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New/swapped columns in Instructables -- restored

On Monday 8 Feb 2010, I wrote: I'm not sure that I like the swapped page layout -- with the author info, staff feature options, and so forth on the left side.  Since English is read left-to-right, this means that administrative info is given "top billing", while the actual Instructable content is relegated to second place.  It also means that some of that content is cut off of the viewer's display, depending on how they have chosen to size their browser window.  The fact that I'bles makes assumptions about browser size and shape is, of course, wrong in the first place, but the new layout makes that wrongness even more obvious to the casual user. UPDATE:  Tuesday morning, 9 Feb 2010, the administrative info is back on the right side of the page.

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how do i make a column with concrete?

Molds, iron/wire gauge, how deep I must sink them in the dirt (semi-soft soil) and how it is supposed to be the foundation. Also the "specifications" for the concrete like which and how much sand and gravel to use with the cement note: they must have out side the ground 3 to 3,5 meters in height, that is about 10 to 12 feet in height

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Inclined Circular Column Formwork?

Hi everyone, I would appreciate it if someone can help me with this. I was looking for how to pour inclined circular reinforced concrete columns. When a circular column is straight, its base is a circle but when the column is inclined, its base is more to be oval. How can I place the formwork, how can I estimate the base of the column and how can I pour it. I would appreciate any sources regarding this issue! Thank you fro your attention to my request!  

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how to make 12 foot Greecian columns for stage.

HI, I need to make 4-12 foot columns and 4-3 foot columns to resemble ancient Thesolaniki (Greece) for the stage. I need to be able to break them down for transportation and storage into 8 foot lengths if possible. I was thinking of using concrete forms from the building supply section of our home improvement store, but perhaps you have another idea that is Light and inexpensive. I will be able to use the batton in the flyloft to attach a guide wire, so they won't topple. Thank you. 

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What gives with the FEATURED column?

It's coming up with stuff that's 3 or more years ago! Like this one from 2006!Are the new ideas so bad that they're stuffing old (and tired) 'ibles in there now?

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Stretch lighted columns for a wedding? Answered

Does anyone know an easy/inexpencive way to make some stretch lighted columns? I would like to make a few for the backdrop of my wedding, but not sure of a good way to go about doing it. And they are way to expencive to go and buy. The ones I like can be seen at would like if at all possiable them to have the ability to collapse down for easy transport and storage. Thank you in advance for any help!

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"related" column acting strangely

Finding that with both Chrome and Firefox: 1. go to any Instructable 2. look at "related" 3. click "see more" 4. I get the same page with five more related 5. this is normal and desireable 1. go to any Instructable 2. click "download" 3. look at "related" 4. click "see more" 5. I get a new page of "everything" instead of the same page with five more related; the address of the new page seems always to be: 6. this started for me a week or so ago and seems very consistent (at least for me); would appreciate if someone would look at this 7. maybe this is happening to others? W7 64bit

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The right side column seems to be missing

It might just be me but I don't see the info and suggestions column on the right hand side of my own instructable. It happens in Ff13 and also in Opera signed in or not. It doesn't happen on other "ibles. I see others fine. just on my own.It's been that way a couple of days but I figured it would fix itself. It hasn't.

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Lit bubble columns/bubble wall

I've been looking at these awesome bubble columns that are so wretchedly expensive and dying to get one for my office. Note, I am sure they are worth every penny, but I have few pennies. For the link-phobic, a bubble column is a clear tube several feet tall with an aerator making bubbles and multi-coloured lights from beneath the column. Some columns are interactive and others have plastic fishies or balls that sail around inside.  There is also a space-saving "bubble wall" that only runs 1L of water.  Anyone even have a clue as to where to start? No pics, sorry, I didn't want to pull them off the website. 

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What is the DNA sequence for a human? Answered

Similar to -C-H- -A-C- And such. I beleive its 2000-20000 rows?

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how to attach electrical box to lolly column? Answered

Is there a clamp, bracket, etc that I can buy or make to facilitate the attachment of an electrical box to the lolly column in my basement?

