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So, what is your plan, what plan are you executing, or what was your plan? (not yet in college, in college, graduated) Just curious. I want to go to The Art Institutes or University of Florida for a bachelors in fine arts or business, and then go to Brooks in California for my masters in photography.

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art college Answered

Does anyone know what  kind of art  supplies you should  take with you to a art college?

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College Search

Hey guys!I'm a high school freshman (or a sophomore now, rather. score!) and Mom wants me to start taking a look at different colleges Now, I don't know too much about colleges, but I do know that I should probably go to one where I can get the kind of major that I want. Thing is, I really don't know what I want to major in, or what I want to do after I finish my schooling. So I figured I'd start with my interests. Here's my top 3:Computers- I've always liked computers, but I really became hooked when I learned about CharredPC's i'ble on how to make XP look like Vista, when tech_king walked me through the steps of how to open a PC, and when LinuxH4X0r and a few others taught me about Linux. And, I know quite a bit about computers and continue to learn more and more about them every time I use them.Engineering- I like building stuffs, but I'm not too great at it. I don't really have the time, money, resources, or transportation that I need to work with the things that interest me most. More specifically, I like automotives, but once again, I don't have the skills or experience, just the interest.Music- My passion. I play clarinet and tenor saxophone pretty well, and can also play the trumpet and harmonica. I'm hoping to get really good at the saxophone, and play that in marching, concert, and jazz bands at my high school, and hopefully play it in a college marching band. Eventually, I'd also like to learn to play piano/keyboard, violin, percussion/drums, and bass guitar.Oh! Location should be important, too. Any good colleges across the states are good; particularly I'm probably going to have to stick with the southeast; as far north as Virginia and as far west as Texas, but once again, feel free to tell me of any good schools you know.

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College Hunting!

Hello, my dear Instructablonians! Life has been busy, and I haven't been on here in AGES! I'm sure many of you have no idea who I am, and those of you who do know are either dead or are too afraid to admit they know me. But no matter! Let's continue! In case you didn't know, I'll be graduating from high school next year! Yippee! That means I get to go to college! Yippee! But first I have to find a nice college so I will be happy and learn very goodly. My dilemma is this: with 4000 colleges in the US of Awesome, there's really just too many apples in the basket, so it's hard to tell which is ripest (or, only a slightly cynical yet perhaps more accurate note, the least bruised). So, my fellow Ibl'ers, this is why I've come to you: to ask you for opinions on good colleges! Why you? Why, because I know we are similar! Instructables is full of inventors and makers and engineers! That's what I want to be when I grow up :-) Also, many of you are either getting ready for college yourselves, or already in college, or have already finished college altogether! Perfect candidates, you see? Anyways, just tell me about good schools you know of. Some of my criteria: * I'm looking for 4 year institutions * I don't wanna leave the US - too far from the nest, you see? * I'm interested primarily in engineering (mechanical, aerospace, computer) and architecture (houses, not skyscrapers, in case you were wondering :-) * Private or public - I don't really care Assume that anything I didn't mention doesn't matter to me (oh, before I forget, I'm a guy, so no girls' schools, unfortunately). Also, feel free to discuss other colleges too! Good luck to anyone looking for a college, and TIA for anyone who helps out :D

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College (sigh)

