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collar expander?

Has anyone made a good collar expander?  My husband gains and loses a 1/2 inch in the neck area "from time to time" and I can't always locate his purchased expander.  Cordially, nehmah

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a paracord dog collar?

How to make one as a choker collar

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How to stiffen a collar?

I have several dressy shirts that have floppy collars, or collars that crease in the wrong place.  They have to be ironed each time I wear them.  How can I permanently stiffen the collar so that it stands up nicely and looks good?

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diy collars NOT dog? Answered


Question by spockck    |  last reply

diy bdsm collar?

I cant get leather

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Dog Collar Hack

I am wondering where to go to get some help shrinking the size of our dog training collar. We only use the beeper but it has vibration and shock elements. The collar is too big for our Chihuahua and I am trying to figure out how to remove the unwanted items and print a new, smaller enclosure. We would still need the transmitter, beeper and battery.Thanks, Steve

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Glow in the Dark collars for Kitties

This is my first actual post though I've loved the site for a long time now. Anyhow I have two new cats, beautiful friendly, I love them to bits. The only trouble is they are very dark furred and there's been a couple of times they've hidden in plain sight. Me and my fiance are both worried about stepping on them I thought some glowing type collar would be cool. I've been searching the web for an answer and I can't really find anything so I decided to make one of my own. I have limited experience with electronics, I saw the post with an ewire I think it was called collar for dogs. I should be able to figure that out however the cat collar would be much smaller and I don't think it would comfortably sport the battery unit. I ditched the idea of glow in the dark paint (flaking and the cats probably wouldn't appreciate the fumes). I considered some glow-in-thedark hot glue.. but I don't know how to do that without making a collar look lik ea stiff, plasticy, mess. Maybe weaving some of the glow in the dark plastic laces into a collar kinda like the paracord bracelets? Anyone have any other ideas? Anyone heard of some glowing material or even glowing material dye? Thanks :)

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How to make a lighted dog collar? Answered

The days are getting shorter and my time at the dog park involves some darkness. I don't want to lose my dogs and I don't want the same lighted collar like everyone else purchased. Lighted collars out there are very limited in style AND expensive.

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I have a "petsafe" dog collar. It is not working well. Can I change the voltage?

On the back side of the collar there is a knob that says something like "preset by the factory don't change".

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An RF cat collar to keep dog away wearing its PetSafe invisible fence collar

I have a pup that will not stop chasing my cat. I cannot find a product on the market that would have an RF transmitter on a cat's collar so that the unit on the pup's collar would receive a correction upon coming close to the cat. There MUST be a way to make a hack! 

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Any ideas for making a vibrating dog collar?

My dog is deaf and I need to make a collar for her that vibrates and also makes a tone for me to hear. I don't want anything like the bark collars that spray or shock, I don't want me calling her to be a negative action. Any ideas?

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How do I make a feather collar?

How do I make a feather collar like the one in the attached picture? Feathers, some kind of closure... but what is the best way to bind the feathers to the ribbon/fabric? Anyone have any advice? Thanks!

Question by fluorescence    |  last reply

Anyone have plans for a dog shock collar?

I checked the prices and (gasp!) couldn't believe it. I'd like to learn how to do things on my own, continue learning, but I cannot find plans to make a shock collar with remote. No need for all the bells and whistles, just 2 or 3 settings. Training is so much easier with these and doesn't hurt pooch either. Any help would be appreciated.

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I need a invisible fence transmitter that will fit on a small dog collar and run off of batteries. Any ideas?

I have two house dogs that I need to keep separate. The aggressive one needs to wear an invisible fence collar on the 7K or 10K frequency. I would love to find a way to fit a very small transmitter on the other dogs collar would only need to trigger a correction if within 1 foot.

Question by GGryphon  

in ground dog fence troubleshooting,

I fixed a break a week ago, now both dog collars are not registering. the fence alarm is not sounding, so I replaced both batteries in the dogs collars, still nothing, got any ideas?

Question by youngerboo    |  last reply

paracord braid/weave

Can anyone figure out how to braid or weave this and somehow instruct me on how to do it  PLEASE

Topic by medicbowling    |  last reply

Does the sailor uniform collar have any purpose?