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they use matrix to send the volt to led it can affect the other leds in the matrix led projects?

I am see the matrix led project in this project .. we use row and column .. one row can affect to another column on that display..... why it will be not affected in this project

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How can I build an interior stone column around two wood posts?

I want to use local fieldstones to build a column around two wooden posts in my basement. The floor is concrete and the ceiling is stippled. I have access to stones on our property. Do I fasten rebar and/or mesh to the 6"x6" posts? How do I do this? The posts stand about a foot and a half apart. My goal is to hide the posts but maybe leave a gap between them for access to the electrical outlet that presently comes down from the ceiling and/or a little shelf between the two. The floor to ceiling height is 7' 6". 

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help code problems i want to pause each word after is scrolls in for about half a sec or so

I believe this is the section of code that needs to be altered? // Plot each character of the message one column at a time, updated the display, shift bitmap left. void AlphabetSoup1() {   char msg[] = "  Enjoy the Vittles  ";   for (int charIndex=0; charIndex < (sizeof(msg)-1); charIndex++)   {     int alphabetIndex = msg[charIndex] - ' ';     if (alphabetIndex < 0) alphabetIndex=0;         //-- Draw one character of the message --     // Each character is only 5 columns wide, but I loop two more times to create 2 pixel space betwen characters     for (int col = 0; col < 6; col++)     {       for (int row = 0; row < 8; row++)       {         // Set the pixel to what the alphabet say for columns 0 thru 4, but always leave columns 5 and 6 blank.         bool isOn = 0;         if (col<5) isOn = bitRead( alphabets[alphabetIndex][col], 7-row ) == 1;         Plot( numCols-1, row, isOn); // We ALWAYS draw on the rightmost column, the shift loop below will scroll it leftward.       }            //-- The more times you repeat this loop, the slower we would scroll --       for (int refreshCount=0; refreshCount < 10; refreshCount++)         RefreshDisplay();       //-- Shift the bitmap one column to left --       for (int row=0; row<8; row++)       {         for (int zone=0; zone < numZones; zone++)         {           // This right shift would show as a left scroll on display because leftmost column is represented by least significant bit of the byte.           bitmap[row][zone] = bitmap[row][zone] >> 1;                     // Roll over lowest bit from the next zone as highest bit of this zone.           if (zone < maxZoneIndex) bitWrite(bitmap[row][zone], 4, bitRead(bitmap[row][zone+1],0));                   }       }     }   } }

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Need to change indicator lever on european car to right side, help needed.

What is involved with changing the indicator lever with the windscreen wiper lever on a europen car, so that the indicators are on the right side of the steering column? Ihave a 2004 Ford Focus 3 door hatch. Would love to have the indicators on the right side of the car, which would be the right side btw lol. Any help would be appreciated.

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how can you rewire a personal mobility scooter to avoid the stock controls?

I have a pride scooter that was my fathers, the control box on the steering column has gone out for the second time. I want to hack the chair to make a cart for my kids , it seems to me that one could use a foot pedal off a power grinder to by pass the safety laden devise on the column, any ideas?

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Halloween contest

Here is my front yard that I do every year for Halloween. I use a variety of techniques, mostly Rigid Foam Insulation that is glued and carved for the tombstones and columns.

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Is there a good word processing program out there that is also FREE? Answered

One that will also do things like columns, bullets, and let me add graphics?

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Need to loop a VBA - Macros Code in Excel 2010?