Alright, so I know that I'm just 14, but hey! I don't think it's too early to think about college.Based on what I enjoy doing, I figure that my best bet would be to go into mechanical engineering. I thought about electrical and chemical engineering, but I am more of a hands-on kind of guy.Thing is, I want to go to a college that is in the SEC (Southeastern Conference). One, because I'd rather stay down South, and two, I'd like to stay fairly close to my family (i.e., not up North/out West).UA (Alabama) is the only one that offers courses in mechanical engineering. I'm not sure about other colleges, but because I am out-of-state, my education costs nearly $11,000 more than a resident of the state.Geez! I don't come from a rich family, so that seems a bit, extravagant.Now, I have and and have always had straight A's. I'm in the "advanced" classes, blah, blah, I participate in the Academic Bowl, blah, blah, ok. I'm fairly educated, so I'm sure a scholarship will come my way.In Georgia, we have the HOPE Scholarship, which will help fund students with high grades if they go to a Georgia college.I have yet to find a college in Georgia that offers courses in mechanical engineering. Now, Georgia Tech may have one, but I cannot go there, as they are a fierce rival of UGA.After writing all of this, I don't actually remember my purpose of posting this here, but will continue.Oh, that's right: Does anyone know of some scholarships that would fund out-of-state students?Any other advice, of any kind, would be appreciated.Didn't know picking a college would be this hard.P.S. What exactly is your job called, Eric? (or any of the iBles staff)

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Off To College

Greetings fellow iblers! Well, the summer has come to a rapid close, and in 4 days (!!!) I am going to be off to the University of Rhode Island, studying the arts of Mechanical Engineering, Philosophy, and the Spanish language.   First off, I want to thank this awesome community (new members and old) for an awesome 4 year experience.  Despite some drawbacks, this is a community that has greatly matured as mechanical designers, and more importantly, as members of a team, throughout the years, and I am proud to have been a part of it.  Now, although I won't have access to K'nex, I will have access to a computer, to a pencil and paper, and to the resources that will strengthen and broaden my understanding of mechanical functions.  This is not goodbye quite yet.  I will still be very active among the community with comments and plan to continue my "Guide to the next generation of K'nex Guns" as long as I can find the time.  I will also be thinking up new mechanisms and concepts (that's going to be my job in college anyways) and will post designs as much as I can.  And who knows, I might just surprise you guys with something over Christmas break. *hint hint* I am going to try and get instructions up for my improved Kinno-2 within the next couple days.  It now holds 8 shots, has a locking mag release, and will feature a much better bullet mag, so keep an eye out for it. Again, thanks to everybody who has made this such a great experience, and while my methods may change a bit, I will keep working to engineer a stronger community, no matter where I may find myself!

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Confused College student

Hey guys, I haven't been posting alot lately, but I remember whenever I would post you guys would have the nicest and thoughtful replies out of any forum I've posted on.... So I was kinda wanting to hear everyone's thoughts on college, careers, etc... I'm 20, currently in community college, have been since I was 18, should have my associates....but no, I don't. Honestly, I haven't taken school seriously at first, haven't applied myself, just done whatever I wanted, and I'm just now getting serious, and the last two semesters, GREATLY improved my GPA and definitely taking school more serious. At the moment I just keep taking general courses since I don't know what to do. I've wanted to do things from fashion design, to web design, personal training, massage therapy, but mainly what I want to do is have my own business eventually. The best case scenario, would be for me to have my own t-shirt line that later turns into a full fledge fashion design. Problem is, telling the parents I want to make t-shirts for a living doesn't always go over well as most business entrepreneurship programs I've researched require calculus...andddd, I'm having trouble passing college know? And then part of me is in love with the idea of being a musician...I love to write lyrics, and I've fooled around with recording at home and etc....I'd love to travel, even if I didn't make millions, that's fine....just even able to make enough to survive...I'd be fine if I could pursue that... And thennn, there's all of you! I read books and magazines about DIY and sites like this, and they always have stories about a bunch of young people turning in a empty building into a super awesome music venue, or some other artistic place... Or people that have started new unique businesses and ideas. I mean what the heck! I don't know what to do...I'm about to turn 21 this summer, and have no idea what I want of life, all I know is that I want to have fun doing whatever job I choose, and be able to live comfortably...even if it takes me awhile... And I have no idea how to do that :(

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College Application Items ? Answered

I'm a Junior, and I've being thinking (like I should be) about my college apps. I've got good grades; but I know that's not everything to the admissions office. I haven't done much around school for extracurricular, but I'm not sure what I can count for that. I'm really into my church youth program, and I have been for about five years now. We've done a lot as a group; we've gone on mission trips to places like Chattanooga and Baltimore; put on fundraiser productions (plays, dinner theaters, et cetera), taken in foreign exchange students, and general service to the area. The mission trips were more service-based than worship-based. Can I count any of this as "extracurricular" on my apps? Or does it all need to be via the school I go to?

