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Collections?? Answered

Can you still do collections? Cause they aren't showing up on my profile page.

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Please tell me how to publish a collection.

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How do I add an instructable to a collection?

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I have a very good coin collections my father left me.  I'm not really into coins, and would like to unload them to someone who has a good knowledge about coins.  He collected these coins while how was in WWIi.  Here is a description of what I have:   I have around 20 silver dimes that are so old, the dates have rubbed off. There is one dime dated 1907.  I have one Morgan dollar-date 1917.  I have several buffalo nickels.  I have the following silver quarters: 1952' 1954, 1947, 1942, (2) 1943, 1956, 1941, 1946, 1944, 1942, 1954, 1963, 1961, 1957, 1950, 1944, 1960, 1924, 1907, 1951, 1964, 1936, 1955.  I have several silver dimes, nickels, and quarters where the date has been rubbed off.  I have not "clean" the coins or "polished."  I would just like a "ballpark" amount of the coins I have....

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what are collections?

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Draft collections cannto be removed.

And there seem to not be any way to report a bug so here it's. I screated 2 identical collecitons because intercafe sucks, and now i cannot remove them because UI sucks even more?

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How do I see my own collections

A newbie question. I added some instructables to collections using the +collection button. But how do I actually see my own collections? Where do I click? I went to my profile page but there is no where that leads to my own collections.

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How to Start a Collection where do you go?

I forgot where do you start a collection

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Why is it so hard to get a Collection started?

I thought I had made one, but it didn't show up in my profile. I went back, and apparently I only got to the "Draft" stage. When I tried to start it up, it said I had to add 5 Instructables to it - but how do you do it from that page? Is there a tutorial on setting up Collections? This is very frustrating. ETA: And now I see that there is no option for asking *this* kind of question offered in the categories or Channels boxes below. Well, I can't find a Contact Us button, so this goes here. Not very user-friendly.

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Sort collections

Howdy, It would be really nice if we could sort the order of our collections. :)

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Collections - a problem?

First off, this post is in no way targeted at any specific authors, and is just a piece of opinionated feedback. However, I will make reference to the data that I found about certain users. I love Instructables. Specifically, I love being able to browse the recent section, to see what fantastic ideas people have come up with and shared with the world. However, I hate being confronted by a wall of 'Collections' - it really does bug me! It is not new work - yes, it can make it convenient to look at recipes that all use tofu, or DIY quadrocopter plans to compare them, but it is not new content! I don't want to be offensive, but when you make 88 collections in under 2 weeks, it comes across like you're just begging/spamming for votes and don't have anything useful to add of your own design/ I propose a filter, that would allow you to remove collections from your viewing on 'Recent', to stop them clogging up the page if you so wish - not a policy change to stop collections from appearing, but an option to do so.  As a separate proposal, I suggest that the views for collections be disabled, to discourage spamming, and promote original content. I'd love some feedback from others, so please do chip in. If you want, you can PM me if you have the desire for a more private conversation. Cheers, S.

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Collection Help

Hello, I need help collecting things for my rainbow loom fun collection. I will be collecting from now to 1/31/14. if I do not have enough I will say so on my orangeboard and will continue to stretch the date until I  collect enough instructables. please leave a comment saying something like  "I think some of my instructables will help your collection". again, I need help collecting rainbow loom instructables for my collection and I will be collecting until 1/31/14. If I do not have enough instructables I will extend the date and will say so on my profile and orangeboard.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     please help me collect instructables for my collection.                                                                                         thank you.

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Collection bug

When I try to add an ible to one of my collections, I get an error. Also when I try to unpublish or save the collection the error occures. It's only this one, the other collections are fine. I'm using a mac, 10.6.8 and Firefox, latest version

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 Im interested in the motivations behind people collecting things, the value that these objects have to the owner and how these objects are displayed within the home environment. Any pictures you could take of your own 'collections' of objects ( these could be anything from stamps to vinyl toys to fabrics etc) would be great too. Im interested in whether an emotional bond with the collection grows with the amount of objects in the collection. How people interact with their collections? Any rituals performed around your collections? etc any help would be awesome comments feedback etc. Are there any social aspects of collecting which are important to you? -cheers  chris

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Recent Collections

I just published my first collection today, and I've noticed that it doesn't show up in the recent feed when "all types" is selected. You have to choose collections only in order to be able to see recent collections. I also noticed that none of the recent collections have been featured. Obviously they don't all deserve to be featured, but it seems like collections may be getting neglected because they aren't showing up on the recent feed. 