Hello everyone I need to apply a loop to the following code such that the constant (50) in ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(C[-7]=50,C[-8],"""")" is replaced by a variable that has the values depending on column M as shown in the picture. Furthermore I also want my code to progress downwards and fill all the empty places, depending on the adjacent row value in column n. Do I need to switch over to absolute reference? The code is as under: Sub Percentile() ' ' Percentile Macro ' '     ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "Rough Work"     Range("L2").Select     ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(C[-7]=50,C[-8],"""")"     Range("L2").Select     Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("L2:L124252")     Range("L2:L124252").Select     Columns("L:L").Select     Selection.Copy     Columns("AG:AG").Select     Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _         :=False, Transpose:=False     Columns("Q:Q").Select     Application.CutCopyMode = False     Selection.ClearContents     Range("Q1").Select     ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "Percentile 10%"     Range("Q2").Select     ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=PERCENTILE(C[16],0.1)"     Columns("R:U").Select     Selection.ClearContents     Range("R1").Select     ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "Percentile 25%"     Range("S1").Select     ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "Percentile 50%"     Range("T1").Select     ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "Percentile 75%"     Range("U1").Select     ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "Percentile 90%"     Range("Q2").Select     ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=PERCENTILE(C[16],0.1)"     Range("R2").Select     ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=PERCENTILE(C[15],0.25)"     Range("S2").Select     ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=PERCENTILE(C[14],0.5)"     Range("T2").Select     ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=PERCENTILE(C[13],0.75)"     Range("U2").Select     ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=PERCENTILE(C[12],0.9)"     Range("U3").Select End Sub You could find the Main Excel sheet here:

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How to make a large LED chase effect?

I am looking to make a Xmas jumper with an LED chase effect to mimmic the snow falling.  I am having difficulties in deciding which is the best way to do this. Essentially Think of having 8 strings of 8 LED's (to make it simple) and each string will have its own chase effect running.  I want these to be independent of one another, I.E. I don't want a constant LED line running down the jumper. Now I have thought of two ways of doing this via Arduino:- 1) Simple Method - Using the ATMEGA328 to run each string of 8, providing its own running time and speed. 2) Difficult Method - Use a grid where one ATMEGA328 can run a 8x8 matrix.  This would require some transistors at each row and column and fancy code to produce the right effect. Disadvantages of 1&2 1) Lots of wiring, 8 ATMEGA chips and power supplies 2) Unsure if this is possible, obviously I can switch quickly but to the eye would this even be visible.  For example if I wanted to power column A and row 1 and simultaneously power column D and row 5... would this power said LED's and also column A row 5 and column D row 1, all at the same time? Any help would be greatly appreciated.  If I have overlooked any other methods, please feel free to mention them. Thanks Mo

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How can I prevent SQL-injection in PHP?

If user input is inserted without modification into an SQL query, then the application becomes vulnerable to SQL Injection, like in the following example: $unsafe_variable = $_POST['user_input']; mysql_query("INSERT INTO `table` (`column`) VALUES ('$unsafe_variable')"); That's because the user can input something like value'); DROP TABLE table;--, and the query becomes: INSERT INTO `table` (`column`) VALUES('value'); DROP TABLE table;--') What can be done to prevent this from happening? Thanks!

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VBA Code for finding the 10th percentile value for a certain bin Range?

Hello everyone I hope that you all are fine. I have an excel sheet, and I am trying to bring some sort of automation in to that sheet (since I use it quite often) with the help of macros. The fact is that I am really new to macros and VBA programming language, so I need a little help in writing the code to find the 10th percentile for each bin value (50, 100, 150). If you see the picture attached, the wanted percentile values are in Q, the bins for which I want to find the 10th percentile value, are given in Column M and the main data on which the 10 percentile value will be based is given in Column D. By Using the data given in D and filtering out a certain bin width in column E (Example: Filtering bin width 50 or 100), we could find the Percentile value against each of the bin value given in Column N. As said earlier I am new to VBA code, so any help will be appreciated in order to find the percentile values for each bin. I can give the excel sheet as well if someone want to try hand on it, and let's me know the email address. Additional Note: (The spread sheet is sorted out with respect to column E, is Ascending order (50, 100, 150) and the number of count for each bin width is given in column O, so you can just find the range of each bin by adding the count for each bin i.e range for first bin (50) is from 1 to 1+8542, similarly the range for the second bin (100) is given by 1+8542 to 1+8542+6862. I will be very grateful if someone spares some time for me. Kind Regards raishikoh

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VBA Code Needed for a certain formula in Excel?

