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Compact the PDF

The PDFs of instructables include lots of images in full size. This is good for viewing online but waste of paper when printing (what the PDFs are intended for) What we can do to change this : Implement importance setting to the images and image comments. This is set by the author of the instructable when creating it and can be changed later by the viewers Add the following settings on the download page Setting 1 - Images less important than this are scaled down Setting 2 - Images less importat than this dont get into the PDF at all A comment like ' Plz print me on used draft paper' on the download page may save some trees as well

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Cheap Compact tripod Answered

Ok, so I have asked a question like this before, but I never did get a compact tripod, and i am going on a trip in a few weeks and could really use the tripod. So I'm going to ask this again, but a little differently I need a tripod, preferably; Less then 16" when folded. I'd very much like 14" or even 12" if possible Extends to 50" minimum. Preferably >52" Costs less then $50, around $35 Weight is not really an issue, but lightness helps :) I am going to be sticking it in like the waterbottle holder on a bag- maybe a clip or something so i could hook it to the strap Stability is not a huge issue, as I am only putting an FZ100 on it (19.9 oz), so it doesnt need to support a DSLR, just a heavier P&S-; I do plan on some longer exposure shots however I think thats it... I do feel kind of sorry asking this question, but I really dont have the time or resources to find this completely on my own, and I am asking for a pretty strict set of rules. Thank you all so much in advance- Sincerely, A907

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compact companion cube

I just built a compact companion cube and wondered what they are how can they die. somebody mentioned it in an Instructables

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Make a compact keyboard? Answered

Hey all you tech gurus - I want to modify a full-size keyboard into a compact one, i.e. chopping off the number pad area so that it will fit into a small case. Alternatively, I have a couple of old laptop keyboards - is there a way to wire one to fit into a standard keyboard connection (not USB)? Appreciate your thoughts.

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compact car trailer

I drive a small car and was wondering how i could get a good sized trailer.  One day i was looking at old vw ads on youtube and i came across this;=related i was wanting to see what other people thought about this system and how to build it 

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Compact DIsk Coasters

Well, I have some cork place mats that are lounging around and also have tons of useless old CDs, so I was wondering about making an instructable for CD coasters. I know that Im going to cut out circles of the cork and put the CDs on them then....but what should I do the CDs before I glue them on? Should I microwave them? Should I paint them? Should I shatter the CDs and then glue them on? How good are CDs at absorbing heat? Just some of my burning questions.

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manual gear oil?

Hi why i have to change my "hyundai elantra" 1500cc 1995 model, manual gear oil. mileage of car is 230000 km. car shape is good. and what recommended for this car if i have to?? many thanks

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CFL (compact fluorescent light)?

Hey everyone, Not too sure if this is the ideal place to post, if not please forgive me :) Basically, I want the spiral type CFL safely cleaned and emptied so I can use it. - I couldn't find a place selling 'recycled' ones or similar, I also dislike the idea of doing it myself and getting mercury all over me :(. I am thinking of contacting some manufacturers to see if they would sale me some defective ones that haven't been filled with nasty stuff :). Just wondering if anyone knew of a place where I can get them, hassle free. I'm a UK lad though, to make things harder :) any help much appreciated as always.

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compact shotgun 2 review

This is a review of the compact shotgun 2 by oblitivius link: great range 60 feet!handle 10/10 all the comfort you could ask for!innovative level 10/10 new design.Trigger 8/10 some times brakes.power 7/10 great poweroverall 9.5/10any knexer that has the time should build this!

