome If you go hiking in your spare times, Any field of expertise are welocme if you are interested ...

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International Fiber Collaborative

International Fiber CollaborativeSeeking Participants,The goal for the International Fiber Collaborative is to give a opportunity to people who enjoy working with crafts, whether professional artists,hobbyists or students to come together all over the world to express our concerns towards our countries extreme dependency on oil for energy. Those who participate will crochet/knit/stitch/patch/ or collage a 36"x36" fiber panel that will express each artists view on this topic. By taking the step to create a panel with any design, and sending it in, in the larger picture, is expressing your concern towards this topic. Once all 800 panels that are needed are received, they will be sewn together to completely cover an abandoned gas station and gas pumps in central New York. You can check out the website at internationalfibercollaborative.comor contact Jennifer Marsh at blueangle1412@yahoo.comThank You,Jennifer Marsh

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Play a Collaboration Game?

Oh my... Coffee beans!.Let's try this again! ..Challenge: Oh my! I lost my precious special coffee beans! I need to travel around the world searching for them. Will you help me stay awake for that? I will need loooots of coffee for my mission ;)Design a new coffee filter! Collaborate and innovate together - find a new way to filter coffee. Do not use anything expensive and try not to create too much waste ;) Let's go!... How does this game work: 1) First collect ideas for a coffee filter here under this thread until Monday, March 04th midnight PST - write down what you think would work, freely. (Add in to the already collected ideas - challenge yourself!)2) Look at and discuss others' ideas here, while they are being collected.3) Select one idea that you like, and form teams - prototype together, form an Instructable, make it Collaborative. Or alternatively, just add in your existing Instructable and make it Collaborative. Innovate together! A very rough prototype that shows the principle is sufficient. The time limit for this step is to be announced - not more than several days. 4) Collect the 'ibles here under this thread (or I could make a collection of 'ibles if possible) 5) Let's vote and see which new coffee filter is the best! Try to win the most votes and be on the 'podium'!...I will always be around here - you could ask me anything and also give feedback :).Disclaimer: This is part of a research for my PhD at Istanbul Technical University, department of Industrial Design. The research is strictly non-commercial, only for academic purposes and not financed in any way. The only objective of this game is to encourage collaboration and innovation in communities, in a playful and fun way. Your ideas and identity will not be used or revealed, and your privacy will be protected. Thank you. e-mail:

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Tennis Project Collaboration

I roughed out a design (reversed engineered from various pictures) a tennis ball rebounder for a co-worker but it doesn’t look like he has the interest to build it anymore.  It’s a nice piece of equipment for anyone that likes to play tennis since you can set it up in driveway or basement.  Here are a couple of examples: Video 1 Video 2 I would like to do an instructables collaboration on the project with someone that would find this useful.  I would tweak the design (overall size, hardware, etc.) with your inputs.  Your responsibilities: Buy the materials which I’m estimating at less than $100.  Note that purchased versions cost up to $500. Build it - requires only a saw and drill Take a few pictures of the build and final product. Help with the documentation if needed  In the end, it is your rebounder to enjoy.  See my past instrucables for examples of my work/documentation. 

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Collaborative design website?

Instructables is mostly for publishing instructions about how to build something, but the design for the thing being built already exists. Is there a site for collaborative design of the thing being built? For instance, I want to propose an idea, describe what I've thought of so far, and then get help designing the parts I don't know enough about. I'm good with electronics, for instance, but bad with mechanical engineering, so I'd write up what I could about my idea, including electronics, and then request help from a mechanical expert on the rest. Others could propose different ways of doing the same thing, etc. Just posting in a forum or something isn't really good enough. Does anyone know of a site like this?

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Building A Segway Collaboration

So, I'm working on making a segway in my vocational tech class as a graded project. I am able to design pieces and send the sketches to another tech class that can make what I need, but I have to find or make the actual electrical components, such as micro-controllers, sensors, etc., myself. The school allows a certain budget for buying necessary components, but I do need help figuring out what pieces I need. I am a wiz at programming and can learn almost any language within a few weeks. What I really need help with is figuring out the electronics. I don't want people just telling me what to use, I'd like an explanation, even a short one, so I understand why the piece is needed and increase my understanding of electronics. I am currently clueless about the different brands and types of micro-controllers, and would really like help in that respect, and as the project progresses, I am sure I will need more help. The topic has 'Collaboration' in the title because I would like multiple suggestions and tips to learn from and choose, and multiple sources of input could help me in the long run. So, for the first question, I have to ask, what would be the best micro-processor for building a segway, and why?