I have an excel sheet, and I am trying to bring some sort of automation in to that sheet (since I use it quite often) with the help of macros. The fact is that I am really new to macros and VBA programming language, so I need a little help in writing the code to find the 10th percentile (the formula for it is PERCENTILE(array, 0.1) for each bin value (50, 100, 150). If you see the picture attached, the wanted percentile values are in Q, the bins for which I want to find the 10th percentile value, are given in Column M (50,100,150) and the main data on which the 10 percentile value will be based is given in Column D. By Using the data given in D and filtering out a certain bin width in column E (Example: Filtering bin width 50 or 100), we could find the Percentile value against each of the bin value given in Column N. As said earlier I am new to VBA code, so any help will be appreciated in order to find the percentile values for each bin. the link to the original spread sheet is given below:

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LED cube 3x3x3

I hope this goes to a place w/ someone who can assist me. I built my cube wrote my code.  My C skills are very limited and something like this would strengthen it I imagine.  I would like some help in creating the letters though, kinda like they did in the blue 8x8x8 demo with the INSTRUCTABLE.  So far I cannot make all the LED's light up in a single column, and make another column light up only one or two simultaneously.  I'm lighting the whole thing.  I understand the multiplexing and the lights in each column are toggling faster than I can see, but I still would like an idea.  I'm going to do an 8x8x8 for capstone and would like to get familiar with this one first.  Using the arduino uno and software.  Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks

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How to crochet, a beginners anything?

I believe I have the matierials, two needles, (about 1/4 inch thick, came with a crochet set, the instructions major suck...) and alot of yarn. (Camo yarn, If anyone is interested.) What can I do, as a beginner, to start a basic crochet...row? column? stitch? project? I dont know what you'd call it... Is there any way to crocket aroung something, like that instructable about a pink gun cozy?

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How can I make alcohol (for fuel) from celulose (wood, paper) without buying expensive enzymes?

I am fully versed and practiced in column distilation.

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red 8x8 matrix with 26 pins?

I received this matrix in the mail and I'm having problems trying to get it wired, as you can see it's it has 26 pins, the schematic has 8 pins for the rows and 8 pins for the columns but the other 10 are sitting at the bottom with the words "no pin"? I tried to wire up the rows and columns but had no success. My main goal was to have it hooked up to a couple 74HC595 shift registers (via 16 pins?) on some protoboard. Any help on how to get this wired would be appreciated!

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Any advice on a battery to power a podium lectern for 1-2 hours? Answered

I recently bought an Amplivox Executive Column Lectern. Previous podiums I have used also had a battery option, but this one only has an AC cord with no battery option (I called their customer service with this question). My question to the group is what options do I have for a battery to run into the AC cord? The podium has a 150W amplifier. (link to site:

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Multiplexing query?

Hi, I am having a problem with multiplexing. I have my grid set up with 60 leds all connected in rows and columns as per usual and my eventual goal is to have each led come on one after another. Sorry I can't think of a single term to describe this action at the moment. This is for a clock, in particular the seconds but the way I see it, when row 1 (my cathodes) is high ie to ground and after each column (my anodes) is lit sequentially (found my single term) when I get to the next row of LED's, it seems that as columns 1-8 are already high, when row 2 goes high then all the LED's in that row will light simultaneously.  If I could have some pointers, that would be great. Many thanks Additional information: My set of LED's will be run off a PIC 28X2 with DS1307 RTC in case anyone needs to know.

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Prize Distribution Procedure

Can anybody tell me, how is the procedure for the prize winners. I meant that how to successfully proceed to claim to prize. I read the ptizes column in the contest but it didnt make me it to understand.

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Homepage changes

I am getting annoyed by all these new "fixes" to the layout on this site. I really wish it would go back to the 2 column layout with featured on one side and popular on the other. Look so much cleaner and nicer.

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how to detect sensor position with arduino uno

Hi Guys recently i started use arduino UNO and with simple programs to read from analogue pins wasn't hard. now i'm facing a challenge, as i have a sensor mat 16x16 (rows and columns) i want to read 4 rows and 4 columns i'm trying to use the analogue pins as input for rows and digital pins from (8 to 11) as output i want the program to detect the position of the sensing area such as (row1 colum 4, for example) and give me the number that measured over this area. my code is very bad but i'm trying, specially my background wasn't programming or science. any ideas will be great.