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College Bed Extender????

Could someone please help me! I'm looking for the easiest way to make my university dorm bed abit bigger (in the width not length ). Right now it is single size, I am hoping to make something that could be added next to the bed that could carry the mattress and person weight. The bed frame is fixed to the floor and is 195 cm long and 32 cm high.Anyone got any ideas ????

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College Room Help

Hello. I've been sleeping in the same room for a while and I'm getting bored of it. I want to get a contemporary sofa bed because my room is kinda small and i think i can save some space by getting this instead of a bed. I would like to create/buy things to furnish my room that no one else has lol. I just want awesome DIY art and tech stuff that will make my room more personal and just feel like I made this room what it is. I want the theme to be like a urban/graffiti contemporary college dorm room type of feel. If anyone can help me out that would be super cool! -Rolling

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NachoDaughter Graduates From College!

. NachoMahma is proud to announce that his daughter now has a BA in Theater. With scholarships, grants, work-study, part-time jobs, &c;, her five years of college have cost me less than 10K USD ... that's TOTAL for the five years and includes room and board! That's my girl.

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College Interview Resume' Help

Hey Instructablers, I have an interview this coming tuesday for MIT, and my EC told me to bring a resume/activities list. My school has this funky format for writing a "resume," but I'm not sure if I should follow it. I've included my school's resume/activities list. Thanks, -Muffin P.S. Anyone else applying to school now? We could help each other out with essays and stuff like that ;)

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Suggestions for a bored college student

As a college sophomore i have entirely too much time on my hands. I would like to get a new hobby and suggestions would be most helpful. If it is any help, please note that I enjoy hiking trips, being outside in general, building things and creating mischief. I am pretty much computer illiterate as well. Thanks All.

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Ideas for apartment for college living!

Hey everyone! I'm about to move into a new house for my senior year of college and I was wondering if there were any cool ideas for decorations that we can put up. An example would be like the hanging bottles with lights on them for our outside porch, easy and would look extremely legit. Unfortunately that is where all my ideas end so I was wondering if anyone else could share how they decked out their living space. Thanks!

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Is there currently a college dorm survival guide?

What materials, skills, or requirements are essential to successfully live in a relatively spacious college dorm.

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Do Colleges look at Freshman year?

Do Colleges look at Freshman year? I'm just wondering cause I'm kinda freaking out about my english grade. I'm not sure what I have right now, but last marking period I had an 82%, and right now I've not been doing so hot. It's a weighted class (an "A" is a 5.0, a "B" is a 4.0, etc.). I know a "4.0" is perfect (but I'm starting to look at a "C" here, which is freaking me out), but perfect isn't so great anymore. I'm taking almost all advance/advance honors class (all my classes are weighted, except German 2 and some electronics course). Should I be freaking out?

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What a good night

Yes the semester is finally over, I got a B in stats and should, possibly get a B in statics. I was actually fairly comfortable with the final, however that doesn't mean much. Right before the test, he states that being multiple choice, if your choices are 2,3,4,5 for example, that doesn't mean the right answer isn't 40, and then you would select 5. AGGHH! But for better or worse, it's over, now I can start refinishing my rifle, started right after I walked in the door and kissed my wife, and to top off the evening, I scored a 70's vintage sewing machine from the neighbors garbage, for parts, I haven't rebuilt the serger I found years ago, too many backed up projects. And the xmas party season starts tomorrow.

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How would someone offer college courses?