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Adding to Collection

I am new to this and I have set up a collection which is in drafts at the moment.  When I try to add instructables to it by clicking on the +COLLECTION button on what I want to add, nothing happens and nothing is added to the collection. Please can someone tell me what I am doing wrong. Regards

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collecting gas

Hey everyone my freind is needed to collect and store 50ml of any gas she chooses and well, we have no idea how to do it. any ideas???? it can be any gas just as long as its a simple easy way to get the gas thanks :)

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Adding to Collections

Just wanted to post some feedback. After being away from Instructables for a while, I was trying to figure out how to add an 'ible to my collection, and had to google the answer. I hadn't even noticed the dot menu until that point, even after scrolling up and down the page and refreshing a few times. This process could be made more transparent.

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Instructables collection

1ST of all i want to say that i LOVE instructables and am kind of adicted to it but 1 thing let me down-you cant win on a contest if you dont live in:Usa,Canada,UK,australia please make it worldwide it wil make a very nice addition

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Guides updated to Collections

How do I upload a picture to use as the icon for any collection I create?  There doesn't appear to be any way to do this.  Also one of the guides/collections I did create, the picture has gone and I can't load another.

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Can't publish a collection.

Hi, I am having a problem trying to publish a collection. When I hit publish, I get an error message that says "Opps, something went wrong!". If I click the x on the message the message goes a way but the Publish Your Collection pop up stays with a cursor that spins forever. Please look at the screenshot for reference. Here is as much information as I can provide. Collection id is OYNUVW5IAWDJBHYU, currently listed as a draft collection. Slackware Linux 14.1 Firefox 31.7.0 Chromium 43.0.2357.130 (64 bit) The steps to reproduce this is: Select You -> Drafts Find my Collection and press draft (url above). Press Publish Press Publish on Choose Cover Image pop up. I get the error message.

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Collections are now "Draft Collections?

Why are all my Collections now "draft collections"?  How do I change them back to regular collections? 

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Project won't allow download or add to collection

I want to add a project to my collections and also to download it, but it always directs me to the login popup even though I'm logged in. I can download and add to collections on other pages so it appears to be unique to this specific project:

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How do you scroll down the collections bar?

When you see something to add to your collection and have more than 2 collections already, how do you scroll down? I press the down button but it doesn't do anything.

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What is the "collections" option under the "Instructables" tab of my "you page"? Answered

I am trying out different functions of Instructables. I realized I could try out the question function by asking about another function I don't know about.

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Views gone on collections? Answered

Why don't the views show up on the collections anymore? I noticed this when I posted a few collections and I couldn't keep tabs on them easily.

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Views gone on collections

Why don't the views show up on the collections anymore? I noticed this when I posted a few collections and I couldn't keep tabs on them easily.

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Instructables Collection Update

I think it high time that the Instructables crew redesigned the collections aspect of the site, the collections are full of odd behaviour, missing features and bugs that need to be resolved I have compiled a few issues which should be addressed, comment if you think this is an important issue and with any bugs not listed below. - Newly created collections often won't appear under profile tab until the user has logged out and logged back in. - Collections have no clear way to add a custom cover photo - No way to delete a published or unpublished collection - Collections occasionally getting deleted for no apparent reason I believe the Instructables team should address this issue very soon, just the presence of your comment can help bring this to the attention of the Instructables staff.

Topic by jackreno11  

It is still possible to create collections?

It is still possible for users to create collections? If yes, how? I can't find a way...

Topic by marcellahella    |  last reply

How to edit my Collections

I like the Collections tab, but I can't find a way to move things from one Collection to another. HELP!!

Topic by cwright18    |  last reply

how do u make collections on instructables Answered

How do u make collections on instructables  

Question by Fin the human    |  last reply

How does one access and publish "Collections" ?