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Eco-conscious: Compact Fluorescents

My friend Rawhide did a decent bit of research into the best type of compact fluorescent lightbulb, so I'm sharing is findings here. Do you have anything to add?Rawhide on compact fluorescents:In all my web searching I couldn't find a truly exhaustive comparison on lightbulb stats. Even, which was the most comprehensive, didn't list the CRI for all of its bulbs. What I did realize was that the "bright white" bulbs I bought from Home Depot were of the wrong color temperature to mix with incandescents and that is why they looked so cold. I also found a couple of people who really liked N:Vision, the Home Depot brand.So I decided to give Home Depot another shot and exchanged the bright whites for soft whites. Curiously, when I went back the CF bulbs had a big display that wasn't there the week before with the bulbs I wanted in $9 4-packs, which was much cheaper than the individual bulbs.I replaced all the bulbs in our living room and dining room and I (and the nameless other) find the light quality to be quite good---it wasn't possible to distinguish the CF from the incandecent bulbs once they warmed up. If you look at the light in the room as a whole, there is the slightest bit of 'vibration', but it's really not noticable unless you're looking for it.Net savings: 600W->140W to light the two rooms. Awesome.Finally, as a coda to my quest for compact flourescents, I learned that Massachusetts is offering a $2 rebate per package for Energy Star lights and that Home Depot also sells 6-packs for $10. So, you can get 60w replacement bulbs for $1.30 rather than $4 or $5 you sometimes see. Retailers need to supply the coupons, which are instant rebates at the register. There are also bigger rebates, like $75 off a dryer and $20 off a torchiere light fixture.

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Compact bubble gun mechanism?

My 7yo was begging for a bubble gun, and I promised I'd 3d print him one.  To my surprise, there are very few 3d printable bubble machine designs around, and none that match what he wants.  (He wants it to have a handle and trigger like a handgun.)  So, I suppose I'll be designing one. . . (FYI - My parts bin has plenty of fans and motors and even small liquid pumps and I am competent at 3d design. ) My challenge is that the basic rotating disk method of wetting the bubble hoops is both too bulky for a handgun-style bubble shooter, and is highly spill-able. I see online there are numerous toy bubble guns that look like what I want and appear to be much less spill-able.  However, I can't figure out from the pictures how they work, beyond that there is a pump that sends bubble solution to above the hoop and a funnel to route the excess back into the container.  How does the bubble solution get swiped across the hoop reliably? (And, yes, I know it would be easier and cheaper to just buy one.  That's not the point.)

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Practicality of ion propulsion?

I've been trying to design a compact propulsion system and have considered ruling out liquid fuel chemical engines due to bulkiness (the fuels are surprisingly heavy, go figure). I've read about ion propulsion and its use in spacecraft because of its high efficiency, at least in a vacuum. However, in such cases the thrusters are rather large and provide a relatively small amount of thrust, usually less than one newton per tonne. Now I'm certainly no rocket scientist and know little about the efficiency of thrust, but to me that doesn't exactly seem remotely powerful, especially considering there are roughly 4.5 N to every pound. Anyway, regardless of the exact fundamentals involved, I have a limited amount of space here so I'll keep it brief. What I would like to know is if a small ion thruster could be made that can reasonably lift a ~40lb weight a few inches off the ground. I've seen compact ion thrusters built by amateurs, so I know they can be built in small sizes, but no clear demonstration of their power has been shown. I need to know if what I'm asking can be done, and if so, how. And please, for the love of all that is holy, I want serious answers only.

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Greenpeace You Are My Sunshine Compact Flourescent Campaign

Use an energy efficient light until light shines out of your ...

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What are some compact arrangements for using materials when plein air painting? Answered

I haven't been plein air painting very long, and managing all the 'stuff' while painting feels really awkward. There's got to be a better way!   I'm working on small paintings without an easel - usually in the front seat of a car, or sitting on a rock in the wind.   I've seen the nifty  Instructable Altoid paint boxes and tiny brushes.   Ok.... So there you are on a breezy park bench with your paint box., sketch book, rag or paper towel, water, brush, and palette...  You're sitting between two old Italian ladies. Your brush is in one hand, and your sketch book or palette is in the other hand.  Where is all the other stuff?   