How would a group of people offer collage courses. We have a few certified teachers with degrees. Who would be able teach the classes. Just wondering what would be the first steps. I have thought of request some local collages to sponsor us but really have no clue where to start.

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how i can hack college server?

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want to modernise attendance system in my college.

I want to make an instrument which can scan the bar code on student's id card, and put their attendance. Give me some guidance on this topic

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Build Night LEDs at Numurkah Secondary College

Numurkah Secondary College hosted is first ever Instructables build Night, featuring LEDs. A fun night was had by all, making different projects, playing with the laser cutter, 3d printer, vinyl cutter and attaching LEDs to everything including small children. Throwies were a very popular project, also a couple of sound modulators were build on the night, and a chaser that was designed for florescent tubes was converted to LEDs.  The monkey Light, and blinking faux neon signs were a hit will the little kids, and big kids alike. Thanks to Instructables for supplying the LEDs and batterys and also to Instructables member 'motoring'  for organising the night.

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Brainstorming- Room Security in a Shared College House

I'm soon to be moving into house with 3 total strangers. My door I know, will have a standard lock and key. If anyone there knows ha;f as much as I do, as I'm sure you all know as well, it would be not-so-hard to break in, if someone ever felt the need to do so. My question. What should I do to catch someone in this act? I want something that wouldn't be obvious upon entering the room,(wires etc.) and not obvious once they get in. I was thinking maybe something to trigger a photograph to be taken from a cheap. hidden digital camera, or something to trigger a webcam to start recording (perhaps multiple?) What I need from this, genius community (don't try to tell me you aren't, I've seen some of these projects.) Is firstly, more ideas, and secondly, possibe ways to impliment my previous ideas. thanks.

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Any suggestions for colleges to help me advance a career in film/editing?

This is more about my decisions later down the road in life than it is my current interest in editing and filming.  I've been doing some research in colleges that will help me get a major in film and video production and I've narrowed my choices to a few.  I'm not going to list them here, since I want some community input on this and I don't want the response to be biased based on my list.  What colleges do you think will give me the best, most hands-on, most fun education in this subject, as well as be the best for when it comes to getting a job in the industry?  I can do as much research on this as I need to, but what I think matters to me the most at this point is other people's opinions.  I'm more likely to try or consider something if friends recommend it, and you guys are always a thoughtful community.  Thanks in advance!

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Electrical Engineering Schools

I want to go to a good electrical engineering college. I've been looking at schools like Georgia Tech, and University of Michigan Ann Arbor. I'm leaning toward Georgia Tech, but which college would be the best. My Reach is MIT, considering my scores are high enough. So if I magically get accepted to all electrical engineering colleges, which should I go to?   My potential college list: Boston U Bucknell U Carnegie Mellon U Cornell U Franklin W Olin C En Georgia Tech MIT Miami U Oxford Penn State U Park Polytechnic I of NYU Rensselaer Polytec I Stanford U U Calif Berkeley U Illinois Urbana U Michigan Villanova U Virginia Tech All offer Electrical engineering and rank in the Top 100 based on various US surveys and ranking list for Graduate Education 

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UCF is hosting a workshop on commercializing your ideas. I was wondering if anyone had been to one of these, or if anyone local was going. I'm calling in sick to go. ;-)

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I'ma gettin' me Eddikated!

I'm headed off to college in the morning, on my way toward a degree in aerospace engineering. If that and the logo don't tell you where I'm headed, you don't get to know. I'll still have my computer and Interwebz access, but I don't know if I'll be around less because I'm busy with schoolwork or more because I'm not doing household chores. I do have a single room and a 30-pound suitcase full of tools, so I am planning to continue to Make things, just not things that can be heard from outside my room. If anyone here is going to the same university (note the logo), let me know. I only know three other people there and one of them I want to punch every time I see her, so I could use more acquaintances.

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I want to go to college to be an electronics engineer, how can I learn more about it before college?