Okay, I have set up a couple of collections, but I can't figure out how to access them or publish them.  Any thoughts?​

Question by casey.milender    |  last reply

Alphabetical order of collections when managing them, or when adding an item to one of them

Attention to web master... Hi, All websites are usually displaying alphabetically sorted lists. The reason is that it makes the things easier, faster and useful for all users. In, it would be wonderful if when adding a new instructable to one of our existing collections, our list of collections was displayed sorted by alphabetical order into the sub-menu list used for the choice of the proper collection. Similarly, it would be awesome if the collections was displayed as a list sorted by alphabetical order, when managing our collections in the "Settings" menu. In advance, thank you to the web management team for such great and useful improvements.

Topic by jlcdi  

Is there a limit on how many instructables you can favorite or add to a collection?

Hello, I have a question about favoring and adding instructables to collections: is there a limit on how many of those you can favorite and add to a collection? I tried googling this question and searching for an answer in the forums but no luck. Any help would be much appreciated. I don't know if this question is being posted in the right area or not, but if it's not in the right place then i apologize in advance, (i'm still kinda new to the site, it's features, and to the forums).

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Sorting wonky in Recent feed and Answers

The recent page shows nothing but collections when set to "everything", and not all those collections are recent. The answers page is also wonky, showing nothing but years-old questions. 

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Where's my "Favorites" or "Collections"??

​I want to use this site, but it's a PITA for reasons like this. I find an instructible I want to check out later, or maybe plan on doing over the weekend. But unless I bookmark the page, I can't find it again. ​ - ​I've added things to "Favorites", but can't find where I can view my favorites. ​- I've added things to "Collections", but can't find my collections. ​ ​So how are you supposed to view things you want to save for later? What am I missing?

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What is Collection in Instructables?

After reading some explanations about Collections, I still don't get. Could anyone please explain what is Collection in instructable, and what is used for? Why I can edit the collections, which are someone's published instructables? Is there any official guide about how to use Collection? Thanks.

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Collections Feature Request

Please can we have... The ability to delete our own collections, especially the draft ones. The ability to flag collections for spam etc, as we do for Instructables and Forum topics. ... pretty please?

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Error adding to collection

I have several collections of little items I like, and lately when I try to add more Instructables to it, it says "error adding to collection". Also I think some of the Instructables have disappeared from my Altoids tins collection. Has anyone else had this problem? Can it be fixed?

Topic by tinyweasel    |  last reply

Can't edit collection

I published a new collection.  During the time it took to publish it, I got "an error has occurred".  Now when I go into the collection and hit edit or try to add an additional page to the collection, I get "Something unexpected happened! If the error keeps occurring, file a bug report!"

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Change Collection Icon

I don't see a way to change the collection Icon, ie, primary image and three side images. It's pretty much stuck the way it is and I want to change it to make it look different than other member's collection.  Please help. My collection is "Got Wood" - Wooden Gadgets.

Topic by alcurb  

Adding to my collection

I found an instrucable that I want to add to my collection. How do I do that?

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Can't delete collection

[Win 7 - Chrome] Like the title says I can't delete a (draft) collection for a long time now. There is no option to do so, only edit and there is nothing there to delete. or am I missing something?

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Deleting a draft collection?

I accidentally created a copy of one of my draft collections, anyone know how to get rid of it?

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Error adding to collection

One of my collections is malfunctioning, it's called "Altoids Tins". When I try to add more things to it it says "error adding to collection". I have made a new version of the collection but I can't unpublish the old one, and if I delete items it doesn't work. Also many items have disappeared from it. I have given up on trying to fix it since I have the new collection, but I would at least like to delete it. Can you help?

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Change Collection Icon

I don't see a way to change the collection Icon, ie, primary image and three side images. It's pretty much stuck the way it is and I want to change it to make it look different than other member's collection.  Am I missing something?  Please help.

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Can't edit Collection

Hi, I made a collection ( ) that can not be edited or unpublished. I addition, the graphical feedback after trying to add something was quite misleading by showing a green checkmark along with the error statement (see image below) Sorry for crossposting the topic to the FAQ section (in ) - I now realize that it must be a bug. I also tried to reproduce the error by making a new collection with the same content. However, this new collection can edited and unpublished without any problems. Any ideas? Best wishes, Lars

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Collect from draft?

Ive done with all my photos ext, but cant save or get a function to collect from draft so that my invention is published.

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