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People and Compact HIgh votlage capacitors

This is just a little anouncement. To all you people making coilguns and micro tesla coils and other highvoltage devices that require a rather large capacitor (and this goes to all circuits) and who try to save space to make a smaller, sleeker design (no one wants a bulky coilgun). 1) DO NOT put capacitors in series, just buy a capacitor on ebay that can withstand the voltage. about 90% of the time (I have only found one occurence where I got a smaller package for putting capacitors in series) you are wasting about half (or even more) of the volume. When you put capacitors in series, effectively you are just doubling the dielect width, and just wasting a lot of the conductor room (inside the cap, forgot the name) because it's not being used!!!! 2) Put Capacitors in parallel. Most of the time 10x 1kv, 1uF caps in parallel (1kv, 10uF) will take up much less room than 5x 200 volt 5uF capacitors in series. 3) I'm not sure if you can understand #1, if so, my bad. Basically you waste somewhere between 20 and 80% of the space, depending on how many caps in series you have. Just felt like throwing this out there because I see so many inefficient designs...

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64 GB compact flash cards

I was reading this article about Samsung's 64gb compact flash (cf) card. This article is 3 years old and the largest I seem to be able to locate is a 48GB. Do 64 gb cf cards exist? If so where can I buy one? I thought this was really interesting, I was excited to put one to use in the ipod mini hackAlso anyone think it is possible to hack the mini this with sd cards or micro sd cards (I have seen sd to cf converters but the 16 gb cf card is still cheper than a 16 sd card to use with the converter, that's if the converter is even compatible with the ipod) Do sd to cf converters exist that support 2 sd (or micro sd) cards?just looking to bounce some ideas around ,Dan

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Compact Active Body Cooling System

So I'm going to be making a full-body space armour type costume (Samus from Metroid Prime) eventually and I want to try to design an active cooling system that isn't too heavy, can be concealed within the costume, doesn't require too much replacing of coolant , and doesn't use obscene amounts of energy. I know the way it's done in commercial active cooling vests is that they run ice water through plastic tubes in a vest. The problem with this is that there is a big, huge tank of water with a big pump that the vest is tethered to and it needs to be plugged into an outlet. The way I'm thinking of doing it is by putting a network of copper wires in the garment I'll be wearing under the armour that lead to a cooling system in the back of the suit that, right now, I'm thinking will involve ice packs and/or a fan array. I feel like it might not work, so the alternative is to design a custom water or liquid cooling system. I'm planning on using lithium ion batteries for the cooling system and lights if I can. Any ideas or suggestions?

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I want to build a(quick simple design=least amount of parts)compact/portable inverter use a 9v battery making 22volts?

I always wanted to make a type of SILENT portable hand held lighter/ignition source that doesn't use flints or fuel that can ignite any firecracker fuses, cigarettes, or generate enough heat in a quick time. So what i did was part out my moms old 1875watt hair dryer that she burnt out the motor to and i kept the spring coils portion that used to make the air blown hotter. I cut a 1inch piece of them heat coils, mounted it to an old parted out lighter reservoir and wired the piece up with a momentary slider type switch on the side of the reservoir that is being my safe to the touch so i can hold portion -  to a cigarette car lighter type plug adapter and plugged it to my car battery jumper pack that has the cigarette lighter receptacle.(i did this as it was my only option to a DC type of power because at the time i didn't have batteries & unsure how much it would need) now i tested it by sliding the slider switch on and in less than 7seconds it had lit up bright orange and really hot. Okay cool its almost exactly what i wanted but i don't want to have to plug it in to anything or carry around a huge heavy battery pack. So i tried to connect a 9 volt battery to it since that would in fact make it compact & portable completing my design,  but when i push the slider switch to on it took really long to generate any heat(barely even lit up)and killed the battery after holding it on to get any type of heat for like 4-5minutes. I need it to lit up to its bright orange HOT in that 7seconds or less and i need or would like it to have longevity or more then 1 time use.

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Make a compact recording device out of a webcam?

Well, I am trying to find a way to monitor my car from the inside. It is parked in an apartment garage and there were cases where it was been purposely scratched. Is there a way I can build a compact video recorder using a web cam? All that I can think of is use an old laptop with software in the trunk and connect a webcam.  Any input is much appreciated, thanks.

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Limit of compact flash card for A75 canon?

I have a canon A75 Digital Camera which uses a compact flash card. Now that the flash memory is cheap i wanted to know what is the capacity camera can handle.?