I'm in high school right now and have decided to be an electronics engineer, and thought it would be best if I started to learn more about electronics to be more prepared for college. I know about basic circuits and such, but that's about it. So I was wondering, is there any good and easy ways for me to learn?

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how can I save cash and make money from college? Answered

What are my options for REAL companies that can get me some extra money? If someone sends me to another or make $500000/hr site im going to die lol. But I would like to know if there really is anything online that I can do. Something that wont cost anything to start and doesnt EVER ask for money from me. (can you tell that I've gone through this once or twice?) And what are some good ways to save?

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D Day Fast Approaching

Yup, this weekend marks the deadline where kids pay their deposit to commit to the college that they will attend in the fall. It's a major landmark decision for all and I wish the best of luck to those part of the Class of 2020.  Hopefully all were able to make an informed decision of their choice and will be happy wherever they go. So here are some random thoughts on the process: Applying for college is way different now then from I went through it - Why did all of you do applications for more than 10 colleges? (Is it more trying to game the system for admissions, although colleges game it for their stats rankings, and raking up fees by those testing services/prep courses/financial aid forms) Many are emotionally unprepared for the rejection that comes along with it. Many are emotionally unprepared for the realization that most colleges are super expensive and may not be affordable even if you are accepted. It may appear senseless in who gets in and further who gets merit scholarships or full ride to some places. There is an air of mass hysteria during that wait period for the admission decisions to come out. Certain college forums out there seem to feed on that. Don't chance it. Hard to say what is worse, filling out the CSS Profile financial aid forms or going through a TSA checkpoint on a bad day. Gotta love the financial aid letters stating the school is pleased to offer you a sizeable loan to send your kid to college. I have to say we have been fortunate to be able to make our final decision a few weeks ago. I am also fortunate to have won many instructables contests with t-shirts as prizes. That will be her wardrobe for the next 4 or 5 years.

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I know I'm not alone.

I saw someone with an instructables t-shirt in the halls at school today. Who goes to UOIT? :p For everyone else: What school do you go to? (College, Uni) Or are you still in high school? Finished education or just not doing anything?

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Toaster Oven Recipes - Need this category in FOOD

There needs to be either a contest for cooking stuff in a toaster oven, or a category in food for cooking in a toaster oven.  I'm going to college in a few months and I need yummy recipes and how to make them cook right in a toaster oven, since I can have one in my dorm.

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International Editions

I just suffered a minor coronary looking at the cost of text for the next semester, and was wondering if anyone here had experience using international editions for engineering courses, It would be nice to trim my cost from $600 to $300 but I don't want books I can't use.

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Should I stay with engineering?

I am currently in the 2nd semester of my freshman year of college (University of Northern Iowa) as a physics major. This fall I am planning on transferring to Iowa State for computer engineering but I am starting to have second thoughts. I have always liked learning about technology and building projects (currently robots) and I can't imagine any major other than engineering. I got a C in calculus 1 and physics 1 and am currently taking physics 2 and calculus 2. Physics 2 should be fun (finally get to electricity and circuits) but I am worried about calc 2. I've never been a math genius; does this mean I'm in the wrong major? I guess I am looking for some advice on if I'm in the right major.

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Another honor society question

And that question is... Is it kosher to join more than one honor society while in school? I've been invited to join another (I forget the name right now) but it's even more prestigious than the one I'm already in. The one I'm in takes the top third, this one takes the top 1/8th.

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Getting an international internship, any ideas?

Hello all, Well the story goes something like this, i studied a two year advanced course of industrial maintenance in mexico, and currently i'm doing my bachelors in aeronautics industrial production in France, the thing is as part of my studies here i have to do an internship either in a company or some school/university lab, since i consider myself a maker by heart, i'm looking for the second option. Can anyone help me out on this? I've already sent some emails out, but every other idea is highly appreciated. Thanks!