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LED Scrolling Marquee

I am looking for help setting up an LED scrolling Marquee. It has 8 rows and 96 columns. all leds are one color. The only microcontroller I have available is the 8051. any ideas would be great

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How to make: LED circuit that can be switched on and off sequentially using an input button

Dear Instructables Community, I am trying to create the following LED circuit for a school project and would be grateful for any help. I would like to create a circuit containing a grid (see attached image) with 2 rows of LEDs in 3 columns. In this circuit, pressing an input button must move the "LIGHT ON" signal from 1 LED to the very next LED on the circuit in the following manner: Button click -> RowA column1 "ON" (Rest OFF)- > button click -> RowA column2 "ON" (Rest OFF) -> button click -> RowA column3 "ON" (Rest OFF)-> button click -> rowB column1 "ON" (Rest OFF) -> etc etc eventually leading to RowB Column3 "ON" (Rest OFF) -> button click -> rowA column1 "ON" (Rest OFF) -> etc etc 1) What would be the simplest circuit design for such a circuit? 2) How difficult would it be to add a second input that moves the "light on" down a column? (The circuit would then have 2 inputs: 1 button to move "light on" down a row, and the other input to move "light on" down a column. Looking forward to your advice! Thank you :-)

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My LED matrix isn't working? Answered

Hi, I made 10x9 LED matrix so far. I wanted to make music analyzer. But I got a problem. My whole matrix is mixed up. Columns and rows are connected propertly. When i connect row 2 and column 3, for example, 10 random LEDs are light up(they are always the same.). Also, i can connect positive pole to chatode or anode, both way LEDs will light, What could be a problem? I was looking for burned LEDs and changed them(there was only two).  I'm so confused.  Thanks in advance. [pics upload don't work, so please allow imageshack:]

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Can someone help me to make a VU meter with (15(Row)x12(column)) x2 LED's ?? Answered

I want to construct a VU meter ...which  can be plugged into a MP3 player or a pc...and then  get the sound output from the VU meter..I made holes onto 2 bamboos where I will be placing the LED's 180 on each bamboo...There is an image also..But I would like to know that how can I make it.and which components I would require to make it....A detailed working would be really appreciated.. Thanks

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My Favorite Food Author

I like the instructables here. They are good. But the most useful food instructions  I have seen are from Mark Bittman of the NYT  His column was called the Minimalist and they are on youtube Here is an example, fresh pea soup.

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What resistors do I need for my complex LED cube?

So I'm working on building a LED cube. But just to be completely different I'm going with a complex design. Overall its a 5x4 with 4 layers, but its not a perfect cube and has only 2 or 3 LEDs per column. I know that I'll need different resistors for the 2 LED and 3 LED columns but how do I calculate what I need from the IC chip to the LED and with the Transistor? I'm using white LEDs (3.2v @ 20mA) driven by 74HC574 ICs with a 5 volt power supply.  The transistors are 2N2222.  I will do the math if someone can give me the formula or calculator! (I'm using this a guide

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How makey "wrap around" bg/banner in blogger? Answered

I'm having a bit of trouble trying to figure out how to do an awesome background/header in Blogger that rolls beyond the width of the columns and doesn't get off-center/out-of-line with the blog content when the browser is resized.  You can see the problem here: The blog isn't done or anything.  It's just an example of what happens the browser is resized, and it bothers me a lot. I don't know if the column code needs to be adjust or the background code needs to be changed or what.  I'm not good at CSS, and I don't know JavaScript, which blogger allows. I'm attaching a rough idea of what I'd like to be able to do.  Les sigh.

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looking for a fake fire...LED lit perhaps

Hi all, new here but love everything I'm looking at here. Great ideas. I'm a Halloween fan, and build my own Halloween props. Right now I have built some cemetery fence columns, and I want to put a fake electric fire on top somehow. I have a plastic candy dish with light up eyes, and I want to have an electric/battery powered flame for the top of it, something that will show up really well at night. Real fire would be good, but I don't want to melt anything. The first image is my column, the second image is what I'm looking for, I just don't want to spend $60 on a couple of them, I would prefer to build them myself. Hopefully someone will give me some ideas....thanks

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Advice on making exterior more appealing.