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Pinhole camera lens for compact digital camera? Answered

Hello, Is it possible to make a pinhole lens for a compact digital camera? I mean an add-on; nothing that requires dismantling the camera. I've looked around on the internet and realise that it is easy to make a pinhole lens with a DSLR; I tried the same technique with my compact but the result is as shown. I don't mind experimenting further but I just thought that I would check if it is possible and worth pursuing ; and if not, why not? Thank you.

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Machine Age Satallite compact flash player

Hello everyone I am presently building a Machine Age Satallite for our Rocket Room exhibit. I want to put at least ten different sound files into it as an added feature. I have several files on a compact flash card--Morse Code, space sounds, etc.. What I would like is a simple programmable player that I can loop and will start playing when the power in the room comes on in the morning. The satallite will be mounted up high so a remote to change the file playing would be nice. I have found kits online that cost about 80 dollars. The price is not to bad but I wanted to know if there was a more clever way of accomplishing this. Thank You Parker

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how can i make a reusable compact hand warmer?

I need it to last for a while and hen be able to heat it up. It also has to be thin and compact

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What is the best compact k'nex gun to make with very good range?


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Compact ight sensor switch with low voltage

Hi there,I've got a led light that's operated via a magnet, if it doesn't detect a magnetic field it turns on if it does it turns off. It's a led light for car door(check picture for reference) and uses 3x AAA batteries in my case 1.2v x3 (3.6v), if you use regular batteries it's 4.5vBy mistake I've order a tiny light sensor module 3.3-5v(check picture) which obviously can't be used as a switch, not in it's present form. While I'm good with solder, I've build an ebike, I'm a computer guy but when it comes to things like this like this make me feel powerless :( ..I 've used 12v light sensor switches but that's a different topic.So, how can I have a low powered light sensor switch that's compact and can save me from replacing the batteries frequent? ...the led light turns on even at daytime which has no point in doing that. I'd appriciate any help :D

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DD-27 Compact AST rifle review

Hey guys! Today I'm going to review a gun called the DD-27 compact AST rifle by dsman195276.Before I start, sorry if I hurt anyone's feeling's or say the opposite of your opinion. I'm going to review in sections. So be aware of what part I'm reviewing.Handle/gripping--------4.0The handle by perfect duck is amazing and it fits well with the rest of the gun.Though the front grip could be improved.Range---------------------5.0***Magnificent range. And the gun is a firing pin type gun!Accuracy------------------4.6Very accurate, but at around 20 feet it isn't that accurate.Power---------------------5.0***One of the main things that makes knex guns actually shine is the power. On this gun, Dsman is not lying when he says strongest to date firing pin type gun! Great power. It even made me bleed!Body/weight balance--3.9Body is fine, but the heavy front end of the barrel is annoying.Reliabilty-----------------3.0The trigger is too fragile. If you pull it too hard, it snaps.OVERALL----------------------4.8!!!!!!!!!!Overall this gun is pretty good. You have the range, power, true trigger, and accuracy all put together to make a beautifully crafted gun. Great job Dsman195276!Review by Ratchet and Clank. Gun by Dsman195276Hope you enjoyed this review! I think this will help some people tom decide weather or not to build this gun. R&C;

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What would be the Easiest and most efficient way to make this?

I need a circuit that has a switch between 3 and 5 minute off times and a 3-5 second on time that repeats.  It needs ot ahve an on off switch and be as as efficient and compact as possibly, and fairly easy to make. Thanks in advance for any help! I need to order parts for it, so the parts I need would be nice.

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Is there a way to connect a compact flash card to a gba for flash programing? Answered

I have a 32 MB CF card and nothing to do with it and i was wondering if there was a way to connect it to a gba for flash programing

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Is the Compact Disk Recordable ReWritable Drive the same as a burner? Answered

I was trying to use it to make a laser pointer that can light a match. The pic is similar to the one I have, but not the same.

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Does anyone know where I can find an Ubuntu compatible wireless usb adapter?