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Web Collaboration, of Sorts

No, not the World Wide Web--colonies of spiders that build giant communal webs to catch their prey. However, there is an interesting twist: spiders maximize their food supply per spider if the colony includes 500 spiders; more than that, and each spider gets less.As the number of occupants grows, the volume of the webs they construct increases - but the surface-area-to-volume ratio declines. The area of web is the all-important determinant of numbers of prey caught, so bigger colonies catch proportionally fewer prey items.Reminds me of Dunbar's Number, the theory that says that groups of larger than approximately 150 people are no longer optimal because humans cannot effectively have and maintain that many social relationships.Spider Webs Article

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Minor bug: Collaboration rating

If you have a collaboration, anyone who is collaborating can still rate the instructable.  That a feature?

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Make a super awesome collaboration!!!

Does anyone have an idea for a cool airsoft collaboration?

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collaboration authors not credited in Instructable

Hi- I recently collaborated with a friend on an instructable, and while it recognizes the collaboration enough to allow me to edit, it never credits me on the instructable page. How can we fix that?

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Collaborations that your arn't part of

I first noticed this when gmoon was talking about it. Something shoud be done so that you don't have to be a collaborator just because you are invited. I looked at my collaboration instructables and there's like 10 that i've never seen before.

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How to you start a collaboration?

My addition to the project been recognized by the other author within the intro text, but I wonder if I can be listed as Co-author.

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Make collaborators more prominent?

. Almost 70% (sounds better than two-out-of-three heehee) of the iBles with my name on them are collaborations. With one in particular, my main function was just to get the ball rolling and the other collaborators did most of the work. But unless you click the more info button, it looks like I did all the work.. I'm not sure how to do it without taking up too much real estate, but I would like to see collaborators listed without having to click more info. At least a prominent "X collaborators" notation.. . Graphic by caitlinsdad

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Minecraft Guide Collaboration partner

Ive already started it but if youre interested, inbox me. Not really much to say, just wondering if anyone is interested. -Hiyadudez

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Knex gun collaboration anyone?

Does anyone want to collaborate? I think I want to build a bolt action sniper that shoots yellow rods. If you have other ideas, send me a PM. So far I've built the stock (very comfy) and the part where the rods go after they come out of the mag. Anyway, if you want to collaborate, post it here.

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Im going to start an instructable collaboration on how to make money, it will be geared towards kids and teenagers, people who cant/dont-want-to go get a job. Parts will be general money making ideas and some more specific to the summer months, And try to suggest creative ideas to instead of the average babysit, dog-walk and lawn mow. I am looking for some collaborators, so if you want to help out post a comment below and share some ideas. in about 3 days ill choose around 4-5 people to help! I hope there is some interest beacuse lots of kids ask these questions, hopefully it will be great ! Thanks, SMART

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Locating Collaborators for the Makerspace Contest?

Is there a way to locate other Instructable members that live within the 100 mile limit of this contest? I only know of 1 other member in my area and the contest states you need to have a team of 5-20 people. FYI If anyone in the southeastern PA area wants to join the contest, send me a private message.

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Collaboration between ModSquad and OpenProsthetics?

Hello! I'm curious whether the ModSquad group has contacted, or explored collaboration with, the Open Prosthetics Project. While the idea of an inexpensive and colorful cosmetic prosthesis is excellent, I wonder whether it might be possible to develop a somewhat functional, while still inexpensive, prosthetic arm as well.For children, it might not need have the complexity or range of motion the OPP is aiming for, but even something might be useful.

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Collaborative design lab survey

Hello, My name is Dan Streelman, I am a graduate student studying Museum Exhibition Planning and Design at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I am currently conducting a survey for my graduate thesis concerning the development of an interdisciplinary collaborative design and prototype lab for museums. This prototype lab would emphasize building, tinkering and learning by  doing. As creators, builders and tinkers, I would greatly appreciate your input. This survey should take about 5 minutes, and your responses will be extremely valuable to my project going forward. Please feel free to forward this to any colleagues you feel may be interested. Survey Link: If you would like to contact me directly about my project, I'd love to hear from you. I can be reached at Thank you for your time and participation. Best, Dan Streelman

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'How to thank Instructables' collaboration

'How to thank Instructables' collaboration. Yes, I know I have done something pretty much exactly like this before. But lets be honest, the letters were rubbish, they were boring, and it was all done by me. This one is really going ot be one done by quite a few (14 people including me to be exact. One person per letter) knexers in the Instructables community. But the letters that you have to make, can't be like mine. All boring and flat and dull. They have to be CREATIVE, FUN, AWESOME, COOL! Now, you may volunteer to do a letter, but once you volunteer, you can't get out! DUN DUN DUNNNNN! :-) So anyway, please join in and thank the ible staff. Here are the paces avalible: The hand/glove - I - N - S - Hiyadudez (Sorry, I want the S for some reason :-P) T - Owen-mon-82397 R - Smilee U - Sprout_less C - T - A - Killer~safecracker B - DSMAN195276 L - Seleziona E - S - CJ81499 When you finish your letter, DO NOT show it to ANYONE! Once you have confirmed that you will be doing a letter, I will PM you with the link to the chatroom where you can show other collaboration members your letters and chat about stuff. Thanks for helping, and good luck :-)

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