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Questionnaire - Help Needed please

**First of sorry if this is not the correct forum to post this in** **Bit of background, I'm Fergal from Ireland, 22, and currently studying Communications in Creative Multimedia and have a request if any of you would kindly help me** I'm doing a Virtual Ethnography assignment for a module on my course titled' User Theories' and thought Instructables would be a great online community to research as I've had the enjoyment of using it a few times for college projects. Side bar: A Virtual Ethnography is the study of people interacting in an online community. I want to look at why people give up their free time and spend a lot of time and effort to help others with tutorials. I want to also explore hierarchy within the community and see if there is any influential or highly regarded people within the community. Also just general observation of the Instructables community. So if you have time i would appreciate it immensely if you could fill in the short questionnaire below. Would really help me out a lot thanks. Look forward to hearing back from you all. Thanks!! 1 – What is your age, gender, location? 2 - How often do you visit the forum / post on the forum? 3 - How often do you browse Instructables? 4 - Do you feel the Instructables forum offers a sense of community? How does it differ to a offline Instructables community if any? 5 - Do you find it easier to communicate and voice your opinions online on the forum, than offline face to face? 6 - Does being part of the Instructables forum make you feel a sense of importance ? 7 – Have you ever met anyone from Instructables offline face to face ? [If so elaborate please, how? when? Still talk?] 8 - Do you think there's a downside to communicating online rather than just offline? 9 – What do you think is the best aspect of communicating in the Instructables forum? 10 – Do you communicate with any Instructables members on facebook/twitter or any other messenger? If so how many, how often, in depth conversations or small talk? 11 – How many projects have you made successfully from Instructables 12 – Have you ever subsequently made money from following a instructable and selling on what you made? [examples please/ elaborate] If any questions dont apply to you, please even just try answer as any feedback / knowledge about the online community will help me greatly!! If you think of anything else that is not mentioned and that would help me, i would also be grateful for this info. Thanks again, Fergal McCabe @Fergal_McCabe D00125983[at]student[dot]dkit[dot]ie​

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Do college professors allow you to audio record their lectures? Answered

I am on my way to college, and had an idea. Could I record my college professor's lectures so I could review them later? I already have a little unobtrusive mic set up that I could use for this to record onto my laptop, the issue is whether or not it would be generally allowed. What do all you users know about the validity of this? If it's allowed, it would be one hell of a help, as I both type and write slowly, so notes are a major pain. Is it the prof's personal choice, or is it illegal, considered cheating, allowed and encouraged, what? I know my mom was allowed to record her prof's lectures in college, but that was a community college, not a large state institution like California State U Chico, which I will be attending. Note that I don't want to do this sneakily, as getting caught (if it's not allowed) could put me in serious trouble.

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What do I do with an unused, paperback, college catalog?

I was wondering what to do with this book I received from a college (which I'm not attending) and want to use the whole book, or just the pages. I'm trying to be creative with my recycling, and also trying to create something interesting. It's dimensions are as follows: 5.5 inches wide, 8.25 inches long, (6/8) of an inch deep. Thank you for your ideas! :)

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NASA art contest - open to high school and college students

From NASA'S official website: "The National Aeronautics and Space Administration invites high school and college students from all areas of study to enter, including the arts, industrial design, architecture, computer design, and the fine arts. Students are asked to submit their work on the theme: Life and Work on the Moon. Artists are encouraged to collaborate with science and engineering students. Such collaboration is not required, but would help to ensure that the art is valid for the Moon’s harsh environment. Any full time student can enter, regardless of major or area of study.Entries will be accepted in three categories: two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and digital, including video. Entries will be evaluated not only on their artistic qualities, but also on whether they depict a valid scenario. Prizes include awards and exhibit opportunities. Entries are due no later than April 15, 2009. Entries will be accepted in three major categories: two-dimensional, three dimensional and digital. Each category will have pre-determined size limits.All entries are due no later than April 15, 2009 for College entries and April 15, 2009 for High School entries.Cash prizes, certificates of achievement, and exhibit opportunities are planned.We expect that winners will be announced in May of 2009.All entries will initially be submitted digitally as 300 dpi jpeg images.An on-line gallery is planned for public viewing of the artwork.Winners will be asked to ship their work to NASA for exhibit purposes."So what are you waiting for?! As Eric would say, go make something awesome!