To be more specific, does anyone know where I can get a cheap, compact, wireless usb adapter that is bundled with drivers for Ubuntu and maybe even Windows too? A link would be great! Thanks! -Shadow Ops

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Remote controlled Pager/vibrating device-compact and light

I am new to Instructables and was hoping for some help. I have been reading through many posts and projects to find what I need, but still need help. I am trying to build a vibrating remote controlled collar to signal to my deaf dog. I would like something very compact that has a small vibrating motor in it that also works at a small distance, not more than 50 yards or so. I only need one setting, two would be great if possible. I just want a small transmitter, (size of a garage door opener) with a single or two buttons to produce a small vibration, and maybe a more intense vibration, to get the dogs attention when he is not looking at me. From there, he is trained to visual hand signals. Any help on how to build this, and build it as LEAST bulky as possible? I have seen a few instructables I am trying to piece together, but I am not an electronics person, have done a few projects like building an egg incubator...So far I know I need a transmitter and a receiver, a power source, which I was hoping could be smaller than a 9volt battery, and a small vibrating motor, possibly the minidisc or bullet type that runs off 3V? Not sure if that would even be strong enough, but my dog is pretty sensitive. I am not opposed to spending a little money, as the dog collars on the market are either cheap garbage for around $20 or good quality but have way more unnecessary features than I need and cost a whopping $200. Thank you very much!

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SDf Answered


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Hi, Are there any known screw-in compact flouresant bulbs that will work with an electronic timer?

I have an electronic wall switch timer, I believe the brand is intermatic, if I attempted to use a compact flouresant bulb, it does'nt work properly. Is there a CFL made to work w/ my timer, or is there a special timer made to work w/ these type of bulbs? Thanks

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I need to find a way to compact the garbage in my kitchen garbage can??? Answered

No one in my family will push the garbage down into the can and I end up with a bag that looks full, but is mostly air. Having a ramming stick of some sort seems like a logical answer but it would soon get covered with garbage and start to stink...? Any help with suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

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How do I copy a cassette tape to a compact disk? Answered

I have a cassette tape that I would like to copy to a cd's any ideas on how to do this?

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Equalizer Schematic

Is there a schematic or a compact way (some compact sound system without all of the cd players and radio and all of that other fancy stuff, my input is just a 3.5mm jack) of creating an equalizer like below? I just thought up a cool project, but no schematics on the internet...

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I need a compact rechargeable 12 volt power supply?

Hey, I am building a boombox and need 12 volts and 1.5-2 amps of clean rechargeable power, I can build moderatly complicated circuits so help me out please :)

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Is there any use for the tiny transformers in compact florescent light bulbs? Answered

Can the tiny little transformers be of use in simple electronic experiments? Can they be used in place of a toroid in a Joule thief?

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Knex Update: 12/12/09

Another update.  Please answer the questions asked in the video.  

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How can I make a compact 800 volt power supply?

I'm making (drum-roll please) a disposable camera coil gun. so far, we've gotten to the point where we have a fast enough output and enough kinetic joules to kill small game. the thing is, we should really make a more reliable power supply than the daisy-chained flash circuits we have right now. any ideas on a more compact supply that I could run off Ni-mh AA's or 9v's? is there a specific way to cannibalize a flash circuit to make it more compact? I'm good with heat-sinks. one idea i came across was to make a resonant transformer but i'm not sure how practical that is. Any ideas at all are welcome. this is the last step before we add another stage.  >G

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Beagle Bone vs. Beagle Board? Answered

Ok so the Beagle Board can run Windows Compact, and Linux and stuff right? Well I've been looking up descriptions for the Beagle Bone, and I'm not sure if it can do the same thing. I want to make a wrist-computer thing, but the Beagle Board is to big and a bit on the expensive side. The Beagle Bone would be an ideal replacement, but I'm not sure if I have the same capabilities as I do the Beagle Board. Can someone tell me if the Beagle Bone can run Windows Compact or a small OS like Linux?

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How can I convert 18v cordless drill battery to recharge laptop, compact camera charger?

I have 2 rechargeable 18v battery pack from cordless drill which I'm thinking of using as laptop charger and compact camera battery charger.  These packs comes with 220v adaptor.  Me and my 12yo son will be doing a week-long research for his school project (climate change) this Xmas break, backpacking in a remote island.  I was thinking of using this packs to recharge our gears and then send the depleted 18v battery for recharge, and so on.  Will this be possible?  Thanks everyone for the help.