I am in the process of renovating my house.  I have redone the porch with pvc balusters and columns but it still needs something and I don't know what it is.  Maybe the porch needs painted a different color or maybe shutters.  Im just not sure.  Anybody got any advice?

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RSS Feed breaks regularly

The RSS feed regularly fails in Firefox due to unclosed tags:Error: mismatched tag. Expected: .Source File: 141, Column: 5Source Code: ----This was due to a category tag up in the list not being closed. Are you hand editing your feeds?

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how to run dc motor using keypad?

This is my code, i can't read the keypad input and turn it into pwm value ranging 0-255 #include const byte numRows= 4; //number of rows on the keypad const byte numCols= 3; //number of columns on the keypad //keymap defines the key pressed according to the row and columns just as appears on the keypad char keymap[numRows][numCols]= { {'1', '2', '3'}, {'4', '5', '6'}, {'7', '8', '9'}, {'*', '0', '#'} }; //Code that shows the the keypad connections to the arduino terminals byte rowPins[numRows] = {8,7,6,5}; //Rows 0 to 3 byte colPins[numCols]= {4,3,2}; //Columns 0 to 3 //initializes an instance of the Keypad class Keypad myKeypad= Keypad(makeKeymap(keymap), rowPins, colPins, numRows, numCols); char Data[5]; int motorpin = 9; int speed=0; int currentCommand = 0; int keyIn; long NewData=0; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { char keypressed = myKeypad.getKey(); if (keypressed != NO_KEY) {   Data[currentCommand++]=keypressed;   NewData= constrain (speed,0,255);   keyIn = atoi(Data); } else {   Serial.println(keyIn);   analogWrite(motorpin,keyIn);   while(currentCommand !=0) {     Data[currentCommand--]=0;   } } } //With this code, once we press a key on the keypad, it should show up on the serial monitor of the arduino software once the code is compiled and uploaded to the arduino board.

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Ghosting in LED matrix 8x8 RED

Hello All I have problem that is Ghosting in LED matrix 8x8 RED, I try solve by software and change littel to best but not fully, where on lighting that ghosting is not show but in darkness room it is show perfect. I use PIC16F877A and 74HC595 for rows and CD4017 for columns. Best Regards hosam matar

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Wanting to construct a fake brick rendered front fence out of blueboard

Any specific ideas on how exactly i would go about this?I already have the wrought iron fence panels that go inbetween the fake brick columnsnow i just have to construct the fake brick fence part to screw the brackets of iron panels to. Thanks in advance.

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Comment totals bug

It's a minor bug, but I've noticed that there is a mis-match in the comment totals shown on a member's page. The number of comments shown in the left-hand column seems to be a total of all comments posted by the member, anywhere, whereas the comment total in the main body of the page appears to be purely the number of posts made on Instructables. It's most obvious in this screen-shot of a new spammer's page:

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Some feature suggestions for the site...

1) Add a short list of the last 5-10 most recent forum responses, possibly in the right column. Sort of a "what's hot" list. So you don't need to hit "view all" to get a quick snap-shot of activity.... 2) Add a "sticky" to the top of the FAQS section with a link to some of the "helper" projects, like Eric's "How to make a great Instructable," etc.

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how would i wire my 5x7 led matrix to work with 74hc595 and arduino? Answered

i have a really neat 5x7 led matrix from a recycled led sign from a surplus store and the rows are anodes and the columns are cathodes. i would like to get it working so that i can display messages on it.

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LED matrix array sink and source? Answered

Looking at  matth3w instructable , as a rough guide line for hardware setup, He is just sourcing the rows with MIC2981 driver but has nothing to sink the current except the arduino. Should I also use something to sink the current like a ULN2803 or HEF4794 to protect the arduino if all the LEDs in a column are on?

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