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Food groups

A day in the culinary life of this high school/college student generally includes at least three of the four food groups. In case you missed the FDA's new pyramid, these are Pizza, Crazy Bread, Chinese food, and Dr. Pepper. This is actually an improvement from the three years before that, which had only two food groups: ramen and not-ramen. The second is at the top of the pyramid--used sparingly.How about you? What kind of extended poor diet did you live on back in the day? or maybe even right now...

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Propulsion Engineer

I want to design new propulsion systems that don't need to use combustion, what should I major in, I was thinking of majoring  in Aerospace engineering and minoring in Electrical engineering. Any suggestions? p.s. the propulsion includes, but is not limited to: anti-gravity/warp-drives  (Which physics says is plausible)

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Laptop Suggestions?

Recently I graduated high school, and I am now about to be a Freshman in college.  I was wondering if the Instructables Community could be nice enough to suggest a good computer to an incoming Freshman. I will be majoring in Broadcast Telecommunications and Mass Media, with a minor in Computer Science so I am going to need something that can handle video editing and storage pretty well.  Also, I am an avid PC gamer, so something that can handle games like Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands (just to name a few) would be great.   This is what I've been looking at and unless I can get any better suggestions, this is what I will probably get    Thanks for helping me out Instructables!

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Well that certainly spoiled my day

My student loans got screwed up! It should be fixed now, but won't know for ten days (at the most, they said), scary, what with bills and tuition to pay too. Add to that two exams (Kinematics and ceramic materials) and a presentation and a senior design report all in that time period. And my wife's so upset about the loans she's refusing to speak to me. School sucks kids! Okay, only some of the time, the rest of the time it freaking rocks. Spent the evening hiding out at a friends watching Hot Fuzz. Just wanted to unload.

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School course of study?

Hello everyone, I am not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, but I am looking into going back to school. I would like to be in an industry where I can learn how to make things like robots, and electric cars etc.. I am sure these things will require more then just a basic degree but I would like to get started in the right path. The problem I have is, would these fall under mechanical engineering or would if be electrical engineering? I like the idea of building something from concept to final design where I learn the hardware as well as the programming skills to make the device do what I want it to do. So can someone tell me what course of study would be best? Thanks, Jester

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Jobs for the Creative Techs?

I love studying electronics and doing creative things with electricity. I was an artist/musician throughout all of my youth and decided to switch over to creative electronics after discovering the art of circuit bending. I want to get a degree involving creative applications of electricity, but I'm having trouble getting a clear picture of what the job market is going to be like after i graduate. I am wondering what creative positions are available, not just with Instructables but in general. Are there any particular companies that would be good to look into? I'm trying to plan my degree so that it will be appealing to the companies i want to work for. I was an artist before i was a tech/engineer so I'm particularily interested in things such as product design, creative tech projects, animatronics, sculpture and art/music installations. Any advice would be great, I'm eager to find a job that will require my creativity and that isn't mundane. Is creativity something that is reserved to be expressed in my spare time or can it exist within the job market as well?