OK. I know the reason for bell bottoms. I know the reason for the button flies with the button holes at odd angles. But I've never figured out the big square collar down the back.  Anybody know?

Question by mole1    |  last reply

Need a shock type collar for a fixed male cat to stop him from attacking a fixed female cat when he gets too close. Answered

Our 8 year old fixed male cat has decided he hates a fixed female in the house. He only attacks her, we thought fixing her would help, but it did not...he stalks her, and attacks her and bites her around the neck. We thought if we could put a low frequency shock type halter on him so when he gets within a few feet of her it would give him a small shock so he would avoid her. She of course would also have to have a collar on to "see" him coming. We have tried many different things, at this point she is safe in a separate room with a screen door, but that isn't fair to her or the other cats. Thank you and no I do NOT like the idea of shocking him, but I also do no like the fact she can be laying sleeping in a window, doing nothing wrong and he just jumps her. BTW..he is a very large Maine Coon/Siamese mix..about 18 lbs and she is a domestic short hair about 8 it is never fair. 

Question by lzigler    |  last reply

Unknown Part of Drill - Help? Answered

This should probably be an easy answer, yet I'm unable to find it through Google. On almost, if not every hammer drill, there's a part that lets you connect a handle to the drill, like this: or like this: (clickable links in the comment below) How is that part called? A collar? Thanks.

Question by Yonatan24    |  last reply

Shock Collar activated by mobile phone call/text?

Hi,  I want to convert an electric shock collar to be activated by a call or text sent from my mobile phone. It has to operate long distance, so I assume some sort of stripped-down mobile device will be needed that can receive a mobile signal.  I have no idea how ot go about this, anybody have a solution for me? Does a device like this already exist, here or on the market?  I tried shopping about but could find no commercial device of this nature, only 'long range' RF shock collars with a maximum range of 1000 metres. 

Question by Ohnanka    |  last reply

paracord braid/weave collar i havent seen before

Cany anyone figure out how to make this type of braid or weave and somehow instruct me on how to do it? PLEASE HELP

Topic by medicbowling    |  last reply

Found old dog collar, can i make it into a sort of taser? Answered

I found an old dog shock collar on my street with a broken collar(not reciever), can i make a remote to make it shock, or turn it into a taser? Basically i want something that i can have fun with, to shock my friends, or my other idea (since i have a mildly aggressive pit bull, would be to make a remote, so when he is outdoors and goes after strangers i can send the small shock it outputs to help train him to not act that way. Please help me figure this out, as i am a geek but know little about electronics when it comes to building them. Thanks. oh also the collar is a " Petsafe PIF-275" collar if this helps at all in figuring out how to do this.

Question by jefletch    |  last reply

Finding the center of an elipse (I guess) with random points on the circumference? Answered

First thing to note is that this is NOT an assignment for school, it is a real life issue. I'm trying to make a collar for a little laser diode module which has proved to not be centered (as expected, it was only about £5). After sticking it in a lathe pointing at a wall (the wall isn't parallel with the lathe thus making it an elipse problem) and spinning it by hand, I get a wobbly circle/elipse shape which i then marked out on a sheet of paper to find a center point from which I can find how many degrees off it is which will allow me to make a proper laser re-alignment collar.

Question by The Ideanator    |  last reply

how can i clean my dogs collar to remove the stagnant water smell?

My dogs collar always stinks as it is not leather and the fabric it is absorbs all the horrible water.

Question by endeavourkid    |  last reply

Using TEC chips and heatsinks for personal cooling - heating collars or pads

I've been toying with using TEC chips (facinating devices that are cheap - applying voltage make one side hot - the other cold, Inversely, appling any existing temprature differential to the sinks PRODUCES POWER). They are used most commonly by consumers in auto beverage coolers and heaters. It  started when a car ran me down on my bike, and I was wearing a neck brace for months. I thought about how misserable I'd be if it were summertime. I also thought of those poor people that always wore them... Anyway, there's a thousand different easy ways to do this - I took fluid-filled plastic sections of a beverage cooler and attached them to a belt, which hangs around my neck. applied the heat  sink of the TEC and there you go - just wrap it in something. Now if I were on a motorcycle in summer and stopped in traffic, the cool collar would be a lifesaver, as well as a myriad of other apps. I cannot figure out the best (inexpensive) way to control this. It's easy enough to turn on and off - you can hardly forget it! But if I allow the chip to get too much wattage it will get too hot and self-destruct. Also, if I limit the wattage correctly, it would just need adjusting, and could be left on most of the time. The idea here is there are many ways to do this but they are too expensive... I want everyone to be able to afford it. If you use a Pot or resistor, the excess goes to heat and ruins battery life, and other controllers of DC current are expensive. Any help? I am almost 60 and have earned the nickname Misc. Expert among my family and friends, and I must say I'm very impressed with what y'all do here in this newsletter - Congrats!