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Want to build DIY GPS GSM watch or compact emergency kit?

Hi All, I want to build GPS GSM wrist watch that is handy and easy to use in case of emergency even if mobile is not with the person. In case if a person is in need due to any reason, then he or she can just press panic button and watch will send sms to 5 contacts (if possible) along with GPS location as google maps URL. My concern is easy to access, should be neat and clean (so that no one thinks it is something else) during security checks, and what if internet is not available? Is there any such other method of tracking approximate location? I am comfortable with Arduino programming. I looked for individual GSM 808 or other components (Amazon India) and found them to be costly. Please help me on this.

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New Gun: Prototype XM-177 Compact , should I post?

This is a gun prototype, meaning it is not quite done yet, that fires yellow rods. It is named after the CAR-15/XM-177 assault rifle from Colt, however it IS NOT full-auto, meaning you have to cock it each time to fire. You can cock it by pulling the "bolt" back as seen in pictures 3 and 4, 3 bieng in the cocking position and 4 being in the cocked position. Picture 1 is of the chamber with one shot in it, and picture 2 is of the butt of the gun. Picture 5 and 6 are of the sights, 5 is the first sight and 6 are the rear sights. So tell me, should I post it? UPDATE: 4/28/07 I added two more pics. Picture 7 is a view through the sights, picture 8 is of a bi-pod I designed specificaly for this gun.

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Waist Level Finder peripheral for a compact digital camera - Street photography!

Posting to here and cross-posting to Photography! Hoping someone can help. I'll be traveling to Japan in a month, and I have a simple point and click digital camera. I was hoping to get some candid street shots as well as in the stores/etc but I've heard people get a little nervous when foreigners are running around photographing stuff. I was researching ways to be a little more inconspicuous with getting photographs and one of the ways I found was a waist level finder. Basically, you can take photographs from your waist, and there's a little screen that points upwards to let you see what you're shooting. Basically I was wondering if anyone had any ideas how to build one of these things that I could attach to a point and click camera? I imagine it'd be pretty ghetto, like cardboard and mirrors and tape haha. Any ideas would be much appreciated, thanks!

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Waist Level Finder peripheral for a compact digital camera - Street photography!

Posting to here and cross-posting to Burning Questions! Hoping someone can help. I'll be traveling to Japan in a month, and I have a simple point and click digital camera. I was hoping to get some candid street shots as well as in the stores/etc but I've heard people get a little nervous when foreigners are running around photographing stuff. I was researching ways to be a little more inconspicuous with getting photographs and one of the ways I found was a waist level finder. Basically, you can take photographs from your waist, and there's a little screen that points upwards to let you see what you're shooting. Basically I was wondering if anyone had any ideas how to build one of these things that I could attach to a point and click camera? I imagine it'd be pretty ghetto, like cardboard and mirrors and tape haha. Any ideas would be much appreciated, thanks!

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Injection Molding Machine for Sale

This posting is for a small plastic injection molding machine for sale. It is lightweight and compact, but has large 2oz maximum shot size and 12tons clamping force. It can also be operated from 120V power supply. The molds for this machine are easy to make, since they can be made out of aluminum or reinforced epoxy. The price is $2875. Since it is compact, the machine is shipped by UPS to avoid expensive freight charges.

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need instructions on how to load clean copy of windows 7 on a compact laptop?

I am trying to install windows 7 on a compact Presario CQ56-115DX notebook,i keep getting a message that says some required cd or dvd drivers are missing how or where do I find the missing drivers and load them so I can finish installing an os on my computer

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(UK only) Question about Tomorrows World 1980's compact disc demonstration? Answered

 Does anyone one remember The Tomorrow's World demonstration with the first compact discs? As I recall, they poured honey and dust onto it, gave it a quick wipe and it played without a problem. I don't believe my modern cd would stand up to such treatment. Was it a fixed demonstration or were the first cds a bit more robust?

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