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So I'm a bit late getting around to this, but last week I pretty much had the best pi day ever. MIT, being who they are, celebrated pi day by releasing admission decisions on pi day. This year, since it's the class of '15, they posted them at exactly 9:26pm (3/14, '15, 9:26). The entire day seemed to inch by soo slowly... the suspense killed me. Having been deferred from early action, I didn't want to be too hopeful, but how can you not be? MIT was my number one, but it was a complete reach. So at 9 that night, I was with some friends celebrating pi day (and preemptively celebrating our MIT rejection/acceptance.) By the time 9:26 came around... the servers had been DDoS'd. How anti-climatic... :P 15 minutes later of constant refreshing on my phone, and I finally got a page with text. For those of you who haven't had the experience, many colleges post decisions online: you can't gauge your acceptance on the size of the envelope anymore. Instead, you stare at a letter on the screen for 30 seconds, frantically skimming for some key word that reveals the answer. My jaw dropped as soon as I realized it. There was a moment of disbelief, however; I quickly tried to read as much as possible to make sure I understood correctly. I GOT IN! What followed was a blur, comprised mostly of frantic congrats, high-fives, hugs, texts, calls, facebook updates, and pi-themed-cupcakes-in-the-face. (blasphemous pastries, I know)  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I did, however, completely forget to post the news HERE! I know I haven't participated much in the community in the last few years, but before that, Instructables was huge in getting me interested in everything. There's just way too many awesome people doing awesome things. Heck, when I met Muffin, and saw him get into MIT, I had no idea that in 3 years we'd be starting a company together.  So yeah. I've been really excited recently. There are so many ideas I've wanted to instructablize recently... but haven't really had the time. (The time machine doesn't work that well yet either). Although I haven't posted or commented, I've still been lurking a bit :-) [img]

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Need Tips on Finding an Internship

So, as much as I've enjoyed being a full time student for the last year, the time comes when a man discovers he needs money, that time is when his wife says "Get a Job"! So I'm starting to look for an Mech Eng internship and the internship office at UCF is proving less fruitful than I had anticipated. Of 18 engineering internships listed (and that list has only grown by two in the last 45 days), only 5 are "local" and of that 5, I meet the qualifications of 3. Those 3 being USA/NASA 68 miles away Lockheed 43 miles away and Disney 47 miles away Not that I'm asking for the world to meet my convenience, but the idea of working an internship 12-20 hours a week while commuting 9-12 hours a week, plus carrying a full time class load, thrills me not. So the question becomes, quite simply. How Do I Find An Internship? Post my resume to Monster? Spam my resume to every engineering firm in a 30 mile radius? Help, any reasonable suggestions would be much appreciated. I added that pic because I need your bright ideas.

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Hey Ibles! Help me choose what to study!

There comes a time in every Keith's  life where he must stop being a Keith-Kid and become a Keith-Man. Yes, soon I shall end my highschool life and embark on the journey to adulthood. Problem is...I...kinda have no idea what to study. The only thing I can really say I enjoy doin is....well...i dunno. I'm kiiinda good with computers....and ...well I guess my talents fall into the Art category. I enjoy drawing, (even though I havent drawn in over a year...that might be an obstacle...) I could maybe envision myself being a graphic artist, I dont know I could picture myself animating a commercial or stuff...I don't really know how it all works... I have some experience in video and photo editing. No programing experience, aside from knowing the definition of HTML (no points for that? come on...) So...basically.... Can you guys suggest what I should study? Also, over here in my tiny little island, there isn't much for Graphic Design....Theres ONE school, but i dunno all I see there are emo peoples and...i dunno...I cant say I like it very much.. SO YEA! Suggestions! Help a Keith out will ya? T_T

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Does anyone here have experience with software "College Algebra Solved"?

I'm taking College Algebra online and would really like some help with my homework and tests. I don't have a graphing calculator as the one I need is fairly expensive so I have to do everything by hand which takes FOREVER. Seriously it's the only reason I hate math. So I found this software called College Algebra Solved. It claims to answer the problems and gives a step by step for you as well. The one thing I hate about software like this is you can't demo it before you buy it. I was wondering if anyone here has experience with this software because honestly all I really want is this thing to answer my questions for me with little effort on my part. I know it's lazy but isn't that what technology is for anyways? I mean would you call using the toilet lazy because you don't want to dig a hole in your backyard? So, anyone, will this software relieve me of the long tedious drawn out work of solving my College Algebra problems by hand? Does anyone have real experience using this software?

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