Topic by miscexpert    |  last reply

How can I build a pet door that opens with magnet/radio collars? Answered

MAIN QUESTION: Does anyone know how to build a pet door like this? Secondary (less important) question : How can I make two pet doors that open this way, but only one collar opens one door? I need to create a three way split in my house, [ A  | B | C ] one cat can access part A but not part C. One cat can access part C but not A. Both can access part B.  I would like to create two pet doors that open by sensing magnets or radio frequencies that can be attached to their collars.

Question by knicole5    |  last reply

What could be causing a chemical smell (like a flea collar) in my room ?

I am a single mom of 4 and i had a portion of my lung removed last year so i really feel like i need to figure this out. We have a small dog but we have no flea collar in this apartment but that's exactly what we smell. We only smell it at my desk by my computer which is by a window in the corner next to common wall with neighbor which also shares a wall in the master bath. The common wall has painted paneling. I am a very clean person and this is really making me worry.

Question by AprilK2    |  last reply

Remote controlled Pager/vibrating device-compact and light

I am new to Instructables and was hoping for some help. I have been reading through many posts and projects to find what I need, but still need help. I am trying to build a vibrating remote controlled collar to signal to my deaf dog. I would like something very compact that has a small vibrating motor in it that also works at a small distance, not more than 50 yards or so. I only need one setting, two would be great if possible. I just want a small transmitter, (size of a garage door opener) with a single or two buttons to produce a small vibration, and maybe a more intense vibration, to get the dogs attention when he is not looking at me. From there, he is trained to visual hand signals. Any help on how to build this, and build it as LEAST bulky as possible? I have seen a few instructables I am trying to piece together, but I am not an electronics person, have done a few projects like building an egg incubator...So far I know I need a transmitter and a receiver, a power source, which I was hoping could be smaller than a 9volt battery, and a small vibrating motor, possibly the minidisc or bullet type that runs off 3V? Not sure if that would even be strong enough, but my dog is pretty sensitive. I am not opposed to spending a little money, as the dog collars on the market are either cheap garbage for around $20 or good quality but have way more unnecessary features than I need and cost a whopping $200. Thank you very much!

Topic by DaveB154    |  last reply

Micro Invisible fence transmitter

I am looking to have a Micro transmitter for an invisible fence made. This will need to trigger the invisible fence shock collar when it gets within 2 feet. I have a dog with a shock collar that attacks a smaller, older dog in the house. I want a transmitter that will fit on the collar of the smaller dog, run off of batteries with a LED to show it is powered on. I have an extra receiver to test with, and i can send photos of the transmitter and what information i have. Willing to pay COD for delivery.

Topic by GGryphon    |  last reply

How do I make a proximity sensor that is specific to something small/light (I will hang it from a cat's collar)?

Pretty much what the title says.  Trying to get a proximity sensor for when one cat walks up, but not the other (thought to hang a target on one cat's collar).  That way a device can run when one cat comes close, but not the other.

Question by Taiji    |  last reply

Keeping track of your ants...

This may well be the world's smallest tracking collar. From an article in Science News.

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply

Why do Clergy have White Bands around their neck/collar? What does it represent?

I really need to know! If you have information on this, please answer :-)

Question by TheGasMaskGuy    |  last reply

I would like to have a pattern or something to help me make a t-shirt a little dressier? Maybe a different neckline?

I woud like to find a way to dress up my $4.00 new t-shirt. I have seen scarfs or collars on t-shirts at craft fairs but I have forgotten how to do it and how it looks. Maybe someone can help me?

Question by sassier299    |  last reply

what does this dream mean ?

The inportant part was when psychiatrist said u wear this collar becuase she was giving a pep talk to someone else

Question by spockck    |  last reply

Dog bark sensor

Hello!  I'm looking to experiment with a DIY dog bark control/training system, but I'm not sure where to start on the bark sensing front.  I know that commercial bark control collars (don't worry -- I'm not building a shock collar) use a combination of mics and vibration sensors together to reduce false positives and prevent the system from triggering if it is another dog doing the barking.  Any ideas how I could build something that performs a similar function?

Topic by dean24us    |  last reply

Does anyone know how to make a cheap dog tracking device that can be worn around the collar??

Got a dog that likes to run with the Deer, and fortunately we have found him everytime after a couple of days. Would have been easier if we knew which direction he had gone though. Perhaps he will never learn.

Question by macduff45    |  last reply

Would love to be able to make my own underground dog fence

All these brands of dog fences out on the market and so many to choose from. I previously purchased one of the best ones you can get and unfortunately my dog got smart and tore the collar of the wall charger and shredded it to pieces. So instead of purchasing the expensive collar, it would be great to see someone build one of the system. Thank you for your help!

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portable and light weight displays?

I need some ideas to make a better portable displays for my pet collars i sell at craft fairs The first displays I used spinning racks. I like they were light weight, but i had to unload and load racks every show The second display are nice, but still have some problems. The collars still fall , even though i have them strapped down with elastic. But they are very heavy. It was very hard for me to unpack and set up myself any suggestions, or maybe a lighter material ? Kathy Deacy-Moore

Question by KathleenD4    |  last reply

Anyone know where one can by a ball lock in component form?

I need to source a small ball lock, or the components for one. I have a device which has a broken retaining collar for the ball, and I want to replace.

Question by rodonn    |  last reply

Expressing my sincere appreciation......

I really love the jacket I just received in the mail from Instructables, it has a nice high collar to keep out the wind, and is about the correct "weight" (I rarely wear coats) for me.  It is greatly appreciated. 

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

Home made Tweedle Dee and Dum, costumes...

I'm trying to make Tweedle Dee and Dum costumes but I can't figure out how to make the collars. I was going to sew them and attach to a t-shirt that I will dye yellow. Any better ideas?

Question by clanoblackadders    |  last reply

How to attach button mic to batteries and a recording device? Answered

Looking for help in connecting a button mic to a cat collar that either has recording capability to a card or USB drive; or send signal by Bluetooth or another wireless alternative.  Thanks

Question by jscott14    |  last reply

what this metal ring called? Answered

These collars are found in a variety of applications large and small, this particular one came out of a broken flatbed scanner. I've seen variants with bearings on the inside ring allowing full rotation in industrial settings and small hobby ones used for axles. So, is there a name for these?

Question by mikeasaurus    |  last reply

When Carbon Fiber Bikes Break

Not 100% sure how the rider fell (all sorts of stories), but when he did crash - this is the result. CF tubes broken in two places and 1 broken collar bone (a not too uncommon injury on bigger accidents). Just thought someone might be interested :)

Topic by trebuchet03    |  last reply

Is there a way to have an electronic key on my cats collar so everytime she goes in my room a buzzer goes off ??

I was wondering if you could make an electronic key or something like that so when she crosses or enters the area a buzzer or alarm goes off so she runs away.

Question by jules15    |  last reply


Anyone know how to make a simple coat (jacket) out of a blanket or throw? I have seen them on people and they are really nice. They look like you basically just fold and sew, the fringe of the throw frames the collar and hem. I appreciate your help and advice! Thank you!! :-)

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D.I.Y.: How To Build A Fully Automatic Cat Door?

Paying over $300 for one, is just too much. plus 40 bucks for each collars. Do anyone know How To build a Fully Automatic Cat Door?

Topic by marquita188    |  last reply

Ideas to keep the cat out at night when she has a victim?

Hi my name is Robin and i have a cat problem. My cat has a cat door so she can walk in and out as she want, but she is bringing mice and rats and its not fun the hear her killing the victim in the middle of the night and its almost every night. So i was thinking about building something so she cant enter the house when she has her victims. I think im going to use my arduino somehow. like scann her or somthing and if she has a mice the door is locked. Im open to any ideas except collar with bell, she dont like to were collar. thanks in advance

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